Grinding Bradley Manning, the silencing


Grinding Bradley Manning, the silencing

US Army Private Bradley Manning (2nd R) is escorted during his arrival to military court on the first day of a three-day motion hearing in Fort Meade, Maryland, June 6, 2012.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“For certain, the persecution of Bradley Manning, as with the very possible murder of Aaron Swartz, the very obvious murder of John Wheeler III, the very obvious murder of Dr. John Kelly, the very obvious murder of Pat Tillman, the persecution of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and the list could go on forever, these acts are proof beyond question that America has been and continues to be a thinly veiled police state.” (Gordon Duff)

This week, Bradley Manning was denied “whistleblower” protections by the US government. Manning has been subjected to years of imprisonment for releasing information the American people had every right to know, information that, had the US government acted responsibly, could have been used to save American lives.

Instead, Manning was jailed, quite literally tortured and is now being systematically denied his civil rights, his guaranteed human rights under the 1948 United Nations Convention, but not entirely for reasons everyone is aware.

I will not call Manning a dupe or patsy.  I will say his actions were pro-American, patriotic and in line with those of the best of America.

As a member of America’s military, who more favorably represents the ideals America continually says it stands for, Manning or soldiers who burn Korans and urinate on the dead?

Do we need to discuss the “joystick warriors” who pilot America’s flock of “terror drones?”

Manning knew the risks he was taking.  He knew his military career was over, that he could expect to be expelled from the service, even serve a short sentence though the chances of that should have been remote.

Then why is he in prison? Whom does it serve?

For certain, the persecution of Bradley Manning, as with the very possible murder of Aaron Swartz, the very obvious murder of John Wheeler III, the very obvious murder of Dr. John Kelly, the very obvious murder of Pat Tillman, the persecution of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and the list could go on forever, these acts are proof beyond question that America has been and continues to be a thinly veiled police state.

Moreover, serious acts of brutal murder, acts against Americans and her allies, acts that can easily be proven to have broad governmental complicity, continue unabated.

Bradley Manning rots in prison while those really responsible for 9/11, 7/7, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, Aurora, daily bombings in Kenya, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, anyone who touches the real truth about such things is smeared or murdered.

I never met Bradley Manning. I do know why he is targeted, why he was set up, why he will be persecuted until it is time for him to die quietly in a cell.

Manning “certifies” Wikileaks.

The mainstream media and the Israel lobby work to keep Manning’s suffering ongoing as a “cover and deception” operation. Manning “carries the cross” for Julian Assange, darling of Israeli intelligence, media “kingpin,” great friends with the Murdoch empire, aligned with all the major corporate news outlets, everything filter or worse.

By worse, we refer to the analysis of Wikileaks done by former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who, on December 4, 2010, told National Public Radio’s Judy Woodruff that Wikileaks was not what it seemed.

Brzezinski said that Wikileaks was tied to an intelligence agency and that it inserted “pointed intelligence” that served a very specific agenda.

In this case, Assange is very much “pro-war” and totally Islamophobic, the total political opposite of Bradley Manning.

Wikileaks is a highly profitable franchise, it sells tons of TV, Assange surrounded himself with Britain’s elite, still does while, every few months, Israel makes an attempt to put some air back in Wikileaks sails as it were.

We continually catch attempts to rehabilitate Assange as a potential outlet for propaganda against Iran or, as we have seen lately, to spread rumors to cripple what seems to be the newfound “anti-AIPAC” independence Obama is showing.

Thus, when a judge “dumps on” Manning, keeps the focus on Manning’s suffering and mistreatment, it really profits Assange, Israel and the press moguls who use Manning as a “bloody flag” to sell the agenda Brzezinski describes.

What is lost in the process is Manning’s ideal, his opposition to war, his message of open access, one totally betrayed by Wikileaks, whose censorship and bias has, if anything, increased the likelihood of a wider Middle East conflict.

In fact, Wikileaks is as powerful a “psyop” tool as any other, seemingly from the Mossad “bag of tricks,” one that publishes small scraps of great intelligence and tons of “chickenfeed” along with an undertone of “war mongering” and misdirection.

To give Manning the chance that’s needed, the “victimization scam” run by Assange, continual references to non-existent extradition tries from the US while Manning “does the time” has to end.

Manning is more a figure from the Vietnam War era than today, as there have been few that have taken the risk nor paid the price he has. Manning’s sacrifice has been clearly anti-war, clearly one of ending secrecy and of allowing an informed public to make decisions based on reality.

Yet, when such risk and sacrifice is made and what is released is edited, cleansed and twisted to fit the needs of powerful sponsors and, as with Wikileaks, the Israeli Likudist policy of eternal war and expansionism, of apartheid and ethnic cleansing, this is betrayal.

In addition, it has to be made clear, that Manning is not alone. Though Manning is alive, Pat Tillman and Aaron Swartz are dead, part of that same process.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui arrested because of Dick Cheney’s lies about imaginary “yellowcake uranium” and imprisoned, she now suffers life in prison for resisting gang rape by her American kidnappers.

What Americans accuse India of; they have done across Iraq, across Afghanistan and even to thousands of women who serve in America’s armed forces or as military contractors.

We could speak of the CIA’s Susan Lindauer, locked in a psychiatric hospital and drugged to keep her from talking about 9/11.

We could talk about how Sibel Edmonds was silenced for year after year to protect spy organizations at the highest levels of the Bush administration.

We could talk about Dr. David Kelly, “suicided” to cover both the falsified intelligence that led to the Iraq War and both Tony Blair and David Cameron’s roles in hiding the sale of stolen nuclear weapons that now threaten the world.

We could talk about the modern day Count of Monte Christo, Leo Wanta, kidnapped, imprisoned, renditioned, in order to steal 27 trillion dollars from the American taxpayer, steal it and “launder it” into the pockets of a very powerful family.

Manning is not alone, there are dozens who have spoken out, thousands who have died, more honestly hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.

We are asked to either damn Manning or look away as his sacrifice is no longer “timely.” Being against war is now hopeless, as war is America’s last growth industry.

Maybe this is the real story behind Manning, why his actions touched a “third rail.”


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