Sunni Shia conflict and the ‘continuum’ of an ideology

Islamists, emboldened by the Egyptian uprising, will compete for political power.

Sunni-Shia conflict and the ‘continuum’ of an ideology

by Shabana Syed

Sectarian conflict is not only tearing Muslim countries apart like Iraq and Pakistan but also brewing under the surface in London and European cities.

Sunni and Shia groups view each other suspiciously across a widening gap of misunderstanding propagated by Saudi-financed British Sunni Mosques and madras’ attempt to label Shias as kafirs or heretics. On the surface, there is a form of coexistence, but when the owner of a media group with the ability to influence thousands states “the biggest threat to world peace is Iran and Shias” it becomes a worrying fact.

It’s even more worrying when many Muslims suffering discrimination and being treated as the enemy within cannot comprehend that Shia Sunni bloodshed is one of the many aims of the un-ending war on terror unleashed against Islam and Muslims after 9/11.

The west has reduced occupation forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, as they watch the rise of sectarian bloodshed which is a far worse weapon, fuelled by CIA and Mossad mercenary groups and drone attacks.

Daniel Mabsout writes in ‘A world called Israel’ “Now the Sunnis are mobilized against Shi’as in a conflict that had no precedent in the history between Sunnis and Shi’as. The Sunnis are mobilized by the world Order to defend Israel under the cover of sectarianism and anti-Shi’ism; the war we witness between the two groups is but a sparkle of what is happening actually and daily on the ground.”

The attacks against Hazara Shias in Quetta, Pakistan early January killed nearly 100 are part of a systematic campaign against the community whose particular look and the fact they speak Farsi has made them easy targets for Sunni terrorists like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, known to have CIA and Mossad links.


Ali Dayan Hassan of Human Rights Watch warned: “Last year was the bloodiest year for Pakistan’s Shia community in living memory and if this latest attack is any indication, 2013 has started on an even more dismal note.”

Last year Dr Ismail Salami in his article “who’s behind the Shia Massacres in Pakistan” wrote “…more than 250 Shia Muslims were maimed and killed in broad daylight. Around 150 pairs of Shias’ eyes were cut out of their sockets; many of them died while their faces had been smashed with stones or sprayed with acid…. the Wahhabi attackers were void of any mercy; the criminals are now free and keep on partaking in their feast of blood.”

The war on terror was manufactured and implemented by a cabal of Israel’s first politicians including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Richard Myers, and Paul D Wolfowitz is the same group behind the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which according to Dr Alan Sabrosky, a US strategic analyst, “wanted to use the 9/11 attacks as a catalytic event that ensured the US would fight Israel’s wars” and have been funding sectarian strife and regime change in the Middle East. 

General Wesley Clarke, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander between 1997 and 2000 confirmed in 2007 that the US Secretary of Defense’s Office just after 9/11 had already outlined the destruction of seven governments including Iran and Syria that would take place in the subsequent five years.

The main task to create fear and bloody divisions had been assigned to Al Qaeda, which is a combination of Wahabi Salafi groups and mercenaries controlled by the CIA and Mossad.

In 2009 Press TV revealed that Qari Zainuddin was killed days after he revealed that TTP or Pakistani Taliban under Hakeemullah Mehsud alongside their affiliates such as Ilyas Kashmiri 313 Brigade is CIA and Mossad recruits.

Zaki Khalid, a Pakistani security analyst highlights how the “CIA brand of Taliban come with tattoos” and how Islamic terrorists have been caught with American-style tattoos on their bodies arguing “ if Jewish American Adam Pearlman alias Adam Yahya Gadahn was successful in presenting himself as an Arab militant, why is it not possible that others can follow his example”?

Prince Harry recently confirmed that ‘he killed Taliban insurgents during his latest tour of Afghanistan as a gunner in Apache attack helicopters, with his fingers on the triggers of deadly rockets…’ Maybe Prince Harry should have checked who he had bombed if we are to go by the number of CIA Mossad men dressed up as Taliban?

It was the Raymond Davis incident that highlighted to what extent the CIA and Mossad were involved in creating bloodshed in Pakistan.

Jonathan Aziza in the article ‘26/11 Revisited Raymond Davis and a Travesty of Justice’ explained that Davis was “tied to infamous hunter-killed mercenary firm Blackwater (Xe)” and was “acting head of the CIA in Pakistan” carrying out “a long-running false flag terrorism operation known as the ‘Dragon Policy,’ run by the Zionists and its confederates inside RAW the CIA and Blackwater.”

He argues “This highly sophisticated operation is a multi-faceted cohesion between intelligence, military, media and politics, all for the purpose of fragmenting nations that are seen as threats to the global agenda of international Zionism. Excluding occupied Iraq, no nation has been hit more ruthlessly than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “

The blame also lies with Pakistani politicians and its elite who are linked to International Business and Jewish-owned multinationals aiding and abetting as they suck the blood of the poor to fill their Swiss coffers.

The PNAC group has not changed its agenda but changed its name to FDD ‘ The Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ and released a new document calling once again for an attack on Iran. Pakistan is an important cog in the wheel as Iran cannot be attacked unless Pakistan is sufficiently destabilized and its nuclear capabilities neutralized.

 It is argued that Israel’s territorial ambitions are dependent on war with Iran to distract Muslim attention away from Al Aqsa Mosque which Netanyahu and Likudists are in a hurry to destroy so they can build the Third Temple on its site in order to make way for the expected Jewish Messiah who will take the ‘chosen people’ to world domination. 

The war with Syria and Iran is also the Saudi/ Qatar agenda and as a result, Saudi and the Gulf states are funneling large sums of money and weapons to militias inside Syria, and killing Shias is part of that agenda.

Franklin Lamb in Damascus writes:” It is their “agents,” the jihadist groups, who have turned on the Syrian civilian population increasingly resorting to theft, kidnapping for ransom, rape, sale of children, and killing hundreds according to UN agencies

Journalist Alastair Crooke in ‘Putting Match to Tinder’ highlights how the Gulf States’ ambitions “. . .clearly extend well beyond the mere destruction of Iranian political power to a much wider ambition not only to subvert real reform in the region but to restore a Sunni conservative primacy throughout much of the Arab world…….”

As the bloodshed continues in Syria what has become of Islam, which is supposed to be a religion of mercy and justice, contrary to what the Zionist media would have us believe through thousands of Hollywood films and dramas?

Writer Daniel Mabsout asks the same essential question that Muslims also need to ask if we are to prevent a path of a sectarian bloodbath.

“What is happening to Islam? Who is Muslim and who is not? Why so many crimes are being committed under the banner of Islam? Hideous crimes in Lebanon, in Syria, in Libya ….Slaughters happening in Syria where entire families are killed by sectarian Muslims, by armed thugs who say there is no god but God!”

Gilad Atzmon attempted to ask a similar question about humanity when he said: “If Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and drops bombs on civilians from airplanes decorated with Jewish symbols then it’s our moral duty to question what this Jewishness is all about”. In his book ‘The Wandering Who?’ Atzmon unravels many sensitive issues regarding Jewish Power.

One of the most interesting analyses that Muslims and Christians could also learn from is about the ‘continuum’ of an ideology.’ In a past interview when the Mavi Marmara was attacked by Israel he explained: “The ideology that carried out execution-style killings on the Gaza aid flotilla the ‘Mavi Marmara’ is the same ideology that carried out the massacres at Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana, Gaza, Jenin and the murder of Rachel Corrie — more than that it is the same ideology that killed Christ.”

He continues: “there is no biological, racial or ethnic continuum between the ancient Israelites and the contemporary Israelis. The attack on the aid convoy is a continuum of the same ideology that killed Christ. Christ’s killing is a symbol of a brutal assault against goodness, in the same way, the attack on the aid convoy was against humanity and compassion.”

Muslims also need to ask how the message and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad changed, where we have groups roaming around as jihadists killing and beheading other Muslims without humanity and compassion.

Prophet Muhammad prohibited torture and urged equal treatment for prisoners of war at a time when enslavement, beheadings, and mutilation of corpses were the norm.

If we look closely at Atzmon’s analyses we may reach an understanding of how the real message of Islam also changed or became subverted.

This continuum of ideology dates back to the continuum of evil forces of oppression and tyranny that reared their ugly head as soon as the Prophet Mohammad died.

These forces ignored the fact that the Prophet stood at Ghadder O Qum in front of thousands and declared that his cousin Imam Ali was his successor, a fact that was later suppressed and misinterpreted.

Imam Ali was no ordinary man he was known for justice and his courage was legendary; this is the same man the Jews never forgave for breaking down the doors of the impregnable Jewish fort called Khaybar and for defeating them in every conflict and confrontation which led them to vow revenge against him and his progeny.

Imam Ali did not fight for his inheritance as he did not want divisive conflict amongst Muslims. However, Muawiyah the corrupt tyrannical ruler known for debauchery and oppression proceeded to kill and torture anyone who openly supported Imam Ali.

Muawiya a respected figure amongst Sunni killed Mohammed Al Bakr the son of Abu Bakr because he supported Imam Ali’s legitimate right to rule. In revenge, Muawiya then proceeded to put his cut up body into the stomach of a donkey and roasted it on a spitfire. Imam Ali was also eventually killed.

Yazid took over after Muawiya’s death, he was a cruel and depraved character, far worse than his father he continued to change not only the message of Islam but also its practices. It was becoming clear to Imam Hussein who was Imam Ali’s son that he had to stand against his tyranny or Islam will become a religion of corruption and decadence. Imam Hussein with his family and supporters numbering 72 was ambushed at Karbala by Yazid army of 10,000 and brutally killed.

He was beheaded and his head was paraded around in Yazd’s court. Imam Hussein became a symbol of truth and justice against oppression and Shias have kept his message and teachings alive.

It is this message that has inspired millions over the centuries to fight against oppressors. It led Iran in1979 to overthrow American Zionist imperialism and regain their dignity from enslavement and also inspired a spirit of resistance that led Hezbollah to throw nuclear-armed Israel out of Lebanon.

Over the centuries every Imam who was from the line of Prophet Muhammad has been killed, tortured, and silenced, as well as anyone who followed the teachings of the Imams. At the time of Muawiya, it was mandatory to curse Imam Ali after every Friday prayers.

Over the centuries Shias Sunnis have learned to live with each other and built on their similarities united in their love for the Koran. Unlike Christianity, the only thing that has not been changed is the Koran (though there is evidence that Zionist have been busy setting up Islamic websites misrepresenting beliefs and manufactured hadiths while printing Korans with changed meanings). If anyone thinks this is not possible just look at the fake Islamic terrorist videos with Israelis dressed up claiming death to all westerners or the Wikipedia Jews rewriting their version of events and meaning on the internet, supported by Google and facebook.

It is the continuum of these evil forces that have attempted to weaken Islam and are reflected in the practices of modern-day Saudi Arabia, perpetuated in Muslim countries through Saudi financed schools, mosques, and learning centers.

Over time the Koran could not be meddled with but hadiths which are based on practices of the prophet were misconstrued. The main hadiths followed by the Sunnis are from Bokhari a man who was born 100 years after the prophet, while the hadiths from the family of the Prophet, people who had spent years with him have been destroyed or suppressed and kept alive by the Shias.

The Saudis who revere Muawiya and Yazid have destroyed nearly every historic relic connected to the Prophet, for example turning his beloved wife Khadija’s house into a public toilet while building gleaming Las Vegas-style shopping malls giving Zionist-owned businesses like Starbucks prime positions.

Every anti-Islam film has got most of its material from Bokhari’s book, a book that does not make clear that when the prophet married Aisha she was 20, not 9, and is a book that prefers the prophet to be weak and fallible and portrays the rightly guided Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar bin Khattab and Uthman bin Affan as the infallible.

The true message of Islam has been subverted, through the promotion of distorted hadiths, in the same way, that Gordon Duff senior editor at VT asks about the real message of Christianity in “American Slaves our real destiny” questioning the validity of the bible when he states: “……Were many to have a clue where that document came from, the editing, the mistranslating, the bizarre things in it….

Any group that followed the original teachings was wiped out in centuries of slaughter, human pyres, mass burnings, executions, hundreds of sites all over Europe and the Near East.”

This continuum of an evil ideology may explain why Atzmon a tireless supporter of the Palestinian’s cause is not only attacked by Zionists but by the Palestinian activists living in the West with their bellies and bank accounts full signing documents labeling Atzmon an “anti Semite”. These so-called activists are more worried about who is an anti-Semite than about 10-year-old Palestinian children held in Palestinian jails suffering mental, physical, and sexual abuse.

Over the centuries Sunni Shias coexisted peacefully most of the time, often intermarrying. However, the evil forces that led Muawiya and Yazid to set a precedent for future generations to warp and suppress the teachings of the Imams found a new lease of life through Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab, who was paid by a British government spy to distort Islam by labeling those Muslims who resisted as heretics, kafirs and should be killed.

David Livingstone’s ‘Terrorism and the illuminate’ a three thousand year history’ he explains how “the British devised a method that would create a new interpretation of Islam that would sanction murder under the guise of “Jihad”. He explained how British spy Hempher worked with Abdul Wahab to implement a strategy that will further subvert Islam, by encouraging “…sex, sports, alcohol, gambling, and interest banking” a penchant of the Arab sheiks and the Pakistani elite.

Wahab also made a pact with Ibn Saud pledging British financial assistance and arms for his military support in the enforcement of Wahabism. Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth made it possible for them to spread Wahabism through religious propaganda and finance to mosques and schools in Pakistan India Indonesia Philippines and western countries.

In London most of the media outlets, mosques, and learning centers have been financed by Saudi Arabia. The funding of many organizations to propagate a Wahabi style of Islam has resulted in tension and discrimination, with Shia feeling they are a minority under attack. If a Shias whose method of prayer differs slightly attempts to pray in a Sunni mosque, he will have to take the risk of being attacked or abused.

Saudi Arabia is aiming to build a huge $100 million dollar Islamic center in Afghanistan; we can imagine what its real purpose will be, intolerance and churning out more foot soldiers for the Taliban.

The purpose of this article has not been to create a sectarian divide but rather Muslims need to take a factual look at history in the same way that Americans are now waking up to all the false propaganda fed to them throughout history about the Red Indians being savages; about who was really behind the slave trade?; and who really killed JF Kennedy?; who did 9/11 and who really runs Wall Street and Congress?.

The Muslim world has to also wake up and prevent this march into sectarianism that is tearing communities apart, a trap set by the advocates of the New World Order to divert attention while they steal their land and their civil liberties.

It’s also about the unspoken alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel and how both are carrying out a continuum of a philosophy that under different names and methods has one aim, to subvert all that is good in religion, while glorifying evil, oppression corruption and enslavement of humanity for the benefit of the few – and those who think they are the ‘chosen ones


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