A Federal Judge, Hollywood, VA Land Hackers and Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veteran a half-block from the largest VA in the nation

by Robert Rosebrock


LOS ANGELES – A Federal Judge recently sentenced a man to 10 years in prison after he hacked into the personal online accounts of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson and recording star Christina Aguilera. The man, Christopher Chaney, posted their revealing photos and other material on the Internet for public use.

The case included the revelation that nude photos taken by Johansson of herself and meant for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds were leaked online. Ms. Johansson declared: “I have been truly humiliated and embarrassed. I find Christopher Chaney’s actions to be perverted and reprehensible.”

The Judge who sentenced the hacker sternly proclaimed: “It’s hard to fathom the mindset of a person who would accomplish all of this. These types of crimes are as pernicious and serious as physical stalking.”

More than eighteen months ago, the ACLU filed a Federal lawsuit against Erick K. Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) and his executive director of the Los Angeles VA, Donna Beiter, for misusing Veterans land and mistreating disabled homeless Veterans. (Valenti vs. Shinseki)

The case includes revelations that land given to the U.S. government meant for a National Veterans Home was essentially hacked into for non-Veteran use while dispossessing and exiling tens-of-thousands of disabled and disadvantaged Veterans and forcing them to live homeless, hungry and destitute in back-alley squalor.

Under the direction of VA bureaucrats with full blessings from a U.S. Congressional delegation, Veterans sacred land is being used for a public dog park, public recreation park, public theaters, public botanical gardens, public golf course, private soccer field, tennis courts and playground for wealthy kids, and other misuse.

Additionally, a state-of-the-art collegiate baseball diamond on Veterans property is occupied by UCLA, the alma mater of Congressman Henry A. Waxman who is the elected public servant entrusted to make sure that none of this would ever happen.

It’s hard to fathom the mindset of people who would accomplish all of this. These types of crimes are as pernicious and serious as physical stealing.

Incredulously, the Judge overseeing the ACLU lawsuit dismissed two of the three Claims as he cowardly hid behind nebulous loopholes on behalf of VA bureaucrats instead of ruling up front with moral compassion on behalf of disabled homeless Veterans.

Veterans need the same no-nonsense, hard-nosed Judge who ruled on behalf of Ms. Johansson and Ms. Aguilera to rule in their behalf.

That would be U.S. District Judge S. James Otero.

Hey, wait a minute!

This is the same Judge!

Does it surprise any fellow Veteran that non-Veteran Judge Otero would rule with an iron-fist on behalf of two wealthy and glamorous celebrity-entertainers by sending a man to 10 years in prison for hacking into their personal Internet account for public use, while dismissing major Claims in a lawsuit for tens-of-thousands of disabled, destitute and homeless Veterans who have had their healthcare rights denied and their legally deeded “Home” hacked into and stolen for public use?

Of course not!

Veterans have been truly humiliated and embarrassed. We find Judge Ortero’s actions to be perverted and reprehensible.

Nevertheless, Veterans who pledged their lives to defend our Nation’s freedom have become accustomed to callous and bigoted injustice by our so-called judicial system.

While Veterans have little or no faith in Judge Otero, there’s still one Claim left and it’s the illicit agreements used to infiltrate Veterans property, i.e., hacked into for non-Veteran public use.

These include the aforementioned arrangements that were misappropriated through unprecedented compromises at the highest levels of the VA, including a Congressional delegation.

As a result, it’s expected that Judge Ortero will be consistent and rule against Veterans on behalf of a wealthy and powerful homeowner group that has a privileged agreement to build a public community park on a billion-dollar parcel of Veterans land “rent-free,” instead of the VA building emergency shelter for our disabled and homeless Veterans.

This renegade cabal operates under the ruse of being a Veterans organization and secretively manipulated the VA and Department of Interior to declare more than 40 antiquated buildings on Veterans property to be designated as “historic” (many are vacant and rat-infested) and maintain these morbid and disgusting relics just as they are to further ensure that homeless Veterans will never be housed on these hallowed grounds.

The arrogant homeowner group shamefully boasts that the VA and National Parks Services have asked them to be stewards across the entire Veterans property providing tourist-oriented services for the public instead of providing permanent supportive housing for disabled Veterans as mandated in the Deed of 1888.

Rest assured, Judge Otero will not interfere with this reprehensible arrangement since he already ruled against the VA’s violation of the legal Deed that was preceded by an Act of Congress in 1887.

Unforgivably, Congressman Waxman abandoned his own entrusted stewardship to protect this land in lieu of a takeover by his well-heeled constituents.

According to Judge Ortero’s warped legal mind, it’s more pernicious and serious for one person to hack the photos of two wealthy celebrities for public use than it is for a group of wealthy homeowners to hack the land of thousands of disabled, destitute and homeless Veterans for public use.

The man has no conscience or sense of urgency to resolve the enormous problem he has been entrusted with to protect the most vulnerable in our society, disabled homeless Veterans.

It’s time to stop meaningless lawsuits that drag through our contemptuous anti-Veteran court system that never removes one homeless Veteran from the street.

It’s time to stop deceptive non-profit and for-profit corporations who continue to use and misuse homeless Veterans for their benefit and never remove one homeless Veteran from the street.

It’s time to stop the bogus “counting” of homeless Veterans by our government that never removes one homeless Veteran from the street.

If you’re in a position to count a homeless Veteran then you’re in a position to help a homeless Veteran.

They need help, not fabricated body counting, disingenuous documentary films, meaningless panel discussions or more dust-collecting resolutions.

Homeless Veterans need help and help comes from action!

It’s time for just one politician with a conscience to show some leadership by stepping forward and declaring that Los Angeles is in a “state of emergency” and demand an immediate implementation of a homeless Veteran humanitarian relief program. https://www.veteranstoday.com/downloads/humanitarian.relief.project.pdf

It’s time for our Citizenry, along with all Veterans Service Organizations and advocacy groups to unify and demand full Congressional, FBI and Federal Grand Jury Investigations into the biggest land fraud scam in American history and stop the cronyism and wide-spread crime and corruption at the biggest VA in the nation.

It’s time for full Investigations by the aforementioned along with the United Nations into Human Rights violations, crimes against humanity, violation of Americans With Disability Act, malice, willful neglect, humiliating and degrading treatment, reckless disregard, endangerment, discrimination, etc.

Hollywood could not dream up the reality of this out-of-control crime spree where VA bureaucrats, a group of wealthy elitists and powerful politicians rule with privilege and impunity, while thousands of homeless Veterans are sentenced to a life of hardship and misery in back-alley squalor.

In perspective, if a homeless and hungry Veteran pilfers a sandwich for survival, he or she will go to jail.

If dishonest public officials, corrupt politicians and conniving special interest groups hack into and seize Veterans land for selfish motives, they are rewarded and shielded from prosecution.

This appalling injustice must cease, posthaste!

It’s time for action!

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


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