Who is Roi Tov – and Why Should We Care? – Updated


Because He is One of Us – He Has Earned It

“Israel is not a human country. It has betrayed all bonds with humanity” … Roi’ Tov


Editors Note: We have now discovered that the interview below as a 2006 one, but where the March 2012 YouTube posting date threw us off. We have removed Roi’s photo, albeit an old one, because he is still in danger of being whacked in Bolivia.  Handing a street thug a photo with $200 and the promise of $200 more when he has done the job is a minor administrative affair. So he is staying undercover as much as possible. Roi says hello to all, and we hope to have a surprise for you all soon.]


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor        … featuring  Roi’ Tov


Is Roi Tov being persecuted by Israeli Intelligence to send a signal to others, like a terrorist attack?

I started out on this to post his recent article on Egypt clamping down on the Gaza tunnels. Roi’ Tov has a hard fought reputation for writing about such things from a unique perspective, that of an ex-Israeli like Gilad Atzmon in a way.

My readers know I like to put a personal touch on stories. An inanimate news delivery carries no real passion with it so you are left with an AP story. Some of the most wonderful parts of the news can be the stories of those who made it, the story tellers themselves.

For a magazine layout piece I go looking for images, or course,  and maybe even a video to put the man behind the writing. That always starts with a photo. But there was none. Despite his website and the record of his writing the first search turned up a zip.

I must admit that due to our past lives we get spooked at VT quickly when things we expect to find easily cannot be found. We have an intimate history of those often being the result of some nefarious intent to hide something. But one of the major perks working with VT is access to talented staff.

If you want to know something about someone you cannot find, you can call Gordon. And for normal requests we are talking maybe one and a half to two minutes for him to deliver. It is a humbling experience as it is a reminder that people are NOT all created equal.

What Gordon produced in that two minute changed the whole focus of the article. The Gaza tunnels can wait for another day, as they will still be there. But it is time for us to meet Roi’ Tov today. The interview below made it an instant decision.

His audio is a bit rough as I think Roi was far away with a cel phone connection. But as I listened to it I knew that he should tell his own story with me doing the drum roll.

Lots of symbolism here

His given name is Reuven Schossen, an ex-captain in the IDF. After his four years of regular service he became a reservist and pursued his education…four degrees, three of of them in chemical physics and later an MBA.  He used his scientific skills working for the Jacobsen family chemical businesses, one of the two dozen or so who dominate the Israeli industry.

If any of you are thinking such work might have something to do with the nuclear industry that Israeli does not have…because the American government would tell us if it did, that might be a good guess. If so he would be wise to stay clear of all that based on Vanunu’s treatment.

Roi’ does describe below how a major American chemical company once asked him to pass on a secret American rocket fuel to Israel. Don’t be shocked folks, it has happened more times than you can count.

His final break with Israel came when his army buddies informed military security that he had converted to the Lutheran Church.

As payback he found himself deployed with the army at the Siege of the Church of the Nativity in 2002, an intimate subject with me as I edited my first documentary about it with footage supplied by Father Labib Kobti. It was one hell of an eye opener for me, and one of the best Jim Dean Journals produced in the early day.

Roi’ has been a wandering stateless refugee, supporting himself through his writing and was struggling to get out of Bolivia at some point, or gain refugee status, last I had heard. But he seems to have gotten to the U.S. somehow and we will be following up with him. No response yet to my email sent earlier today.

But I wanted to post this tonight as this was the first time I had heard him, and probably yours, too. Allow me to introduce Mr. Roi’ Tov, a modern man of conscience.


[youtube zsQX84LcLJA] – Roi’ Tov interview




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