Justice Demanded on Behalf of Disabled Homeless Veterans

A disabled and distraught homeless Veteran outside
the locked front gates to the largest VA in the nation.

By Robert L. Rosebrock


In his recent State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama proclaimed: “Our government shouldn’t make promises we cannot keep – but we must keep the promises we’ve already made.”

In a television ad during the 2012 election campaign, President Obama declared: “The sacrifices that our troops have made have been incredible and it’s because of what the troops have done, we’ve been able to go after al-Qaida and kill bin Laden. And when they come home, we have a sacred trust to make sure that we are doing everything we can to heal all of their wounds, giving them the opportunities that they deserve to find a job and get the education that they need. It’s not enough just to make a speech about how much we value veterans. It’s not enough just to remember them on Memorial Day.”

Unfortunately, this promise and sacred trust has been severely breached as more than 900,000 Veterans have a disability claim stuck in a backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with an expected wait time of a year or more.

Last year, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden retired after 16 years of stressful Military service and his own disability claim for Post Trauma Stress Disorder remains adrift in this same bureaucratic chaos.

If this isn’t alarming enough, the suicide rate for Veterans has escalated to an annual average of 22 deaths per day. That’s one Veteran suicide every 65 minutes, on average, or more than 8,000 a year.

These tragedies have evolved into an insurmountable crisis of Biblical proportion with no realistic solution on the horizon.

Meanwhile, government authorities (public servants) continue to neglect and disregard our disabled Veterans and their desperate plea for critical help.

Supreme Injustice

The U.S. Supreme Court, in an unprecedented act of defiance and ingratitude, recently refused to hear a lawsuit against the VA for neglecting to process combat-related mental health claims, which has led to thousands of Veteran suicides.

The lawsuit asked the Federal Court to intervene on behalf of disabled Veterans. Instead of giving Veterans their ultimate day in Court, the U.S. Supreme Court blatantly rejected hearing their case. (Veterans for Common Sense v. Shinseki)

Let the record reflect that there are no Military Veterans on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Injustice of the Department of Justice

The prejudice against Veterans continues as the Obama Administration is vigorously fighting another lawsuit represented on behalf of disabled Veterans, this one filed more than 20 months ago by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California (ACLU).

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. is a major Plaintiff in the case.

The Defendants in this Federal lawsuit are General Eric K. Shinskeki, Secretary of the VA, and his Los Angeles executive director, non-Veteran Donna Beiter.

The suit charges the two with misusing Veterans property through improper land deals executed in violation of the VA’s Administrative Procedure Act, breach of fiduciary duty as trustee of a Charitable Trust, and discrimination against homeless Veterans with severe mental illness in violation of the Rehabilitation Act.

In another act of government betrayal and contempt for Veterans, U.S. Federal Judge S. James Otero bowed to the heavy hand of U.S. Attorneys as he shamefully dismissed the claim for discriminating against disabled homeless Veterans even though thousands in Los Angeles desperately need immediate mental care and supportive housing. (Valenti v. Shinseki)

Judge Otero, who is not a Veteran, didn’t rule against the ACLU lawsuit per se. No, he categorically ruled against disabled Veterans who are homeless and hungry, down-and-out and in dire need of emergency housing and mental care.

This is traitorous and blasphemous!

The same goes for the U.S. Attorneys who sought to have this case dismissed and continue to vigorously crusade against our helpless and homeless disabled Veterans.

It’s appalling how our men and women in the Military risk their lives to fight on behalf of our citizenry and become disabled from their war injuries, then there’s nobody to fight for them, particularly our government (public servants), who instead fight against them.

This scandalous, cruel and malicious injustice is contrary to everything that stands for true Americanism and the values of a civilized and compassionate society.

Charles de Montesquieu forewarned more than 250 years ago; “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”

Big Brother Justice

Judge Otero continued to rub salt into this nasty wound by dismissing another claim in the ACLU lawsuit as he rebuffed the self-explanatory Deed and irrevocable Charitable Trust of 1888 that guarantees permanent housing for disabled homeless Veterans.

The Judge infamously ruled: “The government had not assumed an enforceable fiduciary duty to create housing for veterans when it accepted ownership of the land, despite explicit provisions for housing in the deed.”


Judge Otero’s judicial muddling is classic “newspeak” that George Orwell cautioned about in his legendary book, “Nineteen Eighty Four.”

Mr. Orwell prophesied that an eventual “Big Brother” style of government would invade, control and run our lives by deceiving us into believing that “War is Peace”, “Slavery is Freedom” and “Ignorance is Strength”.

Judge Ortero’s own doubletalk has taken Big Brother newspeak to a new level, albeit a lower level, by hideously proclaiming that despite explicit provisions for housing in the government controlled Deed, there’s no provision for our government to assume a responsibility to enforce those provisions.

This is judicial malpractice at its worst!

Correspondingly, Judge Otero’s doubletalk has deceptively combined nebulous loopholes and gibberish legalese that basically decree: “Explicit is Imprecise”, “Provision is Imaginary”, “Enforceable is Unenforceable” and “Homeless is Baseless.”

An Act of Congress and an Act of Kindness

Contrary to Judge Otero’s feeble and fatuous ruling, Members of the House of Representatives and Senate of the 49th U.S. Congress approved an Act on March 2, 1887, that specifically mandated a binding responsibility for the United States Government “To locate, establish, construct, and permanently maintain a branch of said National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers to be located at such place in the States west of the Rocky Mountains … to appear most desirable and advantageous.”

One year later, on March 3, 1888, two benevolent landowners, one a U.S. Senator and the other a wealthy widow, agreed to deed 600 acres of their property in West Los Angeles to the Government of the United States to be held in Trust on behalf of America’s disabled Veterans.

Two days later, in conjunction with the Act of 1887, the Deed was ratified by all parties that was to forever establish these grounds as a safe, sacred and sovereign sanctuary for disabled and disadvantaged Veterans.

This kindly Gift was given with a resolute promise that those who served our country and were disabled or impoverished because of their sacrifices would always have a quiet refuge to heal from their war injuries, and a permanent place to call “Home.”

A Legal Deed and Misdeeds

On September 11, 2007, Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) sent a letter to the “Wall Street Journal” clarifying the use of Veterans property in Los Angeles.

The Congressman, who is a lawyer by profession and whose 33rd District includes the largest VA in the nation, confirmed the validity, legality and permanence of the Congressional Act and legal Deed for disabled and homeless War Veterans:

“… Here are the facts …. After the Civil War, the federal government began to construct national soldiers’ homes for disabled and homeless war veterans. Soon after Congress enacted legislation in 1887 to authorize construction of the first soldiers’ home in the west, a patriotic Californian family donated 388 acres in Los Angeles for this purpose. But there was a catch – the legal deed requires that the federal government maintain the property permanently for veterans.

Henry Waxman unconditionally confirms that there is Congressional legislation enacted in 1887 providing for a “national soldiers’ home for disabled and homeless war veterans.”

He further confirms that there’s a corresponding legal deed that “requires the federal government maintain the property permanently for veterans.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

Note: Of the 600 original acres (388 remaining), Veterans land was taken for Wilshire and Sepulveda Boulevards that cut through these hallowed grounds from east-to-west and north-to-south, as well as a huge chunk for the 405 Freeway, north-to-south. In addition, 28 acres was transferred to the Generals Services Administration for the Federal (FBI) Building on Wilshire Boulevard with 38 acres given to the community of Westwood for a public park, and another 10 acres transferred to the Department of Army on Federal Avenue Reserve and National Guard facilities. Veterans’ land has continuously been taken away for non-Veteran use while tens-of-thousands of disabled and impoverished Veterans are forced into homelessness.)

Coinciding with the Congressman’s “facts,” the legal Deed of 1888 declares five different times that the sole purpose of the land Gift is: “To locate, establish, construct, and permanently maintain a branch of said National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

This irrefutable clause is “The Promise” that created a Charitable Trust for the sole benefit of disabled Veterans.

Moreover, the land grantors had the wisdom and compassion to permanently deed their land to the government for a permanent “Home” to ensure there would never be a homeless Veteran in Los Angeles.

For nearly a century, the U.S. Government responsibly honored “The Promise” and patriotically assumed its legal fiduciary duty to create and permanently maintain housing for our disabled homeless Veterans on these sacred grounds.

Today, Judge Otero is declaring that the U.S. Government does not have to honor “The Promise” and its legal fiduciary duties, which runs contrary to President Obama’s claim that “Our government must keep the promises we’ve already made.”

In Judge Otero’s evasive and illusive vernacular, “Breach is Promise.”

Dereliction of Duty

Without question, it was Henry Waxman who assumed the fiduciary duty of enforcing both the Congressional Act and legal Deed when he was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives 38 years ago.

Thus, the largest VA in the nation is in Henry Waxman’s Congressional District and it is his sole responsibility to enforce the Deed and Act as outlined in his letter to the “Wall Street Journal.”

Instead of accepting his fiduciary duty with honor and pride, non-Veteran Henry Waxman has failed in every manner imaginable.

Under Henry Waxman’s “watch” to prevent Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles, there are tens-of-thousands of disabled and disadvantaged Veterans struggling to survive on the dangerous streets of LA.

In Henry Waxman’s doubletalk dictionary, “Failure is Duty.”

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Because of Congressman’s Waxman’s disastrous stewardship to protect and preserve the Deed and Charitable Trust for Veteran use only, there’s now a public dog park, public recreation park, public golf course, public botanical gardens, public theaters, a wealthy private school playground, and a wealthy kids soccer field, etc.

Not surprisingly, there’s a state-of-the-art collegiate baseball diamond occupied by Henry’s alma mater, UCLA.

This past weekend, thousands of luxury vehicles overwhelmed these sacred grounds that served as a massive parking lot for a PGA golf tournament held at the nearby ritzy Riviera Country Club as attendees were shuttled back and forth on luxury tour buses while homeless Veterans struggle to survive outside the VA’ s locked front gates.

Next month, the LA Marathon will have more than 25,000 runners charging through the sacred grounds next to the VA Wadsworth Hospital where Veterans are trying to heal from their war injuries, many who are amputees.

The foregoing notwithstanding, there are numerous privileged arrangements that violate the legal Deed and the VA’s Administrative Procedure Act, in spite of Mr. Waxman’s claim: “there was a catch” – “the legal deed requires that the federal government maintain the property permanently for veterans.

The VA’s failure to honor the Deed further punishes disabled homeless Veterans who defended our nation’s homeland, while special-interest groups control the land at their own National Veterans Home.

According to Mr. Waxman’s deceptive drivel, “Fiction is Fact.”

Mr. Waxman’s dereliction of duty and failure to protect federal property in his District, requires full Congressional and FBI Investigations.

Wrong is Right

Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is not a Veteran, is equally culpable for failing to demand that government honor its promises and do the right thing by permanently protecting this land for disabled homeless Veterans.
This travesty of violating the VA’s Administrative Procedure Act and subverting the Deed of 1888 is not only a perversion of the rule of law but it violates the universal law of morality of doing unto others.

As a result, our public servants have relentlessly abused the Property Rights, Civil Rights and Human Rights of America’s Military Veterans, and they’ve done it with irreverence and impunity at the abhorrent expense of those who are disabled and homeless.

This is simply wrong!

More than 250 years ago, Voltaire forewarned: “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”

Who is the Government?

Judge Otero’s defense of government’s failure to honor its entrusted duties has essentially granted public servants full authority to do whatever they want to do while being unaccountable for failing to do what they need to do.

But what would you expect from a federal employee who is overseeing a federal lawsuit against federal employees (Shinseki and Beiter), who are being defended by federal employees (U.S. Attorneys)?

This is their all-powerful, all-authoritarian unilateral government that the VA, U.S. Attorneys and Judge Otero dare anyone to challenge, particularly disabled homeless Veterans.

Contrary to their self-serving authoritarian beliefs, Teddy Roosevelt accurately defined government: “The government is us; we are the government, you and I.”

Author Ayn Rand summarized government’s role in this manner: “The source of the government’s authority is ‘the consent of the governed.’ This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose.”

Our Declaration of Independence is very definitive: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Thus, it is “We the People” hailed in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution who actually rule government. And it’s our Veterans who have defended these enshrined Rights for all fellow citizens.

Then why don’t disabled homeless Veterans have access to a National Veterans Home that was lawfully deeded to the government in their behalf?

It’s because public servants like Judge Otero, General Shinseki, Donna Beiter and U.S. Attorneys think that they are above the law.

Is the U.S. Constitution Constitutional?

Incredulously, Judge Ortero suggests that our U.S. government has no Constitutional authority or responsibility to honor or enforce the promises it has already made, including a Congressional Act that Congress passed on behalf of Veterans who defend “We the People.”

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed: “Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

Ayn Rand further clarified the matter: “The US Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals. It does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government. It is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizen’s protection against government.”

These clear-cut explanations underscore the magnitude and greatness of the U.S. Constitution representative of “We the People,” and the selfless reason why courageous Military men and women pledge their lives on behalf of all private citizens of our Nation.

On the other hand, while serving in the U.S. Military, we surrender our own Constitutional Rights as sovereign citizens and became subjects of government’s biggest agency, the Department of Defense.

In 1965, during U.S. Army Basic Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, our Drill Sergeant reduced this to one sentence: “In the Military we do not practice democracy, we defend it.”

Actually, our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic which protects the Individual Rights of our citizenry.

After being discharged from the Military, we are supposed to regain the Constitutional Rights that we pledged our lives to defend on behalf of all others.

However, instead of returning as individual citizens of the Country we defended, Veterans become subjects of government’s second largest bureaucracy, the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This is unconstitutional!

No Controlling Legal Authority

Even though our U.S. Government answers to “We the People” and not the other way around, according to Judge Otero there is no law or authority for our government to assume an enforceable fiduciary duty to honor the obligatory Charitable Trust and provide permanent housing for disabled homeless Veterans.

Judge Otero’s ruling rivals former Vice President Al Gore’s infamous claim that “There is no controlling legal authority that says that is any violation of any law,” when he attended a Buddhist Temple and dubiously maintained that he didn’t know it was a fund-raiser .

This is the same kind of weasel-talk that Judge Otero is using on behalf of deceitful VA bureaucrats at the expense of disabled homeless Veterans.

If there’s no controlling legal authority for the U.S. Government to assume a fiduciary duty to provide housing for homeless Veterans, then under what controlling legal authority did a wealthy homeowner group assume the “stewardship” of this entire property for public park tourism that has forced thousands of disabled and destitute Veterans to live homeless and hungry?

This compromised arrangement between the VA and a special-interest homeowner group stoops to Richard Nixon’s infamous answer when David Frost asked him about the legality of his actions during Watergate, and he replied: “Well, when the President does it that means that it is not illegal.”

George Orwell was dead-right in his prophecy regarding Big Brother newspeak, particularly as it now applies to the deception and misuse of Veterans property for non-Veteran use and Judge Otero fundamentally ruling that when the government does it that means that it is not illegal because there is no controlling legal authority.

In Judge Otero’s judicial babble, “Illegal is Legal,” and this duplicity must cease!

Free is Money

Just how much more convoluted are today’s newspeak and doubletalk when it comes to the U.S. Government’s failure to honor lawfully deeded property for disabled homeless Veterans?

It’s gotten so perverted that a “National Veterans Home” is now a “national public park.”

How does this kind of decadence and deception actually happen?

It happens when a local non-profit special-interest cabal operates under the ruse of being a Veterans organization but it’s really a neighborhood improvement, open-space protection and historic preservation group that has direct access to the highest powers of government.

When Susan C. “Sue” Young, the executive director of the homeowner group was asked by the “Brentwood News” about the time-process of converting land that was deeded for a Veterans Home into a public park, she responded:

“Because this arrangement was unprecedented, it required lengthy discussions and compromises with Veterans Administration in Los Angeles and Washington. The agreement also called for approvals at the highest levels, i.e., Secretary Nicholson, and the involvement of the Congressional delegation.”

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter fully understood this kind of powerful and privileged manipulation: “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.”

As leaders of the aforementioned Congressional delegation, Henry Waxman and Dianne Feinstein are major supporters of Ms. Young’s influential and affluent homeowner group that has an exclusive agreement with the VA to convert billions of dollars of Veterans property deeded exclusively for a Veterans Home into a pubic community park, rent free.

The homeowner group also received $1 million from the VA to help build a pretentious wrought iron fence along VA property to beautify the entryway into their community.

The homeowner group is raising money for their public park by claiming they are “partners” with the VA even though their unprecedented arrangement dated August 24, 2007, specifically prohibits such claims:

2. General Terms and Conditions.

A. Relationship: The relationship of the parties is not and shall not be construed or interpreted to be a partnership, joint venture, or agency.

Equally controversial, the public park arrangement seriously violates the VA’s Administrative Procedure Act.

Meanwhile, housing for disabled homeless Veterans at the Los Angeles VA is grossly underfunded and virtually non-existent while Henry Waxman claims it’s because there’s no money.

Then why did the U.S. Government lease a billion-dollar parcel of Veterans property to this renegade homeowner group for a public park “rent free,” and give them $1 million to build a self-serving fence to beautify the entryway into their community?

It happened because of Henry Waxman’s dereliction of duty and his double-dealing doubletalk that “Free is Money” and these misappropriations of federal property and funds need to be fully investigated by the Congressional Oversight Committee and the FBI, including a Federal Grand Jury Investigation.

How Low Can Government Sink?

There are thousands of disabled and homeless Veterans who have died over the years because public servants have been too weak to stand up in their behalf and provide them with the proper housing and care they deserve and need.

How shameful and disgusting it is to witness these dishonorable cowards enforcing their own code of injustice upon tens-of-thousands of innocent and defenseless Veterans in Los Angeles that punishes instead of rewards their courageous service to our country.

How many disabled and homeless Veterans have died unnecessarily since the ACLU lawsuit was filed more than 20 months ago because these trusted public servants are not strong enough to prevent their deaths from happening?

How long does it take a federal judge to rule on behalf of disabled homeless Veterans who’ve had their lawfully deeded Home pillaged and plundered for non-Veteran use?

How many committed suicide out of frustration or were killed or maimed by street thugs while waiting for help?

How many disabled and homeless Veterans have died over the years because entrusted public servants have refused to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves and have taken land that was legally deeded as their permanent “Home” and misused it for non-Veteran use, such as a public dog park, a private school playground, a public park “for the enjoyment of the entire community” and other prohibitive use?

Empty archaic buildings with a morbid past are now glorified as “historic” and promoted as a tourist attraction by the National Park Services along with a wealthy homeowner group, while homeless Veterans sleep outside the locked gates to the largest VA Home in the nation.

All of this misappropriation of Veterans property is conduct unbecoming by any American Citizen, particularly those who are held to a higher standard as entrusted public servants, but instead they sink lower and lower.

Their conduct is flat-out wrong!

“A long habit of not thinking a thing is wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” – Thomas Paine

The War That Never Ends

The most powerful Congress of the most powerful Country in the world has the sole Constitutional power and authority to declare war.

While exercising their liberty of this unilateral power over the past decade, Congress approved more than $1.3 trillion dollars to wage two wars.

Let there be no misunderstanding; “War is Hell!”

Whether America’s military men and women are fighting a war or trying to heal from fighting a war, it’s always Hell because the war never ends.

When our Military Troops go to war, they serve under the Department of Defense as highly trained professional warriors who are equipped with the finest defense weapons in the world to defeat the toughest enemies in the world.

After returning from war, they are to be served by the Department of Veterans Affairs with the finest healthcare facilities in the world.

But instead of healing from war, America’s Military Veterans are fighting some of life’s toughest battles, day-by-day, just to survive in the Country they defended.

Unfortunately, these battles are not fought as a unified Military unit, but as one lonely Veteran against the duplicitous bureaucrats of the VA, the second largest bureaucracy in federal government.

To make matters worse, Veterans are not trained to fight a personal “David vs. Goliath” war with our own government, and they have no weapons of self-defense in these endless and tiring battles.

As time goes on, their warrior and survivor skills diminsh and their outlook becomes bleak as their opponent just gets bigger and more powerful.

Tragically, every year more than 8,000 Veterans voluntarily surrender their lives; victims of bureaucratic battle fatigue.

Their solace is found in Plato’s prophetic assertion more than 2,500 years ago: “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

While the all-powerful Congress has the authority to declare and fund war and send our sons and daughters into harm’s way, according to Judge Otero, Congress does not have the authority to house and care for those who suffer greatly from their war injuries and are disabled and homeless.

Let the record reflect that Congress and the VA are waging an endless war against our disabled and homeless Veterans and the U.S. Supreme Court and Judge S. James Otero will not end it, even though they have the power to do so.

The Promised Land

On March 3rd, the Old Veterans Guard will be hosting the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Deed of 1888, which embraces a solemn promise made with the Government of the United States to provide permanent housing for disabled and homeless Veterans.

President Barack Obama has publicly declared: “We must keep the promises we’ve already made.”

Last year on Memorial Day at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., President Obama made a promise to Vietnam War Veterans and future generations of war Veterans:

You came home and sometimes were denigrated, when you should have been celebrated. It was a national shame, a disgrace that should have never happened. And that’s why here today we resolve that it will not happen again.”

Let the record reflect that 47% of all homeless Veterans today are from the Vietnam War that ended 38 years ago.

Fellow Veterans believed that President Obama would honor his Memorial Day promise to end the shameful mistreatment of Vietnam Veterans by proffering to settle the ACLU lawsuit so that younger generations of War Veterans would not suffer the same way as Vietnam War Veterans.

If the President believes his own State of the Union Address, then he shouldn’t have made a promise that he could not keep as his Administration continues to wage war against the ACLU lawsuit and Plaintiff Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

The 125th Anniversary Celebration will be in honor of the benevolent land grantors and “The Promise” they made, which our government agreed to honor.

It will also be a protest against our government for breaking this promise and refusing to provide permanent supportive housing for thousands of our disabled and homeless Veterans.

If You Won’t, We Will!

Also in his “State of the Union Address,” President Obama spoke about “cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the development of cleaner energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas.”

He then demanded that a bi-partisan energy and climate change bill be delivered, or threatened: “If Congress won’t take action to protect future generations, I will,”

Let the record reflect that the Obama Administration, in cahoots with Congressman Henry Waxman, have already built a new and modern $60 million solar panel project on Veterans property in Los Angeles, while appropriating $0 for emergency Homeless Veteran shelter, and $0 to demolish the revolting rat-infested buildings that are vacant and replacing them with new and modern housing for current and future generations of Veterans.

Since the President is going to continue breaking government’s promises to honor the Deed of 1888 by fighting the ACLU lawsuit, Judge Otero needs to take responsibility and deliver Justice on behalf of our disabled homeless Veterans.

Accordingly, he must enforce “The Promise” by immediately terminating all of the improper land deals executed in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act between the VA and special interest groups and non-Veteran entities.

The Judge also needs to order the VA to build and operate an emergency humanitarian relief project for homeless Veterans and to demolish all of the old structures and build a new and modern Veterans Home.

If Judge Otero won’t take moral and legal action to protect our disabled homeless Veterans who need help right now, including future generations of Veterans, we will.

Veterans Revolution

It’s been said that “War is when the government tells you who the bad guys are and a Revolution lets you decide that for yourself.”

On March 9, 2009, the Veterans Revolution was established to bring Justice against the bad guys and end the rampant mismanagement, malfeasance and misappropriation of Veterans property at the Los Angeles VA, and to stop the abuse and maltreatment of our fellow Veterans who are disabled, disadvantaged and homeless.

We are coming upon our Fifth Anniversary of the Veterans Revolution with 260 consecutive Sunday Rallies of protest.

Instead of the U.S. Government reaching out to us for solutions, we have been harassed and intimidated, insulted and assaulted, discriminated against, falsely accused and criminally threatened, lied to and lied about, stalked and spied upon, including falsely arrested by an out-of-control VA bureaucracy that does not have the best interests of disabled homeless Veterans in mind.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe correctly noted nearly 250 years ago: A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government.”

General Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War hero and President of the United States stated: “The right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of oppression, if they are strong enough, whether by withdrawal from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable.”

President John F. Kennedy forewarned: “When peaceful revolution is made impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

Let the record reflect that the Old Veterans Guard has always been a non-violent protest group and we will continue this through our civilized Veterans Revolution modeled after Mahatmas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King’s peaceful and civil revolutions for change.

We choose civility over aggression and will pursue Justice on behalf of our disabled homeless Veterans by adapting our cause modeled after a Citizens Grand Jury and a Military Tribunal by forming a “Veteran Tribunal” to publicly try the bad guys, which in this case are the U.S. Government and its public servants.

In the meantime, we seek immediate and uncompromised Justice from Judge S. James Otero on behalf of our disabled and homeless Veterans.

Veteran Justice

More than 2500 years ago, Aesop (620 BC – 560 BC) prophetically announced: “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

Putting this into today’s perspective, if a homeless and hungry Veteran steals some food for personal survival, he or she will go to jail. If a public servant misappropriates billions-of-dollars of Veterans property for personal gain, he or she is protected and shielded from prosecution.

This appalling injustice that imprisons the innocent and liberates the guilty must cease, posthaste!
It’s reprehensible that affluent and influential special-interest groups are able to finagle Veterans land in secret deals behind closed doors with the Secretary of the VA and a Congressional delegation.

English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli defined this sort of influence pedaling accordingly: “Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.”

While an elite few can meet secretively with the Secretary of the VA and Congress in Washington D.C. to manipulate Veterans land for a public community park, a multitude of severely disabled Veterans cannot get an appointment with a local VA doctor for personal medical care they so desperately need.

As a result, they are forced to live a lonely life of misery and severe depression, which leads to homelessness and suicide.

It’s time for government to honor the promises it has already made or face Justice through a “Veteran Tribunal” with credible evidence of Crimes Against Humanity, Human Rights Violations, Malfeasance, Malice, Willful Neglect, Humiliating and Degrading Treatment, Cruel and Unusual Punishment; Reckless Disregard, Abandonment, Misappropriation of Government Property and Funds, Cronyism, Collusion, Duplicity, along with other willful and wrongful activities perpetrated against America’s disabled and homeless Military Veterans

On behalf of all disabled and homeless Veterans, we respectfully demand unconditional Justice from Judge S. James Otero and hold him accountable to honor President Obama’s recent declaration that our government must keep the promises that it has already made.

We respectfully demand that Judge Otero immediately terminate all of the improper land deals executed in violation of the VA’s Administrative Procedure Act, starting with the public community park and the private school playground and athletic field.

We respectfully demand that Judge Otero direct the U.S. Government to honor the Congressional Act of 1887 and the legal Deed and Charitable Trust of 1888 by ordering the VA to demolish all of the antiquated and dysfunctional structures and begin building a new and modern Los Angeles National Veterans Home.

We respectfully demand Justice for our disabled homeless Veterans.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Support the “Homeless Veteran Humanitarian Relief Project” www.veteranstoday.com/downloads/humanitarian.relief.project.pdf


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