Israel’s Cyberwar Operations Against America



[Editors Note:  Admist all the Cyber Warfaer hype, the Israeli threat was completely censored out, by government, media, and the official intelligenc community. We have another ‘stand down’ situation.]

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      … with  Press TV 

First published  –  February 22nd, 2013


“Something old – with something new

A terror attack on America is in motion as I write. Defense contractors all over America are deploying their March 1st human shields.

If contractors like the cyber warfare hustlers don’t get their money, we are all doomed. They are going to Samson Option us all.

After the US leading the world in cyber war development and stimulating those we have targeted to increase their own capabilities, this is now spun as ‘they are attacking us.’

And like the nuclear weapons that the Israelis don’t have, and the espionage operations they do not run here, we can now add to that list the cyber warfare that they don’t do. This is how our leaders protect us.

My instincts tell me they feel the sun is setting on their Iran attack plans so they have to replace that with something very expensive like the threat of a Pearl Harbor like cyber attack from the likes of China, Russia and Iran… but not Israel, even though Israel already has.

That’s right folks, after hours of reviewing dozens of past articles and YouTubes, sometimes listening to some really silly stuff, never once were Israel’s extensive cyber war operations mentioned.

The ‘pay up or die’ cyber war scam has been played on us before. The first big push came in 2010 with the November 60 Minutes TV show. The 2007 cyber attack on DC… the Pentagon, State Dept, NSA and others, where terabytes of classified information were taken, served as the trigger.

But it also showed a huge failure on our part. Someone on the inside showed someone on the outside how to get in. Gosh, I wonder who?

It is claimed that we still don’t know who did it. But many of the top ‘War on Terror’ people from the Bush administration just happen to be major players with the big cyber warfare contractors now, and still good friends with the Israelis. So the bill was passed in 2010 and Americans began paying for having themselves monitored along with everybody else.

Going forward to February of 2012, there was some pushback to the beltway bandits as they are called, so they brought out their big guns. From FBI director Robert Mueller we had, “The cyber threat will equal or surpass the threat from counter terrorism.” Leon Panetta from the CIA was next with, “The next Pearl Harbor we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our power systems.”

The one button image is hype – a visual tie in to a nuclear launch

Cyber security had changed since the 2010 days. Jim Harper of the CATO institute said in 2012 that there was no chance whatsoever that nuclear power plants would be hacked or electrical infrastructure taken down.“The worst we would have is a disruption, and that is not terror, or a war.”

And from Congress we had Mike Rogers, Republican from Michigan, reading from his prepared script, “An attack is on its way… we will suffer a catastrophic attack…”

Gosh, I wonder if he is an AIPAC man. Remember that Israel was still pushing hard at this time for a bomb attack on Iran’s IAEA-approved nuclear facilities.

This year the big guns are still some of the old faces. Ex-Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff who we hear is also an Israeli citizen has his own cyber warfare consulting company.

He left government work early to get on the War on Terror bonanza. As director he had even flown over to Israel to put on ‘fast track’ seminars for Israeli contractors. They got their pick of those wonderful communications contracts they were looking for, where they would have back door access to spy on America for many years to come.

Former Admiral and National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell is Exec. VP of Booz Allen’s cyber security division, and making good use of his former insider contacts.

With the military budget looking to be cut and the only question being how much, the scramble is now on to scare the public into supporting more cyber warfare spending, or the Chinese will turn all the lights out and the Russians empty our banks. That would be payback by the way,  as we did it to them once.

Cyber War – is a Hype War

This made me even more suspicious of the incestuous relationships with our top government security people going instantly to work for the big security contractors when they ‘retire.’

One has to wonder whether they might have been working for them WHILE they were in government.

The DC beltway gang all know that if you want those big juicy defense contractor jobs later, you have to earn them while you are pulling the inside strings.

Michael Chertoff sure did, and so did former Counter Terrorism Director Richard Clarke, who has set himself up now as a lead author on cyber warfare. He is also close to the Israelis, very close.

Our Bush administration sources revealed that after the FBI began investigating Clarke for espionage at the Pentagon, the Bush people brought him over to the White House, where the FBI could not talk to him any more without permission.

But little did he know that some loyal people there wore wires for a good while to at least keep track of what he was giving the Israelis. Because these could never be used in court he never got tagged.

The ‘War on Terror’ turned out to be a war on the American people’s pocketbooks, a war on our military personnel, and a war on all the heroin addicts by keeping the supply flowing at lower prices.

The reputation of FBI counterterrorism stateside program is in shambles with revelations on their industrial scale entrapment operations they ran through their network of 15,000 mostly low-life informants.

Jerry Brito of the Mercatus Center called cyber warfare hype as the new ‘yellow cake’ feint, the one so cruelly used by the scoundrels in the Bush administration to frame Iraq, with Cheney being at the top of the list.

Smoke and Mirrors – Replaced by PR Hustlers and Electrons

As Jim Harper described it, “Most people in Washington, and even Congress for that matter, don’t really have the skills needed to see through the psywar smoke and mirrors that the hired gun experts throw at them. The contractors can create an artificial demand for their products and services to line their own pockets.”

I will close with one last gem of a bullet I picked up from one of these interviews. Jim Lewis from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) described how when discussing cyber warfare with the Chinese and Russians, they would always complain that, “Well you are doing the same thing.”

And Lewis acknowledged that we were. He let the cat out of the bag. We had offensive cyber warfare deployed before anyone else, and in a bigger way.

When those targeted responded by cranking up their own cyber warfare capabilities, our shysters then used media leaks, Israeli think tanks, and – I personally feel – ran some bogus hacking operations into our own institutions to herd the rest of us into shelling out the money they wanted during huge budget deficit times. It’s an old game.

I never could figure out why Obama would work so hard to get us out of Iraq finally and openly worked on disengaging from Afghanistan, just to walk into a Persian Gulf war, one which could be the last disaster. He has dodget that bullet so far.

If Romney had been elected, he was committed to an Iran attack. The Bush reprobates and their dual Israeli citizen buddies would have been right back in the saddle. We at VT knew we were on an enemies list, and for good reason. We considered them all a major national security risk.

The billions in deficit funding we provided to expand cyber warfare has built the biggest surveillance machine that has ever existed, and one that can and is being used against the American people. The Israelis had already cut themselves in on the process so they have access to it, too.

We betrayed our children and grandchildren. What our Founding Fathers gave us, we let the hoodlums steal from us in ten years, and they are still walking around. We have not been good stewards because we were a bit too easy to rob.

Romney would have finished us off. That was the plan. We can be happy for that, for a while.


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