Israel’s Apology, Too Little, Too Late


Israel’s apology, too little, too late

Left to right, Israeli President Shimon Peres, President Barack Obama, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stand during the welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, on March 20, 2013.
Left to right, Israeli President Shimon Peres, President Barack Obama, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stand during the welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, on March 20, 2013.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“Perhaps this is a time for more apologies. If an apology can erase war crimes culpability so easily, who needs messy international laws, courts or even the United Nations?”

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Last week, President Obama gained what he called a “great diplomatic victory” when he “convinced” Israel to issue an apology to Turkey over their “misunderstanding” involving the massacre of peace activists and journalists on the high seas.

The real tone or nature of Obama’s visit to the Middle East, not just Israel as the President visited, not just Israel and Jordan but the new Palestinian State as well, has been systematically “scrubbed” from news reporting in an unparalleled act of censorship.

Everything published and reported ended up being lies of substance and omission.

The apology

Perhaps this is a time for more apologies. If an apology can erase war crimes culpability so easily, who needs messy international laws, courts or even the United Nations?  Who does Erdogan think he is fooling, certainly not the Turkish people?

“Sorry we slaughtered your people, we were having a bad day, the electric bill was too high and I spilled coffee on my good shirt during breakfast.”

Actually, the apology Erdogan of Turkey received was considerably less sensible than this one. His response, that an apology trumps all international law, erases any war crime, rights any wrong as long as he finds it politically espedient is the sign of any malignant narcissist.

In fact, Israel rescinded its apology almost immediately, stating it accepted no blame and made a purposefully insincere statement in order to aid Erdogan in joing “destabilization efforts” against Syria.

This wasn’t Israel’s first “mistake” of the kind. Back in 1967, Israeli forces, in a daylong series of attacks, killed or wounded 196 of 271 sailors on the USS Liberty, an American flagged naval vessel protected by two machineguns, which were quickly disabled.

Fire and rescue personnel were strafed, life rafts attacked but no apology has been forthcoming. The same navy Israel attacked now protects Israel. Those who survived the sneak attack were threatened with prison or summary execution under the orders of Admiral Sidney McCain, father of Senator John McCain.

Similarly, the families of over a thousand prisoners of war, executed by Israel during their surprise attack on Egypt in 1967 await their apology.

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One of the reason’s Egypt’s soldiers were so easy to capture was that their air force was destroyed on the ground. What isn’t so public is that it was American planes from the carrier USS America that led the attack. Perhaps the United States could issue an apology for that, though Admiral Sidney McCain and President Lyndon Johnson, those fully culpable for this “error” in “moral etiquette.”

The new morality of “apology” as literature

These errors bring us back to the grand error of recent times, too often isolated as a damning of the Iraq War. The Iraq War was little more than a chapter in a book:

Chapter One: Steal an election and get your friends to help you stage “9/11,” the “New Pearl Harbor” that can be “spun” to justify anything you want.

Chapter Two: Start the “good war,” chasing Osama bin “whatever” and Al “CIA-duh” while creating a narcotics empire destined to, not only addict millions but undermine governments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Chapter Three: Consolidate “police state” powers at home while starting a war of terror on the world with kidnapping, torture, secret prisons and “murder drones.”

Chapter Four: Launch a “blitzkrieg” against Iraq, looting not only that nation of its natural resources but stealing $3 trillion from the American taxpayers as well.

Chapter Five: Collapsing economies and currencies around the world as part of a long-term strategy to push humankind into an age of suffering and barbarism.

Chapter Six: Global annihilation?

Was Obama even in Israel?

During President Obama’s visit, the Israeli papers, particularly the Jerusalem Post, spoke of Obama’s demonstration of support for “Zionism” and of his favorable view toward the release of Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli citizen, jailed in the US for decades.

On both counts, the Post has fabricated news.

The Post, supported by wildly optimistic quotes from Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, himself a former (and perhaps current), Israeli spy, had obviously been tasked with misconstruing and misdirecting the real nature of a major political event.

If one were to examine news reports from corporate and “pop culture” media outlets including their controlled “shadow” blogosphere puppets, Obama may well have never been in Israel at all.

What is clear is that a very unpleasant Obama visit was “spun” to appear as though the President were simply on a sightseeing tour of the “Holy Land.”

Pollard truths

Sources throughout the military and intelligence community, including pro-Israeli former UN Ambassador John Bolton, have expressed horror at the thought of Soviet/Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard being released from prison other than in a pine coffin.

Pollard’s espionage is, with regularity, massively understated and purposefully misconstrued in a manner and form considered “high treason” by those with access to the full nature of Pollard’s devastating crimes.

Pollard, along with Mossad Operations Chief Michael Harari, the planner of the 9/11 attacks on America (ref: FBI Interrogation Files, Dimitri Khalezov, Bangkok, Thailand 2007), are seen by Israeli citizens as national heroes for their attacks on the United States.

Pollard’s task, performed with great success, was to supply a Soviet government, bent on executing a nuclear “first strike” on the United States before its “Star Wars/SDI” (Strategic Defense Initiative) missile shield would become operative.

Pollard supplied information which allowed Russia to decipher all high-level codes, including those controlling America’s nuclear submarine fleet along with locations of all strategic forces and needed intelligence for eliminating America’s ability to respond to nuclear attack.

For this, Pollard was sent to prison for life. All information as to Pollard’s actual crimes is classified indefinitely; a fact continually lied about, not just in the press, but as a “lie of omission” by American political figures including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Censoring Israeli humiliation

Reading Al Jazeera, one would never know that the United Nations recognized Palestinian statehood in 2012. Thus, when President Obama entered the State of Palestine and met with President Abbas, they looked on it as a “picnic lunch excursion” to “Israel’s West Bank.”

Other media were careful to omit any mention of the new status of the Palestinian state or that the West Bank is, by recognition of the United Nations General Assembly, in an overwhelming one-sided voted, a free and independent nation illegally occupied in violation of international law.

The same “United States” that, only months before was one of a handful of nations to vote against Palestinian statehood, engaged in what was a clear message, rejecting Israel’s occupation.

Those choosing to “spin” it otherwise, missed the highly contentious election in the US where Israel and their friends in worldwide organized crime, spent up to $1 billion to defeat President Obama, representing him as an enemy of Israel.

Similarly, Israel played “every card in the deck” in their attempt to defeat Senator Chuck Hagel, Obama’s new Secretary of Defense, an outspoken critic of Israel.

Hagel joins General Martin Dempsey, Obama’s choice for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, another outspoken critic of Israel.

Spin as news

Netanyahu won the election in Israel except for one thing. Netanyahu lost but there was no one else who could form a government.

Israel has no real government, simply a loose confederation of enemies leading a nation that has no plans to follow them.

Call it “press laziness.” Press releases replace journalism, “hacks” do the work of journalists, selling whatever version of the news serves the agenda of the corporations who write their checks.

Many “journalists” are simply intelligence assets.

More are moral degenerates.

None are willing to “work for their supper.”


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