Americans are Sick of Funding Israel

“American taxpayer money flies off into the wild blue Israeli yonder.”

Political Corruption and Israeli Espionage Team up to Send Americans to the Back of the Bus


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT editor       …with  Press TV

First Air Date on March 5th,  2013


The Iron Sieve – One out of twenty effective

Dear Folks,  We hear rumblings of a $350 million cut back, but we shall have to see about that. The American public has been nailed for many many years with off the books funding for Israel that is way beyond the $3 billion a year cartoon figure.

That does not include things like American Army Corps of Engineers projects done there which are hidden in the defense budget. And no, Israel’s Congresspeople here don’t mind that at all…Americans getting cut out to help their Lobby buddies, who tip well.

The Iron Dome Gaza failure statistics have come out at only around 5% effective, but most Americans don’t care. That’s why the politicians and the Lobby don’t feel bad about fleecing them. They shot off a lot of their missile inventory so our taxpayers can replace them with new ones at $3 million a piece.

Do the math. One out of twenty Patriots destroy what is basically a mortar round/rocket that costs maybe $200 to make. So that is $60 million in Patriots. This is how they spit on America, and way too many of you take it.

How many protest calls for wasting our money like this do you think went in to our entire Congress? I would bet it was not even a hundred. Do wounded veterans families protest? No. Do the main line veterans organizations protest at the waste? No. With people like this defending us, we are in bad shape. I would not trust any of them to look after a cheap watch, much less our national security.

Young Israelis waiting for the show to begin. Notice the Port-a-Potty. You are paying for that, too.

Here is a news item for you. The last Gaza attack was a pre-election event to show the Israeli voters that what they have spent on their military is really protecting them. It didn’t.

But the Gaza rockets are of no strategic threat to Israel whatsoever. Gordon refers to them as advanced bottle rockets. They are a visible form of resistance for the Palestinians, that the Jews putting Holy Land Palestinians in the open air ghetto is not a done deal.

And what you also don’t know is that the Israelis have friends in Gaza whom they can count on to shoot demonstrator rockets with dud charges, that can then be used as a trigger for a retaliation just at the right time with an election coming up.

A lot of you have been around a long time, enough to be figuring this out…and things like the American contractors are in cahoots with them on it.

Who do you think has been using up Patriot missiles so some orders to make new ones come in, or demands for an improved model…like one that works? When is the last time you heard of the American military shooting off Patriots against a state of the art incoming challenge?

They are jerking your chain, folks. They are used to doing it. We take it. Who is the dummy here?


Americans getting sick of funding Israel: Jim W. Dean

[youtube w9RH6jLkEyA] – Funding Israel

American people are sick of their government funding Israel when they do not require a missile system if they were not a threat to anybody, an analyst tells Press TV.

Israel has boasted about its Iron Dome short-range missile system, which is mainly funded by the United States, calling it Israel’s cutting-edge missile technology. According to a White House fact sheet, US President Barack Obama has said that “despite tough fiscal times”, he “fought for and secured full funding for Israel” in fiscal year 2012, including $3 billion in Foreign Military Financing.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor and columnist with VT (Atlanta), to further discuss the issue of US financial support for Israel.

They even hit their target one out of twenty times!!!



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