Breaking Bombing News – The Brothers Tsarnaev – Updated


Long Delayed Release of Suspect Photos Produces Quick Identification – but Why So Long?


Man hunt ends Friday Night with Capture of Dzhokhar

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might live to tell us more


         … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

The Brothers Tsarnaev – faces right out in the open but cops could not make public for four days
The Boston DHS task force, which did not release any suspect photo or footage information until Thursday, four days after the bombing has finally gotten to the shoot out stage with one brother dead ant the other miraculously getting away despite the largest manhunt probably in US history.
As expected, if the suspect were local, the publication of their photos triggered quick identification.
It was the snail’s pace speed at which they were released, despite the huge manpower available to police and investigators, it could make one wonder how regular cops and detectives catch anybody.
The Tsarnaev family comes originally from the former Soviet Caucuses area, but the brothers have been in the Boston area for some time, gone to school there, with the youngest, being hunted door to door in Watertown now. The oldest who was killed had taken a year off college for boxing classes. Something is a bit strange about that with all the struggling students and the very high costs of Boston area colleges.
We will be updating of course as the mystery layers are peeled off about the Boston Marathon ‘bomb bag party’…and the cops that can’t find their nose in front of them.

Hopefully this fiasco will trigger a down to the bedrock of our bloated, ineffective Tower of Babble DHS mess we have had on our hands for years now, focusing on getting to payday and chasing after ghost and invented targets and who can’t get suspect photos our until four days after the event, with one cop executed in his patrol car on MIT campus as a result, and another shot.

We will keep updating footage and key items during the day.

[youtube wSlRHJv1nnA] – Watertown shootout footage

The scandal of this attack is the one being ducked by everybody but alternative media, as usual. You had confirmed bomb spotters on the roofs, even sniper teams, easy to identify contractors at street level which I will be adding soon, and so far, no evidence of any backpacks/bomb bags being checked, not even the larger ones.

There is an indication that with a drill in progress, with security people all over the place, that the tier two security people were just enjoying the day, thinking someone else was really doing the main work.

This press conference video has only 300 views. You see the silliness of their wanting to hide the suspect names when there would be a need for any and all information coming in about them ASAP, like if they were seen hanging out with any new people last week, etc.

[youtube ebigdYDwWKA] – Press conference

I will say as I did soon after the attack, at this stage of the  so called War on Terror, for the amount of money and the manpower deployed for security at this event, it was an abject failure…and as usual, those in charge want a free pass from any responsibility.

After the first media mentions of the bomb drill, all official press briefings have censored it ouf of the story. Why?

[youtube LVKFE1fUlLM] – bomb drill confirmation dropped by all corporate news

What our Special Ops people just can’t believe, these stand out security contractors who look like they are from ‘overseas’ just happen to be stationed 15 to 20 feet left of the first bomb…but seem to have left the position prior to it being dropped…and moved across the street which happened to be a good place. Protocol is to not have them move around, as if they do they don’t know who is new in an area, who they have been talking to, how they are acting.

Now look at them after the bombing, still in their Butch Cassidy and Sundance mode, on the phone, and not the slightest bit involved with what is going on around them other than communicating with someone.

Usually the bosses back at headquarters are watching everything live on video anyway, from a variety of cameras. You don’t really have any security if you are doing that as protocol is to even have the plain clothes guys being watched to make sure they are not chatting up some babe. Yes, they have to do that.

Here is photo one. Protocol is zone defence…people at street level with people above watching their backs so you have three pairs of eyes on one zone, plus a video camera.

The ‘too cool’ contractors, who just happen to move away from the bomb area before it goes off.

Here is photo two. Once again, they are engaged with no one around them and seem totally relaxed and doing nothing but communicating with someone. These are DHS contractors. They dress the same so the team knows who they are, Feds, versus locals.

This is the only photo of them involved with some one, the FBI bomb squad people. I wonder if they are telling them “they almost got us!!…if we had not walked away before they placed the bomb we would have been toast.”

Here is the contractor crew – just standing around their command vehicle after failing to stop the bombers.



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