Israeli Airlines Struck by War on Terror


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AMANPOUR: …can you look at the parents of a dead American soldier and say this was worth it?
MAKIYA: No, I can’t. I can’t. But you know, one has to have — the truth is I can’t. I would have to lower my eyes and say — and just be quiet, be ashamed…
This text belongs to an interview aired by CNN on April 9, 2013. Christiane Amanpour interviewed Kanan Makiya, an Iraqi who works as professor at Brandeis University in Boston. Former Vice President Dick Cheney had cited Makiya just days before the American invasion of Iraq, providing yet another false justification to the brutal attack. Now, Makiya openly acknowledges the farce, though in the interview he made an awkward attempt to explain that Iraqis see the situation differently and that the Kurd area is now an American-supported paradise.

El Al Strike Invisible Nation
More than a decade later, we still need to ask ourselves if any item published by the mainstream media isn’t but another Weapons of Mass Destruction Hoax. We still need to ask ourselves if any Biden is a Cheney. Is any Cameron a Blair? Where is the divide line between Obama and Osama?
Painful as this reality is, it may provide the ultimate justification for the removal from power of those tacticians seeking for fast financial gains. Wars provide them with excellent opportunities to achieve that; after all, armies are extraordinary consumers of everything. Moreover, civilian societies can be forced to expend resources on defenses. A fictional War on Terror with no enemies looked like the ultimate Utopia to these good fellows. Yet, in the third week of April 2013, unexpected developments show that they are wrong. “One of them” is falling victim to their own illusions. Israel’s main airline is falling prey to the War on Terror. What a horror!
                                                                            El Al, vanishing airline?

Israeli Government approves Open Skies Agreement

Ofer Eini, Head of the Histadrut Labour Federation Civil Rights UnionismOn April 21, 2013, the Israeli Government approved the Open Skies Agreement with the European Union. 19 Ministers voted for the agreement, 3 opposed it. The agreement will allow all EU airlines to operate direct flights from Europe to Israel and all Israeli airlines, namely El Al, Arkia and Israir, to fly to reciprocate in Europe. Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, told on Friday 19, to Israel Radio that the agreement “would significantly lower the prices of airline tickets to Israel, do well by Israeli citizens, and attract many tourists” to the country. The agreement is effective from April 2014.

The reactions were extreme. El Al shares in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange started the trade on Sunday with a freefall of over 10% and are still dropping. This came just days after on April 18, FIMI, Israel’s largest private investment fund, announced that it would invest up to $75 million in El Al Israel Airlines in return for up to 47% of the flag carrier. FIMI will form with Knafaim Holdings, which owns 39% of the airline, a controlling group.  The deal is scheduled to be closed by July 31; FIMI can extend this deadline by a total of 90 days. El Al last quarterly report showed a loss since the company was hurt by Operation Pillar of Cloud and the global downturn that depressed revenues in the industry. The new agreement may nullify the new deal.
On the same day, El Al workers started a strike. Meanwhile, it doesn’t affect foreign airlines flying to and from Israel, but this may change soon, when the strike would become stricter. Foreign companies receive airport services from El Al and related companies; at a certain moment they would be denied service. Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main airport, would be completely closed starting Tuesday. The head of the airline workers’ branch of the Histadrut Labour Federation released a statement claiming that the strike is aimed to save thousands of jobs. Asher Edri, Head of El AL’s Workers Union said that the government’s decision will put an end to Israeli airline companies. Ofer Eini, Head of the Histadrut, demanded from the government to enter a negotiation process. The Labour Federation answer to the Open Skies Policy is to close the State.

                                                      Workers Union’s Eini and Minister Katz Warlords of Utopia

Minister Peretz, a former Head of the Histadrut, opposed the agreement in the government vote. He explained: “The tasks of El Al are those of a national company and in emergency situations it must undertake heavy expenses.” This is true. What he didn’t mention, is that El AL, as its sister companies, behaves at all times like in an emergency. The American TSA violations of human rights during security checks are standard in Israel for many years. Israeli civilian airplanes are equipped as military ones, including flares to deflect missiles. This is great for the warlords profiting from the business of war, but a disaster to civilian companies.
Western economies are based on constant war; their industries are war-oriented. As long as this continues there won’t be peace. Yet, a ray of light has passed through the heavy clouds obscuring the minds of Western leaders. One of their own companies, a major client of their hallucinated wars is falling victim to their own violence. The only way they can stop what they call terror is by stopping the War on Terror.
The only way they can secure a prosperous and peaceful feature is to stop imposing unnecessary expenses. The only way they can secure a prosperous and peaceful future is to stop enforcing violence on Humanity. Kanan Makiya admitted being unable to look at the parents of a dead American soldier. What about you, Mr. Cheney? What about you, Mr. Netanyahu? The truth is that as long as your companies’ shares increase their value, you don’t care about the people.

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