Money for Nuttin—Debt for Free


by  Preston James

Fiat based fractional reserve central banking, it’s the greatest covert weapon of war ever deployed against the American Republic and the American People.
And once it runs its course and reaches its end-game, it takes no prisoners.
If you liked the infamous stories of the Red Terror of Lenin and his Bolsheviks, you will probably love the new Red Terror that appears to be planned for the American People by the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of the American Central Bankers.
The hijacking of America occurred secretly in 1913 at Jekyll Island. (1) This has permitted the transformation of America into a police-state based on perpetual war and a Stasi style “total surveillance system” under the newly emergent mechanism DHS, referred to as “Homeland Security” in honor of the Nazi system.

A secret system of central banking was covertly implemented in 1913 which created “money from nothing” for a select group of chosen individuals representing the City of London Financial District and the Old European Black Nobility (OBN).

The big trick of fiat based fractional reserve central banking is to create money and so-called public debt from nothing.  Central Bank “money” is created merely as digital entries and then lent it out to the American people to satisfy the expenditures of the Congressional Budget. The simple fact is that normally people do not borrow their own money from themselves and pay interest to someone else who did “nuttin’ for it”, unless they are covertly tricked into it.
Before we get into this subject which is the core issue and one that is quite disturbing, and also which is the actual cause or the nexus of everything that is wrong with contemporary America, here is some musical entertainment to lighten up the head trip that is going to be laid on folks that continue to read this article. Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.
[youtube dlPjxz4LGak]
Massive but completely phony public debt now holds America captive. The continual and progressive lending of more and more so-called “money” creates a massive public debt which holds America captive and requires massive interest payments against an ever increasing principal which can never be satisfied since accrued interest creates more debt than there is money in circulation to ever satisfy it.

This massive debt which the central bankers acquired “for nothing”, that is, acquired for FREE by covert deception and bribery, and is actually nothing more than theft by financial fraud. None of this could ever have been possible without the implicit cooperation of a captive Congress, bought and owned by the City of London Banksters via their American financial agents who were provided with plenty of money from lucrative manufacturing and industrial opportunities. President Jackson rescinded the 20 year charter of the Second Bank of the United States, which is what begs to be done now to the Federal Reserve since it is alleged to expire in 2013.

Andrew Jackson routed the central bankers out and drove them back to their nest in London. He was the seventh US President and a major war Hero in the war of 1812 when he and his men pounded the British to a pulp in the infamous Battle of New Orleans. He was staunchly in favor of small federal government which operated within a balanced budget and in 1835 he paid off the national debt. He vowed to route them out the central bankers by the “grace of god” and did so, which kept them out until they wedged their way in through covert deception at Jekyll island in 1917.
Obviously the City of London Banksters couldn’t accept that and came back with a vengeance and plenty of money to buy and build up their own Cutouts in wealthy power brokers and industrialists that could implement the hijacking of the American monetary production and distribution system.

Almost all Congress-critters have been bought or compromised and are “owned” by the Banksters and their Cutouts. Almost all Congress-folks are bought, owned and managed by central banker’s money power one way or another, usually through advisers, lobbyists and cutouts. Many are managed outright by use of honey-traps including pedophile and prostitution ops, drugs and blackmail (some retired LE have said it is between 40 and 70% of them). There are literally hundreds of extremely incriminating videos and photos kept deep within the secret files of domestic and foreign intel agencies who serve as the enforcers for the City of London Banksters and their stateside central bankers.

The Federal Reserve Central Bank is no more federal than Federal Express shipping corporation. Only a few Congress folks have not been bought and owned by the London Banksters through their Cutouts the private American central bankers which present themselves as a USG agency, or if pressed, claim to be a “quasi-government organization. This of course is a massive lie because the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank was incorporated in Delaware in 1914 and is no more federal than Federal Express.

The International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) is the “boot-in-your-face” authority and main action agent of the Old Black European nobility (OBN). The power of “the Fed” is guaranteed by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate, the international enforcement arm of the Old Black European Nobility which operates with their full authority and complete cooperation of the British Banksters, Interpol, American Intel.

It is also assured a free ride even though it is a foreign based illegal spy agency operating inside America because Congress folks and the USG agencies are afraid of their power and reach.  And recently since the IZCS instituted the 911 attacks, they have even further hijacked America by gaining a new central power foothold, the Department of Homeland Security, which is an obvious IZCS operation top to bottom.
DHS is the new American Action arm of the IZCS. Yes, folks can be pretty sure that Homeland Security, DHS, is IZCS through and through and was started and is now run and advised by self-serving IZCS affiliates and front groups who are out for massive personal, selfish gain as well as pushing their Zionist agenda which is to turn America into Gaza II, the world’s largest captive open air prison camp, asset stripped to the bear with no visible middle class left.
Yes, DHS is a RICO crime syndicate. Yes, DHS is a RICO criminal syndicate in and of itself working under the control of the IZCS which violates the tenth Amendment and numerous other Amendments, Rules and laws of American Jurisprudence.  And as many now realize DHS has quickly established itself as a continuation of the FBI, a known American Terror group, a RICO crime syndicate in and of itself for its many false flag attempts by patsies it has set up and entrapped.  Many now realize that the FBI, also known as the federal Blackmail Institute under pedophile cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover was an integral part of the IZCS enforcement system established to enforce and support the private Federal Reserve Banking System.  At one time after being informed of ongoing massive FBI corruption, Senator Grassley of Iowa wanted to have J. Edgar Hoover’s name stripped off of the FBI Building in DC but got nowhere when he ran up against the brick wall of “secret money power”.
I don’t know what you are talking about but I didn’t do nuttin’ wrong
So it is reasonable to view DHS as an extension of the IZCS crime syndicate and associated NeoCons. It is well known within senior law enforcement circles that the ADL sets up anti-terrorism training for most large police departments, and the IDS and Mossad runs training programs and junkets for anti-terrorism groups from the US Military.  Almost all the content of the absurd MIAC like DHS warning reports provided to police departments are comprised of absurd, phony lists of innocent, harmless patriots and civilians and these lists are prepared by IZCS covert intel agencies like the ADL.
DHS warning lists are obviously absurd, criminal smear jobs. Latest DHS terror warning watch lists are ridiculous, obviously false attempts to smear and frame innocent Americans and set them up later attacks and execution by completely misinformed, irrational hyper-vigilant police and FBI swat teams. The latest DHS warning list shows “evangelical Christians” at the number one position on the list and these folks are about the most harmless and the biggest peaceniks around, most middle aged and elderly.

The real Zionist supporters appear to have been the Bush2 Republican conservatives (NeoCons) who were extremely misinformed and believed that Israeli interests have been the same as American’s.  Targeting evangelical Christians could not be further from the truth. Obviously it was the actions of the Zionist/Neocons on 911 that were used as a false pretext to fight the illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared Mideast wars for Israel and the London Banksters to save the US Petro Dollars, which is the basis for their worldwide web-of-debt which is now crumbling due to the competition of the BRICS and other foreign trading schemes.

The IZCS is alleged to go back a very long time, perhaps all the way back to ancient Babylonia. And some experts believe that the IZCS dates back pre-1900 and was responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution, the Red Terror, Stalin and his massive pogroms as well as Mao and his deadly regime. These same astute researchers have warned that these IZCS folks are extremely pugnacious and have perverted tribal superiority belief which require and justify habitual murder of all Goya after asset stripping them.

An American Civil War seems imminent. An American Civil War seems imminent unless DHS is eliminated and there is a new American administration resulting from impeachment or coup de etat. And no real change may be possible unless the federal reserve private bank charter is revoked, that is not renewed for 2014 for another 100 years. Some believe that DHS has secretly declared war against the American people based on their purchase orders for over 2 billion rounds of ammo, most hollow point dum-dums which are illegal to use in wars and thus can be assumed for use only against the American people with about 5 rounds per person, enough to murder all American citizens.  Plus the purchase of 2700 armored personnel carriers with gun ports and 7,000 fully automatic machine guns.


Obviously many Americans see DHS as a significant threat to their welfare and survival. Otherwise why else would they being buying guns and ammo at never before rates.  Guns and ammo are literally “flying of the shelves” in almost every gun store with a high proportion of such sales going to first time gun buyers. Many are gearing up to defend themselves against an apparent future attack by homeland Security and Northcom. As as many experts know that if the SHTF and it ever goes to the streets in a civil war, the American waking giant will become aroused like an angry bear woken up from hibernation and the hijacked USG forces will be smashed and the YS military and many police will defect and mutiny against this criminal administration and its newly emergent internal police stae enforcers. In simple terms they will be outgunned and over powered psychologically.

The IZCS breeds sinister Cutouts. And as Brother Nathanael Kapner has reported, DHS is a product of the IZCS and serves the needs of a sinister collection of Neocons IZCS associates (2).
Gordon Duff has presented a clear and conclusive argument that the recent Boston Marathon Bombing was an act of the private Federal Reserve Bank (3) and the DHS using imported Mossadnik covert operators (4).
Professor James Fetzer (5) has shown quite conclusively that the Boston Marathon Bombing was deployed by DHS and the FBI using mercenary privateer types.
Rand Clifford has convincingly argued that World Zionists should be considered “alpha predators” (6).
The greatest financial fraud in American History.
This is the greatest financial fraud ever inflicted on the American Society and one which has been kept in the shadow thanks to the central bankers gaining control over all major media and almost every USG official and politician.  When you can issue and print all the money you want or need, it is easy to buy and control almost every government official and politician.

This is the greatest covert criminal scam ever perpetrated in history and is known by historians as “Babylonian Money Magic”.  It is based on the covert theft, automatic accrual of debt “in exchange for nothing” and the associated progressive, incremental accrual of accompanying interest through what is generally referred to as “usury”.  And usury used to be considered one of the gravest sins by the Catholic Church, and still is by people of Islamic faith.

Private Fiat Central Banking based on fractional reserve and usury is highly parasitical. A parasite is an organism that lives off another’s sustenance to their detriment and some cases extracts all of one’s life, thus destroying the “involuntary donor”. In classical Greek, the word “parasite” was defined as “one that lives at another’s expense”.
The hijacking of the American monetary production and distribution system. The hijacking of the American monetary production and distribution system has provided a means to the City of London Banksters to create a worldwide web-of-debt system based on Babylonian “money-magick” and phony debt.  Not only was it successfully deployed as a weapon of war and acquisition by the London Banksters in 1914 against America the Republic, it has been implemented in numerous European and other nations of the world, creating an interlinked worldwide web-of-debt.

Americans are constantly being hammered psychologically with the news that America carries a huge national debt of $16,853,018,879,000 USD or 16.8 trillion US dollars that is growing and must be paid back to the Federal Reserve Bank which has loaned the money to the USG. This is actually about 33 years of the current federal budget, an amount that can never be paid back.  And the yearly total interest due for 2013 is estimated to be $191,918,606,816 which is 191 Billion dollars due.

The so-called national debt is a scam and a fraud. This debt is a scam, is fraudulent and can be cancelled anytime Congress exercises its Constitutional power properly to exercise its responsibilities to produce and distribute real money, not imaginary private central bank notes from a central banks which is pretending to be a USG agency when it is nothing but a private corporation owned by foreign Banksters from the City of London.

The Wall Street derivatives system is another huge Madoff type Ponzi scheme only far worse. Yes and if the “out of control” Congressional budget wasn’t a nightmare enough, add to that all the many trillions of multi-layered, primarily unsecured, Wall Street Bank derivatives spread out all over the world, and you can see the whole American banking system is a huge Madoff type Ponzi scheme headed for a very big future complete financial crash someday.  And that someday may be sooner than folks expect, an American version of the Cyprus shakedown by IMF Banksters.

Congressional Budgeting is “out of control”.  A major story that is true but is not being told is that an “owned” and “runaway” Congress is spending approximately 40% more each month than it takes in from tax revenues. Yes, there actually is deficit spending, the grotesque Congressional spending of more money than Congress takes in from taxes. This requires continued and accelerated borrowing from the private central bank and an always increasing phony debt.
strong>The current administration strategy is Cloward-Piven. This alone is a long-term, pure recipe for economic disaster.  Congress has turned to the Federal Reserve to print or issue more “money from nothing” which they can borrow to finance their massive Cloward-Piven style “spend till you bust the system” socialism which includes massive pork for almost every Senator and State and expenditures on illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared wars, and numerous absurd projects all over the world like an expensive study of the “mating patterns of butterflies” or “dung-beetles”.  
Yes, it certainly seems the overall Bankster agenda behind this massive Congressional overspending is to bust the American economy and involves various subplots such as unrestricted borders, advertisements if Mexico for access to American free medical care and ease of establishing anchor babies.
Absurd so-called foreign aid on behalf of the NWO Globalists who have hijacked the American system and vast expenditures to fight the tribal occult wars of an Israeli leadership gone mad have also been a part of this agenda reduce America from the world’s wealthiest nation to a third world country.
Reasonable folks wonder but do not understand the reasons for the absurd Congressional overspending beyond federal tax revenues. Reasonable folks who are well informed wonder how these dimwits in Congress can go ahead and justify such massive overspending when they must balance their own family budgets or they will be thrown out in the streets homeless.

At first glance this overspending by Congress seems irrational and obscene. But is actually a well-organized effort to spend America into complete economic collapse while asset stripping middle class Americans and shifting their wealth to central bankers and their cronies, all part of a long term plan to create massive chaos which can be used to destroy the American Republic and once again give complete control of it back to the City of London Banksters as it was before the revolutionary war.

What drives the US Congress-critters to refuse to set a reasonable Congressional budget and stay within it, balancing the books of the USG like any normal American family must? What drives these Congress-critters to continue to pass budgets that are completely irrational and cannot work long term, budgets many experts have referred to as “kicking the can down the road” for future generations to deal with?

The answers to these questions must involve an esoteric perspective in order to fully explain the “big trick” of the Babylonian “money magick” which has been imposed on America and much of the world by the City of London Banksters who have deployed the American Federal Reserve System as their main Cutout. 
Yes, Babylonian money Magick is the “trick” used to create Money from nothing accompanied by income from payments for accrued interest on the “free debt” the Banksters also created for themselves by lending phony money.  It’s a great trick, a great racket that can be used to generate phony debt when there are no controls over it by “we the people”.

The self-serving central bankers are independent of any USG or Congressional oversight. And who makes the rules and determines fiscal policy. Yep, the central bankers who do all this supposedly because they must act independently of the USG in order to be “unbiased”.  So, let’s see, no oversight of these central bankers by the USG, and absolutely no checks and balances and no-one to protect the American people who the USG is supposed to work for and serve. H’mm how that for the biggest BS story you ever heard?  How does that work for you personally?

These central bankers can create all the money they want and give it to whomever they want, especially now that precedents for bailouts and continuing Quantitative Easings have occurred.
A blank check anytime they want with no oversight. Any government would like a blank checkbook with no limits, the ability to borrow any amount necessary to satisfy the lobbyist that “bought them” and own them body, mind and spirit, especially if they believe they can always just keep borrowing more and more from the private central bank which owns them.
A partnership forged in hell. Yes, it’s a partnership forged in hell that is basically Peter robbing the wealth of the citizens to pay Paul.  Here is the way it works. The US Congress wants to pay off its lobbyists so they can get their personal cut and remain in good graces to those that “own” them.

Massive benefits and perks provided to USG officials and politicians to “play ball”. These bought and owned USG officials and politicians know that unless they keep those folks who put them in office happy (the Banksters), they will not get their revolving door jobs, special speaking arrangements with obscenely large honorariums. But in order for Congress to get such huge budget approved which end up containing something for everybody including all the lobbyists who support them and own a piece of them, additional funds must be raised since tax revenues are not sufficient.  In fact at present they are at least 40% below the federal budget.

The USG is now spending approximately 40% more than it takes in through tax revenues. So the US Congress approves the huge bloated budget but must borrow the additional money required from the Federal Reserve private central bank which is neither a reserve nor federal.  The Federal Reserve merely issues the money with the “flick of a pen” or a computer entry and provides it to the US Treasury but at interest that will accrue. And the central bank is more than happy to feed the out of control budget of Congress because this increases the size of “the debt they own for nothing in exchange”.
Truly it’s “money for nothing”. What work does the Federal Reserve private central bank do to earn the vast interest for creating, issuing and lending this money they created from nothing? Answer, nothing, nothing at all.  They just collect massive income for accrued interest for doing nothing but conning the sheeple. And they have a large fleets of the latest personal jet aircraft for their officers and top bankers and perks so extravagant that it would blow most folks minds if they knew and most would be outraged.
Money for nothing and the greatest con job in history. Yes, it’s basically money for nothing and the greatest trick in history. How were they able to set this con up and continue to get away without ever being audited by the USG. Answer, because they own the USG body and soul and almost all Congress-critters are scared to death of ‘em.
Before we get into the real “head spinning stuff”, here is another classic top rated video clip to lighten one’s load during a trip into the darkest secret recesses of central banking:  Money by Pink Floyd.
[youtube ykuvHnNGHNc]
The first Bankster bailout under Paulson created a major turning point and now the central bankers are even more blatant about the creation of money and gifting of it to offshore banks which are a part of their secret web-of-debt. What about the two huge bailouts, under Bush2 and the second under Obama?  There was enough money borrowed from the Federal Reserve for these two huge bailouts to pay off the mortgage of every single home that was homesteaded with money to spare.  Instead it went mostly to the large Wall Street and foreign offshore central banks who placed it on their balance sheets to help offset any future possible derivative liabilities.  None of it went to bank customers as originally claimed. It only helped the central fiat fractional reserve bankers at the expense of the taxpayers.
These massive bank bailouts were used to support the major Wall Street and foreign banks balance sheets and never went to Americans that will be forced to pay these phony loans back. None of this bank generated/created money it went to help the American people who are expected to pay it back to the Federal reserve in the future with interest. How’s that for a pretty huge scam?  But if that wasn’t enough, the Federal Reserve on its own authority with no Congressional oversight has decided to make “Quantitative Easings” of approximately 40 billion USD per month indefinitely. This is referred to as “debt monetization” which occurs when the Federal Reserve Bank buys worthless junk debt from large Wall Street Banks and Foreign central Banks.  At some point this is guaranteed to become highly inflationary.

The Federal Reserve disguises its true nature behind the public use of highly confusing trite phrases which mean little. It is important to note that the Federal Reserve private central bank always couches most of its actions behind confusing technical labels which mask the simple truth that it is manufacturing money from nothing and distributing it to whomever it wishes at whatever interest rate it wishes with no Congressional or USG oversight, thereby creating massive American debt which it owns and receive massive public payments from the accrued interest.

A big mystery remains. Many folks want to know what the Federal Reserve Private Bank does with all the interest it collects from the taxpayers. It has been alleged that most of it goes right into the pockets of the central bank shareholders, comprised of twelve member banks or individual “IZCS banking families”.  But we can not find out because the identity of the bankshare holders is a secret and can only be guessed at.
Central banks aren’t the only ones that have used this “debt for free” scam. This scam was also alleged to have been used by the Outfit in Chitown when the five short inter connected toll ways were constructed.  It was reported by one of the crime family associates that each of the five sections was financed by an individual sub-family and set up where the payments never met the accrued interest, assuring an ever increasing principal accompanied by ever increasing interest payments that were never sufficient to retire the loan.  Perhaps this has changed recently but that was the system that was alleged to be first set up. Pretty crafty, huh?

Many Americans are now starting to realize their futures and their children’s futures have been mortgaged to the degree recovery seems impossible. So now Americans are in a situation where incredible amounts of their money created from nothing and “borrowed” from the Federal Reserve, has been mortgaged against their future and spent on illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared Mideast wars, other people’s wars fought for the acquisitions of the OBN and their chief Cutouts the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) who set up and have controlled all the central banking right from the start.

Dual citizens and Israeli-firsters have hijacked the USG and its politicians and agencies. These folks are the entrusted and main Cutouts for the OBN and almost all USG officials and pols have been living in fear of them and playing ball with their directives since 1913. It is the dual citizens and Israeli-firsters who have hijacked the USG using the money and power of their backers the central banking system which are the problem here.

[youtube rpdg-WDOPVA&feature=player_detailpage]

These folks, the IZCS specialize in human compromise operations, sexual honey traps including massive pedophile operations like the “Franklin Cover-up run out of Omaha, Boys town and Washington DC (as many may remember as the Barney Frank, Craig Spence, Larry King (not the TV host but another one)“ White House page boy/pedophile scandal that was pretty much covered up by the CIA and was accompanied by murders of witnesses and a complete “Billy Budd” type abuse of the legal system. They also use large male and female teams of well trained assassins to take care of problems like Ian Spiro, John Tower, Governor Carnahan and Senator Paul Wellstone who was threatened by Dick Cheney a week before his plane was blown out of the sky with a high tech pulsed and focused energy beam.

Have Wall Street Banksters been allies of the Teutonic Zionists and an auxiliary arm of the American private Central Bank? Some experts believe that the same group behind the IZCS, the OBN also used a major controlling cutout the “Teutonic Zionists” as their action arm and Wall Street Banking families such as those deeply involved in the Russell Trust and the Skull and Bones, functioning as its secret assets deep inside the Eastern “blue-blood establishment”.
And the IZCS has long term major international narcotics trafficking operations into America, well-seasoned hit squads which are often used by American intel which some believe is either their partner in such crimes or a subsidiary of them, having been hijacked  by the IZCS back in 1913 when it hijacked America’s monetary production and distribution system.

The secret creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank was the first volley in a long term plan to capture, use and destroy America. The secret creation of the federal Reserve Central Bank was the first effort in a long term plan to build up the economy of America at the world’s expense and then asset strip it with plans to eventually destroy the American family and the American republic as well. Let’s all face this very nasty fact that when the City of London Banksters hijacked America’s monetary production and distribution system covertly in 1913, this constituted the well-organized, long term attack to destroy the American Constitution, its Bill of Rights and the American Republic.

The IZCS uses the “Big Con” of crying wolf by claiming any criticism if the IZCS is “anti-Semitic is now coming to an end. Many are now starting to learn for the first time ever about recent shocking genetic research at John Hopkins has shown without question that most Israelis (90%+) who claim to be of Hebraic or Abrahamic blood are actually Ashkenazim or Khazarian and from the Caucasus and have no valid legal or racial claims to Palestine and never did. This is a very highly loaded political issue and folks who want more details can refer to the actual research study at John Hopkins. The only real semites are Palestinians and the Zonist Israelis and neoCons are the biggest anti-Semites ever.  Folks who criticize the Israeli war dogs are Anti-Zionists” not anti-Semitic, since over 90% of folks claiming to be Judaics are not of Hebrew i.e. Abrahamic bloodline.
Who are the other secret intel operators and Cutouts representing the IZCS inside America?  Some believe that the SPLC, the ADL, AIPAC and other similar organizations are actually illegal foreign Israeli and City of London Bankster lobbyist spy agencies, often engaged in illegal espionage against the USG and the American people and their Constitution and Republic.
The Zionist pugilistic acquisition-oriented superiority philosophy being pushed by the IZCS is not okay, is anti-human and appears to promote massive oppression and denial of basic human rights, massive asset stripping, police states, dictatorships, Red Terror type, ethnic cleansing operations, massive Eugenics, murder, mass murder and numerous serious international crimes such as illegal narcotics, weapons and sex slave trafficking and forced prostitution.

And for those astute researchers who want to explore the origins of the six sided star, they will find that was never used by King David of the ancient Israel, but was used by secret occult groups going all the way back to ancient Babylonia. Actually the six pointed star is the assembly of the upward facing triangle which symbolizes beast blood or alien off planet (some say) Nephilim or demonic blood and the downward facing triangle symbolizes the earth woman’s or human blood.

Merged together the six pointed star is a freemasonry symbol of the merger of “beast blood” with human blood to form a superior hybrid race designed to capture and rule the world as the new super race. Few Judaics have any understanding of this because such knowledge is only gained by those who reach the very upper levels in the associated secret hierarchy at or near the top of the pyramid. The six pointed star was apparently a secret Babylonian occult symbol passed only within certain families and was not public revealed until approximately 700 AD.

It was later allegedly adopted by Teutonic Zionists a very, a very select few who allegedly transformed a very few select Judaic believers individuals into created into World Zionists aka the IZCS and this was allegedly done by conning them into believing that Ashkenazim and Khazarians were not mere converts to Judaism, but were of original Abrahamic Hebrew blood. It has also been alleged but not proved that the IZCS adopted the original Babylonian Talmud, which is a closely held secret and quite different than the Talmud that has been published and released publicly (which some claim has been cleaned up from various demented claims such as that Jesus is in hell boiling in a pot of excrement, and all goya deserve to be asset stripped and murdered, or that pedophilia of children less than three years old is okay, or deceiving and lying to Goya and breaking contracts with them is fine, etc.).

And it has also been alleged that Israel was created in 1947 by British decree (Balfour declaration) to be a nation state based on pure freemasonry.  Doubt this, examine the available photos of the Knesset and you will notice all the esoteric masonic symbology present in the architecture and Fixtures. And it is a matter of record that the Knesset was mostly financed by the Rothschild Banking family.
If the john Hopkins genetic research is correct and the allegations about the six pointed star are true, then Judaics have suffered a massive con job by the IZCS and been conned into a long term pugilistic highly abusive course which will certainly end is disaster like apartheid in South Africa did. And as many may remember the infamous letter by Albert Pike did predict the pre-planning of three world wars with the last one pitting Zionists against Muslims to destroy both.

The IZCS is very wealthy from war profiteering, illegal drug and weapons trafficking and sexual slavery, is extremely pugnacious and is basically the world’s largest and most dangerous Terror organization. The IZCS is known to be very pugnacious and operates worldwide as a deep black intel agency, one which most other intel agencies defer to, often out of fear or sometimes because they are “bribed, owned and compromised”. The Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), a very small and select group of those of the Judaic faith which operates in near complete secrecy is alleged to have strange highly pugnacious beliefs of racial superiority and the right to murder and acquire property and assets at will, is also alleged to be based on the Babylonian Talmud and the Noahide Laws. Some have referred to this as having sub-correlates such as the Mishpucka or the Red Mafiya. Quite a few astute covert researchers and retired intel believe that the IZCS did 911 (11). However in attributing blame to the IZCS, one must be careful not to project blame against all folks of the Jewish faith because those who serve the IZCS are a very small albeit powerful minority. It is important to also note that a substantial number are not even Jewish at all.

This group, the IZCS, were chosen by the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to serve as their main cutouts and worldwide enforcement arm. It is a grave mistake to blame all folks of the Jewish faith for the beliefs and acts of this very small highly radical, extremist group which has been highly associated with the Neocons and the PNAC Report and appears to have its roots in Teutonic Zionism. Some researchers have claimed that Zionism, Nazism and Communism are all based on “Teutonic Zionism” the force behind the middle age Crusades which were neither Christian nor humane.

Much of the exposure of the IZCS has come from American-firsters who are either Judaics or have such in their heritage and family backgrounds. In fact, by now it should be clear that some of the greatest American firsters are of the Judaic faith or cultural heritage.  Take Dr. Alan Sabrowski (5), Dr. Steve Pieczenik (6), Professors John Mearsheimer, and Steven Walt (7) who wrote the book, The Israeli Lobby and Foreign Policy, and Norman Finkelstein (8) for his work on the phony Holocaust Industry. And there are numerous groups erepresenting the Jewish faith that have come out strongly against World Zionism, but unfortunately get little mention or coverage in the major mass media which are allegedly controlled by the IZCS one way or another.
[youtube bU2n1UiY3I0&feature=player_detailpage]
As an increasing number of folks now realize the word “holocaust” in old English means “fiery sacrifice”, the IZCS made sure than many Judaic believers along with other minorities and dissidents were murdered i.e. “sacrificed” in numerous death camps so they could later use the false charge of anti-Semitism to quash any criticism of the IZCS. Of course this charge is absurd since almost all those who are a part of the IZCS are not Semitic at all and only some are Judaics.
Some are outright actual “Teutonic Zionists”, but that is a subject for other researchers to explore in other articles. Perhaps Michael Shrimpton’s new upcoming book on the DVD will explore this. I for one am very interested in finding out what it will include.

The IZCS is the main worldwide cutout for the Old Black European Nobility who desires to maintain a low profile and rule from behind a shroud of secrecy. Anyone who wants to figure out who these true hidden masters are can do some deep Internet research.  It’s all there if one digs and it isn’t the so-called “Illuminati families”, the thirteen luciferian bloodlines, because these folks are actually are subservient to the OBN.

The OBN specializes in deep cover black ops and mastery over demonic and occult powers they work hard to summon. The old black nobility is “black” because it operates covertly and specializes in death cult, interlinked occult, luciferian networks and the “black arts” of human compromise, blackmail, covert operations, demonic powers, murder, and mass murder. It functions as the Kingpin for numerous Cutouts, many of  which know nothing of its luciferian occult roots which are evil beyond what you can imagine and based on interlinked death cults which teach the administration of mass worldwide death as an ongoing constant human blood sacrifice to lucifer in order to harness and gain occult black powers and to thin the herd and purify the human species.

These main Cutouts the IZCS were entrusted to serve as the main business agents and money managers, i.e. the World Moneychangers (Banksters) and became centrally located in the City of London, from which they hijacked America’s monetary production and distribution system and then used the American central bank to expand and entrap much of the world in a US Petro dollar system, a worldwide web-of-debt system of interlocked central banks.

This fake debt has been used to asset strip America bare and is a long term well coordinated attempt to destroy the middle class and working man. So it is now clear that this massive “fake debt” is being used to extract most of the accrued wealth and property of the American middle class and working classes is really part of an age old luciferian based occult plot to create worldwide chaos from which a new phoenix or NWO Globalist one-world government can be raised from the ashes.
Dumping the Federal Reserve Private Bank and a complete cancelling of the fraudulent national debt is essential to America’s survival. Dumping the private central bank and starting up a new American central Bank owned by all American citizens as shareholders with no debt, is the solution to this massive financial fraud perpetrated against the American People, which has been a long term covert attempt to destroy the American republic by the London Banksters and to re-annex America, an act of covert warfare designed to undue the results of the revolutionary war.

This massive fake debt of the central bankers must be cancelled completely and the Federal Reserve 100 year Agreement must NOT be renewed. It has been rumored that the Federal Reserve Act expires during 2013 and must be renewed by 2014 o otherwise it will lapse.  There have been deep rumors within the USG that there were secret negotiations for the USG to “buy” the Federal Reserve bank, but so far this has not been corroborated.

America’s survival depends of cancelling and defaulting on this phony IZCS central bank debt. This massive fake debt must be cancelled if America is to survive as a sovereign nation state. If cancelled there is plenty of money and wealth to rebuild America to once again be the shining star of the world and a great hope for all the nations, a true beacon of Freedom and Liberty.

The Old Black European Nobility (OBN) has always specialized in black ops, games of pretend, hidden deals, massive public illusions to manipulate and direct the public and periodic use of the most extreme crime and violence to destabilize society and create a need for their expensive and power grabbing “solutions” to the problems they created covertly in the first place.

Thus we now see numerous “virtual international conflicts” intermingled with periodic real extremely violent ones that satisfy their luciferian death cult needs for human sacrifice.  money has been transformed over time in America from currency backed by real Gold and Silver which have actual hard market values, to “funny money” where its value is variable and has been systematically and progressively debased over time resulting in a situation where the original US Dollar is now worth only approximately 3 cents.

This trend to convert society and politics to a virtual state should be expected when the average American spends hours each day watching TV and controlled mass media for most of their knowledge and is socialized by the NWO family after the nuclear family has been essentially decapitated.  The new daddy is the USG, the new mommy is the six major mass media which are USG controlled propaganda dispensers, and the new church is the public school system. In order to be able to learn and believe the truth one must step outside and symbolically reject their new virtual family.  For many this is quite difficult and near impossible.  What is helping however is the massive asset stripping of the citizens and the destruction of the US economy accompanied by a 24.2% unemployment level. The Cyprus “bail-in” serves as a warning of what is likely coming to America which could result in seizure of pensions, bank balances, and 401Ks, and means testing used to calculate one common social security type payment (one size fits all) which will complete the transformation of America into a complete socialist/Fascist state.

This trend to institute virtual phenomena has now expanded to staged, but phony mass shootings intermingled with some real ones and even staged public terror in the streets of America such as at the Boston Marathon. there is substantial evidence  emerging that many or most of the injuries there were faked, if not all, except for the pair of patsies, one of which was allegedly beaten to death by the FBI and the other had his voice box incapacitated and has been drugged so that he cannot speak. he is being treated by Israeli physicians who are terror experts (very strange, huh?). Very convenient loss of one’s voice it appears.
It now seems clear that the game plan of the OBN is to institute a worldwide virtual economy with completely electronic money paired to biometric identification and which unless stopped will allow complete, fascist and tyrannical control over the masses.
There are two things however that the OBN is not able to adequately assess which will be its undoing.  The first is the immutable American Spirit, at present a sleeping giant, but one that is awakening and poses a threat far beyond the capability of the OBN, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and DHS to fathom or have victory over once “the gloves come off” the average American.
This will undoubtedly produce numerous High level military fractures and coup de etats at some point as there will be many unexpected surprises and major setbacks and losses of power by the SSG and DHS.
As the top world’s trends predictor Gerald Celente always says, “when people lose everything, they lose it”.  Vested interest is a controlling, restraining factor that keeps middle class America quiet and unaggressive. Remove that and you will have hell to pay that is unimaginable for most who sit in SSG, USG and DHS positions of authority.
And a second factor that these oppressors of American fail to understand is that there are actually hard and fast “rules of play” in the universe that they are violating which at some point will assure their demise. Yes, final judgment for these lawbreakers, Constitutional violators and evildoers is at hand and is like a hungry wolf at their door, waiting for the right moment to devour them.

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