Breaking: Third Bomb Explodes in Boston

This guy seems too tall to be Al-Harbi, below – He is also more stocky, athletic. But a shorter person does join him in running away, actually bumping each other in a later photo in this series.

America’s Government Betrays its People once Again

Dear Readers: This story will be updated during the day as we sift through what we are finding and begin to piece it together more.

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


Al-Harbi with the Saudi Consul General. You see he is short, of very thin build (look at his arms) and has bushy hair, even on his neck.
Update 6:27 pm EST. The plot both thins and thickens after a day of digging into this further, with mass confusion due to denials and counter claims within DHS, like there were actually two Al-Harbi’s…with one being deported and the other (at the bombing) being a victim.
The one being deported is deemed to have been some unfortunate schmuck down at the port with an expired visa with the same name. This smells a bit fishy to me.
A claim was also made that the Al-Harbi in Ohio moved to Boston. But when the school in Finley, Ohio was contacted they said they have never heard of an Al-Harbi. Another report said that his transfer paperwork was in order.
A correction to my story below is that Al-Harbi did not have a 3-B terrorist designation prior to his coming to the U.S., a sourcing error there. The FBI says that they moved for that designation after interviewing him at the hospital.
Beck describes in the link below that the FBI had to go in front of a judge to get a search warrant, which was issued, so some sort of probable cause had been established. The FBI did carry a lot of stuff out of the apartment.
Then for them to have Al-Harbi ‘added’ to the 3-B terror watch list they then had to go in front of a panel, a process that is described as far from being a rubber stamp. The designation was issued. This is what triggered the paper work trail that was reported to Beck.
The First Lady visits Al-Harbi
DHS has backpedaled 100% on all of this and dumping it all back on the FBI. Napolitano has said the FBI put him on the list and then took him off, and ducked getting into the details.
ICE has changed their story twice so far, so this thing has become a real hot potato. But it does appear that after Saudis visited the White House the 3-B order was rescinded. DHS now claims they don’t even know where Al-Harbi is anymore, and ICE says there is absolutely no deportation order.

The claim that Al-Harbi was bin Laden’s kid was not made by Beck, as my source had indicated. This appears not to have been an assumption based on the very strange claims and counter claims being made within DHS, but this continues to be a very strange story where some people are trying very hard to hide something.

Something that may be in play here is that Al-Harbi is a common name in Saudi Arabia and there are many at Gitmo with it, and 85 total on the watch list. All of us who are Smiths and Johnsons would give us some worry.
And lastly, as I spent most of the whole day on this, it as become evident that the individuals and outlets pushing this, plus the other stories I see on their websites…our NeoCon ones. There is an obvious and coordinated pattern.
Ex-CIA…James Woolsey – Who wants Jonathan Pollard freed.
For example they are pushing how the Canadians broke theirs up, when that could have been another sting operation like the ones our own FBI was doing.
NewsMax, a Neocon platform, had ex-CIS James Woolsey on for an audio and print interview and he was very slick.  Woolsey is on the Free Jonathan Pollard bandwagon…so he is on my eat doo doo and die list…so I am biased against him.
What I saw today was a coordinated campaign to put wind in the sails of the Al Qaeda bogeyman, again. The reports of this guy being bin Laden’s kid were pure hype…professional psyops hype.
We also had the Israelis claiming to shoot down a Hezbollah drone, which the Hez folks say they did not launch. And then the Israelis were looking for wreckage at sea, while the army is claiming they shot it down.
At the same time Britain’s foreign secretary is hinting that because Al Qaeda is a growing threat in Syria, an invasion might be necessary to ‘save Syria’…meaning their getting control of chemical weapons facilities. Of course there can be no invasion without a no fly zone, and guess who would have to do that…and pay for it…sure as hell not Britain.

My conclusion at 9:30 pm…is that there is some major psy ops going on here. And going back to what no one is talking about at all, mentioned below…nothing about the drill, nothing about Craft Security and how we let kettle bombs get walked in when we have the technology to spot them in the crowd.

So now you know why I hate breaking stories. It is a lot less work to wait until the dust has settled. But while chasing this one down, I did uncover that it was a coordinated campaign.
Tomorrow I can move on to another aspect that has been ignores that does involve bin Laden, and we have voluminous confirmation because it goes back 20 years where we have staff people who were on the ground.
I am leaving the original article material intact below with no changes …so readers can see the evolution of a story in real time.  The link is so you have Beck’s side where he has not updated Weds or Thurs.


They say he is the spitting image of his father
Oh, no…don’t say I tricked you with the title. This is a news bomb if there ever was one. The Saudi national that Glenn Beck has been making a big fuss over is…Osama bin Laden’s son, Al-Harbi.
But this is just for openers. His nick name is the Crown Prince of Terror, and has been reported to have vowed revenge on the US for killing his father. While we don’t have confirmation of his nickname and threat, we do know he has 3-B status…terrorist.
Yeah…it kind of upset my morning, too. Dear folks, this is what we get when we have a system of government where 90% of what they classify is for no other reason than to hide from us what they know we would have them hanging from light poles if we knew they were doing.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they want to be able to hit a few keystrokes and know everything about us, past and present, even if you are the shoe shine man. I wrote in an article on  King Abdullah II, of Jordan’s police state, that you cannot even set up a shoe shine stand there without a security clearance.
When I want to bed last night after working on some other emerging bombs on the Boston bombing, coming soon…I was taking some more time to review again what the local media took a pass on with their extensive reporting.

With Intel analysis you always follow a dual track…what you can see, and what you can’t that you should be able to. The later shows you that someone has stuck a wedge in the door and there has to be a motivation to do that. Often you can unravel a complicated conspiracy by pulling on this one thread.

It appears bin Laden’s son Al-Harbi has the gift of ‘good connections’ like is dad.
One of the notes I made was why didn’t local media follow up on the story of the guy running aways when the slide show captured of his jumping up and running off in his tattered clothes from the bombing site, when no one else did.
It as an obvious story to follow up on as to WHY he ran off.
There was the report of the cops picking him up, and the story left off where it was assumed he was a panicked survivor. Now we know why he was running.
He was here quietly going to school, but on a student visa to Finley Ohio. He has been in Boston for six months.
Homeland Security can track any of you reading this down in a jiffy if they want to, but it seems they can’t keep up with  someone tagged with 3-B status…terrorist.  Or could they?
Somebody walked him through folks. The whole thing is so bizarre that we may find out that the kid is getting survivor’s benefits for his father having worked for the CIA, as Tim Osman, during the Soviet-Afghan war.
Al-Harbi is the son of Osama’s third wife, Kahiriah Sabar. He was not present at the Abbottabad raid. Letters confiscated there revealed that Al-Harbi was being groomed as his father flag bearer.

Technically ICE has stated that Al-Harbi was never considered for deportation. But sources claim that the deportation file was created at 4pm on Tuesday for Abful Rahman Ali Al-Harby, by and official with the National Targeting Center, a counter-terrorism sub agency of the US Customs and Border Protection and DHS.

The file indicated that that Al-Harbi was linked to the Boston bombing and was to be processed for revocation of his visa on national security grounds, the congressional source said.
But what does not add up at all is why would anyone in the government want to process anyone to leave the country that was linked to the bombing, with no mention of any investigation clearances, which given, would have removed the need for his removal. The only possible reason might have been that someone realized that a screw up was made granting him a student visa when he was a 3-B.
We will be posting more as we find it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg folks. The US involvement with the Saudis is a scandal, especially the terrorism side of it.

And the Bush family involvement with them, personally and financially reflects a completely out of control situation where even past government officials and anoint themselves as unprosecutable and they market that in the business world to anyone that cuts them in on a deal.



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