Islam: The Danger Within


by Sami Jamil Jadallah

As if the war on Islam and Muslims declared by certain evil forces within the US and international Zionism is not enough, the so-called “ Takfiri/Jihadist” terrorists have also declared war on Islam and Muslims. Mohamed Imami Kashani, the Imam of the Friday Prayer Mosque in Tehran is correct when he recently labeled these “Takfiri/ Jihadists” as not Sunnis, not Shiites not even Muslims but true die hard Zionists.
The Reagan administration with intellectual and philosophical advocacy from NeoCons think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute and in fulfillment of its objective to wage overt and covert war on Communism and with the support (certainly generous financial payments) to Arab and Muslim governments began to recruits all the misfits, radicals and lost generation to fights its war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
The “Mujahiddeen “ war in Afghanistan is and will remain the incubator of “Islamist’ terrorism and the radicalization of so many young Muslims who are now engaged in and are waging a war of terror against Muslims and Islam in countries like Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in India, Kashmir, Somalia, Iraq, and recently in Tunisia.

Assisting this international war on Islam are “radical” clergymen who are doing their best to emulate the Rabbis of Christ time and are doing their best to take over the “Temple’ and every thing in it and are working very hard for the “Talmudization” of Islam and trying to shape Islam and Islamic Civilization’s in their own image of ignorance, and intolerance. Promoting and sad to say “winning” the “sectarian wars” in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Syria.
They have been waging verbal and armed war in mosques all over the Muslim world anointing themselves as leaders of the “Ummah” when in fact they lack all the intellectual and religious credentials to lead such “Ummah”, let alone a mosque.
Any one these days with a shaved head and a long beard can claim to be an “ Islamist leader” gathering around themselves unemployed failed misfits who have been left out and marginalized by society. These so called “Emir” truly think of themselves as “Prince’s of Believers” moving around in motorcades with armed guards, and processions fits for a Mafiosi’s and acting like criminal gang leaders of Los Angeles and Chicago.
If America ‘s war on Islam in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq has caused the direct death of hundreds of thousand, then the “Takfiri/Jihadist” war on Islam and Muslims has caused a number far exceed these modest figures. Always directing their acts of terror toward poor neighborhoods and innocent bystanders.
No one should discount the monstrous evil produced by the “madras’s” in Pakistan and in Afghanistan on the radicalization of young generations with no hope for decent life or future. If these young people have a stake in society, with good education, good jobs and good future for themselves and their families they will not go out and blow themselves not for Allah certainly not for Mohamed (PBUH), but will rebuild their societies not destroy it.
In this day and age, ignorant ill educated clergymen have anointed themselves as guardians of the faithful handing “fatwa’s” left and right determining who is a Muslim of good standing and who is not going dangerously further handing down “death” sentences against those who do no see them as the personification of pure Islam, with a “Sharia” that does not go beyond “sex and booze”.
These “Jihadists and Takfiri” leaders and groups are indeed the hidden armies of the likes of Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes, Pam Gellar and “false flag terrorism” who have made a career out of promoting and advocating “Islamophobia” and war on terror.
In Syria, the presence of Islamist recruits (Jabhat Al-Nusra) related to or associated with Alqaeda has undermined the Syrian people’s uprising and winning the war against the criminal regime of Bashar Assad.
All Arab criminal regimes past and present have supported US waging war on Communism and now these veterans of the Mujahideen war came back to undermine these regimes and to recruit, poor, unemployed, ignorant and illiterates to its ranks using drugs and smuggling with covert support from Western intelligence sources in support of its international war on terror (Islam).
The Takfiri /Jihadists never contributed to life but waged wars of death and destruction against innocent and poor people and never build a clinic, or a school, or social service centers, training centers for women, believing these services as undermining the purity of Islam and an emulation of decadent Western civilization.
If such people existed in early Islam I am sure Islam would have died in its infancy and would have never gone beyond Medina. May Allah save Islam, Muslims and the world from these evil, criminal and terrorists who are the biggest threats to Islam and Muslims? The great Islamic Civilization spanning the glob was not build by “Takfiri/Jihadists” but built by intellectuals, scientists, mathematicians, architects, artists, philosophers, religious scholars, not Shiites not Sunnis, but Muslims of all colors, race and nationalities. Islam was and is enriched by such diversity and cross-cultures.

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