Subject: Internet censorship – not only for matters Holocaust


Subject: Internet censorship – not only for matters Holocaust


By Fredrick Toben


Editorial Note:  An experiment we recommend:  Take any YouTube video depicting Muslims as brutal or barbaric, particularly videos that are “unsourced and unattributed.”  Record them and place them on YouTube identifying them as videos of Israelis.  They will be taken down.
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I have always worried about how in the west we have reached the cleanliness stage where our weekly rubbish collections are marked by three different bins – one for kitchen waste, one for recyclables, one for garden-green stuff. Then there is the bi-monthly household goods waste collection.
We have been taught to separate our physical rubbish but when I, as a teacher during the 1980s, suggested in a particular staffroom we also should sort out our mental rubbish I was howled down– my mere suggestion was insulting to all teachers who thrived on bringing into the classroom diversity, multiculturalism, and ‘equality’ concepts.
The results of this Talmudic-Marxist-inspired pedagogical ideology are here with us – I did not bend to Jewish pressure but so many in ‘power positions’ are willing handmaiden to Jewish interests. So, don’t only blame the Jews, also blame those that bend to Jewish pressure! – and continue to look behind the scene, and where the financial rewards begin…
1. Remember how Australia’s organised Jewry has been busy trying to censor the Internet – and found non-Jews who willingly bent to their pressure legally to enforce such demands? – well, what is now happening generally in Australia in matters Internet censorship will not affect matters Holocaust. It is now compulsorily taught in schools and many of Australia’s parliamentarians have bent to Jewish pressure by signing a so-called ‘antisemitism’ declaration.
2. Interestingly, this should enable the Arabic-speaking peoples to demand legal protection from Jewish attacks, e.g. Palestinians fighting off the process of Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
After all, let’s recall that the Palestinians are the true Semites as are the Sephardic Jews but not the Khazars who currently hold power in Israel.
3. Also, recall that a mere complaint by Jewish groups to Internet providers usually has such bending over backwards to please Jews – Google and Youtube are prime examples of responding to the slightest criticism of the official Jew-centred narrative on almost any topic by claiming that clips that deal with such topics are offending against community standards.
3. It is sad to note that since 9-11 especially the USA has gone on lockdown and is now becoming a copy of what the Soviet Union and its dependencies was then – a calm, dreary and drab society where security was visible everywhere and degenerate behaviour flourished, for example, individuals reporting on their own partners to the authorities, all the while economic life slowly withered away – such was the dynamic social and economic fabric of the dictatorship of the working class where atheism ruled supreme.
4. The impromptu, the spontaneous, the creative impulse died as social interactions became dysfunctional because basic trust in relationships had died through ideological conformity – and the dissenting minds were sent to the GUlags where work did not liberate them but made them slaves to their Talmudic-Marxist inspired masters. Australia, Canada and other once Anglo-inspired societies are adopting the new religion of Holocaustianity while Christianity is VERBOTEN to display its symbols openly-publicly in numerous so-called ‘free and democratic countries’.
5. Noteworthy is, of course, that unlike Christianity Islam is fearless in matters Jew-things – but fot how much longer? Already the Palestinian Friendship societies in western nations have been taken over – indirectly of course – by Jewish activists who denounce Israel as a racist-Zionist state and wish to see the end of it. But such Jews hold on to the lies of Holocaust!
6. If you ask any of them to show or draw you the HOMICIDAL GAS CHAMBERS at Auschwitz, then all hell breaks loose – and you will be condemned as a HATER, HOLOCAUST DENIER, ANTISEMITE, RACIST, NAZI, etc. Why? Because to date not a single researcher has come up with this bit of physical proof. The Holocaust-Shoah, so it is claimed by those who sell it to the world as a physical fact, is the most researched historical topic there is. But then explain why there are laws that protect only one official narrative, i.e. that which claims gassings happened? Students who dare venture beyond will be punished – no-one dares ask ‘offensive’ questions!
7. REMEMBER, by asking for proof you are questioning the foundation of the State of Israel, the existence of a multi-billion dollar industry, the academic integrity of our western ‘free and democratic’ society’s moral and intellectual value system – and, man, that’s heavy – a heavy thing to do. But that’s what freedom to think and to speak is all about – fearlessly to look the liars and falsifiers in the eyes and ask them to prove their assertions that Germans during World War Two systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers.


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