US calls for investigation of Turkey police violence


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Erdogan – Has he become over confidant?
Dear Readers, It has been quite a day. Erdogan made a huge mistake with an over response to a park closing protest in Istanbul. Some of the hard core tear gas used has ‘Made in America’ on it.
I just can’t believe that we are exporting crowd suppression material to foreign countries.
You as well hand out pistols to all the State Dept. people and say, “Go ahead and shoot yourselves now because we are going to make your jobs so miserable to do you will want to shoot yourself.”
The gaff has now sparked protests across the country at a really bad time when Turkish support for the Syrian insurgents has now revealed al-Nusra terrorists with Sarin nerve gas roaming around after the multiple car bombings. It did not take the folks there long to catch on to the Frankenstein that we created is on the loose there now.
What you are about to read below is hard to believe. John Kerry is getting out in front of the issue, for some reason, by calling for an investigation of ‘excessive use of force’ by Turkish police. Gosh…talk about getting involved in someone’s internal affairs???
Have they all gone nuts at Foggy Bottom? I can just imagine the blistering comments being made tonight by the Erdogan people about the American betrayal.

But you can add to that the Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC) is leaving the Syrian National Council, of which it had been a major member. The short story on why is complaints of media hogging as the top priority of the SNC leaders, and their openness to compete for support from certain foreign interests.
So it looks like the beginning of the SNC unraveling as the brakes have been on resupplying them trying to cool things down a bit.

The American taxpayers are on the way
Back at home we learn that the Patriots and F-16s going to Jordan for a large military exercise with a strange mix of countries participating, they are going to remain there when the exercise is over.
Don’t ask me who is going to be paying. You already know…you, your kids and grand kids. But don’t feel bad, the justification is that State want the rebels to sleep well at night in their safe havens.
And lastly, the Russians report that they are moving their only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov with its crew of 2000, to join the Med fleet. BTW, it carries a lot of missiles. I bet they are the best that the Russians have.
So get your pocketbooks out and put a little into the Syrian regime change hat when it gets passed around. And don’t forget that anything the Israelis shoot off or loose during any shoot ups, they will not be paying for anything. Your AIPAC controlled Congress has already volunteered all of you folks to cover it all.


US calls for investigation of Turkey police violence


Anti-government protesters clash with riot police during a demonstration in Ankara.

Tue Jun 4, 2013 1:37AM


John Kerry – the moving target
The United States has called on Turkey to carry out an investigation into the police’s violent crackdown on anti-government protesters described by defiant Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as extremists.

“We are concerned by the reports of excessive use of force by police,” US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters on Monday. “We obviously hope that there will be a full investigation of those incidents and full restraint from the police force.”
On the fourth day of the anti-government protests, Turkish police used teargas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators who had gathered in the downtown Kizilay Square in the capital Ankara to demand Erdogan’s resignation. The protests in the city continued into the early hours of Tuesday.
Riot police fired teargas to disperse thousands of protestors massing near his Istanbul office in the Besiktas district late Monday.
In Taksim Square, the focal point of the protests, a helicopter hovered over thousands of demonstrators who were shouting “Tayyip, resign!” and wafted teargas into the square.
The violence, which erupted on Friday over plans to build over Gezi Park in Istanbul, has so far claimed the life of one protester who was killed when a car crashed into a crowd of demonstrators in the Mayis district of the city on Sunday.
More than 1,000 people have been injured in the crackdown on protests in Istanbul with 700 wounded in Ankara, according to rights groups and doctors. Over 2,000 protesters have also been arrested. The Turkish police’s use of “excessive force” against protesters has been followed by irritating comments by Erdogan who called the protesters “extremists” and “vandals.”
White House spokesman Jay Carney said US officials think most of the protesters in the streets have been ordinary citizens engaged in peaceful demonstrations. Kesk, a left-wing trade union confederation, has said it will start a two-day strike from Tuesday to support the protesters.
The Turkish prime minister, who started a four-day tour of Morocco on Monday despite the widespread protests, told a news conference in Rabat the “The situation (in Turkey) is now calming down… On my return from this visit, the problems will be solved.”

Tear gas canisters can be dangerous – Reflection shot in window



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