The Woolwich terror attack exposes Saudi and Israeli collusion


The Woolwich terror attack exposes Saudi and Israeli collusion

Shabana Syed for VT

There has been immense speculation whether the Woolwich terror attack was another false flag operation or just Muslims angry at US and Britain’s aggressive wars.

The mainstream media’s  practice of ‘lapdog journalism’ ignores glaring questions left unanswered concerning the Sandy Hook shooting incident; the Boston Bombings; the Woolwich murder and of course 9/11 and 7/7, blaming it all on Islamic terrorism.
Which is contrary to a recent Europol report which states that out of 543 terrorist attacks in 2009 and 2010 only 0.7% of terrorist attacks less than 1%–were committed by Muslims.
The Woolwich Murder is part of a more sinister development that is now sprouting its poisonous tentacles into Muslim communities to cause sectarian warfare and has its roots in Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi ideology.
Two Muslim converts hacked a British soldier to death in a busy London street and then as a special favour to Islam stood around covered in blood begging to be filmed so the world can see  how Islam has turned these converts bloodthirsty and barbaric.
They did no one any favours accept the Zionist media and their numerous think tanks who have been perpetuating hatred against Islam for decades; as well as the ruling elites who want to generate patriotic fever in order to recruit more young people for the continuation of global imperialist wars as part of a plan to bring in the New World Oder.
In a related incident that took place a week before the killing of the British soldier a group of Wahhabis  led by the same man Anjum Choudhry who had inspired the two meat cleaver killers went in a large group, shaved heads, long beards  many wearing Arabic Jilbabs  and sunglasses, looking more like gangsters than men of religion, with placards stating ‘The Shias are Enemies of Allah’ and physically attacked men believed to be Shia and also urged Muslims on London’s Edgware Road to go to Syria and join the Free Syrian Army
The two incidents are related as both were inspired by Al-Muhajiroun and its leader with no religious credentials Anjum Choudhry.
There are puzzling questions that need addressing; why would one hack a person to death in a busy street than stand around covered in blood begging to be filmed?
Also why is Anjum Choudhry living in the safety of London interested in toppling President Assad while instigating Shia- Sunni violence?  Shouldn’t Choudhry and his goons be dealing with the growing problem of the English Defence League who is walking around carrying Israeli flags, bombing mosques and attacking Muslim women and children?
More importantly why isn’t Choudhry arrested for incitement to violence when others have been arrested for far less; the case of the 20 year old ‘lyrical terrorist’ comes to mind.
If we look closely at groups like Al-Muhajiroun and its leaders, what unfolds is that they are a part of a sinister plan that was set in motion centuries ago to create a sectarian divide amongst Shias and Sunnis and destroy any Islamic unity in order to weaken it as a force that can stand against oppression in the way Hezbollah did when it threw Israel out of Lebanon. And in the way the Iranian people with nothing but Koran’s held over their heads stood against the military machine of the US backed Shah of Iran.
Contrary to what western media would like to propagate Shias and Sunnis have co- existed and intermarried for centuries, they differ on a few things but the Koran and the basic fundamentals of Islam unites them.
Until recently, many US top army brass has openly admitted that every effort was used to create sectarian divisions in Iraq through undercover CIA Mossad and Blackwater operations.
However the issue is not that simple as it doesn’t explain why this sectarian divide is permeating into Muslim communities based in western countries like London.
To understand these recent developments one has to examine them in the context of sectarian warfare strategy that was used as a tool by the British to destroy the Ottoman Empire and intensified after the British with its secret agent Abdul Wahhab installed the Al- Saud Family into power as revealed by historian David Livingstone.
The Al Saud Family which according to writer Mohammad Sakher, who was put to death for writing a book called ‘Zionist rulers of Saudi Arabia’ where he traced the roots of the Al -Saud family to a Jew who through treachery installs himself as a rich Arab Bedouin where he marries many women and spawns many children and is finally installed into power by the British and its agent Abdul Wahhab.
According to another writer D Mustafa Turan in his book, ‘The Dönmeh Jews’, Abdul Wahhab was a crypto Jew and his grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq.
After Ibn Saud was installed as ruler in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Wahhab began to propagate his own version of Islam under the name of Wahhabism. After the death of Wahhab his descendants maintained their supreme religious authority position and have been behind the most vicious fatwas designed to make Islam appear as a backward intolerant religion.


Whether the Saud Family are crypto Jews or not one fact is certain they have always worked against the interests of Muslims. They have allowed western forces to be based on Islam’s holy land,  they allow women no rights; they have systematically destroyed Islamic heritage sites linked to the Prophet Mohammad and replaced them with gleaming malls where Zionist conglomerates like Starbucks and MacDonald’s take prime positions.
They have also joined up forces with Rupert Murdoch whose pro- Israel credentials and propaganda is clearly evident through his Fox News channels and now we have Arabic Fox News which promises to pump the same propaganda to Middle Eastern households.
Abdul Wahhab was part of the same movement as the self- appointed Scribes and Pharisees who hijacked Judaism and the original message of Moses, and produced the Talmud that states that Christians are Goys (cattle) sent to work and toil for the Jews and that mercy and compassion should never be shown to a non -Jew.
A most worrying fatwa was recently pronounced by Saudi cleric Muhammed al Arifi that stated ‘Israel is not our enemy but the Shias are’ and that the Arab youth should join the Free Syrian Army and as a consolation prize they can have a few hours marriage with Syrian women in order to satisfy their sexual desires which will boost their testosterones to kill more Syrians.
In the way that the British soldier was hacked to death is the same way that the Free Syrian Army has been beheading and hacking Syrians putting their decapitated bodies on YouTube with some going so far as cutting out and biting into the victim’s heart.
Respected American journalist Seymour Hersh revealed in 2007 how the US, Israel and the Saudis’ are working to under- mine Shiite Iran. In his famous article “The Redirection” stated that US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia were arming, funding, and organizing these global jihadists with direct ties to Al-Qaeda to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran.
Gordon Duff a US political analyst also highlighted how there were pictures of “aircraft leased to the Department of Defence” on which the CIA was flying al-Qaeda members into Syria to take control of Syrian villages. He also said: “They are taking women and girls hostage and using them as tools of sexual battery”.
The Saudis are working with Israel in not only attempting to destroy Iran and Hezbollah but also working to cause a clash of civilisations that Jonathan Cooke, a Guardian and Observer journalist  highlighted in his book ‘Israel and the Clash of Civilisations’ in 2008. He  explains how Israel nurtured a policy to promote Islamic radicalism and how “…Israel has succeeded in greatly increasing Western alarm about Islam as a global threat, in the process identifying the question of what to do with the Palestinians with the issue of what the West should do about Islamic extremism.”
Today Muslims are busy dealing with Shia and Sunni issues instead of the atrocities Israel is committing against Palestinians.
The English Defence League and Al Mahjiroun are part of the same coin being used to create communal warfare in Britain.
What is baffling is the connection between the EDL and Israel?  The EDL are supposed to be British nationalists yet they go around chanting Israel’s propaganda and carrying Israeli flags as they try to whip up hatred against Muslims. When the Zionists were drumming up tension in New York about a Muslim centre being built near ground zero members of the EDL were flown over specially to participate in the demonstrations.
While the Zionists infiltrated the political and economic systems of western countries, the Saudis have through Wahhabism attempted to infiltrate the Sunnis belief system through funding and supporting thousands of madrassas and mosques around the world.
Wahabisms produced the Takfiris who believe that Muslims who do not go along with their version of Islam are apostates and need to be killed and that includes Shias, Sufis and in some cases Sunnis. Their purpose is to destroy any Muslim unity that has any chance of forming.
Millions of petro dollars have been spent funding religious institutions madrassas and mosques which are run by Saudi trained scholars globally. In London most of the media outlets, TV stations, mosques and learning centers have been financed by Saudi Arabia.
Daniel Mabsout in his article ‘Sectarian Sunnis Against Islam’ on deliberation website writes: “It is in every other Sunni mosque that fitna is being fuelled and nurtured , go enter most Sunni Mosques in Beirut or Tripoli or in any other country or city , what do you hear ? You hear sectarian instigation. You were supposed to hear about the wonders of the Prophet of Islam and you end up ready to kill your next door neighbour, this is what you hear and what you learn. This might take the appearance of a campaign against a ruler or a so called dictator but the truth is that this is directed against the sworn enemies of Israel.”
And it is this intolerant Islam that has spawned groups like Al Mahjiroun and in turn inspired the two meat cleaver killers.
 Dr Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist and America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror states: “Anjum Choudhry and other “Finsbury Park Mosque” Muslims, presumably including the two Woolwich suspects, are agents of the British crown, whether they realize it or not. The killing of a British soldier at Woolwich was not a defense of Islam; it was an act of psychological warfare against the religion of Islam, orchestrated by the enemies of Islam, namely the British-American-Israeli governments and the House of Rothschild that owns them.
Anjum Choudhry and his mentor Omar Al Bakri are not what they claim to be. Choudhry, became the leader of Al Mahjiroun when Omar bakri was finally deported to Lebanon, to the sigh of relief from London Muslims.
Choudhry has been seen lurking around trendy Islamic hot spots in the Whitechapel area dressed in a suit jacket and pants scouting around for likely recruits into his so called jihadist philosophy.
He is brought out on queue by the media dressed in Arabic gear ranting and raving promoting sharia law and fear mongering.  Even the many names the group has used are provocative like Islam4UK which is aimed to threaten the British people that Islam will be forcibly on you.
He talks about Sharia law and how those who drink alcohol should be whipped, however the ‘Mail Online’ revealed he was known to be a beer drinker, drug abuser and according to his ex- university friends indulgenced in many sexual relationships with the opposite sex.
His mentor Omar Bakri made many anti British statements but was allowed to operate with impunity for many years. The reason why he was never arrested could be because as Bakri boasted himself in a 2002 interview when he said: “I think now we have something called public immunity (from prosecution).”
In 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon Bakri’s Jihadist mask fell apart. He had spent many years in Britain recruiting young Muslims to wage jihad against the West and had his chance to finally practice what he had preached.
However, instead of joining the jihad he picked up the phone, and begged the British government to allow him to come back to England. He even tried to force himself on a ship to get back to Britain but was forced to stay back. He made his appeal to the British government on Arabic TV and in Arabic newspapers in order to prevent his British followers, who don’t understand Arabic, from hearing his humiliating cries for help.
It is a well -known fact that the British and U.S secret service recruits Muslims and uses them as their agents to infiltrate communities and use them to achieve their goals.
The Independent newspaper revealed that Britain’s security services attempted to recruit the Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo. His friends and family claim he was tortured and even sexually assaulted by Kenyan police following his arrest in November 2010 before he was returned to Britain where he was allegedly “pestered” by MI5 agents to become an informant. The Daily Mail also reported that Michael Adebolajo’s younger brother Jeremiah was already a spy for M16 and ‘was paid thousands by MI6 to spy in the Middle East’.
In 2009 The Independent revealed that five Muslim community workers had accused MI5 of waging a campaign of blackmail and harassment in an attempt to recruit them as informants. The men claim they were given a choice of working for the Security Service or face detention and harassment in the UK and overseas.
The problem is in a world where political agendas are put forward as news and what dominates are lies and more lies and no one knows what to believe. We were led to believe that Al Qaeda was a threat to world peace and as a result millions of people have died in two illegal wars which began on the pretext of going to fight them, and now all of a sudden top US Senators like John McCain are flying over to meet and shake hands with Al Qaeda militants promising them further support while the US Israel and Saudi are funding them to carry out warfare on their behalf in Syria and Lebanon.
The Woolwich murder did not reveal the growth of Islamic radicalism, rather it revealed the collusion of the proponents of the New World Order led by the Zionists to create chaos and sectarian violence through a culture of fear mongering, pitting brother against brother and in the meantime introducing more surveillance, policing and loss of civil liberties.
More importantly it also revealed how attempts are being made by the Saudi regime which has clearly shown its allegiance to Zionism and their aim to manipulate Sunni Islam into a Wahhabi ideology that views Shias, Sufis and those who oppose it as an enemy while pursuing Israel’s expansionist agenda.


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