It is not Death, The tragedy.


It is not Death, The tragedy. But the Life that goes before it.

by E. Paul Newell

All humans have just one thing in common, that is the ultimated and pre-arranged end to the unusual struggles of life. Death.

No one gets out in any other fashion, and no one (in spite of what any reader may think, or believe) dies in any special way. The bowels will give way.
In a sea of energy, the human, swims the upstream battle of life against the natural elements put before them. These elements are harsh indeed, however over the last thousands of years humans have managed and maintained presents, faced with these basic elements of nature. Overcoming and overwhelming in some cases. In order to live in the elements in a comfortable fashion the human must make compromises, and adaptions. Still all in all it is a struggle and a “fight to the bitter end”. In the end, (being death), it’s as common and natural as birth. As you enter the light from darkness, so shall you return to that darkness, of “ever lasting peace” and “tranquil glory”, for the energy itself can neither be “created nor destroyed”.
Let’s examine the “struggle” . Dr.’s, and other experts say that being born is the most traumatic event any human will ever endure. The ”trauma” they say, is the fact that your big, goofy looking baby head (average 12 inch circumference) while exiting the birthing canal must be pressure fitted through an opening that is just nine centimeters in diameter. Yes you do the math. In order for it to fit the skull plates must overlap each other and be pressurized in order to make that transition. Also the fact of being encased in a protective and warm womb for nine months, only to be ejected outwards into a very cold and sterile world, where everything and everybody wants a piece of you. Good Luck.
Today however it is not just the elements that we face it is also the new wave of intentional violence perpetrated on the unknowing and manipulated by other humans. These new elements induced upon the common human are paid for and concocted up by “the common humans” dime, nickel, what have you. But are implemented by just a few freaks, who are leading the freak show.
What can be made of this intentional violence? Human on Human. Only that it is wanton behaviour.
Only that it is needless.
Only that in no way does it serve as any great or advancing cause, noble or creative endeavor.
Only that the nature of this behaviour is the cause of added struggle and hardship heaped upon the most basics of the human population.
The only apparent end to this type of crime is purely entertainment. As seen in every shape and form through the media re-porters. MSM and I-net (same/same) alike. As well as vid/games, where players can kill, maim, and rape at will, in their virtual world.
Humans have a keen curiosity into the morbid aspects of life.
Therefore the supply and demand order ( death, destruction, gore) of the epoch is prevailing. The talking heads are spinning vertigo to the viewer’s delight. The viewer’s heads are spinning so fast that up has become down and down is now up. Sideways is now backwards. Forward thinking has been rendered redundant. Not necessary. And, not welcomed in the world of intentional violence.
By the way, god is not coming, nor is Jesus not aliens or spirits from the ethers, there will be no outside help to save the pathetic human race. Tesla was here once with his gifts for all, but humans destroyed him. For malice, greed, and control. He won’t be back.
Did you ever wonder why there were “prophets” way back in the day, but none since and none now, ever wonder why there where saints way back in the day to try and save souls, but none now . Is this strange? Or just arranged too? Ever wonder, where are all the great inventions and advancements that the mind can come up with. Since the last major advancements everything has been suppressed for the sake of malice greed and control.
In the end each person will die, but how they live will determine how they die.
There is a “heaven” and there is a “hell”, however they exist only in your mind’s eye. And you experience these two aspects of life, during your life on earth, not after.
In ”heaven” the brain functions on an even keel , with common, cognitive thinking, therefore smooth transitioning and movement forward through time.
In “hell” the brain is like frying scrambled eggs, or a dog’s breakfast, always in a state of chaos, confusion, dark clouded thoughts, that only give way to morbid, grave and humiliating actions.
In the end religions have, absolutely nothing to do with your place in “heaven” or” hell”. Only you can determine your path of movement. However “religions” do have everything to do with the human death and destruction, chaos, madness, torture, greed, malice, hunger, strife, famine, over population, fear mongering, air, food, water contamination. They and their doctrine have created the living “hell” for so many for far too long.
End the tragic life now by ending man and earths most destructive unnatural element, “RELIGIONS”.
As a matter of pure fact, (read a book… any book) so blatant and obvious to anyone looking, it is all the religions that are responsible over time, for all the negative aspects of the tragedies of a human life. (other than natural elements) even the so called “natural elements” are now under the guise of neo natural events, controlled to a degree by the “few freaks” running the “freak show”.
Think about it folks.


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