Western War of Terror Comes Out of the Closet


 West war of terror comes out of closet

–  First published on June 25th, 2013  –


…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       … with Press TV


Western supported Syrian rebels taking care of PoWs

Western publics sit like deer in the headlights, unable to move despite the illegal night hunter about to shoot them through the head.

But it also could be said we are shooting ourselves in the head.
I use that dramatic analogy because that seems to be exactly what is happening to us. A new generation of terror is being created right before our very eyes using our own tax dollars to do so, and the effort led by those sworn to protect us…people we elected.
Let’s review the current Syrian mess and how some very evil people, maybe an evil empire really, saw a way to exploit the situation to launch a new generation of terror not only in the Mid East but the Caucus region and Europe and North Africa.
The devastation that this will bring upon those areas is so certain I can only conclude that it is actually the purpose of the whole effort. The motivation seems a bit hazy as there is no real understandable beneficial motive for the people of these countries…like a real security threat. A war for commercial interests is the only feasible reason.
Syria in particular has not been a threat to any of the new terrorist sponsor club members that just met in Doha. It has no strategic offensive power whatsoever. Why did it so quickly become the replacement for the bogus Iran threat? Was it because the world became more educated about the attempted hoax over Iran’s nuclear programs, peddled upon us by international institutions that are forever stained for the deception?

al-Nusra kidnaps locals to ransom them for side money. Whether the families pay or not, they murder the hostages…for advertising purposes. These in Aleppo.

Let’s take a look at the new terrorist cheer leading club…Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Israel was there in spirit. What the UAE is doing in there I have no idea.
Egypt was the big surprise when Morsi finally showed his cards by giving the green light to Egyptians to go fight with the Free Syrian Army which has been completely rejected by a large majority of the Syria people.
They are exposed as greedy opportunists leading nearly a 100 different groups of thugs and religious mercenaries, over whom they have no real control.
But radical Salifists who did not want to travel to Syria to murder Shias just killed some outside of Cairo. Several hundred cowards murdered the top Shia cleric in Egypt, Sheikh Shehata and some of his staff at his home, and then set it on fire at the village of Abu Mussalam.

After having his body dragged through the streets the local hospital reported that he had been slaughtered (his throat cut). The Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Qandil had to carry the ball on denouncing the killings because president Morsi, who was clearly the cause of the incitement, was hiding out.

Jordan has been pitiful, recently claiming that they wanted no American invasion of Syria from their country, something they know will never happened. What they left out was Jordanian cargo planes have been flying arms to the Syrian rebels, coordinated by the CIA.
Dear Jordanian Intel, plane tail numbers are recorded everywhere they go and put into databases for pattern analysis…A,B,C stuff. You should find something else to lie about.

Lebanese army is being attack by Salafists now to kindle a sectarian civil was there.
Who is supporting them? Saudi Arabia? Qatar?

Qatar has been a big funder of Egypt during its difficult post revolution financial transition.
This has been made worse as Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood have focused on maintaining their political monopoly and letting the country’s future drift in the wind.
I suspect that Qatar twisted his arm by asking him to promote more Egyptian terrorist recruits heading off to rape, rob and terrorize in Syria.
The Western terrorist puppeteers still have their eye on Lebanon. Salafist Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir attempted to trigger a new Lebanon civil war which began first in Sidon in 1975.
His gunman attacked an army checkpoint, killing some soldiers, and more were killed taking over the mosque which al-Assir used as his base. The army is in complete control now with 60 of al-Assir’s followers arrested.
But the army went further, not waiting for opposition to snipe at them at their chosen time. It asked all religious leaders to state whether they stand with the army in maintaining security, or if they prefer drenching the country in blood again. It was a smart move.

Lebanese soldiers were killed and wounded defending their country from being another Geo-political shooting gallery for Western interests along with Israel, and then the Saudis who are heavily invested in Lebanon. They are looking for strategic pipeline routes through both Syria or Lebanon, and cutting Iran off from the same.

Despite Iran’s disappointment in Turkey’s support of the Syrian Rebel disaster, Iran’s religious leaders have not called for ‘volunteers’ to go fight in Syria, or open a second front in Turkey.
Iran is standing by its pledge to seek resolution via a political settlement and has made no threats, only promises of retaliation if attacked which every country has the right to do under international law.

The bodies continue to pile up – but there is a never ending supply so no one cares

The world public is going to have to get proactive on this growing state sponsored terrorism threat. The UN has shown itself totally useless with these privately country financed terror brigades now roaming around the planet with nation state approval and protection.
Qatar, always in the thick of the intrigue, has been flying arms out of Libya to the Syrian rebels for some time, from stockpiles captured during Gaddafi’s war. And Libyan Salafists have been fighting in Syria almost from the beginning.
The Tunisians have no trouble seeing this threat as they estimate 800 of their young people are fighting in Syria, having entered via Turkey. They fully expect when Syria is over to see these well trained native born extremists returning to turn Tunisia into a battlefield, and consequently are pushing for them to be all be arrested.
Why is it that newly democratic Tunisia has figured out what Western jurisprudence has not, or does not want to…that all of these religious mercenaries should have arrest warrants put out on them? They are a danger to everybody while they are running around loose.

But I would take it a major step further. Those who are funding, transporting and and arming them should also have arrest warrants put out on themselves under the existing anti-terrorism laws that exist. These aiders and abettors are now the mega-terrorists of our time because they are industrializing terror by proxy.

Israeli soldiers being cool

The Israelis mainstreamed state terrorism and are consulting the Gulf states, with big brother America agreeing to go along with it.
The goal is a twisted kind of Neo-colonialism to effectively increase their territorial borders and geopolitical power by using the terrorism that we have been writing about on Press TV for almost a year.
The BRIC countries now have a huge opening to pick up the mantel for peace and justice which has been squandered by the West.
Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has made a brilliant move to settle unrest in her own country by pledging oil royalties, (the people’s wealth) to be spent on healthcare and education, along with $25 billion in more mass transit infrastructure investment which will be a big boon not only to the economy but the good faith of her government.
But she went even much further, calling for a a referendum to elect an new constituent assembly tasked with political reform. And yes, she admitted that corruption was a big problem. But the wording she used was critical, and caught my attention. I pray that it is accurate.

The word ‘elect’ was the silver bullet. It means this new assembly can make new law. Rousseff has handed real power back to the people, an incredibly brilliant move, and one you would never see any western country do.

We need a new elected assembly here in the US. At the top of my list would be a new branch of government, a law enforcement, judicial and intelligence body that reported directly to the people and had full prosecutorial power over the other three branches.
Our entire corrupted and compromised political structure would no longer be the pet of the American elites, be they Dems or Repubs. We could really do some housing cleaning with that tool.
Our prayers are with presidents Rousseff and Rohani as they are game changers in a world that needs them badly. Iran I suspect, will find itself a major BRIC player in the not too distant future. And it looks like their major opponents will be bankrupt Western countries with their parasitic medieval banking cabal, endless war threats and state terrorism sponsorships.



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