July 4: 51st State Adopts Sunday


Masada shall not fall a second time? IDF’s Oath Outdated

by Roy Tov

Most Americans ignore the stand of most Israelis regarding American culture. While visiting the Holy Land they are exposed almost exclusively to the English-speaking, anglophile minority. If listening to the radio, they will find out British pop-music is more popular than American one, an odd result of the English Mandate. The television shows a lot of British programs with Hebrew subtitles; even so many years after I left, British accent sounds to me as the correct one.
English schools favored English accent to the American one until a few years ago. Hebrew internet is more American-oriented; foreigners are unlikely to notice that. Yet, despite that, and despite both the UK and the USA being key supporters of the Zionist Utopia, the USA is widely considered a low-quality culture, a single-use instantly-ready item intended to be discarded as soon as possible.

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Masada – Metzada “Fortress”

 The Americanization of Europe: Culture, Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism After 1945

Upper echelons of the Israeli society are economically dependent on the USA. The small oligarchy running the country got rich in dollars, trading wheat, oil and chemicals with Uncle Obama et al. Expectedly, they are indefatigably marketing “USA” to the people. The Americanization of Israel is a recurrent topic in Israeli media.
Adding to this the fact that also the State of Israel is dependent on the USA in several strategic resources, and the fact that many Israelis consider Israel as the 51st State of the Union is not surprising.
July 4, 2013, was not declared an official holiday in Israel, but shortly before a dramatic change in its holidays was announced.

Masada’s McDonald’s Photo by Emil Salman

Masada shall not fall a second time?
While preparing this article, I found the picture above. Hilarious to Israelis, the joke would be lost on Americans.
“Metzada lo tipol shenit!” were the last words of the oath uttered by the commander, “Masada shall not fall a second time!”
“Ani nishba!,” answered a sea of soldiers, “I swear!” Many years ago, a young Benjamin Netanyahu participated in such an event, where Israeli soldiers swear allegiance to their country. In his case, the oath was superfluous; he grew up among Zealots. What is the source of this odd choice?
Two millennia ago, Masada was an impressive fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. A small Jewish sect related to the Zealots occupied it and withstood the Roman siege for a few years. Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides—an early version of the modern Israeli wall around the Palestinian territories—the place seemed unconquerable. Food reserves within the walls and sophisticated wells ensured the survival in the arid landscape. Yet, the Romans were resourceful and built a ramp all the way up. Nowadays it is called the Snake Way—due to its undulating shape around the cliffs—and it is still the only way to reach the top by foot; the nearby cable car is a modern contrivance. When the Romans reached the top, Masada’s people committed suicide to avoid captivity. Only one woman and her children survived to tell the tale.
Masada drives Israel; the event is at the core of any analysis performed by Zionist leaders. The IDF operative plan in case Israel is attacked by Arab armies is called “Metzuda,” which means “Fortress;” “Metzada” (“Masada” in Hebrew) is a word derived from it. Even deadlier is Israel’s second strike, an event in which the Israeli fleet of German submarines will fire nuclear missiles, creating the “Samson Option:”
Judges 16:30 And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.
Samson and the scary Sicarii in Masada preferred suicide than surrender. The State of Israel had been preparing itself for such an option even before it was formally established.
On July 4, 2013, at the foot of Metzada’s cliffs, the Roman military camp has been replaced by an American kosher McDonald’s. Is this the hidden reason for Israel’s recently declared war on McDonald’s?
Israeli Blond
Today, July 4, Ilene Prusher wrote an article in Haaretz entitled: “Israel: More red, white and blue than blue and white.” She analyzed the increasing Americanization of the Israeli society.
One of her more accurate claims was “Most of the models used in Israeli advertising look like they come from America, or somewhere in Germany or Scandinavia – see these ads from Castro or Honigman. And our top television anchors, particularly the women, look American – or try to with a little help from the hair colorist. While I’ve got nothing against silky blond hair, I can help but wonder, why do we see so few adverts of Israelis with brown skin tones and dark curly hair, despite the fact that that’s more reflective of the appearance of the majority of Israelis? One has the sense that were he created today, Srulik’s curl would have to be Bieberized or flat-ironed.”

Israeli Blond Photo by Dreamstime The Big Book of Blonde Jokes

The secretary’s picture shows the point. An Israeli blond preparing for the next step in Israel’s Americanization.
Weekend Christmas
One doesn’t need to read much of this website to understand that tovroi.com is not the most popular website in the Zionist realm. Seldom have I got answers from there. Even rarer are cases in which they support my claims.
The most astonishing such a case came from a well-known professor, the daughter of an even better-known IDF major general. Nurit Peled-Elhanan sent me a short one-word email saying “True!” as an answer to Tel Aviv’s Black Christmas.
Few foreigners can realize the reality of a Christmas in Israel. Most would interpret the dark streets and the overwhelming quiet as a sign there are no Christians around. They would pay no attention to the fact the Christmas night is darker and quieter than those immediately before or after, are the words opening that article. As a matter of policy, Israel has suppressed the celebration of any Christian holidays, including Sundays.
Weekends in Israel begin on Friday’s noon and end on Saturday-night.
For many years, that was possible. Israel ignored its Muslim and Christian citizens, imposing on them the Jewish weekend.
Banks and financial institutions work from Sunday to Friday’s noon. Many working places consider Friday a choice day, creating a worldwide more popular two-day long weekend. Yet, with the increasing linkage between the Israeli market to the American one, this created problems with financial transactions.
In 2013, the Zionist leadership decided to take the Americanization of their fiefdom one step further. Not only McDonald’s had become kosher, now the Sundays are in the way to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah.
In recent months, a public debate took place over the Hebrew media and in the Knesset’s corridors regarding the “synch of the Israeli workweek with commercial standards in the rest of the world will boost the economy and free up mothers to work full time.” This awkward code refers to the “Sunday-issue.” Don’t let the goyim know that the Zionist got greedy of their weekends.
In secrecy proper of the WWII D-Day, the changes would be gradual in the hope that this surrender to Christianity won’t be discovered by the anti-Semites. The project is run by the Energy and Water Resources Minister Silvan Shalom, a strange choice, but a proper one since he is often related to secret strategic issues (see Israel and Greece Sign Strategic Agreement).
The current approach is a compromise among various option that I won’t describe here. In the New Deal, school days Monday through Thursday would be prolonged by two hours, “freeing up more women to participate in the work force full-time,” as Shalom justified the move. Then, there would be one Sunday off each month during one year-long trial period. The effect on the Israeli economy would be carefully analyzed by an army of clerks, who probably would be allowed to work also during these off-Sundays. Civil servants thrive on extra-hours fees.
Several Knesset factions announced that they would introduce their own legislation directly to Knesset if the government fails to advance the process.
Reliable sources close to this website but who prefer to remain anonymous, report that Israel’s Water Minister next step would be to move Israel’s Independence Day to July 4, in order to be synch with Uncle Obama’s banks. Would the 51st State motto be: “The Unofficial State?”



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