The West on Egypt – Hypocrisy on Steroids


An Egyptian Nails the West on Morsi and the Brotherhood


   … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with my guest Cherif


People power wins twice in a row…so far

Egypt’s Revolution II continues to roll out as we had anticipated from reading the tea leaves…so far. The main Western hypocrites have been performing on queue, also as expected. But they should be more embarrassed this time.
Although the Snowden case wiped the Syrian news off the news it did not wipe out our memory banks.
So when we hear British, American, and French foreign minister uttering concern over the removal of a democratic government, we almost has to excuse ourselves to not to throw up in public.
Such comments from such officials are proof that they consider all the rest of us morons with memories that don’t last more than a day, or a few days for the really smart people.
The all have been calling for the continuing, actually an escalation of the terror campaign against an elected Assad government (of which I am not a fan, but I am also not a voter there). The young people of Egypt did not reach out to foreign military power for militia training in neighboring countries, and to be armed and paid by the citizens of their country so they could bathe Egypt in blood.

They have not called for Western heavy weapons, or a ‘No Fly Zone’ over the Muslim Brotherhood. They have not called on the Israelis to crank up the car and truck bombing campaigns that they are known in the world wide Intel community for being very talented.

No Muslim Brotherhood leader has been assassinated, had his head cut off on cel phone video, or his family members taken hostage. All these things are being done by ‘democratic’ Western countries and the Persian Gulf state proxies.
One of them, Qatar, was a big funding supporting or the brotherhood, which with their years of on the ground organizational experience gave them a substantial advantage over their first time fractured political opponents.

Some Muslim Brotherhood leaders are arrested. Will they be charged with corruption?

Although the MB had a long history of underground anti-Mubarak resistance, were could not know if that was motivated for Egypt’s or the MB’s benefit or for who was supporting them behind the scenes. What appears to have happened in the past year is that the Egyptian people found out.
I was aware that the original revolutionaries, the Egyptian young people had collected 22 million signatures against the Brotherhood rule. But I did not know, which I just learned today, that they have collected these in just a month !!
It was an astounding accomplishment. And those wanting to tag Egypt Rev II as a coup are giving away their hand how scared to death they are of their own youth pulling of something similar and hooking up with their own army to make a few changes.
The Egyptian youth had been calling in the military for help for months when they saw the Brotherhood taking over the country and wiping their feet on the rest of Egypt, something the MB felt fitting of their political opponents, a behavior to be expected of religious extremists. But in their defense I must congratulate them so for the no beheadings and organ eating stance, as it sets such a bad example for the school children. Let us hear from Mr. O.

“The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people,” he said in a statement. “Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsi and suspend the Egyptian Constitution.”

Did Ambassador Patterson light the fuse, or was it already lit?

Obama’s speech writers did the usual balance thing…claimed they are with the people, but in effect questioning the methods used…ie, the people teaming up with the Army.
Actually Obama’s staff made a fool of him as the US has worked diligently to turn the Syrian Army over to the Rebels to bring Assad down quickly, which has not happened to a great deal due to the ruthlessness of the tactics used by the freedom fighter terrorists.
We know that the US was aware of the major pushback against the Muslim Brotherhood excesses.
The US Ambassador jumped off the bridge of history with what is now her infamous comments. In the lead-up to massive demonstrations that kicked off June 30, Anne Patterson gave a speech that intensified anger at Washington, analysts said.
Patterson said she sought “to set the record straight” and that she and the U.S. government are “deeply skeptical” that “street action will produce better results than elections.”

“Egypt needs stability to get its economic house in order, and more violence on the streets will do little more than add new names to the lists of martyrs,” she said in a June 18 speech. “Instead, I recommend Egyptians get organized. Join or start a political party that reflects your values and aspirations.”

Dear Miss Patterson, they were already in the process of doing this when you were making your speech. Your diplomatic Intel of course made you aware of this and yet you still went out and made this silly speech, representing as you are a country that is openly involved in overthrowing a democratically elected government called Syria…and the young Egyptians also know this.
But that is enough from me for now. Cheriff has some great background material for us below.


Morsi Supporters were also out in the streets…but not 30 million

An Egyptian Nails the West on Morsi and the Brotherhood

… by Cherif – AnEgyptian


Bye, bye Morsi

I do not believe what is happening in the Western Countries namely ( America, the UK, and France) They all are against the people of Egypt and siding with the expelled President Morsi. It is very obvious that the West was happy with the deterioration of Egypt .
As we all know The US so called democratic administration was encouraging the MB bandits to continue taking over of entire Egypt.
Since those gangsters came to the post of the presidency and they did not stop installing their Islamic members allover the possible and strategic places in all the cities , they started with the ministers, some of them had no previous experience or knowledge of what they were assigned for.
Only a week ago they replaced 10 city governors with ten others from the Islamists gang, to the extent that in Luxor the town that only by itself contains antiquities that surpass the whole world antiquities, and the source of tourism and finance in Egypt , I repeat believe it or not they assigned one of the responsible of the Tourists killing around the Luxor temple of Hatshepsut in the year 1997.
Death in the Death at Luxor – at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood of those times

The West was very happy with this gang ruling Egypt, because Egypt if ever left alone will stand high and strong, and as usual will lead the Arab and clean Muslim world to look for it own benefits, a thing that Israel is fearing and making all the possible schemes to prevent from happening.
I cannot believe that someone like President Obama and like him many European responsible described what is happening in Egypt by being not democratic, instead of calling it a revolution they call it a Military COUP.
On the BBC TV channel is written “Egypt’s coup”
The youngsters of Egypt made a Tamarod (Rebel) against the present Muslim Brothers rulers, A Tamarod was a simple paper any Egyptian was free to sign or not, so it was exactly similar to a free election. In one month they gathered more than 22 Millions signatures.

*Didn’t the West see the Millions and millions of the Egyptian people in the streets all over the country long before the Army interference??
*Didn’t the West watched or heard how the Egyptian people was asking the Army to come down to help them restore Egypt ??
*Didn’t the West (Mainly Obama ) not observed that the army could have came down in the streets since a long time ago if it planned for a coup???
*Didn’t they observe with all their MOSSAD, FBI, CIA, MI5 and MI6 that the Egyptian people since more than six months were asking the Army to step in to help them??

On the other hand the army did not move until 33 millions Egyptians were shouting “down with Morsi”, “Morsi go out,”, and reclaiming the Army to interfere, refusing the Muslim Brothers ruling.

*Didn’t America’s administration like the European ones, see how the Muslim brothers were traitors to Egypt, making deals with Hamas and all kind of Islamic criminal terrorists in the Sinai, against the benefits of Egypt.?? (This is another story)
*Didn’t Obama, and like him the European ones, hear or watch that the army with many civilians liberal Egyptians have named the replacement of the expelled President even before the Army made its speech. ? The Actual temporary president of Egypt is a simple civilian superior Judge??
*Didn’t Obama, and like him the European ones heard about the Egyptian Government that they are preparing will be a mix of all the Egyptians including the youngsters who started the “Tamarod” or rebel action ” ????

Obama and the West are thinking and behaving exactly like the Muslim Brothers, and the Zionists.
The Moslem Brothers have a very special way to think, to act, and to behave. Let me give you a simple explanatory example of how those MB gangsters perform. I personally did not know any of them unless what I watched on the Television after Morsi came to power.
The example is as follows:
In any civil TV channel who had an Islamist guest, and another normal liberal guest dressed (let’s say) with a red shirt , then the speaker asks the Islamic guest, do you see the red shirt that this liberal is wearing? the Islamist guest would respond yes, but it is not a red shirt it is a black shirt!!
The speaker would respond with astonishment, how is it a black shirt, when all of us here in the studio and the millions of spectators who are watching now are seeing that its color is red ??
The Islamist would simply smile a very stupid mocking and a impertinent smile and would answer, “This is because you all have color blindness!!!

YES, this is how they behaved in all the serious and important issues that concerned the nation. Also they had Islamic channels in which the anchorman and guests were openly and rudely insulting anyone and everyone in the opposition.

Israel, like America, and all the Western countries, are now in a deep confusion and disorder, after all the intrigues, conflicts and schemes they have planned to demoralize and to ruin and destroy and demolish and crush Egypt, did not work!!!
The coming days will show more crime secrets, those criminals have made with the help of ISRAMERICA. I know that Israel, America, and the Western countries will continue to try to harm Egypt, but the Egyptian people will be standing against all the ugly schemes that are and will be tailored against him.
Cherif, anegyptian



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