Egypt Inferno: Between the President and the General


Cairo lives up to the expectations of political pundits once again by bringing out the best of politics, deceit and misinterpretation of facts. Twice in the same number of years, people in streets have decided its fate, rather than a set of rules and regulations so dear to the civilization we live in.
The ouster of a democratically elected President by a less known General is nothing new in the books of history, but the case of Morsi and Al Sisi has moved this love-hate affair to a new height. In his ouster from power through military boots, somehow the new orientation of the region away from traditional exercise of power (Kingship/ Authoritarianism) has found itself at stake. The most intriguing factor throughout this episode remains the silence from power corridors in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin etc which ultimately signed the death warrant for neonatal democracy in Egypt and Morsi himself.
Egypt has seen its fair share of power being vested in one person or a selected group. From Nasser to Mubarik it’s been a reign of men in uniform, calling shots away from the tough reality and feelings on the streets on Cairo and so on. The Brotherhood itself has been the biggest victim of suppression, after finding itself at odds with military closely bonded with the Western powers. Fall of Mubarik, the iron man of the region was a world apart from the other causalities in the region, resulting from the much cheered but hardly understandable “Arab Spring”.
In a civilized manner the Egyptians converged to Tahrir Square to turn the tide on its leadership, which through years have become only symbolic keeping in view the gulf between them and the one’s they controlled. On the contrary, the case of Gadaffi and Bashar reflects a different approach and game plan. Both Libya and Syria have ended up in civil war of barbaric manner for the transfer of power unlike the case in Egypt.
Morsi victory in established free and transparent elections was a milestone, as for the 1st time the traditional ideological forces of the region had the chance to merge in the modern norms of governance, the democracy. The past experience was neither sweet nor worth repeating. HAMAS in Gaza came to power through polls, only to end up along with millions of Gaza’s natives in the biggest human cage in history. The policy of established powers, from whom one could expect and demand ripeness miserably failed in turning HAMAS in the manner Briton turned IRA in 1990’s. This policy also dragged international governing groups like UN, EU etc to the edge for their helplessness, again contradicting their own work on establishing a universally agreed code of conduct and mutual existence.
General Al Sisi seizure of power is in all and absolute form a coup, whether the impression keeps coming from media screens that it was the public will which was obeyed by the General and his men. Forces of democracy, whether in opposition ends their legitimacy with facilitation to non-democratic means, and this is exactly what has happened in Egypt. Al Baradi and his fellows from opposition have paved the way for a unseen but truly implemented divide in Egyptian society, which will have its repercussions for generations in Egypt and elsewhere in the region.
The Muslim Brotherhood is no modern day Al Qaeda whose motives and targets shift on hourly basis. MB had a past, present and future based on its ideology for the Egypt and its neighbors. They like opposition went into elections on these grounds which secured them the trust of Egyptian majority. Having denied this ideology to implement has in fact locked the spirit in a chamber, which is deemed to become aggressive and uncivilized in response to the oppression and isolation it will be subjected to in the coming future. Morsi was in his first year so there is no justification for ousting him and his party for going about their agenda and declared manifesto.
American silence over this strategic issue was in true terms a consent to Al Sisi to roll over Morsi and the brotherhood, which happened ultimately. This US policy might be interpreted in the same manner in Doha by Taliban, who will find themselves of no match to MB when fitting in American and Western scale of civilization and governance.   
What awaits Egypt is…………………….. for sure, the only question remains is whom to blame for it.  


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