Zimmerman Innocent – Huffington Post Wants Him Lynched



 Liberal Media, Expecting a Not Guilty Verdict, Tries to Ignite Race Riots

“Jury Let’s Trayvon Martin Killer Go.” …Huffington Post pretend-a-journalist  Jermaine Spradley

       … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

I got confused this evening when rebooting my computer and AOL came up with a breaking headline that “Jurors find Zimmerman not guilty”. 
I thought I had clicked on the link but a story came up about the jury asking for clarification. So I went back and repeated the process with the same result.

On try number three what I finally found was a Huffington Post headline by Jermaine Spradley, yes he is black, which read…”George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go?”
Ouch there brother Jermaine, I think you and AOL are reading off of different dictionaries regarding what the words ‘Not Guilty’ mean.  Your headline fit right in with the other who were priming the race riot pumps in anticipation of the prosecution’s case going down in flames which we all watched happen this past weeks.
We were shocked to see the judge try to taint the jury by slipping in the option of a child abuse charge in a last attempt to tag Zimmerman with something. I can’t wait to hear what the jury’s reflections are going to be about that. I expect them to be devastating.

But pretend-a-journalist Spradley was not working alone this week on trying to stir up nationwide race riots. At least one top law enforcement official went public that they ‘expected’ race riots if Zimmerman was found not guilty.

I have been around long enough to read the tea leaves of signaling that ‘it’s OK to riot and attack random white people over the Zimmerman case because “we will just blame it all on white racism.”

The kiddie photo that mass media ‘seeded’ the story with initially

The case stank from the beginning with obvious stoking of racial tensions from the first day. All the public saw fora  long time was a kiddie picture taken years ago of Trayvon.  I did not see a ‘real’ photo of him until a day about which I have shared with you today.
He was not a kid, but a strong muscular young man who stood taller than Zimmerman. But the media got away with the overt mis-impression.
I would guess that 99% of the public is still unaware that the police chief that was dismissed early in the case was actually the police chief for security in the school system.
Why? Well when checking into our angelic Trayvon we find that the chief decided to rig a nice decline in the juvenile crime statistics by ordering his officers to cut way back on student criminal reports being filed with the real police.
When Trayvon cut class one day to rob a house a few blocks away he was stopped and searched by a school police officer on a vandalism case where he had been caught on the school cameras tagging a locker with a magic maker.
When it was searched his bag contained an ‘above average’ amount of jewelery and a screw driver that could have been used to jimmy a cheap apartment lock.
Mass media hid this photo as it showed how big Trayvon was, longer arms and taller than Zimmerman. It would have had the public asking why the kiddie picture was used so long. We know why? Because it had all those little black kids wearing Trayvon identity hoods, that’s why. It was a psy ops, and it worked perfectly.

As directed, the school officer did not file a criminal report for suspected stolen property so it could have been checked against the recent robbery reports. The victim that Martin robbed had to wait a long time to get their property back. The attempt to lynch Zimmerman had gotten in the way.

Next we had the prosecutor in the case hiding the photos made during Zimmerman’s arrests, his face wounds, and more importantly the wounds to the back of his head from having it slammed into the concrete by the little kiddie boy who really wasn’t a kiddie boy.

The prosecutor was in an election and I suspect she knew her participation in the Zimmerman lynching would carry her over the finish line. Professional misconduct charges should have been filed against her long ago, so now the lynch mob blood spatters are on those who looked the other way.

Mass media seemed to have trouble finding and publishing this photo of Zimmerman’s head. It does not jive with the image of the big brute white guy shooting a kiddie boy in cold blood.

What surprised me all along is how ridiculous the whole thing had been.
If Zimmerman had been black and the kid white, all of the same crowd, from Obama on down would have sided with the black Zimmerman on day one and screaming race, race, race if he had been indicted…without knowing any of the facts.
Reverse racism in America does not trouble itself with facts. We have had below the radar race going on int this country for decades…just not the one people have been propagandized about.
It is the black on white race war, an epidemic of black on white violent crime including a huge disparity in the black on white rape rate which is off the charts.
The federal crime reports statistics are published every year, but our free media miraculously NEVER reports them to the public. For years now I have not met a single black person that had any idea about them. They were oblivious, and I must say, not too happy that I had taken that away from them as they would have preferred really not to know.
Atlanta still has a problem with under age prostitution – the legacy lives on

Here in Atlanta we had a local version of this sacrificing the truth to keep the fairy tale alive. For years Atlanta was the under age prostitution capital of the country during our black administrations.
It seems that the city fathers put the word out to the cops out that they did not want a lot of underage prostitution arrests made as that would create some embarrassing statistics.
Word got out quickly nationwide and pimps flocked here, the safe haven for teen pimping, to buy young black girls to take to other cities.
It got so outrageous that the pimps began having their annual ball here, yes…called the Pimps’ Ball, and they were very flashy, too…with lots of media coverage. The black city fathers still did nothing.
So finally the Feds moved in and broke the story on charges of transporting a minor across a state line for sex. There were indictments, trials and convictions, and the local paper did some very sad stories about the lives of these unfortunate young black girls, mostly from broken homes who hit the streets to lead an ‘alternative’ lifestyle.
Here is an new excerpt from those times:

“She [the victim] was sitting [wearing] a jumpsuit with shackles around her ankles. She was age 10 and being charged with prostitution. The john — such a kind name for the people who rape our daughters — pimp or trafficker wasn’t being charged. I had to do something,” says Williams.

None of the black city father’s heads rolled…not a one. If city government had been white and this had been happening to young black girls the civil rights phonies would have been screaming bloody murder. But, as usual, they gave themselves an affirmative action pass. I had nothing but contempt for them, and still do. They were phonies down to the soles of their shoes.

The black community was ruthlessly manipulated with the Zimmerman-Martin case, but they were also willing participants

I share this with you today as there are still those around who would like to bring the good ole days back…”the white man always evil”…”black man always the victim”.
Frankly, that mentality is a kind of mental crack, and when the Zimmerman case broke with its instant racial staging, it was like passing ounce bags of crack out in the parking lot after a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. They all just went nuts.
And like the black city fathers they did not give a hoot for the poor young black girls having their lives destroyed so the phonies did not have to deal with an embarrassing issue, so too was Zimmerman selected to get the Aztec treatment.
The only difference was the Atlanta Journal Constitution eventually did what they were supposed to do. This time, with Zimmerman, the media were with the pimps. The idea of having another Pimp’s Ball that would breath new life into the sails of reverse racism which have been greatly trimmed by court decisions in the last two decades.
Brother Jermaine Spradley

If there are race riots, I hope someone does what they are supposed to do to people who incite them. That is actually against the law, and one could consider it to be a terroristic threat.
I sure hope the gansta brothers have not been watching those al-Nusra beheading videos, not the chopping off ones but those where they cut people’s heads off with a knife, slowly.
I think Spradley is way more dangerous than George Zimmerman. He did not murder anyone, nor was there any proof submitted that he wanted to. But bother Spradley has me worried. One does not light a match in a powder room unless they want something bad to happen.
Dear pretend-a-journalist Jermaine Spradley, if there is one death I will be turning your name in right away, and the names of your editors. Be sure to send me your expose on the black on white Race War when you finish it. I will be dying to read it…maybe literally.


Race War Post Script … 07-14-13   9:04am

A recent Race War example that Huffington Post and Spradley will never publish as an example of Race hatred in America.


The randomly selected Mr. Carter Strange (below) was another one of the countless white victims that political correctness feels are justifiable sacrifices for not ‘blemishing’ the civil rights movement. And why…to keep while folks in their place?…to show them them that this is ‘allowed’ to go on under the radar as ‘payback for slavery’?

There are laws regarding aiding and abetting crimes, and the ongoing Race War has the full support of our political class, until it hits their family, which it rarely does.
Columbia SC’s NAACP has not been having marches calling for their people to stand up to the black thugs and stop the black on white Race War…to fight back against the “climate of hate” by young black men.
Black preachers do not rail on black parents who take no responsibility for what their kids do. Academics do not ask for funding to study what went wrong with the Civil Right movement where this sad legacy continues to stain it with its growing pile of bodies, funerals and hospital bills. Tourist travel warnings are never issued against communities where this is rampant, and swept under the rug.
Like the poor young black prostitutes of Atlanta, they are written off as the cost of doing business by the heartless phonies who carjacked the Civil Rights mantel. The King family, Ebeneezer church, none of them did anything to protect these girls. The Feds had to do it.

But the Feds are not perfect. Take the FBI for instance. They track the victims and perpetrators of hate crimes by race but they game the numbers, similar to how the Sanford school system police chief rigged the improvement in juvenile crimes stats simply by not filing the reports.

When a Hispanic is a victim of a hate crime they accordingly go into the Hispanic victim column. But when the perpetrator is Hispanic the tooth fairy suddenly appears on the scene, sprinkles some magic dust, and the the Hispanic becomes ‘white’ and goes into the white perp column, inflating white hate crime stats by about 20%. Isn’t that special!

The FBI has no problem with this. If you want to experience some amazing double talk, call them in DC and ask them to explain their rationale to this. The other major way they rig the numbers is by having the attacks by black gangs on whites where their is no robbery never considered to be motivated by hate.

Such a thought seems incomprehensible to the political law enforcement people, almost like a deal was made in a smoke filled room to get the votes of the black Civil Rights leadership by keeping the huge numbers of gang attack hate crimes out of the stats as they would then look…different.

There are no organizations or institutions in America that I can find that seem to have any problem with any of this other than what is generically described as the heritage movement. They are dealt with simply with the bogus racist smear, which again all of America’s institutions do not display an iota of embarrassment or shame for that being an act of hate in itself.

A people trying to get attention that they are being targeted for violent crime is an act of survival. If the Race War stats revealed the main victims to be blacks or Jews, then these same institutions would drop everything else they are doing to launch a Civil Rights Jihad. Obama would order Holder to do a crack down. But that does not happen. And now you know why.


A Columbia blogger report

[Note: As of the last report I saw about this, June 30th, of the eight kids involved only the 18 year old Tyheem Henryhas been arrested. City surveillance cameras picked them up as they continued their crime spree. None of the other seven have been charged. It appears that even girls were involved. That is how they keep the numbers down.

Carter Strange

The media tried to keep this near fatal racially motivated mob attack quiet.  The story has now gotten more attention, but all the “mainstream” news outlets are still heavily CENSORING the story.
Carter Strange was out jogging late at night in Columbia, SC. Eight black males, aged 13-18, attacked and nearly killed him. They did not beat him to rob him. They beat him because they enjoyed inflicting horrible injuries on a random white victim. The mob of vicious thugs were out in Columbia’s popular “Five Points” entertainment district harassing white people. They sought out an isolated white victim to pummel.
This webmaster has personally witnessed mobs of black thugs aggressively harassing young white people in the district as they exit bars and clubs. On warm summer nights, the city dispatches an army of law enforcement to try to protect white residents and tourists from being attacked.
The race of the perpetrators and the motivation for the beating is being completely CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream media.”
Why is the “mainstream media” putting political correctness ahead of public safety? Enough is enough. It is time do demand honesty from the media.



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