Secret Space War V: Exopolitics


The Vatican admits to alien visitation.
Vatican spokesmen now acknowledge that the Earth has been visited by Aliens and is purported to have set up an internal office of Exopolitics. The former Pope went so far as to say that the Catholic Church was willing to baptize any aliens who desired to convert to the Catholic faith.
And is it common knowledge that the Vatican has been building, buying or leasing many observatories all around the world, recently being involved  in the construction of a very large state of the art near infrared binocular telescope at Mount Graham Observatory in Arizona called “lucifer 1”. (3)
An updated version, Lucifer 2 is scheduled to replace it during 2013. This observatory is reported to be staffed by Jesuit Astronomers who are looking for extra-terrestrial or inter-stellar life.
Corrado Balducci of the Vatican has publicly acknowledged that alien visitors are real
[youtube 5MYCfq4uA7k#t=33s]
The senior members of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) have remained dramatically opposed to complete public disclosure, but their position is weakening lately for several reasons.
So far the biggest resistance to full disclosure within the USG and the real wizard of Oz (Ounce as in Oz of Gold) behind the curtain has been from the Secret Shadow Government SSG (referred to by President Ike as the “Military Industrial Complex” which he warned us about during his last days in office).
The top leaders of the SSG have believed that if the public found out the massive degree to which they have been lied to, deceived and stolen from since Roswell in 1947 and that basically the whole National Security Act and the National Security State it created are based on the biggest lie in history and a huge criminal fraud against the American people and the US Constitution.
These top SSG leaders have many personal rationalizations for why they kept the lid on, including protecting the “national security” of America, preserving the unity of the Church and religion and some have even claimed they were afraid that disclosure would lead to an all-out war against aliens which would destroy the earth as we know it.
The bottom line is that these folks were actually maintaining secrecy out of personal interest to amass and hold as much power and wealth as possible and to be able to attain weird esoteric luciferian goals to create a globalist NWO luciferian one world government where they could seat Lucifer as the new Caesar of the ages and also become Gods.
Have SSG leaders secretly developed their own “break-a-way society”?
Many who have been involved at the highest levels in the SSG have essentially created what Richard Dolan has called “a break-away society” for themselves.  They fear that disclosure would quickly erode their power base and subject them to public ridicule, sanction and even prosecution for Sedition for working to undermine the US Constitution and Rule of Law. This break-a-way society has been rumored to exist and have prepared for off-planet residence while the earth suffers an expected massive depopulation by yet undisclosed means.  At that time, these folks may plan to return or set up a permanent base at some other location, perhaps a habitable planet similar to earth.
It is important to realize that Richard Dolan is a highly respected author, speaker and researcher and when he comes forth with such speculation, he should definitely be taken seriously. It can be assumed that he has firsthand evidence and reports from very high level individuals deep within the USG and/or SSG. You can assume he suspects much more than he has gone public with. He is the type of stand-up man that can be trusted with deep secrets and will keep confidences he is asked to. Another such highly respected individual with very high credibility is Robert Dean, former US Military with very high special intelligence clearances.  You can search out and access some excellent presentations by these great American Heroes on
Some of the top few SSG folks are very old and about ready to pass on despite their numerous efforts to gain greatly extended lives or even immortality through high tech genetic injections and alleged luciferian spiritual beliefs associated with an obsession of creating a globalist NWO system and seating their anti-Christ, lucifer as the new Caesar of the ages. Not all SSG members share these beliefs or goals either.
These top few SSG leaders had hoped to have attained success attaining their luciferian NWO plan by the year 2000, but their plans have run into major problems and their system of world control through the manipulation of centralized banking is now failing. And insiders have suggested that the Power Control Group which rules the “world hierarchy” is pluralistic with a certain degree of infighting and power struggles which have become more prominent lately. Some suspect that other forces are at play here and perhaps the Third Force is done using these entities as primary Cutouts and has set them up to be fully exposed, dejected and thrown under the bus.
And these power struggles involve the reciprocal deployment of super-soldiers and terminations with extreme prejudice (TWEP). The whole subject of super-soldiers will covered in a later article but some allege that the luciferian or “hex star” black arts of ancient Babylonia have been used to “soul murder” such operatives and rebuild their minds into multiple personalities which can be remotely activated, used for tweps and then wiped clean by the use of scopolamine derivatives. As many know the hex star is a symbol of the luciferian hybridization or cross breeding of the “beast blood of the fallen ones (Nephilim or Anakem) with earth women’s blood.
The “hex star” represents the merger of the upward facing triangle (best blood of the fallen angels) and the downward facing triangle (earth woman’s blood), thus the official insignia and star of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), some call the synogogue of Satan and this group dating back to ancient Babylonia and the holders of the “black art secrets of the world” started using this hex star in 700 AD publicly. Unfortunately, most Judaics have no idea what this hexstar really represents.
The worldwide Internet is eliciting a new world populism.
The worldwide Internet is eliciting a new world populism which is beginning to demand truth and justice form all top politicians and an end to lies, cover-ups and corruption which is now known to be endemic inside the USG.  So far since the assassination of JFK (a clear cut JCS coup de etat), the USG has not been able to tell the truth about any major matter and is a hierarchy of big lies and deception all designed to destroy the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and “rule of Law”.
It is now quite clear that a new and massive worldwide “conscience-collective” (Emile Durkheim) is now emerging and is a direct offshoot and emergent creation of the worldwide Internet which has true created a worldwide populism based on the desire for truth, freedom and lack of corruption. It is doubtful that this new world populism of the newly informed masses can be stopped cold unless the leaders of the world resort to a full scale nuclear WW3 and use it as a means to further lock down every society or perhaps destroy as many nations as possible.
It has been rumored that younger members of MJ-12 want complete public disclosure as soon as possible, within 2013 and have actually been providing leaks for over twenty years, helping Hollywood writers and producers by supplying information so that movies can be made and the public can be conditioned in small baby steps to accept the idea of alien visitation. Some younger SSG leaders have suggested that at least on treaty made between the SSG and a specific alien group, the tall Nordics, requires complete disclosure by 2015 or they will personally intervene and force it.
The worldwide Internet has created new public pressures for disclosure.
The worldwide Internet has created new public pressures for disclosure that run counter to the forces preventing it which can best be summarized as the “national security state” which can best described as the privatizing and hijacking of almost all American intel agencies by the private communication corporations owned by the IZCS or its cutouts.
First, these intel agencies were privatized giving the IZCS best access to all deep secrets plus “shoot to kill” authority and full cover-up powers to invoke national security as a false cover for every crime imaginable.  This deep access plus “shoot to kill” power under “color of law” allowed the IZCS to blackmail, coerce and human compromise almost every top politician and USG official or appoint those they own to high positions in the USG, Intel and Military.  Then second, these intel agencies were essentially hijacked by these large communication contractors who tap all our phone calls and emails under authority of the NSA and DHS, and are now in the process of transferring all control to their home offices located in Israel and unless stopped will make America a political province of Israel.
Forcing complete disclosure means taking on the whole “National Security State” and all the foreign money and City of London IZCS zionist Bankster power behind it and yet this appears to be well under way right now as the Banksters US Petro dollar system decreases its hold on humanity daily.
It is important for folks to realize that when coalitions attempt to break open all the SSG’s secrets about crashed UFO’s, alien creatures, treaties, back-engineering and technology transfers, they are taking on all the force which represents the “national security state” as best expressed through DHS and the massive USG spying apparatus and the near complete militarization and psychotronic robotization of the local police through their pulsed beam constant on soldier mounted radios (4).
The worldwide Internet has solicited a basic populist desire for truth and justice that can be suppressed but not stopped and this is a major force pushing for complete disclosure and serves as major push-back against these major efforts by the top leaders of the SSG to block complete disclosure.
Once the genie is out of the bottle, it is too late. And that is what has happened when the long haired pot smokers at Darpa who invented the Internet conned the SSG into building and financing the Internet, selling it as the world’s greatest spying tool.  These folks had a secret agenda however, and it was their belief that the Internet was the only way to slay the Beast, that is, the SSG which they saw as the major threat to all Americans, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, rule of law and all peoples of the world.
The Internet has elicited a basic human desire for truth, an instinct that lies deep within the hearts and minds most except for pure psychopaths and criminals such as those who tend to migrate into the highest positions of government, military and corporate power because of their absolute ruthlessness and complete selfishness and appear to either been evil hybrids or have no real souls at all (take your pick).
The Controlled major Mass Media has worked hard to dispense USG/SSG propaganda and to suppress truth, but due to the worldwide Internet it is now doomed to failure and complete exposure is imminent.
Experts have known for some time that the six major mass media companies that control almost all American media are little more than propaganda dispensers for the SSG, are owned by three large offshore controlled defense contractors and three other large international media companies, which themselves are controlled by a collection of central banks.  Thus it is realistic to refer to the American mainstream media as essential the “Controlled Major Mass Media” (CMMM) which when traced back is found to be owned by a conglomerate of these large central banks (this should not be a big surprise to anyone).

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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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