Secret Space War V: Exopolitics


It is now generally realized that the credibility of the CMMM is sinking like a rock in water due to the ability of the new Internet users all over the world to extract truth and to fully expose the massive lies and propaganda of the CMMM. Many have now realized that the USG and the CMMM are tied at the hip like Siamese twins.  When things get hot politically for the puppets in power, the CMMM diverts to continuous 24/7 massive reporting on the size of Kim Khardiashian’s rear, Lilo’s latest rehab incident, some rare but sad occurrences like the mysterious death of Casey Anthony’s young daughter, or Trayvon Martin’s death (something that occurs hundreds of times a year in many different large urban American cities with Blacks killing Hispanics and or Whites too but is ignored by the CMMM unless it fits a political agenda of any current administration).
The CMMM’s job is to bombard any truth out of the public mind and conscience-collective.
Thus the CMMM dispenses obtuse stories which are repeated ad nauseam as attempts to bombard any truth out of the public’s minds and fill them instead with USG dispensed propaganda and lies. This is called the displacement theory of managing the public “conscience-collective” and ever since the worldwide Internet has become popular, it is doomed to failure because its lies and its game are now so obvious to so many that it is quickly losing all credibility.  Actually it has become a despicable joke to many who have woken up and now realize that newscasters are merely paid USG propaganda dispensers and professional liars, or as World Trends Master Gerald Celente has labeled them “Presstitutes”, a very appropriate description of these paid media whores and liars. If you want a realistic view of the Presstitutes and the American political puppets in power, search out some of Gerald Celente’s many excellent short speeches on
And of course many now realize that the source of so many tragic news stories on all the horrible crimes rampant in society are the criminal actions of the corruption of private central banking and their debasement of their fiat currency.  All these tragic stories are selected and over-reported to elicit massive anxiety in the viewer.  And of course then advertisements for stomach remedies and other Big Pharma high profit products of marginal value follow such negative reports for increased stimulus response based sales Pavlov would be so proud of Madison Avenue).
And without USG ads, military recruiting ads, and Big Pharma ads the CMMM would quickly go bankrupt (as they should since they are little but a huge psychopathic con job with no legitimate investigative reporting at all anymore.  In fact insiders have admitted that many top stories are bought and paid for by various large corporate entities, Big Pharma, or the USG through cutouts. Even much of your local evening news is purchased as a business promotion, but your local TV station will never tell you this.
The methodology described in the book, “Into the Buzzsaw” has been used by the USG/SSG to suppress investigative reporting, but it too is now doomed to failure with the advent of the worldwide Internet.

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If you doubt the assertion that the CMMM has worked hard to eliminate almost all true investigative reporting, just get your hands on a copy of the excellent book, “Into the Buzzsaw” and as you read it you will began to understand how the USG goes to extreme lengths using cutouts including the CMMM to suppress all real news. And you can consider the worldwide Internet a direct reaction or push-back to this, and also a “perfect solution” which is now in progress beyond your wildest imagination.
And yet even then you still have the SSG using wetboys to whack real investigative reporters like Michael Hastings who was taken out by cyber hijacking of his new Mercedes Benz automobile, perhaps also hit by a drone fired missile too at the same time (witnesses heard an incoming swooshing sound approaching the vehicle as it accelerated).
Cyber hacking of late model automobiles was allegedly first tested on Toyota as a shot across the bow for the Japanese automakers.
Of course this cyber hacking of vehicles engine management systems is nothing new.  Some insiders believe that this was tested on Toyota’s to create runaway acceleration as a “shot across the bow” to Japanese automakers to stop development of technologically sophisticated, cheap-to-operate hydrogen powered vehicles using water as a fuel.
A fair number of intel officers and retired military folks are now having secret cutoff switches installed which can disconnect their CPU from any cyber-hijacking attack.  Some of these folks are also installing high tech motion detectors to the edges and undersides of their vehicles to indicate any kind of tampering or placement of devices. Of course this will not protect them from magnetic bombs attached by motorcyclists or bicyclists, as done by alphabets and their cutouts successfully  in foreign countries and also inside America occasionally to murder citizens and rivals. The interesting thing about cyber hijacking is that it is quite easy to do to any 2005 or later automobile, because the circuitry diagrams are easily obtainable.  And just as it is actually fairly easy for electronic experts to cyber hack almost any drones, even those running sophisticated encryption.
Morale in DHS and the alphabets is at an all time low thanks to the use of traitors and doofus cutouts appointed to run them.
As morale inside the DHS and alphabets continues to worsen as well as in the air conditioned trailers near Denver, the technology and scrambled radio and satellite controls that operate killer drones against the innocent public will become diffused to various geeks who will go to extraordinary measures to protect their communities whatever way they deem appropriate including turning these devices against those that misuse them as domestic weapons or terror.  Bet on it.
Morale of the US Soldier is at an all time low and returning vets are growing increasingly enraged at the way they are being either abused or neglected, especially those wounded while fighting what they now realize were Israel’s wars.
Plus deep inside every branch of the military that has been deployed to these illegal Mideast wars, many soldiers now realize the truth that they have been conned into fighting, bleeding and dying to fight Israel’s illegal wars which are crimes against humanity.  Many of them now realize that these wars were based on staged gladio style terror deployed by the NeoCon dual citizen traitors and certain traitors in the USAF who instituted the 911 attacks as an inside job of mass murder against innocent Americans.  And they are bitter and growing more angry every day.  Morale is at an all time low and they know that they have been purposely exposed to DU and toxic vaccines in order to make them sick, suicidal or disable them.
And they know the VA is slow to process their claims and has abused many of their fellow soldiers by tricking them into “declarations of incompetency” to own their own firearms and get any real medical care.  This alone makes many of them enraged.  And it grows by the day. Pay back is coming to those responsible and believe you me it will be a real bitch when it spontaneously erupts at many levels.  What goes around comes around and it will eventually come around “back at em”.
Fukushima was no accident but was a staged terror event to send a big message to Japanese automakers and Japanese leaders.
And some view the Fukushima incident as the planting and detonation of a nuke on the sea bed and the sabotage of the nuclear power plant with the insertion of a second nuke disguised as a tall security camera (Jim Stone) and with the backup cooling systems knocked out by the insertion of STUTXNET virus developed as a covert weapons of cyber war by the IZCS. This same virus was alleged to also have been inserted into Iran’s nuclear rod development software to gum up its production of nuclear fuel for the European market, something US suppliers took a dim view of. The USG and SSG has used the IZCS, the Mossad and their communication companies as high tech defense contractors to create deniability.
For the most part American Intel has been privatized and hijacked by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) run out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own ambassadors and police force like the Vatican.
Because the IZCS has obtained monstrous funding from illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking, sex slavery, murders for organ theft and transplant sales, as well as the massive financial support they receive from the central banks they control, they have been allegedly able to buy off and bribe most USG officials and Congress-folks to the point that they have privatized almost all American intel and thus hijacked it through these member IZCS contractors, many of which are now moving to Israel.  Their goal is to generate massive public debt by generating needless perpetual wars that provide the 24/7 bloodletting they desire to provide as a luciferian human sacrifice which they believe is necessary for anointing and empowerment by the “evil one”.
It is time for all Americans to stand up and take American Intel back and also at the same time take back the central bank, the private Federal Reserve Corporation which is owned and controlled by wealthy Zionist families, and form their own publicly owned American Bank with “we the people” as the beneficiaries.
The 100 year contract with the Federal Reserve expires during 2013 and should not be renewed now or ever again.  It’s time to give these Babylonian “money-magick” Banksters the boot forever.
The so-called National Security State continues to be exposed and is collapsing under its own corruption and slime.
As the “National Security State” continues to collapse from within due to its own deep corruption and inter-factional fighting and murders, the pressure now being brought to bear by the worldwide internet will certainly finish it off.  The IZCS and the SSG are cornered rapid dogs and could become very dangerous as they enter their final death throws.
It is important to note that there are many “American Firsters” deep inside the USG, SSG and in the highest positions of the military that are waiting until the time is right to make their moves.  And numerous “Intel Cowboys” have been hard at work covertly bringing these IZCS criminal structure down by exposing it and generating internal conflicts which is what these folks specialize in doing without being seen while they do it (5).
And of course as the truth trickles out on the Internet from the new disclosures of numerous intel agents of many different nations who have either gone rogue or been instructed to go public, many SSG secrets are now being exposed such as the NSA’s illegal Prism program and their super-soldier training program and operations, as well as their sophisticated psychotronic pulsed beam microwave and scalar mindkontrol operations inside the large urban public schools systems against young students.
There is going to be a “new Sheriff in town” at some point in the not too distant future, bet on it.
As the old boys running the SSG drift into the void and the younger ones with more common sense and a populist concern assert themselves you can expect that complete public disclosure is likely right around the corner.  The SSG and the IZCS have served together as huge financial parasite on America.
Full disclosure will be an immediate “kiss of death” for the IZCS and the City of London Banksters.
As full disclosure occurs in association with the setting up of an official USG Office of Exopolitics  as some insiders have suggested, this would be an immediate “kiss of death” for the IZCS, the Banksters and the US “national security state” as well as DHS’s plans to set up a Bolshevik type Cheka mass murder operation to kill 80% of all Americans and eradicate all traces of Christianity, leaving only a worldwide IZCS zionist global super-fascist government in place.
The IZCS has worked hard and spent trillions bribing, buying and human compromising thousands of officials and politicians to do their will.  they have set up major covert social engineering programs to destroy America, American culture and the American Community with the blurring of sex roles and destruction of the family, deployment of psychotronic mass mindkontrol, massive illegal drug trafficking, massive debt slavery, free trade to export most American heavy industry and manufacturing to create massive unemployment, the softkill of GMO food eugenics, aerosol chemtrails, fluoride in the water and Big Pharma softkill.
The SSG has also deployed the hardkill of perpetual “for profit” illegal, unprovoked, undeclared, unConstitutional wars, marketing of massive perversions and porno, Hollywoodism culture war against mainstream America, political correctness and cultural Marxism, all of which is now crumbling and soon will be too weakened to stop complete public disclosure.
Full disclosure will be an immediate and total “game-changer” for all elevels of society.
As many can imagine (and some cannot), complete disclosure will be a complete “game changer” and will designate a world shift to a new populism like never before.  It is likely this will end up being constructively directed to produce an end to the Sabattean, Babylonian luciferian six sided hex rule of the IZCS.  It is also likely that it will soon lead to the deployment of cheap, decentralized with no transmission lines, Tesla style free energy for all, and end to oil and nuclear dependency and many exciting new scientific advances, including deep space flight and a better world for all.
The IZCS is basically a huge worldwide luciferian death cult that produces 24/7 bloodletting to appease Lucifer and provide anointing and power for the OBN, its subordinate the IZCS and its branches the Fourth Reich and the Bolsheviks. The IZCS must be fully exposed and stopped from being the world’s largest parasite.
Many world leaders, ex-presidents and even a sitting US President have allegedly traveled to Africa to pay homage to an alien being allegedly called Marduk who is rumored to have landed and represents the Third Force.  These rumors which originated from highly placed sources may be a clear cut indication that full disclosure is now being mandated by the Third Force, a new world system is being set up, and the IZCS is being dis-empowered and thrown under the bus at this time. (6)
Exposing the IZCS has been very difficult because the Banksters, their main Cutouts own all the major mass media, the CMMM.
It has been very difficult to fully expose the OBN and its main Cutout the IZCS it because it has two subdivisions, the Fourth Reich and the Bolsheviks (who are now currently in power in America, operating out of Chicago). They are two sides of the same coin of the Old Black Nobility run Pyramid of Control (POC) and because at times they serve as each others enemies, it seems counter-intuitive. In order to create complete disclosure, at some level the SSG and the IZCS must be neutralized.
So far it appears that the worldwide Internet is creating a mass force of a new worldwide populism and a worldwide conscience-collective and is doing so incrementally, with more and more every day.  So far the attempts of the USG to lock-down the Internet have not been successful and continued efforts could themselves easily and likely create massive revolutionary push-back at all levels.
When one understands that the Democrat and Republican parties are two sides of the same coin run by the private central City of London Banksters, one will be able to understand the OBN its main Cutout the IZCS and its two factions or Cutouts, the Fourth Reich and the Bolsheviks.
And it is from this understanding of the two different sides of the same coin that the knowledge arises to be able to end this nightmare of evil which is a parasite on the whole world. One of the few options left for this parasite besides ”going with the flow” is to attack Syria or Iran on Israel’s behalf by “kinetic aerial bombardment” which could easily lead to a nuclear exchange and WW3. There are some which believe that the IZCS is a Cutout for the Third Force which will be throwing it under the bus as it “destroys mystery Babylon” in order to restructure the world and execute its own NWO globalist plan.
Is the Third Force, a major alien or spiritual inter-dimensional entity actually pulling the strings of the Old Black Nobility (OBN), the folks who sit at the top of the pyramid, the renowned “Council of Twelve”?
It has been hypothesized by insiders that the Third Force is an off-planet Alien or inter-dimensional spiritual entity which is attempting to create a one world government, a NWO Globalist luciferian system and no longer has any need for anyone from the IZCS who would just get in the way for their plans or pose an undue risk. (7)
Others believe that this is essentially a complete spiritual battle between good and evil and must be played out according to God Almighty’s Rules of the Universe which require the preservation of human free will and the ability of every human being to exercise it by resisting evil and doing good, best summarized as following the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated. And these folks also believe that rules of play require disclosure of what the OBN, the IZCS and its cutouts plan to do in advance allowing humans the option of resisting or not.
This means that without man’s willingness to do evil, there cannot be a complete NWO system which will last. Everyday more and more Americans are waking up and becoming “American Firsters”.
Many Americans are gaining knowledge about how IZCS aka zionist spy agencies such as the ADL, SPLC and AIPAC and how they have illegally engaged in espionage including bribery and human compromise to hijack the American Government and the need for these dual citizen Israeli-firsters to be fully investigated for these unAmerican espionage activities designed to asset strip Americans of their wealth, their sovereignty, their Constitution, their Bill of Rights and their “rule of law” with the end game designed to be the setting up of a Bolshevik style Cheka to mass murder most Americans and create another Red Terror like this same group did in Russia in 1917.
Many folks are tired of the Israeli-firsters, aka the dual Israeli-American citizens who have infiltrated the USG and perverted and despoiled America and the American way of life that our Founding Fathers worked so hard to establish. the IZCS is a RICO freedom robbing, faith destroying, luciferian, pure evil oppressor of mankind everywhere including most non-zionist Judaics too. It is time for this evil to be fully exposed and driven out from among us.
A growing number of Americans now want access to all the truth and are ready for complete disclosure of crashed alien AGCs, alien treaties and all the rest of the secrets including the dirtiest ones of massive USG illegal drugs and arms trafficking and illegal, and unprovoked wars of aggression to produce indecent, huge war profits for the SSG.
Your best bet right now is to assume that unless a nuclear WW3 ensues shortly, full and complete disclosure is coming soon to America and Washington DC and a new US Office of Exopolitics will be set up to deal with the massive and far reaching changes that will occur.  Stay tuned, exciting things are just ahead and you may soon see the end of the IZCS oppression and asset stripping of all Americans.
Note: A big thank you to Veterans Today Managing Editor and Director Jim Dean, Senior Editor Gordon Duff, and Mike Harris, Financial Editor for allowing this article to be published even though they may not agree with or support any or all of its conclusions.(8)

(8) Mike Harris has his own program “The Short End of the Stick” on Rense Radio Network at 3-5 PM CST Monday through Friday, Mike Harris covers a lot of very interesting subjects on his live uncensored program, and sometimes deals with Secret Space war topics.

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