West Becomes Al Qaeda – Was it Always?

No drone killings for the Salafists – They prefer the personal touch

Salafist terrorism goes unpunished – Why?


“The Devil once lived in Heaven, and those who have not met him are unlikely to recognize an angel when they see one.” …Richard Crossman, British MP – 1949


  …by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …with Press TV


No axes or swords for these folks – they like the knife

I have sat in amazement looking out my living room window onto the War on Terror that has become the War OF Terror.
Where is that opposition from America’s institutions which should be leading the way? How could America have strayed so far from the warnings of our Founding Fathers.
The religious institutions particularly, have not organized their various groups to confront Washington on its own turf, the halls of Congress… no bishops marches, no parishioner picketing. They are keeping their heads down. What has them so scared or unconcerned?
Arabs and Muslims who innocently donate to the wrong charity can find themselves attacked by armies of prosecutors and FBI agents and hauled into court for a long drawn out ‘aiding and abetting’ terrorism trial.
But the Zionist lobby and Christian Zionists can make tax deductible donations to fund terrorist settler communities on the West Bank without fear of an IRS audit much less any terrorism charges.
Zionists can use their dual citizenships to vote for both American and Israeli presidents, in between shooting Palestinian kids out of olive trees at dusk for trying to harvest a few baskets of produce. Our political class, both Democrats and Republicans give them a free pass.
America’s history of terrorism hit its high water mark during the Cold War where ‘anything goes’ tactics were used to oppose the Soviets. All contingency plans for having to go into a particular nation for some reason with military force relied on off the shelf pre-planned terror attacks on innocent civilians where some unpopular local group would be framed as the perpetrators.
The most well-known of these was Operation Northwoods, which President John Kennedy refused to activate. Author James Bamford described it best:

Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere.
People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving General Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.


Iran’s Mossadegh at his show trial -1955 in Tehran

Iran tasted American and British terror when Mosaddegh was deposed by the CIA and MI6 coup in the 1953.
This included a terror campaign against innocent transportation commuters, bombing trains and buses to show that the government could not provide security, a tactic still widely used.
I have this on video tape with Kennett Love, the New York Times Mid East correspondent who was there. Britain and the US still need to make amends to the Iranian people for those crimes.
I mentioned that because the CIA recruited the most feared thugs and mobsters in Iran to crank up the riots which tipped the scales.
We have watched the same thing happen in a longer drawn out torture of the Syrian people for two years, Western terrorism has been on the loose and on display. We have become the enemy.

When the Free Syrian Army initial push did not collapse the military from the inside which seems to have been the plan, a desperate West decided to unleash the religious dogs of war.

The Saudi Salafists were the main reservoir of religious extremists with the Saudis funding them for decades in return for the monarchy looting the county of its oil wealth with no religious condemnation.

A happy looking Salafist for a change

Ironically, these Saudi Salafists fulfill a role similar to what the Zionist Lobby does to the American body politic, hold it hostage until they take their cut. They both are parasites upon the people of their respective countries.
But both Qatar and Saudi Arabia would like to have oil and gas pipeline routes through a Balkanized Syria which would literally turn a part of it into territory conquered by Saudi and Qatari money.
When you are sitting on a mountain of natural resources that have to be shipped out through the choke point of the Straits of Hormuz you are willing to spend a lot for a backup distribution route in case an Iran war did go up, on purpose, or by someone’s mistake.

And like the CIA and MI6 before them they are using a similar band of thugs and scoundrels, albeit religious ones, doing the dirty work for them. I have heard of no Saudi or Qatari princes being ‘killed in action’ on the Syrian killing fields. Like elites everywhere they prefer others to do that part.

I noticed that neither the international or American media have challenged Western governments as to their no comment position on their Persian Gulf allies being up to their eyeballs in sponsoring international terrorism.
The last time I looked, that was against the law everywhere. Even at the UN we do not hear a peep about any action being taken to have them cease and desist or suffer the appropriate penalty.
But unfortunately we live in the world of professional spinmeisters. Enter stage left the religious ones who claim they are not terrorists but only seek to purify the land of non believers, Christians and Muslims alike, and Jews when you can catch one. They might have learned this from terrormeister George Bush (43), “You are either with us, or against us.”

Radical Salafist cleric – Anjem Choudary

This past Sunday I had a Press TV debate on Syria with Anjem Choudary, the infamous Salafist cleric in Britain.
In my preparation I was surprised to find us both from the class of 1967, and even shared a period of too much partying at college, which we both survived.
Choudary had the typical profile of a religious hustler (all religions have them) and the gift of what I have always referred to as ‘situational ethics’. What ethics they are espousing is determined solely by whatever the situation requires.
Western Intelligence agencies have always used infiltrators as shills to play the big bad terrorist supporter as bait to pull in others from the community to identify themselves.
At one point with our own make-believe Ku Klux Klan in the US, seven of the eight Klan group leaders were informants, along with a third of the members. So yes, you could say the Feds were the KKK, keeping it going to use when needed for PR purposes.
Another tip-off for an infiltrator is that they can get away with saying and doing things that others cannot, like they have friends in high places. Informants and infiltrators are often never at a loss for words to defend what they are doing. Their being too slick is a clue.

When asked once by a Muslim woman about violent comments when Islam was a religion of peace Choudary replied, “Islam is not a religion of peace… It is a religion of submission. We need to submit to the will of Allah.” What he left out was that the Salafist would be in charge of executing all the heretics.
While appointing Salafists religious judge, jury and executioner, a rather judicious use of force, Choudary hypocritically claims, “Jews and Christians will never make peace with you until you either become like them or adopt their ways.” I must say I have heard if anyone attempting to do this. Economic exploitation seems to suit them just fine.

Choudary pushing for Sharia law in Britain

As for ‘adopting their ways’, Choudary puts his situational ethics on display once again. While opposing having his Al Ghurabaa group banned by the British Home Secretary, he stated, “The easy option when one is losing an argument is to ban the opposition voice.”
My dear Mr. Choudary, your Salafist buddies seem very intense about having non believers, and even Muslims accept your ways under penalty of death, which in Syrian cutting off heads seems to be the national sport of choice.

Women are being routinely raped under corrupt fatwas to put a religious cover on those beastial crimes. And we see them routinely torturing and taking hostages for ransom, your usual gangster activity. Excuse me, but I don’t see any religion in any of that.

When asked once why you live in a country you claim is so bad you answered, “We come here to civilize people, get them to come out of the darkness and injustice into the beauty of Islam.” During our debate you mentioned that Assad had killed a 100,000 people in Syria. You must think the audience is too stupid to know better.

It seems that even the kids are flunking their religious exams, Anjen

Your al-Nusra buddies are not in Syria to earn Boy Scout camping badges.
They are religious terrorists, Muslim Neo-Crusaders who claim they kill for God, but they are just looters and cutthroats like the original Crusaders. Both defiled their religion.
The Christian Zionists in America have tried to car jack Christianity to support the Zionists into creating Armageddon in the Holy Land to kill us all so they can take their ride on the big space ship.
The Zios think they are all lunatics of course, but they take their money… lots and lots of money, way more than the Jews donate.
But your Salafist crowd Mr. Choudary, you seem to prefer to cut one head off at a time method. So the task at hand for the rest of us is to not support one of you over the other as we lose both ways.
We have enough of that humiliation with our Zionist controlled elections where usually we can only vote for either of their approved candidates. Only by getting rid of all three of you can the rest of us live in peace. May God show us the path.

“We lost the fight, because we were not fishermen, as we thought, but bait dangling from a hook.” …Arthur Koestler, The God that Failed… (regarding his years as a communist)



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