Wisconsin Commando team raids shelter to kill Al Qaeda fawn

The faces of innocent cows have been blurred out for privacy concerns during the raid.  I did not know that cows had lawsuit attorneys.

An Al-Qaeda baby deer captured and killed in a dramatic law enforcement coup Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources protects America from evil terrorist bio-weapon

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … for KIA – ‘Giggle’, a two week old fawn


Baby Giggle – Before death sentence was carried out

Respect for government in America continues to go downhill, but unlike Detroit, where people could just leave, that’s a bit problematic when it’s your country.

Today’s story is a perfect example of what happens when government at all levels wants to have commando raiding teams so they can play SEAL Team Six.

Once they have the capacity, and it is budgeted…they want to keep it budgeted by making sure they crank out some stats on how many bad hombre’s they have bagged.

But nothing is more pitiful that seeing this now in Departments of Natural Resources whose current staff must have grown up with play stations and too many hours playing Call of Duty.

Baby animals from abandoned or killed mothers have been a part of American history. We have reached a high point, or a low one, when a fawn is used as a training exercise for the Wisconsin DNR commando team.

I am not hyping this aspect of the story as local news reports state that two snitches dropped a dime on the fawn, which caused DNR to launch a Red Alert. I had to blink when I read that aerial surveillance confirmed the fawn was at Society of St. Francis’ animal shelter.

But the training does not end here. A highly trained DNR deep behind the lines Recon commando was able to infiltrate the sanctuary and make a ground level ID of baby Giggle. This appears to have been necessary for obtaining a warrant for the “ultimate penalty”.

But mind you, this was not just to have someone go out to ask about the deer, or to remove it for vet testing or to a state shelter. Giggle had been sentenced to death without a jury of her peers.

And of course, due to the danger in apprehending a two week old deer, for the protection of the state’s employees a commando raid was deemed necessary for the safe return for all those involved in this heroic protection of the public.

Shelter employee Gary Schultz could not believe his eyes

The Wisconsin DNR seems to have their legal butts covered, but not their competency and good public relations behinds, which seem to be hanging out big time.

I suggest that we provide them as much opportunity to show us just how big their butts are by making further inquires as to the use of tight state budget funds on a ridiculous operation when so many are suffering from cutbacks. Might the cutbacks have been made in the wrong places, instead of these kinds of commando operations?

I would like to know why a phone call was not made to Giggle to ask her to just turn herself in, to avoid a shootout in return for maybe a life sentence or something. Government people always bet on something like this blowing over, which is usually does.

VT has found that satire is often the most effective punishment, as their paychecks will of course remain secure. But if people are making jokes about them for the rest of their lives about this, it will make all the rest of them screw their heads on a little tighter.

The DNR supervisor’s email address is already out. She will be used to take the heat, even though she deserves only part of it. She appears to be an affirmative action hire because when asked why a phone call was not made, she responded that when you are going on a drug raid you don’t call the target and ask them to bring their drugs down to the station. Yes, folks, this is what this PR genius said.

So I think we should aim a little higher…the top of the DNR and the governor’s office, and see if we can get a total cost breakdown on this anti-terrorism operation.

We might also want to consider some kind of medals or decoration for all those involved, risking their lives like they did. Check back as we will be posting contact info for the higher ups.


[youtube B23-mpfXPU8]


U.S. DNR Agents Kill Baby Deer in Overboard Commando SWAT Operation Style

International Business Times – Australia

By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | August 2, 2013


One would think they raced to the crime scene because they were out to topple a terrorist or armed person. But no. The armed agents from the U.S.’s Wisconsin state Department of Natural Resources, complete with squad cars, were just out to kill a baby deer in a barn.
“(There were) nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth,” Ray Schulze, an animal shelter employee working for the Society of St. Francis in Kenosha, Wis., told WISN 12. “It was like (seeing) a SWAT team (in action).”
Their target? Giggle, a 2-week-old baby fawn. A local family who had found her earlier decided to bring her to the no-kill animal shelter, thinking she might have been abandoned by her mother.
However, Wisconsin state law forbids the possession of wildlife. Two anonymous callers tipped the DNR about the presence of the illegal baby fawn in the farm. The state warden then took aerial photos, specifically noting the deer’s presence. An affidavit for a search warrant was immediately drafted.
On the day the raid incident happened two weeks ago, the agents detained shelter workers before searching for the fawn. However, Mr Schulze said the baby fawn already actually has a schedule to go to the wildlife reserve the next day.
Such a waste of tax payers’ money.
“I was thinking in my mind they were going to take the deer and take it to a wildlife shelter, and here they come carrying the baby deer over their shoulder. She was in a body bag,” Mr Schulze said.
Mr Schulze asked one of the men why they had to treat the animal in such a way. He was given a curt “That’s our policy” reply. “That’s one hell of a policy,” Mr Schulze told the men.
But Jennifer Niemeyer, DNR supervisor, denied killing the poor baby deer on site. They tranquilised her and then euthanised her off-site, Ms Niemeyer said.
Euthanising animals like Giggle are required by law to be culled because of the potential for disease and danger to humans, she said.
“These are always very difficult situations for both parties involved, and we are empathetic to the fact of what happened because we know in our heart of hearts they tried to do the right thing,” Ms Niemeyer added.
But Cindy Schultz, shelter president, is planning to sue DNR for removing Giggles without a court hearing. “I don’t care where they would have killed her, it would have been wrong,” Ms Schultz said. “They went way over the top for a little tiny baby deer.”




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