SAUDI ARABIA: Israel’s and America’s Chief Ally Against Islam and Muslims


By Mohamed Khodr


“To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace”.

–Tacitus: First Century Roman Senator and Historian


“Remember that all through history. there have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”


The Axis of Evil that threatens Islam and World Peace


Hail to Saudi Arabia: 

The Exporter of Oil, Freedom, Democracy, Wahabism, Regime Change, Wars, and Terrorism.   Killing Muslims to appease Israel and America.

WARNING to the Saudi Royal Family:  It’s Time to Regime Change You.


 According to the truest “Axis of Evil” of all – Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States – Freedom and Democracy in the Muslim world means never threaten, oppose, or criticize the hegemonic agenda of this Evil Axis to invade, occupy, slaughter, steal, plunder bribe, corrupt, and manipulate any Muslim nation or organization.    This triad of evil agrees that ISLAM is a threat to their economic political and military interests.

Thus even when democratically elected Muslim parties, like the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt, in Algeria, Gaza, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Morocco, Tunis, Pakistan, and Indonesia; the triad of evil do everything feasible to overthrow and overturn such elections.  Not only that but they imprison these men and women, torture them, even kill them in prison as occurred recently in Egypt where 35 members of the Muslim Brotherhood died in prison.

All three work together to establish compliant dictators and tyrants who will implement their agendas as his highest priority.

All three agree that the “war on terror” should continue until every “Islamist” and any opponent of Israel is dead or imprisoned.

–President Bush called the illegal invasion of Iraq a CRUSADE.

–For Israeli leaders Islam is the foremost enemy.

“We Fear Nothing but Islam”.   — David Ben Gurion
“The religion of Islam is our only enemy”.   — Yitzhak Rabin
“We will not feel secure until Islam puts away its sword”.   — Shimon Peres –
(As quoted in Edward Said’s book, “Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World.” First Vintage Books, 1997, page xxxiii

In the opinion of a large majority of Arabs Saudi Arabia is the greatest threat to their political, economic, and religious freedom.   It’s decades long meddling in the Arab world that has inflamed both inter-Arab and civil wars, Saudi Arabia with its enormous wealth and backing by the U.S. has been the major player of widespread instability in the region.

 Brief History of Saudi Arabia:  

MapofSaudiArabiaPrior to the founding of Saudi Arabia in 1932 the land was called the Arabian Peninsula for many centuries.    It was a land of many tribes, nomads, and farmers.

In the 16th Century, the Ottoman Turks conquer the western portion of the Arabian Peninsula which included the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  The Ottomans remained in the Peninsula until the end of World War I.

In the 18th Century a strategic alliance between the founder of the Wahabi  movement,  Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab, and the Saud family developed and  a dangerous marriage of convenience between the political ambitions of the Saud Family and Wahabism’s zeal to spread its beliefs to the Muslim world given that the Islam practiced by Non-Wahabis is false and wrong and as such Muslims around the world are disbelievers and must be converted to the only right form of Islam which is Wahabism.   Historically Wahabis have committed deadly atrocities against Muslims, especially Shia Muslims since they are considered Non-Muslims or Kaffirs.

In 1902 Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud conquered his family’s ancestral city of Riyadh from the Al Rashids, a dynastic family.   He successfully rallied many tribes to support him and by 1932 had conquered all of Arabia.  Since then the country is called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its official religion is Wahabism.  In 1938 Oil was discovered by an American Company transforming a poor desert nation into one of the richest in the world.

Please Watch this Video on the History of Saudi Arabia and the beginning of its relationship with the United States in a meeting between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

Despite the trillions of dollars generated by oil for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf nations, the Arab and Muslim masses who live as refugees, in poverty, illiteracy, lack of decent housing or health care, and are vastly unemployed have only received a drop in the bucket from such incredible wealth.

In fact these Arab oil producing nations are far more generous in helping American victims of disasters such as the victims of Hurricane Katrina than help Muslims who suffer even greater natural disasters.

These tyrannical nations prefer to employ millions of workers from India and South East Asia than hire the vastly unemployed Arabs in the region.

 Saudi Arabia has the distinction of:

 Ø      Only nation named after a family, the Saud Royal Family.

Ø      The ONLY Muslim nation that follows Wahabism.

Ø      Is the largest producer and exporter of Oil in the world with about one fifth of the world’s oil reserves.

Ø      Has the world’s fourth largest reserve of Natural Gas.

Ø      The most hated and despised Muslim nation by worldwide Muslims.

Ø      The primary American puppet government in a “quid pro quo” relationship as agreed to by President Franklin Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud.   “we’ll protect you, you will supply us with oil”

Saudi Arabia’s estimated GDP for 2012 (CIA) is over $727 Billion.  All that money is owned and controlled by one family, the Saudi Royal Family.

There is no greater hypocrisy, corruption, mass theft and embezzlement of money, double standards, extraordinarily lavish spending, and immoral deviant behavior by any government or royal family then the Saudi Royal family.

In the brief video below you will hear Prince Bandar ibn Sultan, while Ambassador to the U.S., ADMIT that the family is corrupt and embezzles billions of dollars for their personal use.  .His answer to such charges:  SO WHAT.

So how is the Saudi Royal Family spending hundreds of billions of dollars generated each year from oil sales?  What of the Saudi Royal Family itself, its beliefs, its morals, its behavior, and its governance.

This can be answered thus:  The two faces of the Saudi Royal Family.

Publicly at home and abroad the Saudi Royal Family epitomizes the conservative pious image of devout Wahabis who are above any immoral stain..

According to investigation by some western media, the Saudi Royal Family act quite differently in private settings or when traveling abroad as you’ll see in just two videos I’ve chosen from many such investigations.  In such settings they engage in lavishly decadent and immoral behavior.  They are large consumers of Alcohol (some of the Kings have been Alcoholics), use and traffic in illegal drugs, love prostitutes and engage in gay sex, incredulous lavish spending to buy planes and yachts, indulge in palaces and mansions, and involved in corrupt embezzlement of monies in arms deals and other contracts.  They are known to bribe foreign officials to cover their illegal offenses and money laundering.  

Despite such deviant immoral behavior the Saudi King is named the “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” in Mecca and Medina, Islam’s two holiest sitesThe hypocrisy is overwhelming.

For Muslims around the world it is impossible to fathom that the land God most blessed with the revelation of the Holy Qur’an to His and our beloved Prophet Muhammad, AS, hosts such a family that lives outside of Islam and above the law.

 Please Watch these two short investigative Videos, one by the American media company ABC, the other by the BBC.

From the ABC program 20/20 Part II.   Part 1 of the investigation can be seen here

BBC Investigation: BAE Secretly Paid £1bn Kickback to Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan : (Cover-up Exposed)

You can watch a FOX News Report on U.S. Cables revealed by Wikileaks speaking of Saudi Royal family parties with working girls and alcohol.

Saudi Arabia is the evil nation most responsible for the inter-Arab wars, civil wars, violence, terrorism, support of Arab dictatorial rulers, political and religious chaos in the Arab and Muslim world, home of thousands of alleged religious scholars issuing a constant assembly line of Fatwas that not only go against Islam but are replete with permissible violence and theft of property of other Non-Wahabi Muslims and adherents of other faiths..  Sadly many young illiterate Muslim youths take such false Fatwas seriously which leads them to commit acts prohibited by Islam.

In allying itself with the U.S. and Israel against the political changes brought about by the blood of thousands of young Arab men and women during the Arab Spring it is defying the very specific Qur’anic edict that no Muslim, nation or person, should ally themselves with Non-Muslims against Muslims.

“Let not the believers (Muslims) take those who deny the truth (disbelievers in Islam) for their allies in preference to the believers — since he who does this cuts himself off from God in everything….But God warns you to be beware of Him: for with God is all journeys’ end”.  (Qur’an: 3:20):


As for those who take the deniers of the truth (Islam) as their allies in preference to the believers (Muslims) — do they hope to be honored by them when, behold all honor belongs to God alone”.    (Qur’an:  4:139)

(Commentary on verse 4:139 above: refers to a political and moral alliance with the disbelievers in Islam by adopting the immoral conduct of the disbelievers in preference to the way of life of the believers, in the hope of being “honored”, or accepted as equals, by the disbelievers)  How tragically true.

It must be understood that the Qur’an, however, places great emphasis in befriending Non-Muslims individually or politically as long as the relationship is peaceful and respectful.  In fact, Islam allows the marriage of Muslims to Christians and Jews,

Saudi Arabia’s evil alliance with the U.S. and Israel basically boils down to removing regimes and organizations deemed hostile and nob compliant with U.S. and Israeli interests in the region.  These two nations are responsible for the genocide of millions of Muslims, of invading and occupying innocent nations, and most importantly of all to Muslims and to the world is Israel’s illegal, brutal, inhumane military occupation of Palestine.

America knows this yet is too weak and timid to stand up to America’s wealthy and powerful lobby.

What these 3 members of the true “Axis of Evil” want is a safe, secure, quiet, and compliant Arab world  that never opposes their agendas in the region.   Saudi Arabia is willing to do anything to appease these imperialistic nations to save itself from regime change.

The triad has and is attacking the following Muslim nations, at least those we know of.:

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,  Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Sudan, and Somalia.  Such attacks do not include the assassination of Arab and Muslim leaders around the world.  Their Next Big Target:  IRAN

 In Egypt:

The Axis of Evil succeeded in removing the freely elected President Morsi and re-imposing the tyrannical military rule which immediately set out to kill and imprison as much of the Muslim Brotherhood as possible.  Thousands of innocent Egyptians have been massacred while the West and Saudi Arabia provide the funding and political cover. 

CartoonBibtoObamiminchargeNetanyahu has instructed Obama to support the Egyptian “coup” although Obama in his usual confused state on the Middle East refuses to even say the word “coup” as that would entail cutting off military aid to Egypt as per the American law that prohibits aid to any nation where a military coup overthrew a democratically elected government.

Even if the U.S. military aid is cut, it’s been more than made up by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates who immediately sent $12 Billion to re-establish a military dictatorship in Egypt.

Funny how such an aid package was never sent to Egypt during the decades of military rule in to feed the millions of impoverished unemployed Egyptian citizens.

A total mockery of justice has been proclaimed by the Egyptian military whereby the murderous dictator Mubarak has been acquitted of the charges against him and thus will leave jail but the democratically elected President Morsi will head to jail.

 In Syria:

The triad of evil launched a civil war in Syria that has cost the lives of over 100,000 and displaced millions as refugees.   Such a genocidal war crime is acceptable to Saudi Arabia and Qatar in their aim to remove President Assad, a resister of Israel’s hegemony, and replace him with a Pro Israel friendly dictator.  

No one knows the outcome of the Syrian conflict but one thing is sure, Syria itself has been destroyed by Russian and American weapons.  What will be left to rule and who will pay for its reconstruction.

As elsewhere after a civil war the winners begin to fight each other for power, so who will be the ultimate winner and will that government be a Pro Israel, Pro Wahabi regime?  

Today the Axis of Evil maybe winning the battle in Egypt but in the long run they will lose the war and the Arab voice will once again rise; stronger, more confident, experienced, with more energy and in far greater numbers.  Across the Arab and Muslim world there shall be a cry for freedom and against tyrants and foreign hegemony that will shake Israel and the west to their core,  InshaAllah (God willing)..

They’ll be back, count on it.

God is Just and He will deliver His justice at the time of His choosing and in the manner He chooses.  No unjust brutal empire has ever survived.  No amount of Oil wealth will protect you Saudi Arabia from your appointed end.


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