Kermit Roosevelt ‘Does’ Iran – 1953 CIA Coup

Iranian Premier Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq - Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. - and Kermit undercover in Tehran
Iranian Premier Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq – Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. – and Kermit undercover in Tehran

West’s 1953 coup against Iran goes on


“If  journalists are unable to penetrate the secrecy with which officialdom seeks to cloak its enterprises, they should go back as historians to make the record whole and clear,” ... wrote Kennett Love, former New York Times Mideast correspondent, who was in Tehran during the coup (1924 – May 13th, 2013)


    … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV

–  First  published  on  August  21rst,  2013  –


Kennett Love as young New Your Times Reporter
Kennett Love as young New York Times Reporter

The hard copy CIA archive confirmation of its engineering the 1953 Iranian coup in cahoots with Britain’s MI6 was a news headline this past week. But as pointed out by Press TV, it was old news.

Anyone who wanted to know already did.

This continued charade of governments and their security organs pretending that they can somehow control public perceptions about “what really happened” when everybody already knows, continues to undermine public trust.

The public correctly views this as an attitude of contempt by those in government sworn to protect and serve us. To that you can add the historical government refusal of accepting any responsibility for its misguided and failed policies.

This is especially so if such policies were never really designed for the public, but for special interests, both the visible kind and worse … the invisible.

The whole world is facing crises in governments of almost every kind, everywhere. Despite the Hollywood and Madison Avenue public relations campaigns to hide it as a minor systemic problem which all suffer, corruption runs deep throughout most of them and always has.

By burying away under security classifications and everything that citizens really need to accurately measure the effectiveness of their governments, and even their loyalty, it makes calling them democracies a bad joke. Our Founding Fathers warned that an informed citizenry would be crucial to maintaining a true republic, and frankly, we have failed.

The 1953 CIA-MI6 coup - the consequences are still with us today
The 1953 CIA-MI6 coup – the consequences are still with us today

There is a token rationale for the continued secrecy which drives contemporary governments from hiding the past misdeeds of those before them for which the new people had no real responsibility. Why would the innocent join the guilty by covering up previous misdeeds?

I must admit it took me a while to find an answer, that they did so to avoid the public rage from such past revelations. Why? Because it would trigger questions and inquiries about whether such misdeeds were continuing today, the answer to which is yes, they obviously are.

That is why the devil’s spawn serve the devil. They do not want to face public contempt for their currently betraying the public trust. In short, they want to save their own behinds, so they hope someone will also hide their own bad deeds.

Those of you who have been reading my columns know that when I do a 450 word lead in like this it is because I feel the framing is critical for what I am about to cover with you. I had the good fortune to have done a two-day video interview with Kennett Love back in 2005.

He was the last non-Jewish New York Time Middle East correspondent. Media jobs like that became a “for Jews only” club, similar to those like Federal Reserve chairman and many others in our government. Our State Department is heavily penetrated by deep cover Israeli agents.

You have probably never heard of Kennett Love because crooks in government do not want their critics to get much public recognition because they compare so poorly to them. Fortunately, for us Kennett Love had one of the most historically important journalist assignments during a critical time in world history where WWII was being morphed into the new Cold War.

Kennett Love - in his prime
Kennett Love – in his prime

The New York Times had a better reputation back then. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the tribe, and certainly not alone in that regard as the cancer runs deep.

As the premier publication of its day and due to its worldwide reach, the New York Times was a forum where Mideast leaders could have their opinions and concerns viewed favorably.

Hence, interview time with the NY Times Mideast correspondent was viewed as an important opportunity to garner a favorable world opinion.

This put someone like Kennett Love, a WWII Navy pilot veteran and a Columbia graduate in journalism, in a position of confidence with some of the key Middle East leaders of that day, which I doubt any reporter has had since.

The video crew and my sponsor were shocked by Kennett’s revelations that he became so trusted that he was used by some of these state leaders to pass personal messages to each other where they did not want even their own foreign offices to know the subject matter or content.

Love’s closest relationship was with Nasser of Egypt, who willingly spent many hours reviewing the complexities of his “caught in the middle” position between the East and the West, a tightrope that he was not able to walk.

Mr. Love’s only book was an 800-page tome, Suez: The Twice Fought War … which is almost impossible to find now. In the preface he left a message in a bottle for those journalists coming after him. In his New York Times report on the coup at the time he was later criticized for publishing information helpful to the coup plotters.

But, of course, he could only report based on what he knew at the time, which is not always accurate. From this painful lesson, he left us this advice. “If they (journalists) are unable to penetrate the secrecy with which officialdom seeks to cloak its enterprises, they should go back as historians to make the record whole and clear.”

Suez - the Twice Fought War
Suez – the Twice Fought War

We had been doing this at VT without being aware of Love’s quote, as has Press TV. This is why subversionists in the West who fear the bright light of the journalists and historians, and are well aware that it is not up for sale, have been so active in trying to block Press TV’s reach.

Kennett Love filed his Iran coup New York Times dispatch on August 20th, 1953. Here are a few excerpts.

“Dr. Mossadegh’s defenders put up a stubborn battle during which Sherman tanks mounting 75-mm. Cannon dueled and closed quarters for nearly two hours … In the assault on the Mossadegh home, the attackers captured Col. Exatollah Mumtaz, who had betrayed the Royalists to Dr. Mossadegh Saturday night. They literally tore him to pieces.”

Many years later, with the benefit of more information, Mr. Love worked to correct what he had not known of the CIA and MI6 involvement in his initial reporting. In a 2007 Bill Moyers TV show segment on the coup, he said:

“George Carroll (CIA Agent) He was the one that paid money to the street gangs. He was the one that invented the idea, that make everyone identify himself as a shah’s partisan, so therefore the opposition would not be able to group in the streets … anyone in a car not displaying the shah’s picture would be dragged out and beaten up, even killed.”

“Nearly everybody in Iran of any importance has had a brother, mother, father, sister or a son jailed, tortured … deprived of their property without due process … I mean and absolutely buccaneering dictatorship in our name that we supported. SAVAK was created by the CIA.”

He highlights that the coup was a prelude to the Islamic Revolution of Iran led by late Imam Khomeini.

“… the hostage crisis is a direct consequence, and the resurgence of the Shia is a direct consequence of the CIA’s overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953,” Love wrote.

I had done my interviews with Kennett in 2005 where he had added to the Mossadegh coup story that the CIA and MI6 had cranked up a terror bombing campaign on public transportation, blowing up buses and trains of commuters.

A CIA hired mob - who beat all Mossadeq supporters to a pulp
A CIA hired mob – who beat all Mossadeq supporters to a pulp

This sordid affair did have a Cold War backdrop to it where being an independent nation was almost impossible. As our last George Bush president will be remembered for presenting in such a simple manner, “You’re either for us, or against us.”

Iran’s wanting to correct a former leadership having allowed British and American oil companies to loot Iran’s oil, that was deemed a “pro Soviet act” … that is, if the West did not get control of Iran’s oil then the Soviets would.

President Eisenhower spelled it out in his letter of June 29th, 1953, refusing economic aid unless Iran “agreed to accept proposals of foreign monopolies on the oil question.”

We can look back now and see that there has been a continuing commercial war to keep Iran’s huge petrochemical reserves from obtaining a larger share of the world’s market.

Mossadeq  - Tried and sentenced to death - but commuted
Mossadeq – Tried and sentenced to death –  but commuted three  years

This has in effect rigged the petroleum markets to transfer huge amounts of average citizen wealth into the oil giants. It has also fed the forward deployment of our military industrial complex and been an engine for the decline of the western middle class.

Similar threat deceptions have been used, like the hoax of Iran’s wanting to become a nuclear threat to the West when it really sees it as a big market for it oil and gas reserves. I don’t know of too many businesses that think killing their customers is really a good thing.

What is inherent in this anniversary of the 1953 coup is that after the Shah was thrown out, the West, led by the US and Israel, have been imposing a continuing coup on post-revolutionary Iran, and manipulating public opinion today with the bogus threat ploy as ruthlessly as it did back in 1953.

It is time for the rest of us to heed Kennett Love’s words above, that WE should go back as historians and make the record clear. I think we can do this if we can avoid getting sucked into the divide and conquer game which has been such an effective tool against us by the elites everywhere.

Those who would swindle us out of our history, there is nothing they would not steal from us. So, it is way past time for our putting their feet to the fire instead of each other as is happening in Syria and now Egypt.

As Kennett Love saw, they will never stop … until we stop them.

The big fight is over for Kennett Love. He died May 13th, at the age of 88. He spent his post journalistic years serving mankind in the Peace Corps and teaching  journalism at the American University in Cairo. He even married his actress bride beside the Pyramid of Kefren at Giza in 1973… a serious romantic indeed.

Besides his writing, he became an accomplished painter, photographer, and deep water sailor … even managing to slip in some theater stage work. He was also co-founder of War Tax Resistance with the War Resisters League during the Vietnam years.

Kennett Love gave us a lot. We shall miss him. And we will try to do the best we can to replace him with others as worthy of admiration and respect. That … is a thank you he earned and deserves.

Dear Readers, You can read Kennett’s August 20th, 1953 dispatch here. I am planning to edit out some of the video highlights from my six hours of footage and post in a follow up story.



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