Crisis in Western leadership – Where are the Statesmen?

"You see, we got the Israelis to use their voice actors to impersonate Syrian officers talking about a gas strike, and then had another group intercept it."
“You see, we got the Israelis to use their voice actors to impersonate Syrian officers talking about a gas strike, and then had another group intercept it.”

“ They (the government) actually believe that the major obstacle to success in Iraq, is the American people. If they can keep us from knowing the truth, they think they can win! ”                  General Wesley Clark, September 30, 2006


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Syrian Insurgents - doing their thing
Syrian Insurgents – doing their thing

The Wall Street Journal published on Sunday a detailed time line covering the whole Syrian gassing geopolitical crisis based on extensive interviews of insiders from all factions including the overseas allies. It is a story of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
We were happy to see at VT that major portions of our reporting were validated.
The biggest being that Secretary of State John Kerry did make a gaff when posing that Syria turn over all of it’s chemical weapons to defuse the crisis, and where Lavrov was calling him literally minutes afterwards to take him up on the offer.
America also woke from it’s slumber of allowing our elites to do what they wanted on foreign policy. Our Congress learned quickly that Americans still remember every past lie and rosy projection they had be told since Bush 43 came in. The list is a long one.
But there was bad with the good. The lack of statesmanship was on display for all to see. The Wall Street Journal completely glossed over there being no proof offered that Syria was responsible for the gassing, and ignored what a key fumble this was by the Obama White house.

Did the dummies really think the public would back a military strike with no proof? When the White house later admitted not having any, the WSJ deemed that not worth mentioning in their detailed review.

We had reported very early at VT that rigged Syrian army intercepts would probably be supplied by the Israelis to give Obama the ‘red line’ that he would need for an intervention. The fake radio traffic tactic has been used for decades.

Israeli rock camera - there are endless ways to hide a burst transmitter
Israeli rock camera – there are endless ways to hide a burst transmitter

We were able to confirm and reported last week that the burst transmitters were used to supply the Israeli intercept team with actors impersonating Syrian officers discussing the gas attack.
All mention of any proof disappeared from the White house news briefings after their ‘common sense’ silly substitute was laughed at.
American media was also refusing to cover the insurgents’ history of having and using chemical weapons. The Turkish capture of the al-Nusra team with the two kilograms of sarin was never mentioned…a total media black out.
We sensed that was their Achilles heel so we put the calls out for updating on where the sourcing for the rebel gas could have could have come from and got a big surprise.
A secret biological weapons facility popped up on the radar right at the Tbilisi airport in Georgia.

We broke through the initial funding smokescreen to learn that way over $100 million had been spent there, and that there were other facilities in the Balkans.

There was still a question as to whether this was an official US government operation, or a rogue one being run behind a legitimate front. Since the Bush and Cheney days when they contracted out major portions of War on Terror defense programs, this even included major intelligence and special operations programs to get them further away from the prying eyes of Congressional oversight committees.
They were able to run a Murder Incorporated on the taxpayer’s nickel, with no oversight.

This 'Davey Crockett' portable nuke was not the one missing. These were all given to Israel many years ago when the US had something better.
This ‘Davey Crockett’ portable nuke was not the one missing. These were all given to Israel many years ago when the US had something better.

We ran with the story and triggered a response within a week. Loyal military and Intel people were on full alert for another false flag attack to breakup the Congressional no vote that was looming on the Syrian air strike resolution. Senator Lindsey Graham had already seeded the news about a missing nuke that might turn up in his state of South Carolina.
So when the transport plane arrived at the Tbilisi airport to load up all the bio lab contraband it was observed, just as it was when it landed back in the States. Our ambassador and the Lugar Lab director were subsequently giving tours to internationals to show that there was no bio or chemical weapons activity at their facility.
Central Reference Laboratory (Bio-weapons) at the Tblisi Airport, Georgia
Central Reference Laboratory (Bio-weapons) at the Tbilisi Airport, Georgia

But we had been sweating bullets throughout the whole process trying to figure out why Obama was gambling his whole presidency on this one roll of the dice.
The WSJ story gave us more insight into the three ring foreign policy circus this all turned out to be. Vanity and false pride were put front and center as a good reason why our military would be sent in harms way.
Most of the president’s staff were fully on board an attack. Even seeking Congressional approval was viewed as undermining the president’s authority by national security adviser Susan Rice.
Obama and Britain’s Cameron had agreed on an attack justification by calling it a punishment to keep Assad from using CW on his people again and hence protect the rest of us.
Again, who was supplying CW to the insurgents was of no concern to them at all. The Brits, like the Americans were to show, were tired of being manipulated by fear tactics.

A much respected Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel came out looking petty. He advised that not going ahead with an attack would raise questions of America’s credibility. What credibility could Hagel have been talking about when we have had a two year regime change disaster being used as a substitute for a bogus Iran nuclear threat scam, and 100,000 dead.

Clinton Bastin - Marine, VT nuclear expert - 40 years with the Dept. of Energy
Clinton Bastin – Marine, VT nuclear expert – 40 years with the Dept. of Energy

Everyone knows now the Iran threat was bogus as the IAEA has confirmed no missing material from it’s reprocessing stockpiles, which we knew to be the case.
Our nuclear expert here in Atlanta, Clinton Bastin, had briefed us on how everything was under 24/7 video surveillance and any diversion could be spotted right away.
But Hagel, he even went further, claiming that South Korea would now feel threatened by North Korean CW attacks, this mind you when both sides were in the middle of a major diplomatic reconciliation.
The hero of the whole fiasco is emerging to be White house chief of staff Dennis McDonough. In what will be called the historic 45 minute walk around the lawns, he talked the president out of making the strike all on his own and saving his presidency.
The navy was expecting strike orders to launch that very afternoon, and the Pentagon was already rehearsing press conference questions. We went right to the brink on this one, folks…a real cliff hanger.
Obama is quoted as saying the monkey is on Putin’s back now to see that Syria does not undermine his credibility by not following through with a full turn over. But Obama has already walked the deal back in that he still maintains the right to strike militarily if he feels Assad has not complied.
As expected, there have been no calls for the insurgents to turn over their chemical weapons, tell us who supplied them, and then demand the Israelis to turn over all of their WMD to international supervision.

And there has been no statement to tell al-Nusra that the US will begin making drone decapitation attacks on them for every decapitation that they do. Our loyal military is just aghast at our silence in the face of our proxy force’s war crimes because our names are on those dirty deeds that read ‘Made in America’.

Obama - Still threatening to strike Iran 'if needed' on Sunday
Obama – Still threatening to strike Iran ‘if needed’ on Sunday

And to show that he is still in the attack mode Obama stated, out of the blue to ABC news on Sunday, that he is still prepared to strike Iran if he deems necessary on their nuclear program.
There was no mention of the UN resolution, or proof of some real threat on Iran’s part. So the lunacy continues. One crisis gets under control and they start cranking up another one to take its place.
One gets the feeling sometimes that when these people took their oaths of office they promised to destroy America’s national security rather than to protect it.
Our own polling shows that a lot of our active military consider some of our top civilian leadership a threat to the country. But the huge irony of the whole circus is that Putin and Lavrov are highly regarded as statesmen, unlike the pretenders that we have.
My fear now is that our current reprieve has just been another chapter in a story… ‘to be continued’.

Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, a member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers and Sons of Confederate Veterans, especially for New Eastern Outlook.



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