Jesus, the Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God


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Jesus never returned to save America, he didn’t and couldn’t because he’s a Jewish created fiction. Americans are unable to deal with the current crisis because the primary myth keeps their minds in a state of suspension.  They are unable to think and grasp their predicament, they cling to their myth of a savior return, more convinced than ever as things get worse.
As America spirals in, as demonic politicians become ever more desperate for war, Americans will file into tens of thousands of churches and pray to their invisible Jewish straw man for salvation. They won’t be saved, only killed off until whoever remains wakes up from the cultural trance and fights back.

    When Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow in the 1939 movie classic "the Wonderful Wizard of Oz", he is attached to a cross.
When Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow in the 1939 movie classic “the Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, he is attached to a cross.

America has been used up like a tired old whore, the jobs are gone and impoverished by debt and morally depleted by never ending Jewish wars of aggression. The military industrial complex, Jewish owned conglomerations of war and spy making corporations, has become a bloodthirsty beast seeking every kind of war on anyone about anything so that they can peddle vast array of high tech smart bombs and snooping equipment.
The latest act of aggression was headed off by the internet, once again the Israeli lobby was unable to get America into a war with Iran. This is unacceptable, the war must go on, trillions of dollars of debt must be propped up with empire expansion.
Are you ready for some hard talk about how the Jews took your government away from you? They trumped all of Christiandom by using their Biblical beliefs against them. Christians allowed Jews to fill every critical position of state and media until the Jews closed the deal on 9112001, pulled a political coup on the American state and launched a War of Terror on the world. Now they are finishing their consolidation of power, building a huge internal police organization, the DHS, arming it with the latest weapons, and are getting ready to crush all Christian resistance in America and worldwide. Most Christians, completely brainwashed by their religion, have no idea what’s up and are no more ready for the new Bolshevik crackdown than the Christian peasants of Stalin’s Russia.
Who is Jesus, Really?
Jesus is a fictional character created by Jewish writers under the auspices of Roman authorities says a growing consensus of scholars. According to Joseph Atwill, in his landmark book “Caesar’s Messiah”, the Roman Flavian dynasty is the sole creator of the Jesus myth, produced by Jewish writers pressed into service of Rome, who took the Torah and other myths and created a new one tailored to a Jewish messianic audience. Christianity was originally targeted at Jews to convert them and make them docile, obedient slaves of Rome according to Atwill. The new myth was carefully crafted by very using every resource available at that time.
Another popular writer, Acharya S, who wrote “The Suns of God” ( says Jesus is a Jewish man worshipped as God. Jesus is the Jewish man inserted into common myths of the day. Soon everyone was worshipping a Jewish man as god. The Jesus myth eventually became the most successful myth of all time, with the greatest amount of converts. Christianity is now the world’s most successful religious memeplex because the internal memes are virulent and reproduce, that doesn’t make it true, just highly propagatory.
Christians dominate by stating their unprovable faith as fact, they often say ‘Jesus is the son of man’, a memetic code programmed into their mind, a meaningless phrase that stuns the non-believer with internal confusion because Christians also claim that Jesus is god. So which is it, god, man, or both? The Christian cares not because clear cut definitions about their god don’t matter, the entire exercise of making such statements is to establish dominance until the non-believer tires and becomes one of the Christian Borg.
If you debate these people using rational points of view you will be disappointed. They counter rational arguments with precanned responses, because Christianity is a virulent memeplex, a Christian is a human robot programmed with a set of memes no different than a computer uploaded with a program, they are trained to respond with a strong defense. If you say this they will respond with that, they have a memorized replies to any challenge. Try it some time, Christians always respond with automatic responses and many times what comes out is off topic. This is one of the reasons Christianity dominates, once the virus takes hold the infected is able to repel reasoned arguments. What they are doing is searching their data bank, looking for a response that matches, they remember one and state it. It matters not if it makes sense or even fits the topic being discussed. They look human but they are robots, don’t take my word for it, go test it. Their mind is automated like a computer, they are not reasoning like a human should, so it is impossible to argue with them because they are only trying to win the argument even if their defense is irrational. Christianity is a mind virus that defends itself.
Computers can be loaded with a program easily, but with humans it is more difficult. The difference is that the human brain has to be reloaded with the code again and again by the process of indoctrination, the memes must be drilled into the neural pathways by repetition. In the brain of the infected, the repetition of the code forms permanent neural pathways over time, a believer is wired to believe. Because of how the brain works, the code may be impossible to erase unless the victim uses their own will to fight ‘the matrix’ (memetic code) and undo the damage of religious programming. Christians are literally hard wired with the Bible code, they are manifesting the so-called ‘end times’. They are predispositioned to vote for politicians that destroy civilization. Most Christians still mightily approve of GW Bush.
George W. Bush lights a menorah celebrating Jewish victory over America.
George W. Bush lights a menorah celebrating Jewish victory over America.

Undoing the damage of religious programming can takes decades of soul searching for the truth seeker. Yearning for intellectual freedom and individual bodily liberty from religious guilt complexes may result in destructive behavior as the infected tries anything to escape hell. Many join the military hoping for a easy way out – an honorable death on the battlefield. Christianity is a program of death for the human body and many must go into wild mode to escape its cage. Many hippies are former Christians who reject the judgement, rules, and norms of the culture, they let their hair grow, some even refuse to groom.  They literally walk away from the program and go into voluntary poverty and start from scratch being very careful with economical choices that are karmically loaded. Something inside prevents them from following the program of obedience, they reject the spell and walk away. They ask where was this food grown, where the clothes were made, how does my act of purchasing this item affect others? The choices they are making become the new pattern for civilization when it grows out of the ashes of the previous.
A person can not be free until every line of code that controls and restricts is confronted and rejected. There are hundreds of forums to help believers out of their predicament. Religious programming is the original psychological warfare, one that the CIA sought to emulate with the Jim Jones experiment. In the near future humanity must address this issue and make it illegal to program children with any religion or political philosophy. Indoctrination is not a right, it is psychological abuse and many times accompanied by physical abuse.
Christianity is a Box in Which the Mind is Put to Rest
Once a victim of state aggression is fully programmed and indoctrinated in Christianity they are no longer a threat to the state because they are no longer able to critically think about a non authoritarian existence. A joyful Christian is a goy who has found acceptance as a slave on the Jewish plantation. They are able to perform small tasks while earning a living and paying the tax tribute as a good citizen. I have observed that many Christians are perfectly comfortable living their entire life without critical thinking. A Christian is a programmed robot with their mind deactivated, they are the sheeple, the easily led masses that can be manipulated into war by unscroupulous charlatans like Sean Hannity.
Christians obey the state even if they lose limbs in illegal immoral wars that violate their prime directive, the commandment of “Thou shalt not kill”.
Christians obey the state even if they lose limbs in illegal immoral wars that violate their prime directive, the commandment of “Thou shalt not kill”.

A Christian obeys authority even if the authority is evil, corrupt and criminally insane. Even with the blatantly evil politicians of the last several decades Christians still are unable to detect evil. They are naive like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Why is this? Indoctrination. They are trained to support authority no matter what. It is even worse when Israel are involved in corruption, they can not even hear the criticism. This leads me to believe that Christians are under a Jewish black magic spell, a spell so strong that Israel can blow up the World Trade Towers and Christians still support Israel and GW Bush even when you patiently explain what really happened. I have done this many times and have been mystified by their blank stares and inability to grasp reality.
Jesus is a straw man, not real like a scarecrow in a cornfield, Jesus is an illusion of a man being used for a purpose, he can’t be proved as a real historical character let alone as a god. If you doubt this man you are an antichrist, a minion of Satan, someone to be feared and shunned. A real man can not walk on water, but a fictional one can.
What is a Straw Man Argument?
white text dorothy and scarecrow
Wikipedia says:
“A straw man is a type of argument based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the “straw man”), and to refute it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.
“Why do anarchists hate roads?” is an example of a straw man argument. Anarchists are against the state or central authority or any authority that collects taxes and imposes it’s will on a geographical area. They do not hate roads, they might uses roads and even love roads. The anarchist understands that roads can be built by anyone, not just the state but the statist wants monopoly power, the right of road building left exclusively to the state. So an irrational argument is forwarded by the defender the state’s monopoly power because it can be effectively argued that the state shouldn’t exclusively build roads.
A good straw man argument not only misrepresents the opponents position, it contains a strong emotional appeal to the defense of the myth. Have you ever heard a Christian say: “Why do atheists hate god?”. That is a prime example a fallacious ‘straw man’ argument with strong emotional appeal. The theist defends his myth and turns the table on the antagonist, charging him with hate of god that the atheist doesn’t even believe in. The dishonesty works well. Remember that Christianity is not about honesty, it is about power, the power of the state and the myth that formed authority is granted by god must be defended. Without authority there is no state, without god there is no authority, without Christianity there is no belief or defense of authority in western civilization. The omnipotent state rides on the back of millions of believers.
A statement refuting god should be countered by a reasoned defense related to the original string of logic, not an emotional response. Straw man usage proves that no defensive argument is available to the believer. Making emotionally charged exclamations is a primary technique of how theists defend an unprovable god. It took myself decades to understand what was going on, I had made the assumption that Christians were honest and would debate honestly. They can’t because their case is unprovable and indefensible so they must lie, they have no other choice but to lie, only irrational arguments can defend fictional beings. There are no arguments that will prove the existence of their god, let alone all the other dogmas like devils, hell, and sin that goes along with their judging god.
The idea behind the straw man is to use emotions to defeat reason, nip the criticism in the bud before any critical analysis starts in the awakening mind. If others are listening in to the debate a believer might add to their logic fallacy “Why do atheists hate god and worship Satan?”. A fence sitter might infer that all atheists are not only god haters but Satan worshippers as well. Sometimes they go even farther and accuse the atheist of being Satan because only Satan would deny the existence of god. What is really going on is that effective use of emotional pleas and straw man arguments keeps the myth alive in the minds of many, no one questions if Satan is any more real than god, both fictional characters used to defend the existence of each other. The Christian argument is always loaded with assumptions that the other myth memes are also factual, if you argue the existence of god with a Christian you soon will have to deal with the unproved Satan meme, if you don’t believe in god then maybe you are a minion of Satan.  They can not accept that you are no thing of any deity, a free being free of myth memes.
If you deny Christ the New Testament says you are an antichrist. Well that is true, sort of. Just because someone doesn’t believe in a god doesn’t make them anti-god. For instance I might admire the Jesus character in the New Testament and think highly of his teachings. Just because I don’t believe him real doesn’t make me hate him. Yet this is what nearly all theists assert when you argue against the existence of Jesus, “You must really hate Jesus if you don’t believe in him!”.  Once again the straw man argument is used by believers to defend the existence of Jesus because if in the last 2000 years anyone produced a valid Jesus exists argument then they would all use it instead.
This straw man argument is now used to defend god even when you prove that the Bible god, a destroyer war god, can not be the creator. So if an argument is leveled that proves the Bible god is a destroyer, the defender will twist the argument around and claim you hate the creator. The Bible links the central war god character Jehovah with the creator in Genesis, even though the two are polar opposites. Why would the omniscient creator destroy it’s creation?  Every step of the way the theist uses the straw man argument to cover their retreat.
Politicians use the straw man argument routinely. For instance, someone critiques the latest national health care boondoggle and the administration defender claims the critiques racially motivated for attacking Obama’s policies. The racial argument makes no sense at all but it sells well to the supporters of Obama because their minds are already predispositioned for any argument to defeat political opponents. Few people are thinking inside the beltway, it is an spending spree orgy of making laws and spending billions of other people’s money. You might even be for national healthcare but not Obamacare, laws written by the health lobby, being opposed to Obama’s version of health doesn’t make you racist.  Reason matters not in power politics, only effective mud slinging.
The criminal Jewish spy and propaganda organizations, like the ADL, uses the anti-semitic straw man over and over. They use it all the time because it works so well. Anyone who tries to debate or examine anything to do with Israel or Jewish racism is immediately attacked as a racist and labeled anti-semitic. This techniques works and keeps the vast majority of sheep in the herd and their minds from straying. The straw man argument works so well because so many people are emotionally programmed and indoctrinated into a religious pattern of non-thinking. America is a Christian nation programmed by emotional codes, thus political henchmen like Abe Foxman can make short work out of steering them away from critical thinking on important issues such as the Holocaust by using straw man type arguments. Most Jews aren’t even semitic yet Abe Foxman uses the anti-semitic Straw Man charge against anyone criticizing Jewish Supremacist and Israeli political policies.
Owning Your Actions: Individual Responsibility vs. Religion
If Jesus is a literary invention, how can he save you from your own acts? Doesn’t it make sense that the Universe is set up so that you own your acts? In fact, is it even possible that anything could separate yourself from your acts? Are not your acts a fundamental part of the self? Aren’t you defining yourself with your acts? The fundamental idea behind Christianity of salvation now in this life or in the next is patently false. Just because it sells doesn’t make it true.
Only a Jew would be so bold to sell you the idea that you are not responsible for what you are doing. But they did and it was a successful ruse, because most people are irresponsible. Not owning up to one’s behavior is a fundamental aspect of Jewishness and this Jewishness has crossed over into Christianity. The fundamental theme of Christianity is the absolution of sin and getting a free ticket to heaven regardless of what you do. Evangelicals believe that you could murder a billion people and go to heaven so long as you profess Jesus Christ.
The Jews have annual rituals to separate themselves from their acts, such as the Kol Nidre oath. The tribe of thieves is playing a mind game with themselves, they are trying to violate the laws of Nature, theft without karma. Kol Nidre is a liar’s game of fooling oneself with ritual pre-absolvement. It takes no genius to figure out that this could be one of the primary reasons why Jews get into trouble with nations they occupy, the natives get upset with their guilt free thieving. Many Jews are incredulous at why people hate them, “I have stolen Palestine and killed your people, why are you mad at me, are you anti-semitic?”.  Kol Nidre is self hypnosis.
The Christian is just as incredulous with their act of voting for political monsters and the death and carnage that follows. They are completely divorced from what they are doing. Christians are Judaized gentiles, gentiles playing Jewish mind games of waging violence then denying responsibility. President GW Bush was fond of saying ‘they hate our freedoms’ even though he knew full well that they were reacting to our interference and skullduggery. After leveling whole cities the Judaized gentile wonders why they hate us. There is a very deep level psychological sickness to western culture and it is the Judaic roots.
The Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God
The Bible provides no physical description of Jesus. This scholars find most troubling. If the New Testament Gospel writers were writing about a real person they would of provided ample description of this man. But there is none, absolutely nothing about him because the writers all knew they were creating a mythological entity.
Christianity must be sold just like a used car by flamboyant salesmen.
Christianity must be sold just like a used car by flamboyant salesmen.

Christianity must be sold just like a car. The preacher is a friendly salesman selling junk. Take a good look at the television preachers, just as slimy as used car salesman pushing bubblegum repaired crap. They sell Jesus, Jesus this, Jesus that, Jesus did this, Jesus did that, Jesus can save you only if you beleeeeeve. And who is this Jesus character? A Jewish man. And you must beleeeeeve this Jewish man is god. What a laugh. You must beleeeeeve that there was at least one good Jewish man, and he is your god. Jesus is a marionette being dangled by the Rabbi in front of deceived eyes of the goy. How can any TV preacher criticize Jewish supremacist politics when they are on the Jewtube preaching Christianized Jewianity and when they are closet religious supremacists themselves?
Beleeeeeve in the good Jewish man as your god.
Beleeeeeve in the good Jewish man as your god.

If you are wondering why the world has gone to hell then consider the possibility that all of Christiandumb has made a fictional Jewish man their god. So how is it that Israel can rip off the United States to the point that Israel now runs the NSA? Jesus. Jesus is the miracle straw man of the Jews, with Jesus anything is possible, including owning and controlling the world’s most potent military. Who works for the NSA that allows this? Christians, Mormons, Catholics, all those spell bound by the memes. In the halls of the NSA walk memebots of Christ, defenders of the Jewish power structure, control freaks who give themselves moral permission to pry into everyone’s business.
Christianity is a mind virus that has infected the vast majority of the people of the United States, and this is the primary reason this huge majority allows the Jews to destroy everything. Jewish supremacy has infected the mass mind, and the result is deadly. America, the world’s only remaining superpower is pounding the world into rubble with repeated wars in the Middle East. Millions and millions have died, tens of millions permanently displaced and the criminals that direct this openly talk of more war.
Waiting for the Return of a Savior that Never Was
If modern scholars have cracked the code and determined that Jesus is a literary fictional character then he never was and can not return. But millions upon millions of Christians right now are betting everything that Jesus is coming back, any day. The majority of Christians believe we are in the end of days, that this generation is the last. Many even await the Rapture, being taken up into heaven, at some time during the Tribulation. Many believe we are in the Tribulation right now, but all Christians are still here, none have been taken away. How could they miss the play that their energy created? All Christians are going to experience the fruits of voting for warmongers by experiencing war on them right here in America. What goes around comes around, what energy you send abroad is the same energy that comes home to roost.
The incredible part of the Jesus story is that when he comes back he destroys the earth but first he waits for wars, lots of wars that kill 2/3 of all Jews, then he returns and finishes destroying whatever isn’t already destroyed. Christians are very happy to sponsor Jews returning to Israel, so that this can come true. Christians are joyous that so many Jews are returning home because prophecy is being fulfilled. Christians believe in almighty god, an omnipotent god. If that’s true why are the so busy helping god return? Maybe that’s evidence of their lack of faith in their all powerful god who hasn’t returned yet, but more likely it is powerful evidence that their beliefs are a sham and that Christians are manifesting the end times, trying to make their prophecies come true.
America is a Bad Place Where Bad People Do Bad Things
Americans think they are special, but they are not and the rest of the world has caught on. The current exclusivity meme in use the past couple of weeks is exceptionalism. American exceptionalism has been exposed as American badness. Truth about American behavior has been revealed, this is the definition of the word apocalypse, a prophetic unveiling in ones mind. The great unveiling of American behavior came about during the current Syrian crisis. America has been exposed as a bloodthirsty, war mongering, lawless, rogue state.
American Christians think they are exceptional for being saved and living in lap of luxury of Babylon America. Little do they know their Jewish supremacist friends have robbed the nation blind with the Federal Reserve and the party is nearly over. Soon it will be lights out and those in charge are going into crack down mode and will no longer tolerate the little people and their phony religion that was used to keep them blindfolded while the Jews took the wealth of North America as booty. Now they have it all, all of the wealth and power they will reveal themselves as gods. How can they resist, they must triumphantly show off their great success?
And it is true, the Jews are the real gods if you worship the straw man Jesus because they invented him. Jesus is an invention of Jewish scholars in service of Rome. To this day the Pope still wears a kippah because Christianity is a Jewish religion run by Jews and always has been. The Roman Empire morphed into the Holy Roman Empire and according to prophecy is nearing its end. It will end when it is exposed for what it is.
Francis: "Can I have your job?" Benedict: "Sure, I'm tired of playing Jew."
Francis: “Can I have your job?” Benedict: “Sure, I’m tired of playing Jew.”

America is an extension of Israel because Americans are seduced by Judaism, Christianity is a variant of Judaism, it is not separate. The Jews do bad things because their religion demands it, they must kill because their god demands it. If you are Christian then you are caught in the Jewish web of control and will do bad things also. America is a bad place because of this relationship, the people do bad things to others because they are following the Bible god which demands supremacy over others, thus America has bad people because those people follow a Jewish religion that makes them bad.
How many Jews actually fight America’s wars? Why do Americans fight to preserve Israel which attacks America on 9112001 and then subverts her with the phony terror war? America has fallen and the reason is the vast hold Christians have on this nation who continually vote naively for Jewish controlled Presidents and Congressman. Most Americans are like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, on a journey to discover that the man behind the curtain is a Rabbi pulling the levers of power.


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