All Authority Flows from Barrel of Gun


No one has any authority over another, this idea can be easily demonstrated by looking to the person next to you, do you have the right to order anyone else around and take their belongings or arrest and jail them for something you consider offensive? Humans naturally exist in a web of voluntary relationships.
If you can’t wax authority on those around you then neither can anyone else. But the state says it has authority, how did this happen? The state is a group of armed criminals using every trick in the book to claim authority. They don’t have it which is why they must lie to establish authority and why they must kill in order to maintain authority. The state is a parasitic organization that exists within a lie.
The state has guns and is willing to kill in order to exist, many times they war with others, not satisfied with theft from their own population they want to exploit other geographical areas and peoples, gain more power and economic prominence and authority. Those with the biggest guns typically win wars, war is how the state parasites deal with each other. In order for the American corporate-state parasite to thieve Middle East oil reserves it first lies the nation into war then it bombs the crap out of the other state.
It has no right to do this, what America is doing in these foreign wars is immoral and criminal.  All of this happens because the state was an institution created around the idea of legitimizing forceful relationships.  The fact that Middle East oil is not Americas right to take doesn’t phase the criminals in D.C.
In order to establish a ‘state’ a group of armed men takes a geographic area by force, the state first establishes control with a gun and then rules with a gun. Rule by brute force becomes tiresome so the state employs the priest to fool the populace. The priest teaches Bible making the citizens into voluntary slaves. Tamed humans are then called citizens, another word for penned milk cows. Being a citizen of a usury state is not something to brag about, American citizens are considered chattel by the ruling class.
Ayn Rand correctly pointed out that the state was a group of armed thugs, she also wrote extensively on the necessity of individuals establishing a state in order to protect their rights. The problem occurs when governments exceed their charter and violate individual rights. Eventually as the state pushes the boundaries of its authority, establishing total control over society and it becomes what it is now, an evil shitstain on planet earth.
The rulers monstrous, the once strong people fat, lazy, and mentally incompetent, unable to fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Everything immoral enforced as moral, cops barking orders and abusing the people, the state waging endless war on innocent peoples at home and abroad. This is the reality of our world today, the United States Government is a rogue insane agency that needs to be put down like a mad dog. We the free people have the moral duty and the right to destroy this rogue state.

Look at America, the once strong independent people now reduced to state-corporate slavery living in a toxic environment of big ag, big pharma, big box stores shoving endless consumer crap out the front door, endless wars, endless propaganda on the Jewtube. It’s sickening and even worse their still exists this group of armed thugs called cops who enforce with vigor the system that destroys all. Cops are the front line of state evil that is destroying mankind.
The Gun is a Great Equalizer
With a gun you are now equal to the state, you have authority to force things to your will. The state wants a monopoly on the use of force so eventually the state is going to want your gun. Once they get your gun then the state will make a big push expanding the boundaries of its authority, the vector is always toward more authority, until chaos overtakes the system and a new order emerges. So it is a no brainer that the traitorous control freaks in Congress, the ones behind the staging of the false flags, are planning on creating situations to justify their anti-gun crusade.  This is treason, their goal is murder of the population they claim to represent and protect, thus any gun control should be resisted with revolution and the overthrow of their rule.
If they get the guns then they can kill the sheeple at will and impose ever more draconian laws.  Without a gun you become a slave.  This is their goal, this always is their goal. The death toll figures of past gun confiscations followed by the crackdown are unbelievable, the state has massacred its own citizens in the tens and hundreds of millions. This is America’s future, it is going to happen, but the remnant of rustic America is not going to allow the state to take their gun and the fight is coming, in some areas it has already started.

“The necessary consequence of man’s right to life is his right to self-defense. In a civilized society, force may be used only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. All the reasons which make the initiation of physical force an evil, make the retaliatory use of physical force a moral imperative.” – Ayn Rand

The state is immoral because it is initiating the use of force against it’s citizens.  The states only right is to protect the citizens from harm.  Once a state turns on its own people it must be overthrown.
Rustic America is the Greatest Threat to the Jewish World Order
Pay attention to the new meme being used to denigrate real Americans, ‘rustic Americans’ are now being demonized. It is meant to imply that those holding traditional values of gun ownership are not modern, not hip with society, but what they really are is those people who have not sold their souls to the state parasite system. People who still have a spine, can think and act, make things happen, are skeptical of government and own guns.

The independent spirit as portrayed by John Wayne represents the greatest threat to state collectivism.
The independent spirit as portrayed by John Wayne represents the greatest threat to state collectivism.

The state is an extension of Rabbinic rule. This most people have yet to discover the relationship between the god meme and authority. If no one has any authority then the state’s authority is also fiction since the state consists of individuals, in order to transcend this limitation the state must create justifications for it’s existence. God is an invention used to get authority where none exists. With god the rabbi/priest/imam claim ruling authority because god appointed them over you.
In order for this mental trick to work the population must be indoctrinated into believing in the fiction of god. Authority is a fiction which is why god was invented, all creatures are endowed with freedom by their very nature of existence.  Do deer have police and jails?  Humans are the only animal on the planet that would jail another of their specie.  This is a planet of primitive Apes enforcing codes that another Ape wrote.
The armed thugs of the state know they are guilty of wrongdoing because in the recent Boston Bombing false flag they went house to house as a posse in armored vehicles. Police acting immorally are cowards, they pack together knowing full well of their treachery. The DHS is an army of cowards, peons recruited by traitors. When the state disarms the citizen that is the exact point in time the citizen becomes a slave and is open to any kind of abuse from the state.
Americans know this which is why they have armed themselves like no other time in our history. Looking at recent actions of the criminal government we see that the state is completely insane with renditions and torture and executions. The USG has left the reservation and gone terminal into the twilight zone of insanity. The United States Corporation is not only criminal but bat shit insane and needs to be put down like a mad dog.
The Highest Moral Good is to Shoot a Cop in the Head
Once the state goes rogue, cops who normally were considered good become the agents of evil. Police are uniformed officers of the state, they are agents of the control matrix imposed by the state. If the state is pure evil, like it is now, then those that work for the state are also evil even if they think of themselves as good. Sorry if you think otherwise, if you are uniformed and enforce the rule of law of criminals then you to are the criminal. Rationalizations don’t cut it. Police are enforcing everyone to accept Jewish supremacism – pure evil as the law. Police are being trained in Israel, that ought to tell you who runs the United States corporation. Isn’t America wonderful, its pigs are trained in Israhell.
Police officers are enforcing Bible code on the populace, police are agents of the Bible mind control matrix imposing Rabbinic will on the population.
Police officers are enforcing Bible code on the populace, police are agents of the Bible mind control matrix imposing Rabbinic will on the population.

My philosophy is simple, I have the right to be left alone. I want nothing from the Jew, what they peddle is against my grain. I do not believe in their chosen status, or their evil books as valid, if you are going to force their ideas on me then you and I have a problem. The Bible is evil, the state is evil.   If you don a uniform that represents this evil and then try to force me to obey your god-evil then I will put a bullet into your brain dead skull. I will not comply with you because you are evil and thus the highest moral good is to put a bullet into your head and remove your god-evil from this society.
The police officer is taking a bribe of fiat scrip as payment for doing the dirty work of the ruling class.  That alone is damning, the script is illegal issue, it is unconstitutional money, it was issued for evil purpose, it is used to enslave men.
Every encounter with a cop is personal, it is you and your personal authority against their assumed authority, they are trying to impose their will on you and not the other way around. The cops are the aggressors and self defense is moral, the problem with cops is that they are like pit bull dogs, they will bite for no reason. If you challenge a cop’s authority they may go ballistic, so the only thing to do is get the drop on them, take them down like any rabid dog. If you don’t get the dog on the first shot, two rounds to the back of the head stops will dispatch any wounded dog. Take no prisoners is my motto, jails are evil, we were meant to live free, those that violate our freedom can die.
For instance, the state lies America into the Vietnam war, then it forces conscription and forces the young men to fight a fictitious enemy overseas which is not a threat. The cops forced people into the war, those that resisted were jailed or killed.  This is the mentality of our race, to force the young to fight in illegal immoral wars against communism then institute every plank of communism like gun controls.  Do you think cops are good?  Everyday the state uses force to prohibit you from driving on public roads unless you have a license.
The police are now being used to confiscate guns and force medication on resistors.  So not only will the cop kidnap and jail you against your will they are enforcing mind erasure policies. The state was evil during the Vietnam War and it is evil now, please explain to me when the state is not evil.  When they come for the guns then the proper reaction is to kill them dead, take no prisoners, leave no survivors, purge society of their faulty DNA.
Cops actually think they are preserving order. Really? Take a look around, do you see order? I see insanity of the highest order. The society is collapsing from Jewish manipulations and the cops protect the law and schemes of the Jews. Every criminal act of Washington is protected and enforced by cops. Without cops Congress is nothing but a collection of suited faggots with big smiles and open palms taking graft.

A trio of traitors. These three men are responsible for the deaths of millions and the loss of liberty, they should be treated with great prejudice.
A trio of traitors. These three men are responsible for the deaths of millions and the loss of liberty, they should be treated with great prejudice.

“We must preserve order” is the rallying call of brain dead cops. They are not very smart and haven’t studied philosophy and history and are taking money from a parasitic organization. Too bad. Stupid people shouldn’t boss those that are productive. It’s time for all cops to make a choice, are you with the American people or are you with the evil Jewish run state?
No person has any right to wax authority over another, but this is what the police do all day long. If you to be a real hero and stop evil then you must stop the person enforcing state authority on others. You must kill the cops in order to preserve freedom. With each dead cop liberty is increased, anyone that gets 100 cops can be awarded a medal of freedom.  That is a fact Jack, and no amount of whining is going to change that fact.
Just as JB Campbell says, we are taking no prisoners and I would also add that we don’t believe in jails anyways. What kind of sick society jails millions of people? You have no choice but to kill the enforcement mechanism or knuckle under their rule and accept the whip.  Cops are not a thin blue line, they are the bloody red matrix interface of statism.  This is a great moment in history, we have a choice to stand up like men and neutralize the dogs of the state.
Then we work up the food chain to AIPAC and their Congressional whores, Jewish oligarchs and their minions at the State Department and Council on Foreign Relations.  ‘Death is coming to them all’, a new song by CSNY.
Anyone that puts on a uniform these days is the enemy. When the state is pure evil, so are all of its uniformed agents. If you are a cop and continue to protect the establishment then you have made your choice. Die dog, no mercy for you!
The Confused People, Reading the Bible has Buried Their Self Esteem
The biggest barrier of the common folk in standing up for themselves is the book they read, the so-called Holy Bible, the most evil book ever written. This Jewish book was written to establish authority, the Rabbinic class borrowed the mythological god meme and made god into their image, one that gave them authority over all things, Genesis 1:27-28 says:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

The first phrase is the inversion of reality, written backwards because man created god in his image. This is the standard Rabbinic psyop, inverting truth on its head, those who wrote the Bible are establishing authority in your mind. The creator gave you freedom, the Rabbis invented god to take it away. Authority is not real so you must be taught an authority meme. Once everyone voluntarily accepts authority, then the state can rule without resistance and lord over the people. The Bible is a book that man wrote in order to control people and impose false authority. Programmed Christian robots will scream otherwise.

Native American philosophy is directly opposed to Christian exploitation and dominion.
Native American philosophy is directly opposed to Christian exploitation and dominion.

Bible believers be damned for the sheep they are, Christianity is a slave religion and its verses prove it, like Romans 13, verse 1:
“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
This verse is laughably absurd. The authorities are corrupt, where’s this just god as they claim?
The few not seduced by the state and its wealth, the rustic remnant, are the only hope of America. Most people are reading the Bible which tells them to obey the authorities, they are the lost sheep that can turn either way, some will fight evil, others will snitch, some will don the uniform of the state. This is why many patriots are figuring out that Christianity is a slave religion, the big mistake of patriots is using the Bible as intellectual defense since the Bible was the document used to enslave. Being a slave is not moral, being a good obedient Christian makes you less than human, an immoral being groveling to authority and power.
If our society ever recovers from the current hell, then maybe future people who understand the problem will ban the Bible as the most dangerous biological weapon ever invented. The state is nothing but an appendage of Bible rule. Both must be cut out or humanity will go extinct. The Bible is a book the infects the minds of men and makes them sheeple. It is not good, it is a threat to humanity, and teaching the Bible to children is psychological abuse.
The Revolution Will Return Sanity to America

America is damned, America is unfit for life. America is a bad place where bad people do bad things. What is worth preserving? The churches that brainwashed the people? The people who allowed themselves to become brainwashed slaves? The greedy corporations destroying the environment for shareholder profit? The food companies polluting human bodies with processed chemicals called food? The state monster pushing for more war? The polluted waterways? The polluted chemtrailed atmosphere. The polluted EMF spectrum, intense electromagnetic fields being emitted from all the technology? Just what the hell is worth preserving? America is gone, it is as a failed state, and should be flushed into the sewer. What type of government should we try next? How about no government.
The process of revolution is the process of owning your mind and returning to sanity. The only problem with radicals is there is not enough of them. Radicals are those willing to do something about the problem that is killing us, radicals are the antibodies in the diseased body politic. The diseased people will always say there is nothing you can do, the diseased people have given up, turned their minds and bodies over to the state for exploitation.
Revolutionary talk is in the air, I will write these words because they are necessary, I am tired of the evil of this society, I did not chose this reality, I was born into hell and have to deal with it.  If you are offended by my talk then screw you and screw your evil, I have had enough of the evil state and those that support it with votes and those that protect it in uniform.


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