Likud Extremists Facing Total Defeat

The Likud Party always displays their founding terrorists at all functions. - Menachem Begin of the Irgun
The Likud Party always displays their founding terrorist at all functions – Menachem Begin of the Irgun

“And as far as the Jews controlling America is concerned, look at it this way. If it isn’t true, you have nothing to worry about. If it is true, you’d better be very nice to us.”

Aaron Breitbart, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles



… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

 –  First  published  October  6th,  2013  –


" Heil Bibi ! "
” Heil Bibi ! “

My, my…what a difference one phone call can make. Obviously no one was expecting it in Israel where the Likuds have been scrambling around in a panic since Friday night.
They had deployed all of their Intelligence assets to convert the loss of US intervention against Syria into putting wind back into the sails of the Iran nuclear program bogeyman.
Plus, AIPAC crashed and burned again.
Netanyahu made a fool of himself in front of the UN once again, something we all know does not embarrass him at all, and neither the Israelis it seems.
Bibi was on a sinking ship with his Iran threat gamble because a growing list of Western countries had been very publicly announcing, one by one, that they were open to better relations with Iran. In the trade this is called ‘the earth is moving under your feet.’
There were two key events that helped clear the pathway for the phone call breakthrough. The EU threw their prestige in with the individual country list for improving Iran relations.
Next was the side meeting at the UN with the P5+1 group that generated very hopeful press comments regarding “resolving all outstanding issues” at their next meeting in mid October.
Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani

American press claims have given credit to Obama for the departing phone call initiative to Rouhani so the receptance in Iran could be tested on his arrival back home. In the PR business we call this ‘staging’.
But Obama was actually following, not leading. All of the other countries public openings to Iran had cleared the ground for Obama to be able to give the Bibi the bad news…that the Iran nuclear threat hoax was a dead duck. It was time for the world to move on.
Bibi is rushing back to Washington to see Obama on Monday. He even put a gag order out to all of his government that no one was to comment publicly on the Sunday media shows about what is now the historic phone call.

As one unnamed Israeli source stated, “Netanyahu fears they’re heading toward a bad agreement with Iran, and if this is the situation, he prefers there be no agreement whatsoever,” the source said.

Why do Israelis elect such leaders?
Why do Israelis elect such leaders?

I would like to ask the clueless Netanyahu, what agreement is he talking about. They have only agreed to talk.
Any agreement is obviously still a work in progress for now. Iran has already stumbled by foolishly posing that sanctions be dropped before negotiation begin, a big and unnecessary mistake on it’s part.
What I think Bibi meant, but would not say, is that he and his Likudite extremists see the chances of the US military and taxpayer money being used to eliminate a Zionist adversary is slipping away.
Israeli Prime Ministers have long sold themselves to the Israeli public on their ability to retain American military aid and taxpayer support.
Israel’s WMD stockpiles make all US aid technically illegal, so their continuing to show that ‘the fix’ is still in solidifies their foreign policy skills. Israelis like seeing their leaders manipulate American policy, to the point of bragging about it publicly at home.
I suspect Bibi will come to Washington with a two part plan. He will try to derail any US normalization with Iran, possibly by threatening something like building 5000 more new settlements in the West bank. Or he might be trying to extort a promise to get fourth or even fifth generation American nuclear weapons on top of the WMD the Israelis already have, as a consolation prize.

The radical Zionists cannot imagine a world where they do not have a growing WMD strike force. And to pull that off they have to have these phony bogeyman threats as cover for why they have these offensive weapons.
The dummies even test fired their new long range ballistic missile right in the middle of the Syrian strike threat drama. And then later test fired two sub launch missiles.

Israel is co-producing with India a multiple warhead intercontinental missile that can reach the U.S. and Moscow
Israel is co-producing with India a multiple warhead intercontinental missile to go with Arrow interceptors above, that can reach the U.S. and Moscow

I think Netanyahu smells another change in the wind, that without some manufactured outside threat then there is no real need for Israel to have its undeclared WMD arsenals.
That means they are one step away from being asked themselves to turn over what they have as part of a regional peace plan.
They would refuse of course, which would open the doors to sanctions, which the whole world would support in a heart beat. Who would deserve it more than the Zionists?
The Arab League is already behind this ‘WMD-Mid East free’ desire, and the only thing that has protected Israel all of these years is American political corruption.
For Jewish political funding to flow into election campaign chests all candidates have had to swear allegiance to Israel’s total military supremacy over the whole region.
This blank check Israeli support policy has been a total failure and the cause of so much misery and destruction in the Mid East, just so American politicians could count on their Jewish campaign cash.
Everyone who did this was in violation of their oath of office and put American national security at risk for the little country in the Mid East which is of no strategic importance whatsoever.
Right in the middle of all this Israel has asked for a big supplemental increase in US military aid. Gosh, it looks like they want America to pay for their ICBMs now, right when we are facing a shutdown over the debt ceiling. Americans are getting up with being Israel’s cash register.
Iran’s political charm offensive has continued as they got more press exposure during the UN sessions. Foreign minister Zarif hit a home run when responding to Netanyahu’s cheap smear on Iran’s reconciliation efforts.

“A smile attack is much better than a lie attack. Mr. Netanyahu and his colleagues have been saying since 1991 … that Iran is six months away from a nuclear weapon. And we are how many years, 22 years after that? And they are still saying we are six months away from nuclear weapons.”

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif ate Bibi's lunch
Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif ate Bibi’s lunch

Dear Bibi, Zarif just ate your lunch with this, and on ABC’s Sunday news hour TV show, also. I can smell change in the wind, Bibi, and I think you can, too.
I wanted to check what the Israeli media espionage people would be doing for their Sunday overtime work.
This usually involves bringing out their controlled media and think tanks assets to plant prepared material delivered by some ‘expert’ in a major paper or TV interview. I did not have to look hard.
The LA Times, Tel Aviv on the Pacific, had an article by Paul Richter. My bet was the Zios would be seeking a total ban on any nuclear activity by Iran as the only way the world could be safe from a country that has not attacked anyone in a 1000 years.
I was right. Mark Dubowitz of the pro-sanctions Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), was pitching that Iran’s right to reprocess under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was somehow subject to outside parties like Israel canceling it on desire, even though they have refused to comply themselves.

The FDD is one of the biggest pro-Israeli NeoCon think tanks that we have, with famous people like ex-CIA director James Woolsey who wants Jonathan Pollard released when he and the Israelis killed more CIA people than any man in history. Woolsey is consider a traitor by the loyal Intel community who would like to see him sharing a cell with Pollard.

Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey - Why did you go over to Pollard Woolsey? The dead agents want to know.
Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey – Why did you go over to Pollard, Woolsey?  The dead agents want to know.

Israeli Intelligence often embeds itself inside these big think tanks for screening purposes because they have big name ex-politicians and department heads, like Loui Freeh of the FBI. It makes them hard to investigate, if not impossible…which is the whole point.
FDD is a cover for aggressive regime change operations overseas and seems to be representing a variety of benefactors, including foreign interests.
For example they would support al-Qaeda terrorism in Syria without blinking an eye. They should change their name to the Terrorism Foundation for Democracy.
Others in the LA Times article were pitching that with any Iranian nuclear reprocessing at all they could just continue diverting some to hidden bomb making facilities. The diversion hoax has been debunked for ages by those close to the inspection procedures there. These media elites and phonies forget that we peasants can read.

The International Atomic Energy Association, (IAEA) confirmed with their audit that not one gram of Iranian nuclear material was unaccounted for.

This was not news for us at VT as our nuclear expert, Clinton Bastin, 40 years with the Dept. of Energy, took us through how everything in storage was under constant monitoring and they could detect any diversion almost in real time.

Clinton Bastin - Vetarans Today nuclear expert
Clinton Bastin – VT’s nuclear expert

We also had other sources confirm that the secret bomb facilities were also a complete hoax as our satellite technology can pick up reprocessing…ANYWHERE, and they have been able to do this for a long time.
I can’t say how or they would shoot me, and I would prefer to keep writing these columns for you.
The bottom line folks is that the Iran nuclear threat has just been a big psyops scam since the beginning.
It was used to prepare trusting citizens for a future attack on Iran, when those same people would not believe their government would lie to them through their teeth as to why.
I will be writing more about what those reasons are. You only have to take a trip down the memory road of past wars to discover why.

Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, a member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers and Sons of Confederate Veterans. This article was written especially for New Eastern Outlook.


One more photo below…a really hard to believe one!!

I had to add this...a wall size head shot of terrorist Begin IN the voting station !!!
I had to add this…a wall size head shot of terrorist Begin IN the voting station !!!


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