Scum Suckers of the Potomac


by Yukon Jack

Does Washington D.C. deserve to exist? What right do they have spending other peoples money, running endless deficits, waging war on everything, selling out to special interests?
Like Israel, D.C. is a cesspool of Jewish supremacist evil and humanity would be better off if they were gone. I can imagine true reform, the day a smuggled USAF nuke gets set off by some Dominionist Christian Zoomie loon downtown D.C., suddenly ending the profligate ones endless parasitism. Good by and good riddance, say I. Really, we don’t need them, they are a ball and chain on the nation and have become the scum sucking whores on the Potomac. You think I’m kidding? How many nukes is the USAF missing? How many have been stolen by the shadow government and nothing done about it? What kind of sick scum sucking whores are running the show?
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Imagine what happens when D.C. is vaporized, all of our problems are instantly solved without some lengthy painful reform process where we are tortured for another century as the demented thinking bureaucrats try to fix the problems they’ve created. With the central whorehouse gone guess what happens next? Freedom. No more forms to fill out, no more false flag security terror, no more regulations telling us how to behave, no more lessons on morality from an infested ball of tapeworms. And just think, no more fishing licenses, like they own the fish anyways.
The Scum Sucking Whores We Call Congress
How disgusting is Congress? How treasonous is Congress? How whored to Israel is the Congress of the United States? When psychopath, war monger, America hater Netanyahu gave a speech about his country our elected representatives could barely stay sitting, they kept jumping up with great energy clapping like penguins high on crack. I’m calling it, that was the moment in time of peak whore doom, when the scum sucking carp on the Potomac showed the world their true whore colors of blue and white. Packed to the gills like carp slurping bread in a Koi pond, our Congress knows who’s their sugar daddy. Unfrackingbelievable and recorded live for all to see how sold down the river the American state is slaved to Israel. What pathetic fools. They will pay for this crime of treason.
Peak Whorehouse –  Netanyahu gets a record 29 Standing Ovations in Joint Session of Congress on 24 May, 2011
Peak WhoreHouse - Netanyahu gets 29 Standing Ovations in Joint Session of Congress on 24 May, 2011
The government just completed another staged shutdown, unable to deal with trillions of debt, they decided to play a game of chicken and hold the Food Stamp recipients hostage.  If Congress was worthy of the title they would actually fix the problem, like reform the central bank that made us whores of the banksters. But they won’t because they love the Federal Reserve and what it gives them, the power to spend money and never have to pay it back. With the Fed they can spend and spend and buy every weapon system imaginable, bomb whoever they want, pour money into what ever pork barrel they deem necessary for re-election. The Fed is Congresses candy store, sweet and delicious politicking without ever having to pay, an endless federal grant to themselves, free money forever. So good luck changing the Federal Reserve, it ain’t goin’ to change ’cause it’s exactly the way they want it.
War is How We Get Filthy Rich
“War … huh! … yeah! … What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” says the song by Edwin Starr. (listen to it) So why the hell is America in war all the damn time? Because the scum sucking whores of the Potomac make money, their contractor friends make money, because those that want to change the map grease their palms. War destroys lives, the planet, and the nation, our nation. And these war mongering whores do war again and again. Amerika is the most war whoring nation in history, we bring Democracy to the world one bomb bay full of Mk 82’s at a time. Congress is a collection of slimy scum sucking whores carping to special interest and Israel, what good are they? They have no good left so nuclear false flag downtown D.C. would be welcome relief.
Spending other people’s money is the opiate of Congress. Much worse than crack whores, who are only ruining their own lives, Congress ruins other peoples lives by spending money that isn’t theirs. Millions of people have been killed, maimed, displaced by this bucket of slimy worms. Congress has always whored itself to special interest groups, now they are slaved to Israel, they haven’t changed in over 200 years, they are doing the same thing they have always done, making money by makin’ war.
Do you ever watch C-SPAN? Did you ever notice that in most sessions Congress is sparsely populated, but not when Netanyahu comes to town, their ain’t an empty seat in the place. When Netanyahu gives a speech they ain’t playin’ poker on their laptop or sleeping like they usually do. They are attentive like a whore when the pimp shows with a chain in hand. They better listen to their master, they better be all ears, they better jump to attention and clap until their hands bleed like the whores they are. When Netanyahu addresses the Congress of the United States, our elected representatives jump to attention like the devil was stickin’ a hot poker up their asses. And how does Netanyahu really feel about the USA?

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Netanyahu 2002

What a laugh this D.C. Vaudeville show is. But no matter how he really feels or what he says it doesn’t matter, the Congress is slavishly slaved to Israel because they are shameless whores to money and the Jews have the money. If Congress was a big box store it would be called Whores R Us! Congress has been auctioned off and now we can plainly see who bought them, and they don’t seem to mind being tools, they seem to enjoy their whore status.
How do you catch a carp? A stinky bait ball on a hook. How do you catch a Congressman? A stinky wad of cash on a Zionist hook – take the money and support Israel. It is a nice little arrangement. Yeah, some people get killed but my mansion needs a bigger pool.  Catching Congressman is easier than catching carp, you don’t need to go wade in some river with pole and bait and hope they bite, with Congressman they come to you looking for money.  They need no enticing, hell, Congressman will be glad to stick the bloody hook in themselves.  Freshman Congressman ought to make their first stop to AIPAC headquarters, it’s like the completion of a circle, most of them start their campaigns at the Wailing Wall.
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Voting Justifies the Criminal Enterprise
Congress is guilty of massive theft through inflation, mass murder, making mayhem, skullduggery like the world has never seen before. The devil hasn’t dreamed of half the stuff they do.  But what about the people? Don’t the people vote again and again for their whore? Sure, poll after poll shows that Congress has single digit approval rating, but they get elected again and again. What the hell is going on? The people like their Congressional whores, sure they are a bit dirty, but they get the job done, they bring home the bacon to their district.
The state derives its legitimacy by the consent of the governed, or so goes the theory. How do they get it? Because of voting. The vote is how the state pretends to be the just governing agency in any given region. The vote is how the state claims a monopoly on the use of force. It is all a giant farce. First of all many don’t vote because they are so disgusted by politicians, they somehow know not to be part of the evil machinations of the political whores. Many of those that do vote are complete morons and are only interested in their pet issue, like if they get a cellphone. Then we have the state that cheats, allowing the two dominant political parties from preventing actual viable honest third party candidates of the people from even getting on the ballot. Then once in office, those secret whores voted in do not keep their word and proceed with their hidden agendas of their paymasters.  All of it a bad joke on the people who are honest.
So we can surmise that the entire public process of voting is a fail. Voting is a crime against humanity, it can not be made fair or just because the politicians have cleverly gotten corporations to make machines so that they count the votes. All voting does now is justify those in power, voting allows those scum buckets entrenched in power to remain there, it allows Congress to spend your money for endless war. Congress is looking out for its interest, not yours. If you couldn’t vote you would see Congress for what it is, a criminal enterprise of war making and looting. Many people now realize that the two party system is a ruse, their is only one party, the war party slaved to the Jewish state.
The ruse of voting gets you to stand down and not govern your own life. Voting in today’s world only legitimizes an evil system. There’s no way to change a corrupt system, maybe it’s time to pray for nuclear false flag in D.C. Goodby to you Mr. Congressman, whore of Israel!


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