Secret Space War XI: Comet Ison Gambit


by Preston James

NASA has designated 2013 as the Year of the Comet. What would lead NASA to do so?

A Gambit is a strategic move, often in chess but also in politics or business, where a player sacrifices something up front for future gain.

Numerous stories are now appearing in the alternative internet mass media that suggest the Comet Ison is approaching Planet Earth, and the Earth will intersect its trajectory and run into the debris field following the comet.

Is Comet Ison a real threat or will it be used as cover for another “National Security State” staged mass death event? That is the question and it is one we will have an answer to by the end of January 2013. The Planet X event (aka Nibiru pass-by close to earth) predicted for last December 21, 2012 never occurred, but Ison is different because we have acknowledgement from NASA that it exists and we have general timelines disclosed for its trajectory.

[youtube Ok8AilkA14c]
Not only does Ison exist, it is now known that it passed fairly close to the planet Mars recently and as it did so some amateur astronomers claim large explosions signified by light bursts were seen and a large aurora engulfed the entire planet. During this time access to NASA data was unavailable due to the USG shutdown.  Some Internet Commentators have suggested that the shutdown was instituted to cover this up because the USG does not want Americans to know that although Comet Ison will not hit Planet Earth, Planet Earth could still have heavy damage to its surface from passing through Ison’s debris tail.
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This is a perfect test situation because the evidence cited suggests an actual time period for this intersection of earth with Comet Ison’s debris field (late November through January 2014).
It is not being suggested that Comet Ison will collide with Planet Earth, but astronomic photographs and trajectory calculations Comets-stargazing-2013-2suggest that Ison could come close enough that the earth will pass into its trail of debris which appears to be following it for a substantial distance. The best estimate so far for Ison’s fly by Earth is November 29th and this depiction is how NASA believes it will appear in the sky.
Is there enough significant debris contained in Ison’s tail to create severe damage to Planet Earth’s surface if earth intersects Ison’s debris field as is expected?  That is the question.
Collision with a very, very small debris, no damage because such debris would be burned up by the earth’s atmosphere. Collision with a small amount of small sized debris, little damage to the surface of the earth would result. Collision with a large amount of debris or particularly large debris and major catastrophic damage to Earth’s surface would result.
BRRISON-logoUsually these comets are big chunks of contaminated ice that vaporizes as they get closer to a star or in this case the Sun. Could there be special contaminants in Ison’s tail which could poison the earth’s surface or spread some new pandemic? Could this comet be a “wormwood”?
NASA is actually very interested in Comet Ison and has prepared a high altitude balloon with a high tech telescope to record it flyby.
Is all the recent hype about the alleged incoming Comet Ison a gambit seeded in the alternative Internet media to provide cover for another massive, staged Gladio style false-flag attack on America, this time a self-inflicted EMF false-flag by folks at the USAF?
Could Comet Ison just be the first rock in an Asteroid Belt that Planet Earth is intersecting with?
And there is always another possibility that Ison is just the first of many “Rocks” that may intersect the earth’s orbit. Some believe that the earth passes through some kind of asteroid belt every 3600 years which results in major geophysical disasters, some linked to extinction level events in the past. Could it be that the real threat to planet earth is an asteroid field of small rocks in line with Ison that the Planet Earth will intersect during 2014? Even a field of relatively small rocks can become dangerous meteors given the right conditions which they enter the earth’s atmosphere. If NASA has conclusive knowledge about this, and they probably do, they are withholding it from the Public.
Astronomical photographs show two UFOs traveling with Ison, one on either side.
These are claimed to have been provided by a Chinese Orbital Telescope Tiam Lian 1, but have not been vetted nor has NASA acknowledged these photos to be real. And yet they do seem similar with other known photographs taken of asteroids (aka “space rocks”) moving through space that have been identified.

[youtube wZZ9iBJ0d90]
In a recent VT article Gordon Duff discussed the possibility that Comet Ison has two apparent “visitors” along side it and although he did not make a definitive prediction for a major geophysical catastrophe with Planet earth related to Ison’s trajectory, he did suggest that events were possible that would require basic preparedness.  He then proceeded to suggest what folks should do as a minimum to be prepared as best they can if serious geophysical events do just happen to occur from Ison. (1)

Now as many folks realize, Gordon Duff is no lightweight. He is an experienced, well known, well respected international Intelligence and Security consultant, and not prone to generating rumors. I took his recent article as a heads up to be prepared for the possibility of at least some minimal occurrence whatever that may be. Personally I am as concerned about another USG major false-flag using Ison as a cover story as I am the possibility of some major geophysical event caused by intersection with Ison’s debris field. But who knows, in any event we do have a fairly tied down timeline here which makes Ison a very interesting case with an end in sight.

His article included an enlarged photo depicting two apparent objects accompanying Comet Ison which could be American ultra high tech Anti-Gravity Craft or alien craft. These craft could be merely tracking and analyzing Ison, or who knows, maybe attempting to steer or control Ison. It should be pretty obvious that with the anti-gravity technology gained from prior and current treaties with Alien ETs in exchange for permission to abduct humans to obtain human tissue, blood and human genetic materials as well as the known underground alien/human hybrid development lab at Dulce, NM, Either US Naval or AF Space Command AGCs are there tracking and studying Ison or alien Identified Flying Objects (IFOs) aka alien Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs).
Somebody’s spacecraft seem to be following Comet Ison, are these from NASA, the USAF, or USN Secret Space Warfare programs or are they alien ET anti-gravity craft (AGCs)?
Of course those who have gained an understanding of all the secret space wars that have been going on between Alien ETs and the USAF and the USN Space Command (unacknowledged, special access, no written budget, deep black programs run by the Secret Shadow Government SSG), as well as at times between the USAF and the USN as well as “occasional incidents” with or between the Russians and/or Chinese. As some readers of VT know, there has been a three way competition for black budget dollars between NASA, the USAF and the USN Secret Space Command Units which each have their own fleets of Anti-gravity craft (AGC’s) and are to a certain degree striving for predominance. (2)

Last year NASA announced plans for sending nuclear tipped rockets into space to destroy any meteors before they could hit Planet Earth, but this talk stopped suddenly and it is unknown if they ever sent up a rocket after a Meteor that was approaching earth or not.

Could it be that Ison is a natural occurrence that just happens to be a real threat to Planet Earth and America that the USAF has sent two very large AGC’s out to try and steer it away from Planet Earth or at least to observe and test its composition?
Or is the USAF unacknowledged special program, the Deep Black Space Command in process now of using their highly advanced alien technology based Anti-Gravity Craft (AGCs) to steer a large chunk of space ice close enough to dump its tail of debris into the intersecting orbit of planet earth at just the right time to make sure that there is a significant geophysical catastrophe to justify the declaration of Martial Law and full roll out of DHS’s secret plans to mass-murder millions of Americans? (3)
Facts are that a small cabal inside the USAF did institue a major gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attack on America once before on 9-11-01 and successfully attained all their goals of locking down America and transforming it into a police state, and getting their illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared Mideast Wars. Why wouldn’t they do it again and maybe up the ante a bit this time?
Could Comet Ison be used to justify the long desired roll-out of Martial Law under DHS and NorthCom by instituting a aerial EMP burst designed to knock out a substantial portion of the electric grid?
If some kind of major geophysical catastrophe occurs in association with the passing by of Ison which should be very visible in the sky, daytime or night, then the USG could declare Martial Law, activate the secret plans based on Garden Plot, Rex 84 and many others using the New American Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As many now realize DHS has been gearing up for a twenty year war inside America against American Citizens by buying up massive amounts of ammo (2 billion hollow points), 2700 armored personnel carriers, 1700 fully automatic real assault rifles, 30,000 remote-controlled, arm-able drones which can deploy air to ground remote guided missiles, and now millions of ready to eat and dried meals shipped to FEMA Region Three.
The USG has a bad history regarding national weather emergencies in the past under FEMA. DHS is expected to be much worse and as the new American Gestapo is expected to place a boot in your face 24/7 if Martial Law is declared.

DHS has a major exercise planned for November called GRID X2, involving FEMA Region three which will involve an exercise mimicking a major EMP power outage along the North Eastern Seaboard.  This also coincides with the massive procurement of food and supplies which was completed by October 1, 2013. Is this just a coincidence, or is the USG planning to stage a major Catastrophe like they did at Katrina where they engineered and steered a hurricane inland and then blew out the dikes to protect the downtown areas and flood out the poorer areas. The legitimate police went YOYO (you are on you own) and abandoned their beats, the crooked cops went looting, stealing new cars and worse, and FEMA brought in Blackwater (now Academi) and armed National Guard to go home to home and confiscate guns, some of which ended up for sale on the Internet by the thieves in govt dress that stole them.
There were unpublicized incidents of murders of innocent civilians by these Nazi style stormtroopers. There was at least one National Guard Unit that refused to participate in gun confiscation.

Katrina became a circus of gross criminal neglect, murder and gun confiscation/theft while FEMA did nothing for eight days and was a vile violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 
Mercenaries were used to murder innocent civilians and to terrorize them, while old and sick folks were “euthanized” in their beds at the orders of FEMA rather than fly in helicopters to help them. If Ison sets off a major geophysical disaster is this what we can expect from DHS and FEMA, more criminal neglect and even murder of innocent civilians?
There were shoot to kill orders issued by FEMA to prevent anyone from leaving New Orleans across the bridge after the Hurricane youareterror2subsided. There were numerous innocent individuals shot and killed on the bridge and later on some police were tried for these ordered murders. The folks held in the sports arena at gunpoint was part of a big USG experiment like Jonestown but in this case clean teams were not used to mass murder those captive inside, although quite a few died because Mercenaries and National guard outside were ordered not to assist in any way. Bodies were left to rot in the sun and after days they were taken to cold storage where many were never identified or claimed. There was an army base within a hour by helicopter which could have brought in plenty of food and water within hours, but FEMA did nothing for eight days and watched folks suffer and die. Is DHS just itching to be able to activate all their sophisticated Martial Law plans? Is the Ison Comet a rare opportunity that they just cannot pass up?  We shall see by early 2014!

As one very well informed individual told me, yes DHS may have procured 20 years of ammo, but he didn’t believe that they were necessarily gearing up for a 20 year war, but instead are planning for the unthinkable, just in case since that is the USG’s way of operating.  They are the most paranoid preppers that ever existed and the numerous top secret Continuation of Government Plans, the large number of DUMBS with high speed connecting tunnels, and the massive underground food storage for the elites prove this.  Of course any major world earthquakes will transform these alien/human operated DUMBs into expensive mausoleums for these super-elite deviants.  If there was some type of major geophysical catastrophe, then this massive amount of ammo DHS acquired may be all they can ever get and America will enter the new dark ages and will become a Feudal/Lord type system. So they want to make sure they at least have plenty of ammo because lethal force out of the barrel of a gun provides order when everything else fails.

Ever wonder why you get so many hangup call, robocalls and sales calls when you are on the offical USG “do not call list”(all of these are illegal of course). These are what insiders call dual use programs where the Kingpins in high USG and Intel positions sell lists gathered from the NSA and “Israeli phone billing companies”.  These calls yield profits to phone carriers that charge per call (at a special rate) and profits to these kingpins, but also attain the SSG/USG/Intel goal of helping to make folks feel abused and alienated from society, while providing intel about when and how they answer the phone.  The hangup calls are in some cases used to download data from newer electronic phones or turn them on and off as listening devices. (4) Don’t ever underestimate the power of the NSA, DHS and your regional Fusion Center to provide daily nuisances while doing extensive and expensive spying on your taxpayer dollar. And all the while collecting data on you and spying about every aspect of your digital life.
Any major geophysical catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy (weather engineered or not) is probably the wet dream of the “National Security State” (NSS).
Any serious meteor strike or event which resulted in a major EMP would be the wet dream of the “National Security State” and DHS (the New American Gestapo) (5) its new main enforcer. And Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Marcus Wolfe, J. Edgar Hoover would be very, very proud of DHS and the regional Fusion Centers.
Now thanks to the national security whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and Mark Novitsky (6) and many others,we have learned a great deal of just how extensive the spying and harassment is of NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA ect.

And many foreign countries as well as American businessmen and women now know that the NSA is stealing their industrial secrets, sending many of them through Israel where they are sold to foreign interests for cash or provided to DOD contractors and assets. The leaders of NSA and the CIA perjured themselves to Congress and must be immediately removed from office.   Now this is hypocrisy beyond belief and trashes the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law. I’d call this Treason, and Sedition too, wouldn’t you. If you or I lied like this to Congress or to any LE agency we would be prosecuted and jailed for 10-30 years minimum and maybe even given life imprisonment.

We know that DHS has a “Core List” which is a domestic terrorist watch list or what some refer to as an “official assassination/kill list” should the SHTF.  This Main Core list is now reputed to be comprised of 8 million Americans at last count and growing daily.
If the SHTF the folks on this list will likely be targeted.  And what does it take to get on this list that one can never get off of just like the no fly list? Senator Ted Kennedy was placed on the no fly list and despite major efforts never could get off of it because there is no review or appeal process, just like all other secret USG watch lists. And it is now known that DHS and NSA also have a centralized secret “No Work” list for any national security whistle-blower, any major political dissenter, or any whistle-blower that speaks out about any kind of USG or major corporate corruption. If you are put on the list you will not be able to stay working in your chosen occupation or profession in most cases.
The national Security State Police now have a “no work list” in addition to their “No Fly List” and “Main Core” terror watch lists. But this is not enough, they want more control, a great deal more.  Ison is a big opportunity, can they resist it?

This is the way it works.  If someone is on the central USG watch list for domestic terror, typically an FBI or DHS agent visits the whistle-blower’s employer and has a sit-down.  During this meeting the employer is informed that the whistle-blower is a “suspected domestic terrorist”.  There are two levels of action that can be taken by the agent. The first level is to give the employer his card and suggest that the employee be watched closely and the employer should call the agent if they notice anything out of line from the ordinary. The second option is for the agent to inform the employer that the employee (whistle-blower) is a known domestic terrorist and they would like the employer to discharge the employee.
A cover story is provided for the employer to use as a flimsy excuse to discharge the employee, and then the employer is told two additional things.  First, not to worry about any lawsuits because they have special legal teams to handle that if it arises and they can side-track any attorneys or law firms, and second they show a letter to the employer to read which is a national security letter which orders the action and says further that it is a violation of federal law to disclose the true reason for discharging this employee or even that this visit occurred, punishable by 10 years in jail and a ten thousand dollar fine. After the letter is read, the agent takes it back and says it is illegal to leave it there.
The appearance and “fly-by” of Comet Ison presents numerous possibilities for staged, engineered geophsical disasters.

Despite the national security state control now in place that have neutralized and ignored the  US Constitution and all Rule of Law”, the present national security lock-down now in place in America is not sufficient to satisfy the craving for despotism of the SSG rulers or their masters the ‘Council of Twelve”. (7) The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) always want more and more like a drug  addict mainlining heroin. Does the presence of Ison present just too much temptation for the SSG to let this go without false-flag1staging some type of major geophysical false-flag event like engineered earthquakes or an aerial burst EMP? Major Ed Dames (retired with knowledge of unacknowledged special access programs like Remote Viewing) has claimed that the world could be in store for a “Kill Shot”, that is, a massive coronal discharge from the sun or an extreme increase in the radiation emitted from the sun and overheating the earth. Certainly the SSG could launch a large Titanium rod from one of their large space platforms with a nuclear charge at the back end.  After the light show is over the nuke could be ignited to provide the necessary aerial shock desired or an EMP too.
Other experts are predicting a possible nuclear winter or a very severe winter this year from crossing the tail of Ison and entering its debris field. Could the name Ison be code for “Ice-on” Earth, or is this just a coincidence?
As Janet Napolitano was leaving office as Director of DHS, she stated that in the future a major cyber attack on the US was in the cards. This time was she actually telling the truth?  Could such an attack be staged by the SSG as another inside job to take advantage of the appearance of Ison in the sky, or could Ison create a large enough electrostatic interference to cause a major loss of data that could be blamed on Syria, Iran, Russia or China?
Some scientists at NASA are very interested in Ison as a bright event in the sky overhead visible to all and are sending up a very expensive special telescope mounted on a balloon, but do not expect any difficulties, but only a fascinating light show that rarely occurs. Professor James McCanney on the other hand is concerned that Ison may disrupt the electrostatic balance of the Earth which could cause various geophysical events not normally occurring. Could massive digital data loss be one of them?
Lately there has been a story of massive electronic supply problems at the new NSA data center in Utah suggesting transformer explosions, etc.  This is a well staged psyop to help defuse public anger against the NSA.  Do not be fooled by such narratives like this or Dick Chicanery’s phony heart story or Boosh2’s so-called sad apology to his wife right before heart surgery that never happened for a supposed fling with Condoleeza which never happened for a lot of reasons many folks know about. Remember the SSG has a special team of top psyops specialists that craftily author such narratives that are scientifically designed to defuse public anger and manipulate the public’s perceptions.
Could a certain alien ET group that has formed a strong secret relationship with the top leaders of the SSG, those few at the top of Majestic 12 (MJ-12) be making a move to enact the final stages of their known to be evil “Alien Agenda” which is reputed to involve complete lock-down of the whole earth into a unified national security state, the radical depopulation of humans from Planet earth by use of sophisticated soft-kill (eugenics, GMO, vaccinations, pollution) and hard-kill (war, famine, induced pandemics)? (8)
It is believed by some connected at very high levels of American Intel that there is an established three way connection between the top SSG leaders, worldwide esoteric occult networks that are essentially luciferian, and a certain group of notably alien ETs that have a history of nasty medical experiments of humans, abductions outside of their treaty and a history of using some abducted humans for food. If this group is involved flying along side Ison, then it is not too big of a jump to expect that Ison may be used as part of the roll-out of their long planned “Alien Agenda” to lock down the world with a police state, to radically depopulate the earth using soft-kill and hard-kill, to terra-form the earth to prepare it for re-population and colonization with their newly developing alien ET/human hybrids now being developed in deep black underground bases with the SSG in DUMBS like at Dulce, NM.
By the end of January 2014 or soon thereafter, we should all have an answer to these questions of what exactly Comet Ison is, will it cause a geophysical catastrophe, and whether or not it is actually going to be used to institute Martial Law, and if so how it will be done.
If the SSG is planning to use Comet Ison’s as cover for an engineered, staged major geophysical disaster effecting the East Coast FEMA Region 3 and including other areas of America, they will be taking a huge gamble and laying a great deal on the line, that is, in a sense, going for broke.
Here’s why. The criminals running the National Security State which includes DHS and Northcom may not understand the power of the Internet and the new populism that has been emerging from it.  This new populism brings with it a strong new commitment to the Founding Fathers, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Rule of Law, across a wide spectrum of American Society including, yes especially including the US Military and DHS.
What this means in practical terms is that everyday less and less folks inside these various agencies of the National Security State are committed to those agencies like they used to be but are changing their primary allegiances to maintaining their Oaths to the Constitution they took and the preservation of the Rule of Law. Add to this the fact that all these agencies including the NSA and DHS are now leaky sieves that can no longer conceal the illegal, criminal, unConstitutional spying, Treason and Sedition of their leaders, and it is pretty obvious that their systems of control are breaking down despite their increased heavy handed measures. Many of these individuals are sandbagging and waiting to the STHTF at which time they will turn in a NY Minute and defend America, the Republic. They do not want to whistle-blow now or thrown themselves on a sword until such times as the curtain is completely pulled back and the public realizes in mass that the King has no clothes but is buck naked and nothing but a criminal psychopath.
Many Americans are now aware of these criminal psychopaths that are running these agencies and their criminal acts, Treason and Sedition and push-back is coming in many unexpected ways. If Comet Ison is used as a cover for a staged, engineered National Security State geophysical disaster, this will become obvious very quickly and there will be hell to pay for this one way or another because all Ameria will find out.  Just like when the nukes were illegally taken from the Minot to Barksdale AFB or those from Dyfess AFB to South Carolina without paperwork, those responsible were quickly exposed by subordinates and stopped.
The cruise missile attack, aerial bombardment and carpet bombing of Syria by the US Military was stopped because the American people are tired of war and reacted against it in mass. This is a clear cut case of the power of the newly emergent populism arising from the worldwide Internet.  It will not subside and will increase incrementally over time. The SSG, USG, DHS, or Northcom does not have highly qualified experts in this new phenomena which is similar to the mass social amplification of Hollywood and politics, but it is actually going to be much more intense and complicated to stop in the long run.
For those that want to learn more about it taking a look at Emile Durkheim’s work on the Conscience-Collective would be a good starting point. It can be stated with deep confidence that this newly emergening populism from the Internet is now too far gone, cannot be stopped even if the Internet is permanently taken down, and this new emerging worldwide populism is the weak underbelly of the national Security state, best described as Super-fascism.  Super fascism is the merger of the state and the corporations, but where the corporations are organized into a large international offshore network of approximately 140 with interlocked Boards of Directors and control the National Security State and use its agencies to do their bidding.
Thus with Super-fascism, this confederacy of corporations buy and own almost all politicians, judges and officials, sets up a revolving door for jobs, consultancies and highly paid honorariums and truly represents a covertly operating NWO globalist shadow government. After a while this system will eventually completely collapse as it consumes all available resources for a small proportion of the people which destroys its basic markets and function in the end.  Because they own all the law makers and enforcers, they are like heroin addicts out of control and have no real “rule of law” limits anymore.
However it is most important to note that they cannot stop their acquisitions of power and wealth until their wealth and power acquisition system collapses all basic markets, which in the end kills the goose that laid their golden egg. But what they (the USG and SSG, DHS, NSA and the National Security State) do not realize is that even if they shut down the Internet or severely restrict it, the “cat is out of the bag” and it is now far too late to stop the emergence of worldwide populism which is growing stronger everyday inside America.
One must ask the question, does the SSG have the technical capability to send two Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) out to bird-dog this Comet (whatever it is) and could these AGCs be used to plant charges, maneuver the Comet into a certain pre-determined or desired trajectory? The obvious answer to the first two questions is yes, and a maybe for the last one. Or are these apparent AGC’s morphed and part of an elaborate psyops to create false cover for the deployment of an orbital to earth missile strike which could be coated with metal layers which would mimic a meteor but contain a nuclear device inside which could create an illusion of a real meteor strike? Does this Comet Ison present just too much of a convenience for the SSG to pass up, being a golden opportunity which can be used to engineer and deploy a much needed major geophysical disaster “requiring” a huge roll-out of DHS and FEMA and invocation of Martial Law in the streets of mainstream America, a occurrence which could finish the transformation of America into Gaza II?  Soon we shall have an answer and hopefully Ison will be no more than a passing and bright light in the sky with no after effects, and no associated false-flag attack followed by a complete police state security lock-down of America.
Note: for those that want more information and background about the Secret Space War that is now going on, you can refer to Secret Space War II through X which are available at if you use the search bar.
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[youtube St6jyEFe5WM]


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