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ScreenHunter_2415 Oct. 23 11.56Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty….Inc.


by Cara St.Louis for Veteran’s Today

I reached my hand out as far as I could, waved it irresistably around in the air, and said, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty….” My child would giggle knowing the game so well. I was trying to distract him or her so I could stealthily sneak a tickle in while they weren’t looking.  They didn’t really fall for it after the first time or two but giggled nonetheless.  I wish I could say the same for We, the People.

There is an entire global industry, as big as any other out there, that exists exclusively to keep us all distracted and confused and occupied.  There are many sub-categories to HKKK, Inc.  Many of them are electronic and have an irresistable visual component that keeps our attention focused on a screen…anywhere but on what is actually around us.  They’ve even made the atmoshpere in which we swim a ‘plasma screen,’ but we have to save that for later. Meanwhile, HKKK, Inc., exists to make sure we all continually lose the plot.  The electronics and the movies and the video games…this is just the obvious stuff.
We are all pretty well aware of this. This announcement, were it to actually be an announcement, might just fall under the category of boring.  However, there is much within the confines of the movement to bring the light of day to the ‘geoengineering’ debacle, that also falls under the category of Great Big Distraction.  This is why my articles on the subject tend to be lean.  I am not here to trot out every fact or fancy I can about geoengineering.  Not yet anyway. That would be a twisted exercise in attention-getting and very short-lived. A complete waste of time and a mini-distraction all its own.  (Hint, hint).  Let us select a few of the facts that cover the broadest spectrum and get people’s attention that way.  The audience is intelligent here. They will run with it without benefit of knowing just how very, very brainy I am…laughing.
This idea of just how to bring this information to the public is the first one with which I started to wrestle.  Not enough, too much, just enough?  What part of the nightmare is going to enliven the masses? God knows there is a plethora of technical information.  Thank God.  Nevertheless, an overdose of technical data and/or the avalanche of anectdotal evidence shuts most people down. That is counterproductive if I can once again state the very, very obvious.  We will lose by pulling people way too far out of their comfort zone.  So, everything rests on how information is delivered.
This is something the other side knows very, very well.  Sometimes, though, the adversaries play a card that makes it simple to choose where to start and what to say. That comes later.
It is also the case, physiologically speaking, that the more frightened people get, the less likely they are to be able to act.  So, calm, cool, collected but informed and empowered.  Fear is not just a distraction. It is a neutralizer.  It is a Goal of Paramount Importance to HKKK, Inc., for three reasons.  One,  panicky people tend to go along with plans that, under any other circumstance, would be characterized as insane. I doubt if I have to explain that to any soldier reading this article.  We could probably talk about this pehomenon with the citizenry of Boston now.  The Terrorist Bogeyman works.  Quick! Shoot everything! We’ll sort it out later.  It works until we are so burned out on that particular Bogeyman that we can’t make ourselves believe it anymore. We the People, I believe, are at that point. That is a dangerous place for everyone…them and us.  Two, enough fear, as we have all experienced, shuts down our ability to act.  Three, fear generates an energy that psychotics feed on. It’s a banquet, a gleeful feast, for a certain badly fractured psychology.  It makes us forget that they are Just People.  They are Just People.
Disinformation Conveyance is at maestro level these days. It is everywhere and it is breathtaking in its walking the knife edge such that crap is delivered on elegantly photographed toast. Truth on the rocks with a twist.  Also known as a Lie.  My Dad used to call it shit on a shingle.  It has systematically eroded our ability to discern truth from falsehood. That human ability we have to read subtle lies is still there.  Luckily, the evidence backing up the avalanche of disinformation is woefully lacking or laughably amateurish and so the whole thing falls apart rather quickly these days. Again, another dangerous impasse for them and for us.  Why dangerous? Because it backs the adversaries into a corner.  Can a massive tantrum be far away? There are more reasons to be unafraid than there are to be afraid nevertheless.  Great falsehoods cannot hold their own center; they fall apart and clatter at our feet like loose tire rims clattering to the street.
Edward Snowden was reported over the summer to have made clear statements about chemtrails. Let’s pretend he actually said these things, which is absolutely NOT a given.  There are simply stories ascribed to him.  Basically, the story, which I will get into momentarily, is an adept wink-wink-nudge-nudge well, Monsanto has been doing this all along for the sake of saving the United States from disaster.  The reaason this has been disclosed, supposedly, is that there is no government or scientific oversight for the program. Where to begin, where to begin with this tangled mess delivered in the guise of a near-confession.  How many out there have read Dune by Frank Herbert?   One of my all time favorite books and clearly relevant to the present oil-mongering, colonializing cauldron we live in.  It is about a desert planet on which is a very rich store of ‘spice,’ which is a product that makes clairvoyance possible on the one hand and propels vehicles through the universe on the other. It is addictive, completely and permanently, and so there is a fight over control of this substance greasing the wheels of life.
There is a noble savage involved, living in the desert, collectively called the Fremen. The ‘hero’ of the piece is nicknamed Muad D’ib by the Fremen. According to the story ascribed to Snowden, Monsanto calls its chemtrail program Muad D’ib. How come?  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The gist of the story is that they couldn’t tell us about it for our own sakes but they’re doing it to save the United States even to the detriment of the rest of the world. I no more believe that Monsanto is chem’ing us to death for the sake of saving the United States than I believe I am the Queen of Sheba. I am fully prepared to believe that Monsanto is extensively involved as they have been tied to death on a genocidal scale, just via pesticides and foods our bodies actually reject, modifications that make us sick as hell.  We could follow that thread back to Agent Orange.
I know we are being chem’d unto death.  This is what I am prepared to believe, based on extensive research over time revealing constant chemical dumps and the evidence of the kind of behavior we can expect from Monsanto.  I am not even prepared to believe that this comes from a man called Snowden.  This story hits, though, on a few fronts. It gives a ‘reason,’ which is really to ‘save us’ for the death in which we are swimming.  And it is juicy enough to keep us focused on it and talking about it; occupied.  Furthermore, we are conditioned to hate Monsanto, and rightly so…there’s the truth of the matter, leaving the other companies to buzz along unmolested.  As we throw stones at Monsanto, they continue to pull the rug out from under us. Truth mixed with what? Disinformation depends on a very large helping of truth.  It’s a way to guide us through the maze in the way they want us to go.  Gosh, what a lot of mileage out of one story.
Kinds of noise. Kinds of distractions.  The real. Not unreal. The sort-of real. The time wasters. The fear generators.  Worst of all, the kind that makes us as the Wrong Questions.  And, if all else fails, the physiological invasion of your attention…your ability to attend.

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate. The shocking truth, as he says, is that chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming. By cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps. Snowden added, “I am only revealing this program because there is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for the side-effects which are well known only to a few privileged people interested in continuing the decades-long chemtrail program in secret.”
Because climate change is a threat to U.S. agriculture, it has been labeled a national security issue. With the influence and cooperation of Monsanto, a secret Geoengineering lab dubbed Muad’Dib has been operating since the late 1960s, and the chemtrail program is often referred to by insiders as its “crown jewel.” Muad’Dib has aimed to protect North America’s climate at all costs – even if that means accelerating desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa or spreading trace amounts of carcinogens over lightly populated areas. Other side effects, which scientists at the secret Muad’Dib Geoengineering Lab have predicted, include droughts in the Amazon and powerful windstorms along the East Coast.
Snowden shared decisive documents with The Internet Chronicle, but out of concern for national security, only his testimonial can be published. These documents contain references to scientists who would surely be targeted by foreign counterintelligence, and their knowledge is vital to short-term survival of the United States.
Snowden said, “If this program were to stop, the scientists behind it strongly believe that within just one year the North American climate would spiral out of control, and crop failures would lead to a series of devastating famines that would quickly depopulate urban centers.”

Because the program has been carried out on such a massive scale, skeptics might find Snowden’s story unbelievable. However, Snowden explained that the chemtrail program has been incredibly easy to hide, especially with the cooperation of jet fuel companies, a crucial part of the military-industrial complex. Snowden said, “The chemicals which are released by passenger airplanes have been covertly introduced as ‘additives,’ supposedly to improve efficiency. Only as the plane reaches cruising velocity does the heat and atmospheric pressure cause a chemical reaction that synthesizes the top secret carbon-trapping molecule. This process is imperfect, and many of the by-products are incredibly dangerous even in trace quantities. The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown.”

Well, at least it’s an admission that death is raining down on us. That I will take. We can sure start there.  Monsanto is inevitably hip-deep in this quagmire as they seem to be in anything that stinks right now.  However, let us not get into the habit of latching onto the handle ‘Monsanto,” nodding sagely and assuming we know all we need to on a subject.  That’s just part of the move to reduce our vocabulary to one or two buzzwords.  There are decidely equal contributions by the companies who make the technology and delivery systems, agreements with airline companies, fuel makers, chemical manufacturers, the military, the lawmakers who know all about this, and so forth.  In the end, which I think is fast approaching, it will be a scant handful of companies named in the crime and it will not be deemed to have been for the good of humanity this program.
The other companies are the Usual Rogues Gallery.  Paraphrasing and expressing gratiutude to the writers of the following article, ‘Connecting the Raytheon, AMS, Lockhead, HAARP, NOAA, General Dynamics and DARPA dots…..’ from, I can produce the following names for your consideration and recommend that you have a close look at the article itself: DARPA, BAE Systems, Raytheon, the Navy, the Air Force, NATO, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and the always lovable Microsoft.  Surprisingly, one must now add NOAA to the list as the weather reports are being derived from one of the above companies for distribution.  Such things can no longer be left in the hands of independent meteorologists who might say something that isn’t in the script.
This may be the one and only time I mention them because we are indeed in the desensitization field again here and we need to do two things post haste. First, we must shake off the idea that our adversaries are anything but Just People. They are Just People.  And, in the distraction game now honed over a century and propped up by billions in research and experimentation, we have to wrench our attention back.  Take it back by understanding that slim, pure, incorruptible energy at your core is it and everything else is marketing and noise.  Locate your center and ascribe everything else to the illusion that it most certainly is. That is the true fight under the rain of death.  That is what we will gain, the gift generated by the thorn in our side.  (I think I just heard the Nazgul screaming.)
Up to now, if all else fails, HKKK, Inc., could rest assured that we almost never act because we are far too busy arguing the details.  Yes, the details matter and because the issues are global it is difficult to see when we should set it all aside. But here’s an example:  let’s talk about the arctic ice melt. Yes or No?  Would you believe me if I suggested that at this moment it doesn’t matter which?  Finally, as promised, that beautiful tipping point.  It is the place to focus our attention above any climatic catasrophe real or imagined, provided by the geoengineers themselves.  It’s like Christmas in a way because it is so far beyond rational that all but the most addicted debaters must recognize it as The One. The stance of the geoengineers is that the ice is all but gone and, because of that the substantial methane sink under the Siberian ice cap will inevitably be set free and kill us all in an instant. The truth there for sure is that that much methane, should it be released, would kill us all.  Were we being ordinary thinking humans we would assume that it’s good to establish one way or the other whether that ice is just about gone and we are on the verge of a methane catastrophe. However, we don’t have that luxury.
There is a group of scientists who are at least insisting that the ice is melting to the point that the methane release is imminent and that they need to use HAARP, the ionosphere heater, to do what amounts to destroying the atmosphere to dilute the strength of the methane. This in an already shredded ozone layer.  This to stop a problem CAUSED by the very technology they propose to use.  Check for yourself. The group is called The Arctic Methane Emergency Group.  I was reminded yesterday that the Grand Old Argument, they wouldn’t do anything that was so dangerous it could kill them, too, could be examined beside the Fact that scientists were warned that detonating atomic bombs could easily start a chain reaction on this planet that would end all life and THEY DID IT ANYWAY.  If one is going to try to think like these people, one must kindly dispense with all rational thought.  They simply do not operate on a system of ethics or morals that we could recognize as such.
Nevertheless, this cannot be allowed.  This is The One to rise above the sing-songy jingley thirty second songs, the grey-skied video game environments, the hystrionics of the mainstream media, the contrived communiuty disasters and the saber-rattling from every corner of the world.  Turn the sound down and watch them. They are Just. People. Crazy, but just people.  Identify and resist the moments in which you are debating for the high that comes along with it.  And you do not have to be distracted.  They are Just. People.


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