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Preston James “Nightmare” Very Much a Reality


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Preston James writes of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).  From time to time, related to projects “we” get involved in, we not only see clear evidence of such an organization but communicate with them.

Toward that end, or “by and large” as academics tend to blither, we reflect on these exchanges.  Sadly, several “internet hucksters” comment on our leaks, through generating childish and puerile conspiracy theories, generally attempts to seem credible and “cutting edge” and to help peddle their own financial scams.
The below source is EU based, head of a national intelligence agency and someone with “access.”  This is his take.  As you will note, there are folks out there, I am one, who are trying to put a handle on things and dealing with “what goes bump in the night.”
Only VT has readers that will have a clue about this.

Hi Gordon,
this is my attempt to nail it down.
There is a pattern in ancient human texts. Gods came here to get gold, made us and screwed our women, leaving bloodlines behind. Gods tinkered with DNA here and there, making all kinds of creatures.
We where one of those, but too intelligent for our own good. Gods where many, some liked us most didn’t. When we got too developed we got genocided – this being the main point in understanding what is going on today. Gods where much like us if we had the technology to become immortal.
Bored, grumpy senior citizens, taking offence for nothing. Finally they fought some kind of civil war and left. Details doesn’t really matter, the main point is; we are not supposed to develop above a certain level. That level might very well be the ability to detonate nuclear devices. Probably not because they are afraid of ICBMs (why?) but because nukes are a clear marker for developing capabilities to manipulate space/time.
I don’t think it is Roswell per se or any such single event. I think it is the realisation that the old stories are true, that the external threat is real. You cant unlearn how to build nukes when Stalin knows, and an army of German scientists in Argentina knows. You must do or die – that was what the US faced around 46-47.
Since 1947 the US, or rather some kind of secret government, in coalition with USSR and ex-Nazis, have had an RTD Program in operation that is the most magnificent human endeavour ever. Few know about it, although its footprints are everywhere. The obvious elephant in the living room is the growth in global debt and derivatives since 1947. These sums indicates the speed and seriousness of the Program. Products are visible in the sky around the globe and most probably in other places.
The stakes cant be higher. Even if we succeed in achieving an MAD equilibrium with the enemy, and all indicators actually points in that direction, we face the challenge of managing those capabilities ourselves. Weaponising the capacity to change the fabric of reality is extremely dangerous.
We see this in a very small scale in at least some of the abduction cases, the ones involving anti-gravity craft, where victims sense of reality is heavily distorted due to side effects of the propulsion system of the craft. The perceived ESP of entities may also be derived from application of antigravity physics, as is with perceived “lost time” etc.
I will not bore you with all the details, you probably see the simple logic. When you reach a threshold you must race towards equality or face destruction. This explains so much that otherwise seem to be utter madness:
•- off the books derivatives trade/theft from all national budgets/stealing of peoples property of all kind: to finance the Program
•- the surveillance state; to protect society from destroying itself with the new technology. Perhaps also to detect intrusion.
•- a “manageable” population size; links with above.
•- perpetual state of war: we are in a war of survival, the war of wars.
•- preparing an elite to go off planet; frankly, its a logical decision considering circumstances. If technology now can be mass-produced my guess is there will be more tickets.
I think they took a huge chance back in the 40s and that they actually are succeeding. But all this manipulation and secrecy? Perhaps much of the secrecy and deception was – and is – aimed at the enemy and not the human population? Perhaps at least some of those rituals are part of the warfare, perhaps part of the internal politics of the secret elite, to keep fractions in line, so to speak.
Speculation, yes. But at least speculation creating a framework that allows seemingly irrational actions to be put in logical sequences.


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