Waking Up to the Holographic Universe



by Yukon Jack

Humans are waking up and becoming divine spiritual beings, so goes the New Age mantra. How many of us are we really waking up, why are so many still asleep, what exactly is going on? Why are we able to overcome the holographic mind programming of our ancestors and becoming a fully self aware human?

As science peels back the tapestry of the heavens and exposes fundamental reality of what kind of hologram in which we exist, how does this new information change our existing myths? How do I become self aware, what should I change my mind about and what is going to happen to our society? I’m glad you asked.
Humanity is in a crisis, most humans are stuck in ancient myth yet we have developed every kind of technology and weaponized it turning everything lethal. Don’t eat the GMO vegetables, don’t breath the chem trailed laced air, don’t eat the radioactive tuna, don’t watch the poisoned television programming.
Technology has progressed at an unbelievable pace yet much of humanity are stuck in 4,000 year old myth. The innocuous analog amp meter hanging on the outside of your house, that spins slow to fast measuring current flow is now a ‘power’ meter of the elite, they can spy on you or even turn your power off remotely. Friendly technology turned ugly by evil minds, they did it because they could do it, they are applying their will against us.
Humans have big brains that are self aware, inventive, creative. They can be used for anything good or bad, a relative judgment we assign to things. Will we as a specie make it? I am not so sure and as a betting man I would say the odds favor more destruction.
I think a few of us will make it but it will at very great cost, more bloodshed then we have ever seen before. We are currently careening toward doomsday of our own making. What can save us from certain doom? You can’t save the world but you can save yourself, personal transformation is the key to your survival.
The Holy Book Isn’t
The crisis is a big brain crisis, humans have big brains and are using them for destructive purpose. We are the fascist planet of the Apes. We need an apocalyptic transformation of our minds. The crisis is forcing humanity to change. Will you change or be the dinosaur that goes extinct? It’s up to you. What are we going to do, pray to the war god for peace? That probably won’t work. We must rewrite our myths and remove the destroyer god from our minds, we must ditch the holy books that are driving our culture straight to hell.
Most people don’t realize that the Bible is a doomsday book and Christians are a death worshiping cult. The Bible teaches that history ends and everything gets destroyed by the savior god that comes back in a mode of vengeance. Sounds appealing to those under the spell. We worship death and think we are going to heaven.
Those in the cult are blinded by the memes, they can’t that their beliefs are causal to the destruction. Want hell to stop? Stop worshiping hell and calling it heaven, stop thinking that punishment is a good thing and that we need more prisons. Stop worshiping a judging god because by doing that you are programming your mind to be judgmental. With a judgmental mind you will vote and create a police state, a prison planet.  Everything you believe god to be is what you project on the world.
Most Americans are psychotic because they agree to the Bible premise of eternal punishment, where the unsaved go to a hell and are tortured eternally. This is a monster philosophy, believing in these ideas makes you wicked, you will think nothing of those being tortured throughout the worldwide American gulag.
The ultimate ego trip is believing that you are saved while all the rest go to hell, with that supremacist philosophy you can be made to do anything, like dropping bombs on everyone unsaved. And the one thing that Jewish-Christian Supremacist America loves to do is drop bombs on everyone else. Vietnam was your cultures psychosis unveiled.
We will treat each other far differently when we realize that this is it, no afterlife. When you quit with the Bible hell you’ve been taught then you will stop projecting that meme on the world. What can save us is an easy answer and most difficult to implement. The Bible has to go away, it is no holy book, it is the hell making literature and bad fiction.  What we need is a radical total transformation of human consciousness from the prejudicial ape biped to universal loving man, one in tune with Nature and the Cosmos.
What is stopping this naturally transformation from primitive superstition to a fully self aware being? The Bible, the holy book of the culture is stopping the evolution of the specie. The old myths have humanity in a stranglehold, most humans are in mental lockdown, unable to grasp their predicament, they are acting out the negativity of the myths handed down.
The Bible has turned the western peoples into mass murderers, just look at all the illegal and immoral wars and how the same people who start them are elected and re-elected. Look at this mass of Christianity and how they love Israel no matter what Israel does. Genocide, false flags, illegal weapon use, Fukushima, organ trading, prostitution, assassinations, subversion of foreign states.
Anything evil you can imagine, you can bet that Israel is fully engaged in it and profiting by it.  Christians condemn evil but if Israel does it they turn a blind eye and the Zionist team cheerleaders keeps right on cheering.  What does that say about this so-called holy book Christians read?
When you realize that you are a DNA miracle of life expressing itself at the present moment in the cosmos, you will view everything as divine. That person next to you is not the enemy, they are a miracle, they are a miracle of life.  How did a universe of inanimate matter manage to create life that became complex and even self aware? What happens when we die? No one knows.
If you don’t know then say you don’t know, don’t lie and say you know because you read something in a book.  Words in a book are not proof.  I don’t know, anyone that says they know is a liar because I don’t know and my brain is just as big as yours. Death should be irrelevant when you are alive and living in this wonderland, our lives shouldn’t revolve around death. The death cult has made living dangerous, it is time for us sane people to put an end to this lunacy and take their holy book away. Ban the Bible say I.
Bad Myth Makes Bad People
The problem with most religions is they teach you to live for the next life, not this one. They have institutionalized not being in the present moment. Millions of humans are praying right now to go to heaven, or chanting mantras purifying their souls and escaping the karmic wrath of judgement.
But what if the myths are wrong? What if there is no god and this is your only life? That would change everything, because now your life becomes an expression of you in this moment, every waking moment a precious thing. Religion is getting people worried about things that aren’t real, people are wasting their lives, living lives of quite desperation because of myth.
What can you do with your life now that is fun, exciting, and expression of only you? A song, a poem, a painting that enlightens others, a new type of transportation not requiring fossil fuels?
What does our culture produce as an expression of itself? Drones. Flying robots that turn people into hamburger. We produce death. When the Jew loves the Palestinian, then humanity will be saved. But that ain’t goin’ to happen, is it? One Palestinian described the hate as so thick you could cut it with a knife.
We live in a soup of hate caused by bad myths of the so called holy books. Israel has built a state around separation and hate, and you can see this expression in their wall. This mentality controls western states, Israel is the author of the terror war, Israel is the author of the police state.
All of this hate stems from their holy book and Christians agree with it, I say they are subconsciously in on it.  They say every knee shall bend to the Lord.  What Lord are they worshiping?  The authority of the state. That meme is dominant in their minds, they universally use it, and now they are gleefully implementing it with brutality.
Why are humans so easily duped? Why is humanity so preoccupied with myth? Why is religion still so popular, even though we are well into the scientific and information ages? Almost certainly the myth is wrong because of how it was formed, easily understood once you grasp that myths are chains of memes linked together by haphazard process.
A potential reason for all of the confusion is that we are waking up inside of a hologram, our minds are unable to grasp reality of existence. Why is this happening to us? Because the brain is evolving into a bigger processor and reached a threshold and became aware of itself. We are self aware beings who asked what happens when we die? We became afraid of our own death.

Only humans have religion because they are self aware creatures with big brains who needed an explanation for what happens after death and to assign causality to gods for all unknown phenomenon.

Not to many generations ago, the pre-hominid brain was quite a bit smaller than ours. Then it got big, it went from a steady slow increase to a fast increase, as the next chart below illustrates. Scientists are puzzled why the rate of increase changed so dramatically.
As we began to walk upright, our spines and hips changed, we lost our fur, we became tool makers because of our free hands. Natural selection favored a larger brain, eventually our brains reached a threshold where this upright hominid started to think, develop language and become concerned about death.
Archeologists look intently for graves, cave art, tools, structures because that indicates a big change in the specie. Graves are important, because that means the specie is now concerned about the afterlife. Art is an indication of abstract thought. At some point, say 1,000 cubic centimeters of brain volume, we changed into a different thing, we started thinking about god.
God is unique to our specie, we use the god meme to dominate the rest of creation, we abuse animals because of the authority god gave us over the lower lifeforms, so teaches the myth.
Waking Up Within the Holographic Matrix
Humans either invented god, perceived god, or were contacted by god/aliens. God has an origin. Which one is it? I think it is clear that humans invented god, and the rest of this essay I will work with that assumption, you are free to disagree. I believe god is a meme invented for very good reasons, the primary one is survival of the self aware brain.
Self awareness begs an eternal question, what happens when we die? Do we cease to exist? Humans rationalize everything, even their own deaths, and can easily be led to believe in an afterlife because they want to believe. But there is another good reason to invent god, to assign causality to all things unknown. So we have two powerful motives to invent god, and I believe both are responsible for the creation of god meme by the inventive human brain.
meme  sticky god meme
Humans want to believe in god for two very good reasons, that doesn’t mean god is real, it just means that god is a meme. Since no one has detected god, I am calling it, god is a meme. Do not be afraid of god disappearing from your mind, I am going to show you how god got into your mind in the first place. Then you will go “Oh, now I get it, god is a meme”.
Fear of non-existence is the mother of god. Fear of death and non existence are powerful motivators to believing in the afterlife. Belief was a way to calm a mortal being that became self aware and feared its own ending. With afterlife we can feel safe and continue on, and the brain survives the mind which has popped the manhole cover and is taking a look around.
The brain is a processor of information, we know that the brain takes the signal of light waves coming in to the eye and constructs an image in the visual cortex. You are not ever seeing what is actually out there, you are always seeing what your brain wants you to see, or allows you to see.
The brain is processing information and putting it up on a viewing screen of your mind. If the brain can do that, process a huge flow of photons converted to electrical signals and make an image in our heads of outside reality then it could easily trick us into making us believe in god. After all, without god we might freak out and kill ourselves.  We need god to feel safe about life, a protector, guide, source and a shepherd into the next life.
The brain makes god real for its own survival, it is a product of your selfish genes. Your brain is tricking you when you believe. You are the dummy looking out the tank turret, someone else is doing the driving.  The brain tricks you all the time, it constantly edits the image you ‘see’. Doubt this? The next image proves this point:
(Click on image for larger sharper version)
brain tricking mind
The god meme was also important because we assigned causality to all that was unexplainable. God is an invention of our imagination, our brains needed a crutch to explain the bewildering viewpoint of a newly evolving self aware creature. With god our brains could rationalize their viewpoint within the hologram, whatever you couldn’t grasp you assign it to the god category.
What’s that thing over there? Hell if I know, its just another part of God’s handiwork. By anthropomorphizing we can explain anything, like thunder and lightning. When I am angry I throw sticks and stones and make loud noises, when god is angry he throws lightning bolts and makes thunder. It’s a logical deduction, we assign our characteristics to god, humans loves to do this. Why does the sun set? God is going into the underworld just as we go into caves.
Think you are immune to this process? Most people are assigning god causality to everyday events on a regular basis. Why did Joe get in a car wreck and live? God. Why did Joe get in a car wreck and die? God. Why didn’t Joe wreck his car today? Jesus loves Joe, that’s why. If you ask how a watch works, “God is in charge and is making the clock tick”.
The skeptic is often challenged by the believer, “Why are you always doubting god?” or  “I find your lack of belief disturbing, maybe we need to see a priest and see if demons have taken over your soul!”  God as the cause of everything still possesses much of humanity, and those who think that way are often threatened by those with inquiring minds.
I am going to show you why you believe in god, but first ask yourself, why did man invent myth? He didn’t set out to consciously invent myth, the brain is simply creating an algorithm to justify the view coming in from the hologram, without the proper memes to describe a natural phenomenon our brain simply invents something for us to believe.
The brain is a trickster, the brain loves to feed bullshit to the mind, “Hey mind how about a load of this horseshit, will you buy it? Good. Now I can go back to my normal processes you scaredy cat”.  Unlike the brain, the mind is aware and is often scared shitless.  How’d you like that horror film, Freddy?  “I was scared out of mind!”.
NO THANKS!You believe in myths right now, but you don’t view them as myths, you view your mythological beliefs as reality. Do you think you are that far advanced to be free of myth? Do you believe in god-afterlife-Jesus-hell-devil? Do you believe in the authority of the state?
What we consider to be ancient myths was their reality, your myths are your reality. Do you believe in Zeus? Of course not, but they did. Likewise Jesus is the modern ‘Hey Zeus’ mythos of god blueprint overlaid on your mind. If you’re happy with Jesus in your mind then your brain is happy cause it’s busy doing other stuff.  Just because you believe doesn’t make the belief real.
God is always right there, because your mind is detecting your brain. “Hey brain, I don’t believe in the bullshit you are feeding me. I don’t believe you are god anymore.”  The brain doesn’t care, it only wants to survive.  The brain is a super fast processor speeding along in warp drive and your commands are slow and retarded.
So if you tell you brain you ain’t goin’ to believe it’s god anymore the brain doesn’t care, it laughs and says “oh, ok, how about space aliens, will you believe in space aliens?” the brain doesn’t really care what you believe because the brain just computes and gives you whatever you ask for, well sorta of. The brain looks around in the closet and gives your something, you can ask the brain (god) for a shiny new car and the brain might offer a junker.
If you accept it, the brain then goes back to what it was doing, coordinating the chemicals and DNA replication that takes up most of the processor memory. If you don’t accept the junker the brain then has to keep looking. We do this at the macro level all the time, “I’d like steak and potatoes tonight for dinner” says the husband, the wife looks into the freezer and replies, “How about burger patties and fries?”. “Is that all you got?”, “Yeah, honey, she mutters “like we can afford steak, you ain’t got a job”.
Why We Have Myth
Myth is only myth after the fact. After humans advance in their explanations of causality they look back and go, that old explanation was myth. They didn’t view it as myth when they imagined it. Most of us are under the spell of one or more myths right now. What do you believe? What do you believe that aligns parallel to the will of the state?
When ancient man looked up into the night sky he imagined that the stars were ancestors or groups of stars as gods. He did not know what he was looking at like we do, he did not know that the sun and stars were the same thing, he did not think that every star was a different distance away, he did not know that the Milky Way band was a galaxy where he was located.
Caveman did NOT know what he was looking at, it was commonly thought the Milky Way was a river. He looked up at the sun and moon and stars and deduced that they were all on the same spherical plane. Until recently the common belief was that all the stars, sun, moon planets were on the same tapestry. That’s what they thought and they were completely wrong. So why does anyone believe the books they wrote under the spell of their myths?
Primitive man looked at the night sky and imagined constellations as gods, animals, or things.  The planets moved independently of the background stars, so planets were given god status because of their increased degree of mobility. What is the god Mars doing tonight? Oh he’s over by the goddess Venus, looks like he’s goin’ to make whoopee.
Caveman’s understanding is far different than yours, all the planets and stars and moon were all the same distance away and they were moving, he had no idea the earth was rotating.  This lack of understanding of solar system dynamics made for stories of the gods. It can be a big problem, because what happens if man worships the sun but fears it won’t return after it sets? He might start sacrificing humans to the sun god.
The Aztec human sacrifice is myth gone bad, just like ours.  The earth was rotating, the sun was going to arise regardless of what they did.  The same for us, the Universe will keep spinning no matter how many people we kill while we are under the spell of the bad myth.  God is never coming to rescue us from our own folly.
Cave man had a brain as big as yours. He invented language and stories and myth. He sat around campfires for millennia telling the same stories over and over until they became rote memory. But a problem developed, as society became more complex, the memes increased and became extremely complex requiring their encoding in books.
If you tell a tale of god and his doings, and this tale gets really huge then it must be encoded in a book.  The Epic of Gilgamesh is a tale found engraved all over the Middle East. As the tale became to big for memory it was recorded on stone.
As the book of origin is compiled, the priest increases it legitimacy by calling it a “holy” book and putting numbers in front of the verses. But it is still a tale, now told from a book instead of rote memory.  To increase the credibility of the book the priest claims god authored it or inspired it.  Once the priests get the book signed off by god, then they can rule.
The Bible grants political authority, with the Bible you can rule and organize the masses, with the Bible (or other holy book) you can create a state.The Bible contains numbered verses, and just how do these holy verses come to be? They were invented by the creative human mind, stories linked together.
Stories are chains of memes, many times the links don’t make sense. If it’s a memorable story then people retell it, for memes to propagate they must be remembered and passed on, memes must survive like genes. In this next story I will show you how your “sacred” myth is invented.

The Story of a Caveman Finding a Rib
One day a caveman is walking along in the blazing hot sun, he wanted a woman. He was muttering “gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman” and was upset that when he looked around the big field he was traversing that there were no woman to be seen or heard. “God, why do you deprive me of woman”, he wondered angrily. He was one of the alpha males of the tribe and he usually got whatever he wanted, he talked to god when he was upset. What he didn’t remember was that the women were down at the river staying cool on the hot days.
The caveman often talked to god, or so he thought, the caveman was always asking god questions, one that had been bothering him recently was were did women come from. Our caveman was frustrated, he had clubbed a large beast and skinned it out and was looking for his tribe, so that they could fetch the meat.
The caveman continued on lugging a large club, he often used the club to kill large megafauna and intimidate younger males, he liked his club because it also impressed the cave ladies. As he wandered on in the heat of the day, once again he wondered “How did woman come to be?” and just at that moment, he sees a rib on the ground.
Our caveman picked up the rib cocking his head side to side to look at it, being brutish he wasn’t smart enough to roll the rib around in his hands to observe it. He then linked the rib with that disturbing question that kept bothering his mind. He associated the woman with the rib. “Woman from rib” he grunted.

He had his answer, the woman was from his rib. Being a caveman pumped full of testosterone from eating large quantities of red meat that felt right to him. His brain tricked him, he had a synchronicity on the rib when he was pondering a question.
What the caveman didn’t know is that when his mind was wondering about where woman came from, that was a command to the brain, the brain is like a computer and his question a query. So the brain gives his mind an answer by simply feeding him a plausible explanation, at the right moment. The brain, at a subconscious level, guided our caveman to the rib and then popped the question back into his mind at the exact right time for him to make the association.
You are like your laptop, a computer with wifi. The memBrane is that quantum string the became the Universe at the time of the Big Bang. The Universe is one thing, one particle-string-membrane expanded into infinity. The background mem-Brane is the all pervading wifi informational field.
The brain is a processor in the field, it is sensing the memBrane, it receives information and processes it and then sends it  to your mind just as a laptop sends a signal to the screen. Your brain also takes queries from your mind.  Just like the touch screen programs, you can send signals back to the brain, you ask question with your mind and then the brain computes and spits out an answer.
So what do you know what your brain is doing? Very little since you (the “I”-mind-consciousness) are on the receiving end of the processed signal. You know about as much as our laptop screen knows what the motherboard is doing.

Why didn’t God tell the Bible writers that the earth was a sphere, you ask? Because “god” is the brain and it didn’t know.

The iceberg metaphor is often used to describe the conscious and the unconscious mind, in the next illustration I have constructed a model of what may be going on. What you perceive is a small part of what is actually there, you conscious mind knows what it perceives from the environment, but it is constantly fed information from the brain and the brain is tapped into the memBrane, the brain could be a fractal metaphor of the Universal membrane.
conscious iceberg text,
Have you ever have that sense of knowing? When you know something but haven’t had that information formally processed into the mind, you are bridging two worlds. The information is in your brain (or maybe from the Brane) but not yet in your mind. You are not fully conscious of the information. The brain hasn’t sent it upstairs yet. But you know this information to be true because you can feel it. This sixth sense is caused by unprocessed information that is available.
Our being is an information packet processing information. Information comes in from our senses but also from outside of our being. You can feel information, think of it like your hand on the surface of a balloon and someone else yells loud, you can feel their voice through the membrane plastic surface of the balloon.  Well, you are living in a Universal membrane field and everything in the field is felt by you.  You are made of atoms that are really standing energy waves in a quantum field.  That is why you and the Universe are one.
Yes Virginia, the brain guides you unknowingly, like the Caveman to the rib, all the time. What the bleep do you know what your brain is up to?  The brain is trying to send you information via synchronicities, dreams, coincidences all of the time, it is trying to send information upstairs to your waking consciousness.
The brain is fast like your computer processor, and the caveman who is relatively slow and dense, thought it was god answering him. The brain doesn’t care if it’s the right answer, because the brain is just a processor, so the brain “tricked” our caveman with an association of a rib on the ground and his query of where woman came from. This is the starting point of the linked memes “woman – origin – rib”.
How Tales are Woven Over Time
When the caveman got back to the village he told the story of the rib, he told of how god showed him a rib and he knew that women came from the man’s rib. The local shaman was aware of these things and believed him, he listened intently to the alpha caveman’s story and embellished upon it, the shaman injected the god meme into the tale.
God took the rib from a man and made the first woman, the shaman was an experienced story teller and there had to be a process by which a woman was made from a rib. This was a good story for the male dominated tribe, woman came from men and thus woman must remain subservient to men. All the men were happy with this tale, it made them feel good every time they heard or told it, this tale has been told over and over and loved dearly until now, where some feminists hate and spit on it. lol
Our linked memes is now “god – man – woman – origin – rib”.
Now this story kept evolving, hundreds of years later the priests were compiling a book of origin, the first humans were in the garden and had names, the first two humans were Adam and Eve. God made the first woman Eve from the rib of the first man Adam.
Characters are added to the rib story, and then the priests wondered, if woman came from man’s rib, where did man come from? God took some dirt and made him, just as a potter takes clay and makes a pot, god man the first man from a ball of dirt.
It made sense to them and everyone literally believed the myth until the last century. Science has overturned most of the myths of origin, if not all, and provided and explanation based on evidence and laws of genetics.
Now we know that there could not have been a single male and female, humans evolved in a gene pool over thousands of generations slowly changing form.  Science says one man and one woman is an impossibility, a gene pool has to be of sufficient size for a specie to exist.  Adam and Eve is a simplistic story of origin.
Our linked memes is now “God – man(Adam) – origin dirt – woman(Eve) – origin – Adam’s rib – Adam in deep sleep, God removes rib”. This is how Genesis 2 reads in partial:

“Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”
“But for Adam[f] no suitable helper was found. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs[g] and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib[h] he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.”

For the last 4,000 years at least, we accepted simplistic stories of our origin. When the brain and mind are awakening within the matrix hologram, myth happens. We want to know where we came from. There was no guide book available, so we invented stories.
Myth is a framework by which the brain processes reality. Every culture has a comprehensive myths to describe their origin. Where did we come from is an eternal question that begs the mind. We want to know about origin because we are self aware. The other animals don’t have this worry, we didn’t have this longing to know until we got the big brain. You shouldn’t believe these stories literal, they are memes linked together, they might even make sense but they are not factual stories.
What did caveman see when he looked at the stars, what did he think was going on when a bolt of lightning came out of the heavens and struck earth? Magic, power, god, god battling other gods perhaps. If a bolt of lightning strikes close by the millions of discharging bolts can be frightening and awe inspiring, god is a god of power and might. Caveman made up stories while he looked around at his surroundings, he never knew that he was an awakening creature.  We still don’t know that, we need to wake up from history.
We are making observations and framing reality in terms of our myths, our conclusions could be correct or not. If we are angry and kill another then we would frame a lightning bolt striking our cave brother dead as god being angry and killing him. Our anger and killing instinct is assigned to god, we anthropomorphize natural events and assign causality to god. Since we can become angry then so can god, god is like us.
This is what I believe the authors of the Bible were doing describing the Bible deity, they are assigning their killing lust and other human emotions to the god, they are making god in their image. Why would god have human emotions? Clearly, we are inventing a god as a source of causality to all things unknown.
Replication of Memes and Books
The memes of origin were passed on, told verbatim from generation to generation. Some tribes still do this, the children memorize the story (myth) and retell it with exact precision. This is why scientists view memes as short term adaptations, the meme is a replicator like a gene. DNA replicates itself, over and over. Memes replicate over and over. Genes and memes are replicators of information. Just as DNA, memes have a life cycle:

Meme replication: the memetic life-cycle  (http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/MEMEREP.html)
“To be replicated, a meme must pass successfully through four subsequent stages: 1) assimilation by an individual, who thereby becomes a host of the meme; 2) retention in that individual’s memory; 3) expression by the individual in language, behavior or another form that can be perceived by others; 4) transmission of the thus created message or meme vehicle to one or more other individuals. This last stage is followed again by stage 1, thus closing the replication loop. At each stage there is selection, meaning that some memes will be eliminated.”

As memes are being passed along, they are corrupted, and the need to keep the original meme intact led to the rise of the book. All of us have experienced sitting in a circle and telling a phrase to the person next to you, as the phrase is passed along it changes until it reaches the originator completely different. Chinese Whispers or the Telephone Game is a perfect way to wrap your mind around the idea of why memes must be carefully scribed in books or the original meaning will be lost very quickly.
telephone-game-girls mosaic
Accurate transmission of information is something the military spends billions on, and part of this is training the recipient on accurate use of the information. As books became the preferred way to pass on complex information, the processing of learning from books became institutionalized. Books are necessary for the accurate transmission of data through time, a book is like a DNA strand, information is encoded. Once information became complex, accurate memetic replication requires writing it down in a book. The Bible is a book of memes.
Complex information must be written down or it is lost, the tribe evolved out of the rote memory mode of memorizing myth verbatim in story telling and the tribes organized around books. In some tribes, the god memes became the central theme around which the tribe organized. The god memes were important, they were encoded into verses, even today modern Bibles have the verses numbered. Great care is made in the translation and replication of holy books and they are treated as reverent. The holy book is how the god meme is passed from generation to generation, a real deity wouldn’t need or use a book.
Caveman Wrestles With Causality
What did caveman know of electricity and lightning? Nothing, he was clueless. He certainly didn’t have our understanding, he had his understanding, lightning came out of the heavens, lightning was from the realm of the gods, thus in any given situation cave man framed events in his reality to his myth. The human brain always looks for cause and effect, without science the brain reads the phenomenon wrong. Early man invented a causality and called it god and assign much natural phenomenon to a deity.
As the illustrations suggests, this is the origin of our mighty god myth. Since we are angry at the other and when something happens to them we draw the (incorrect) conclusion of punishment and justice. We assign causality based on the framework of our myth. If we have a god myth, a god that can (conveniently) do anything, whatever happens that can’t be justified to a known process we assign god causality. God is a necessity when you don’t have another explanation.
It is important to wrap your mind around this god phenomenon, once you start using it you can’t ditch it because it is your life raft that floats your understanding of your surroundings. God is how you are framing reality. Without god your head would explode.
This is why people can’t give up god, because if you are indoctrinated early on it is the algorithm your brain is using to process reality. That’s why many religious people don’t think and are not curious about their surroundings , they don’t have to be because they already have the answer for every question. God. With god who needs to think? Not Christians. So if you live in a predominantly Christian nation that is a big problem, the people are not thinking, in fact they can’t think because of their god belief.
BHh5NTell a Fundamentalist Christian Israel did 911. They can NOT process this information. They have the pre-installed memes that America is a special nation and Israel is God’s nation then how can Israel be causal to 911? God loves America and Israel AND God runs the world. “Israel did 911” does not compute for the literal Bible believer.
If you manage to get through to them, they will then claim if Israel attacked America then God is punishing America because of abortion or whatever meme they assign. Israel attacking America means God’s nation is justly punishing the American nation gone astray. The Christian believer can not grasp reality, and can not think their way to a correct logical conclusion because they are trained to obey, not think. Most fundamentalist believe thinking to be a sin.
In fact it is far worse, Israel can train American police to murder American citizens and the people aren’t even aware they are being trained to destroy themselves. Americans will imagine alien invasions or a Zombie Apocalypse before they ever figure out what is going on. Comatose Americans are the brain eating zombies because they have a program running that ate their brain. How the hell did we arrive at this dead end?
The Priests Big Trick
Why do priests play tricks on the common man. Because they have to, they are not producing or working, they have to do something to survive. All through history those learned people wearing robes have come up with every way to raise coin. They begged, they swindled, they taxed, they prayed for your redemption. It’s hard and demeaning to have to leave the temple and look for food and money. Eventually they came up with a really devious idea. They invented authority and now the village brought them food. How did they do that? They simply inverted causality of who created who.

If we say God wrote the text we won't have to beg for food. Very good Rabbi make the change and let's all keep hush about this.
If we say God wrote the text we won’t have to beg for food. Very good Rabbi make the change and let’s all keep hush about this.

The Bible says that God made man in his image. Why is man made in god’s image? Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? Why would god be anything like man? Isn’t it more likely that whoever penned the god books are making god in their image? Doesn’t god have human emotions like anger and lust? Aren’t human emotions the product of the sex drive, competition, and existing in the physical plane? Clearly the God of the Bible is a human invention of human traits cast onto a deity, man made god in his image.
Why did they invert causality of who invented who? Because in order to get authority of their text, god had to be the author. With authority they permanently solved their money and food crisis, with authority they did not have to beg, they could appropriate and tax.
This is the biggest secret of the priestly class. All they have to do is play humble, as the servants of god, and rake in the loot. What a laugh and it works so well. They pulled one whopper of a lie that now threatens the specie, they invention of authority led to the rise of the state and now the state threatens all.
God is a meme and if you say god authored your book you get authority and power, political power. Religion is myth institutionalized, the state is authority institutionalized. The state floats on a sea of invented authority, but it doesn’t have any unless you believe. If you are being suppressed by a state know that you are being suppressed by a belief system, because without belief the state would immediately cease to exist.
lieberman torah text
Myth became religion and religion took on the authority of god by simply claiming the holy book was the word of god. Most people still believe that the Bible is the word of a deity, tens of millions believe it to be the inerrant word of the Lord. Humans are really, really stupid and easily duped. God is a meme to assign causality of all things unknown. With scientific understanding we no longer need the god meme, we have discovered a rational process unto which to order reality in our minds.
We humans are very creative in our imaginations as we try to discern reality. We invented god. That is quite creative. We imagined that god created us. Until the scientific age we could not describe reality, we hadn’t even imagined on how to properly uncover reality through the scientific process. So we came up with a working solution to the puzzle of perceived reality, we imagined gods in the heavens, these gods had human emotions and existed in a daily soap opera just as we did. We came up with elaborate myths of these gods and their doings that described our reality.
All of our tumultuous history is really a struggle to define who we are and who has the dominant view of the hologram we are waking up within. How sad. The shamans ate some mushrooms and figured it out without the violence. Science was invented to describe reality.
Think about that, science is an invention just like god is an invention, and both were invented for the same reason. The two are in a constant struggle because god is part of a comprehensive myth that describes reality, science is building its case for how things came to be and science has to contend with the religious and political authorities who hate truth and exist in a lie.
As scientific knowledge waxes then the god myth wanes, science will eventually dismiss religious explanations unless we blow ourselves up then religion would make a big come back. Religion might gain dominance again if the modern age suffered a big enough crisis, they have a vested interest in the Apocalypse.
What the Rabbi wants is a return to the good ole’ days when the priests ruled, the Rabbi or theists in general want a theocracy, where they are in charge, not politicians.  You can bet your last dollar that the New World Order is a push for Rabbinic supremacy.
Authority and the Cult of Supremacy
God is imagined because the brain needs for you to believe in a source of causality. We then made up stories about god and his doings. Our history is this process, and now we are at the end of history because the state is devouring all. In just a few thousand years humanity evolved from superstitious myths of angry gods to the almighty state which now is consolidating the power unto itself into a One World Government.
This one world supremacist Jewish psychosis is the Beast that is now devouring the boiled frogs. Everyday we read about how the police are gunning down the citizens or that the President authorized the drone attack on the wedding party.

imagined god –> comprehensive myth –> religion forms –> priests invent authority –> authority begets the state –> authority gone wild is the beast

Once the state forms around the god authority and priestly class, it does not want to go away, it becomes its own thing for its own survival. The state is now god. The state becomes a parasite and assumes more and more authority until humanity is extinguished. This is the end times beast of your prophecy. The beast is the state. And your religion invented it with the authority meme.
The prophecy of the end times beast was a subconscious warning of what happens when the state becomes a monster. We are in the belly of the beast now, it has swallowed us and now we are being digested.
God is a meme invented to assign causality to all things unknown. As the god stories piled up they were transcribed and became our holy books, the priests played a big trick and made god the author even though they knew damn well that man wrote the stories. They’ll never let on or they’ll be out of a job.
Alien theories of origin dominate the box office, paranoia of our origin is popular these days because myth is being used against us, we are being nefariously controlled by those that understand and write myth. If we want to be free then we must free our minds first, we must overcome myth.
The big myth you must overcome is authority. No god gave it to some men. Authority is the big lie causing havoc on this planet. The idea of anarchy is so radical that most people are not going to give up their authoritarian beliefs, and so it is probable that massive destruction is likely, because with authority the state can kill everything legally.
Probable Ending
How bad is it? How bad is it going to get. It’s real bad now and goin’ to get worse. We are in it because now the state beast has awakened and is realizing it has full authority to do whatever it wants. The state has awakened to its own divinity, it is alive and can kill, it is an expression of god authority gone beserk, the corporations it’s licensed will build whatever it wants. It has unlimited funds from the central bank, it knows what everyone is saying with its NSA eavesdropping technology.
The viciousness of the police these days is being driven by the authority meme gone rogue, “respect my authority”, “obey me or else!”. The state’s authority is a myth, but they are damn well going to assert it even if it means they are have to go berserk and stomp on you until you submit.
They have lost it, the state is mad. Now they are trying to use force on your mind, drugging anyone who doesn’t agree to their insanity. The Christians are in on it, they love to say “every knee shall bend for the Lord”.
Yes, the Lord is the state and the Christians are worshiping the power of the state, its supremacy. They think they are worshiping Jesus which they then call the Lord which is a title for an overbearing tyrant. They are completely insane, lost in their myth memes, desperately trying to get everyone to submit to their Lord of authority.  Christians are statists, authoritarians because of the god meme running on their brain hard drive.
mosaic unverise cropped
Without scientific memes to frame reality the cave man invented his own memes to describe what he saw, we view this viewpoint now as myth, but to him his ideas were real, he framed reality in terms of his understanding. Humans will protect myth because myth is how they frame reality, if you believe in the gods and frame reality in terms of the gods then you are going to resist becoming a non believer. How can you change? You simply can not throw the baby out with the bath water because your brain is structuring reality around myth.
Our world is threatened by the god believers, we must change, we have stopped believing in all of the gods but one. It’s time to throw the last god out with the bathwater.  Most people will scoff at that idea, a world without god?  A world without authority?  Yes.  A world full of loving compassionate people not spell bound by myth and acting badly.  We need thinking people, not sheeple.  We need to own our minds, get control of the myths, examine our brains for the subconscious installed myths and discard the bad programs.  Time has run out, this is it, time to change.
YJ Notes – This is the second essay in the series about holographic consciousness, the next one will be on how the brain is a sense organ, be sure not to miss it ’cause it’ll be a good one!


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