Global Warming Cargo Cult


by Yukon Jack

A new myth has swept much of western civilization, that CO2 emissions will cause catastrophic global warming. There’s just one small problem, CO2 doesn’t warm the atmosphere. Ice sheets are returning and temperatures are dropping, the data refuses to conform to the myth. Global warmers await the return of warming like a Melanesian Cargo Cult, existing in a state of a myth-dream, expecting the return cargo carrying colonial aircraft. IPCC has built a stick airplane from wishful thinking, they can change the data, massage the numbers, make statistics prove CO2 as causal but what they can not do is make the earth warm. Their theories will never fly.
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I don’t know if this is sad, comical, or maybe just downright disgusting. There is a huge amount of money being thrown at proving CO2 driven warming, those on the receiving end are getting rich making up a storyline because the financial elite need to demonize carbon dioxide as a way to sell carbon credits. All they are doing is making up shit. The IPCC reports are science fiction farces. Warming is imminent, any day now, catastrophe on the horizon! Yeah … the real catastrophe will be the day funding is cut to the IPCC clowns.
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The IPCC tribe is all in, they bet the farm on CO2 driven warming, and they are wrong. IPCC scientists are defending the indefensible, they will never be able to prove global warming from CO2, they have become cult like, hopeful of some warming trend that they can attach their failed CO2 theories. They are trying to sell a wagon load of horseshit as magical Unicorn droppings. CO2 has nothing to do with earth climate.
Global Warming Fear Mongering
Those seeking funding for world government came up with an idea to regulate and tax everyone based on a life gas, they chose carbon dioxide because it is everywhere and the bi-product of combustion, making for a nice broad tax base.
They sold this idea very successfully claiming that CO2 could warm the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect. That sounds logical but it is wrong, CO2 on earth is a trace gas and statistically insignificant. CO2 does nothing in regard to warming because the concentration of molecules is near non existent.
Man made CO2 is insignificant, 0.117% of the global warming CO2 effect, so close to zero it could be rounded to the nearest integer zero. Anthropocentric Catastrophic Global Warming is a hoax. Quick, text your friends: OMG ACGWCO2HOAXABCCBSNBCFOX IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.
The problem is that CO2 is a trace atmospheric gas and human contribution is of no consequence, CO2 can not warm the atmosphere even if the concentrations triple or go up 100 times higher and we all suffocate to death from excessive gas. We can ruin the planet with pollution but we will never warm it by burning fossil fuels. We could suffocate from excessive CO2 exhaust gases but we will never stop a new ice age.
The CO2 warming myth meme is being used to justify enslaving humanity with carbon taxes. That is what it is about, even with a failed theory they are proceeding with their agenda, because they don’t care if the science is right. The job of the hired guns at the IPCC is to railroad the world scientific community into agreement and consensus on something that isn’t scientific.
The primary global warming gas is water vapor being 96%. Total CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is 3% of that which makes it negligible 0.117%. And remember CO2 causality has never been proven.
CO2 is a trace gas, putting this in perspective the concentration of CO2 molecules is so slight to be negligible.
Put 10,000 atmospheric molecules in a theoretical box. Lot’s of nitrogen and oxygen and 1-3% water vapor. How many are CO2 molecules? Four. That’s it, out of 10,000 molecules only 4 are CO2 AND NONE ARE MAN MADE! Man made CO2 is insignificant and they want to shut down all the coal fired electrical plants based on this invented fear mongering myth.
If you want to find the first lone CO2 molecule you’d have to up the count to 14,618 atmospheric molecules. Charts that illustrate CO2 increasing from 280 ppm to 380 ppm might look impressive at an Al Gore jerkathon but we are talking parts per million. Parts per million doesn’t add up to causality.
CO2 Lags Temperature
What is really, really funny about this Global Warming cult, they have this idea that CO2 is causal. They actually believe CO2 is driving or “forcing” temperature. Sorry Charlie, it isn’t, it can’t. CO2 lags and the Vostok ice core data proves it. The oceans are a big sink for most of the planets CO2, as oceans warm CO2 comes out of solution and increases in concentration in the atmosphere. CO2 is only responding to temperature. Atmospheric CO2 is in equilibrium with the ocean sink.
Vostok-CO2 mad IPCC scientist
So threatened by reality, the global warming cultists are now excluding any deniers from debate, like a religious cult they are now shunning the non-believers. What a laugh. “Shun the nonbeliever, shun the non believer”.
So what happened to Global Warming? Well, to summarize, it was total bullshit. It was based on the theory that CO2 caused warming and since humans were burning fossil fuels adding CO2 to the atmosphere, the earth was going to warm catastrophically.
Why did this meme sell so well? People are upset about pollution and environmental damage and other things like their bitchy wives so they latch onto global warming as the catch all solution to all of our problems. Don’t tell me the facts, I want to beleeeeeeeve.
Monster Trucks
Yeah … Global Warming is real. Sure it is. That’s why the average American glutton drives a 6,000 lb vehicle. If any of this BS was real and we were all going to die from catastrophic runaway warming from CO2 emissions then why does everyone drive a carbon spewing monster SUV?
Ford is now selling F-850 pickup trucks, jokingly referred to on the internet as the Ford Apocalypse. I’m not sure that is big enough or macho enough for my tastes. I think they need to upgrade the assembly line from 4×4’s to 6×6’s, when 8,000 pounds won’t cut the demand then you need to upgrade to another axle. You never know when you might need the extra traction, their are terrerists out there, and maybe some day you’ll need to run over a mob of zombies.

What every Congressman needs, an F-650 XUV protection from the plebs. Notice the extra large bumpers that can be used for bumper stickers like "I Love AIPAC" and to run over angry constituents.
What every Congressman needs, an F-650 XUV protection from the plebs. Notice the extra large bumpers that can be used for bumper stickers like “I Love AIPAC” and to run over angry constituents.

I can remember when a Nissan was a Datsun and small. Not anymore, who wants a wimpy rice burner when you can have a behemoth SUV 4WD that intimidates your neighbors as you rev 5.8 liters of carbon blowing V-8 power. If any of this CO2 baloney was real we wouldn’t be allowed to buy anything like what you see on the road today. And that Nissan, what’s it called? Armada. They named a bloated yuppie wagon after a naval battle group.
I have some euphemisms for new cars. The Chevy C4 Catastrophe. The Dodge D9 Destroyer. The Toyota T1 Terminator. The Mercedes MI6 Mobster. The Volvo V2 Vendetta. I’m sure any of those names will be appealing regardless of how it looks. Just make sure its big, ugly, badass, and doesn’t get more than 1.8 mpg and I’m sure it will sell.
My favorite is the Ford Armageddon Zombie Smasher, Special Annihilator Edition 6×6. In case you are losing traction and slipping on slimy road kill zombie guts you can engage the extra axle with special anti-slip zombie traction feature. With the optional V-12 diesel you’ll be sure to have enough power if 20 or more are hangin’ on as you speed away.  Just imagine crammin’ your foot on the accelerator and the twin turbos kicking in and the twin stacks blowin’ out a huge black cloud of carbon soot that blinds the zombies to your escape route.
There’s all kinds of featured upgrades we need for the times. Make sure the tailpipe aims at the sucker behind you, that is tempting feature consumers want. Route the tailpipe up high and aim it back at driver height, maybe put a set of cross hairs in the pipe. Sends that special message to the one behind you honking when you’re stuck in traffic.ku-xlargebbb
I’m surprised the car manufactures haven’t caught on to the trend in AR15’s that come with accessory rails. I think every SUV ought to have missile rails built in like the roof rack. Even if you can’t afford a surface to air rocket it would be cool to have the rail on the roof. More macho than that Thule Bike rack. Like who bikes anyways, who wants to peddle when gas is only $4.50 a gallon? So get rid of that old school yuppie bike rack and mount on some F-15 Sidewinder missile rails. Now that is cool and would match the end times decor of the F-650 Zombie Obliteration Mobile (that’s ZOM for short).
We need to stimulate the economy with increased missile sales, Raytheon should start producing consumer models and sell them at Walmart.  The consumer loves to fantasize about launching missiles at that RV’s hogging two lanes. “Get out my damn way, or I’m goin’ to be late to the Al Gore’s Global Warming Convention”. It’s real cool when you launch one, a big white plume exhaust trail that blinds both lanes of traffic causing a 50 car pile up and makes everyone gag.  Think of the economic stimulus.
Cognitive Dissonance of the American Culture

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel “disequilibrium”: frustration, hunger, dread, guilt, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, etc

Our culture is strangely insane. On one hand we have Chicken Littles convinced of runaway global warming and on the other hand we drive giant CO2 emitting vehicles. Does that make any sense? If death by warming was imminent then why are we driving Suburbans and Zombie Smashers?
Then there’s Fukushima, the radioactive volcano that we completely ignore. If we ignore it then it will go away or doesn’t exist. We’ve made unreality our standard. Every single person in the northern hemisphere now has Daiichi nuclear radioactive particles inside and no one talks about it.
America is moved by money and our only reality is if money can be made. So we hunt CO2 causality like Bigfoot because there’s money to be made, we drive apocalyptic vehicles because there’s money to be made, we ignore Fukushima because there’s no money in it. And we love Zombies.


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