Welcome to Zionism…Now Bend Over (Part I)


“American Evangelicals made common cause with the Jewish community in the United States, and they seemed to care little if at all for the opinions or the sufferings of their fellow-Christians in the ancient Churches of the Middle East. Israeli politicians have not been slow to exploit this political windfall, caring little for the fact that Evangelical apocalypticism expected the conversion of the Jews to Christianity.”—Oxford church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch[1]

…by Jonas E. Alexis

David R. Francis
David R. Francis

Dutch diplomat Oudendyke wrote to former Prime Minister Arthur Balfour in 1918 saying,
“Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless, as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”[2]
In the same vein, David R. Francis, U.S. ambassador to Moscow, declared that “the Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are retuned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists, and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”[3]
What Oudendyke and Francis ended up saying was that Bolshevism, given enough time, would have literally reduced Russia to ashes. Moreover, if Russia had been destroyed, Germany would have been one of the first countries that the Bolsheviks would have invaded. In fact,
“Lenin, Trotsky and the other Bolsheviks made no secret of the fact that they were intent on starting a universal revolution, to be exported through a defeated Germany; they boasted that they had already sent agents out to prepare for the ground and organize revolt.”[4]
Lenin and the Bolsheviks meant business. French Foreign Minister Stephen Pichon told British Ambassador in Paris Lord Derby in 1918 that
“he and the government were very much disturbed by certain information that they had got from Germany as to that Country being on the eve of a revolution. He says that they are as full of Bolshevism as Russia itself was before the Revolution, and it may break out at any time.
“They have got a Provisional Committee which he says is practically a Provisional Government actually established with its Headquarters in the Russian Embassy at Berlin. In fact he says the position is exactly the same there as it was before Kerensky brought off the Russian Revolution. What frightens him is the fact, as he says, that Bolshevism is very contagious and he is evidently considerably alarmed as to what may happen in this country [France].”[5]
In short, Nazi Germany was largely a reaction to Bolshevism and Jewish revolutionary activity, and the word peace was simply out of the Bolshevik vocabulary. Setting the world on fire by revolutionary means was one of their unspoken goals.
One newspaper in Germany for example charged that Jewish revolutionaries such as Rosa Luxemburg “want to demolish and destroy everything that dares to oppose them, with lies, slander and violence.”[6] This was not without evidence.
Golda MeirThe marriage between Bolshevism and Zionism is not far-fetched at all. In the summer of 2011, Polish Jewish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, who was a former Communist during World War II and former lecturer at Tel Aviv University, made this statement:
“Israeli politicians are terrified of peace. They tremble with fear from the possibility of peace, because without war and without general mobilization they don’t know how to live.”[7]
If you think that Bauman was just pulling your leg, think again. When Golda Meir was asked by former British journalist Alan Hart the puzzling question as to whether Israel was willing to take the world down if it happens to be threatened, Meir responded, “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.”[8]
Hart commented,
“Implicit in what Golda said was that Israel, in a doomsday situation, would be prepared to use its nuclear weapons in a defiant farewell gesture.”[9]
If you think again that Meyer was just speaking metaphorically, just pick up the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and read some of their headlines: “Cabinet OKs Demolishing Bedouin Village, Replacing with Jewish Town.”[10]
Moreover, pay attention to Benjamin Netanyahu’s rage about the U.S. trying to strike a peace deal with Iran. When the West failed reach a peace deal, Netanyahu was more than happy.[11]
Before the West even started the peace talk, Netanyahu declared,
“Iran got the deal of the century and the international community got a bad deal, this is a very bad deal. Israel utterly rejects it. Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to defend itself and the security of its people.”[12]
For Netanyahu, Iran must halt all its uranium,[13] despite the fact that the National Intelligence Estimate had already abandoned the thesis that Iran was and is building nuclear weapons.[14]
Here’s the kicker: Iran even “signs agreement with IAEA to allow broader inspections of nuclear sites.”[15] But all of that means nothing to Netanyahu. Instead, he urged all Jews in North America to get behind him on Iran.[16] But J. J. Goldberg of the Jewish Daily Forward was not impressed with Netanyahu’s hawkish demands:
“It’s worth noting that Israeli leaders have a long tradition of plying American Jewish activists with extreme, often exaggerated depictions of the threats Israel faces in order to maximize the pressure the alarmed activists will then exert on Washington on Israel’s behalf.”
Then Goldberg added this damning statement:
“The likely effect of Netanyahu’s appeal to the federation leaders was to display not resolute leadership, but panic. Applause was light during most of the speech, and standing ovations, a standard gesture during this sort of appearance, were entirely absent except the obligatory one at the end.”[17]


Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas

Zionism, given enough time, will reduce the West and the Middle East into ashes —unless Western politicians have the nerve to declare an ideological war on the entire movement. I say the entire movement because even the smallest Zionist organization directly or indirectly seeks to destroy what the West actually stands for.
For example, Israeli Michael Lucas, “one of the world’s wealthiest gay porn producers,” used Frontpage Magazine, a neoconservative cell headed by David Horowitz, to pour his acerbic pronouncements on the Palestinians. Lucas declared,
“I hate Muslims absolutely.”
In order to attack Muslims, Lucas produced a video called Men of Israel, “which became a vehicle for his gay tours, featured two actors having sex inside a Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed by Zionist militias in 1948.”[18] Journalist Max Blumenthal of The Nation writes,
“Incorrectly claiming that the village had been depopulated hundreds of years before, Lucas wrote in a press release, ‘We went to an abandoned village just north of Jerusalem. It was a beautiful, ancient township that had been deserted centuries ago…however, that did not stop our guys from mounting each other and trying to repopulate it. Biology may not be the lesson of the day, but these men shot their seeds all over the village.’
“After the filming concluded in the ‘abandoned’ village, Lucas and his cast were received by a news crew from Israel’s Channel 1, which covered the porn shoot as a boon to Israeli public relations”[19]
Lucas moved on to say that the Koran is “today’s Mein Kampf.” But when he was speaking at Stanford, he declared,
“I never in my life said or wrote a bad word about Arabs–go read any of my articles. My criticism was always addressed towards the religion and ideology of Islam. So I would like to ask Stanford students not to exploit the word ‘racism’ at their own convenience.”[20]
Born in Russia to a Jewish family, Lucas called the country “the putrid country of my birth” and Jimmy Carter “the fu$king peanut farmer”[21]—obviously because Carter is the author of Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.
Lucas, like Sheldon Adelson, seemed to suggest that he should have been born in Israel: “I stand with Israel, I stand with Jews.”
According to Lucas, Republicans are “homophobic and anti-Semitic.”[22] But this is the man that FrontPage Magazine decided to give a platform for Israel.[23] No doubt that CBS News called Lucas “Gay Porn’s Neocon Kingpin.”
Diarmaid MacCulloch
Diarmaid MacCulloch

FrontPage Magazine has been shown again and again to be a Zionist cell when it attacks Diarmaid MacCulloch, an Oxford historian, for reporting that Christians are routinely persecuted in the Middle East—and Israel is an accomplice. MacCulloch writes,
“My interview with His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, at his Church’s fine new seminary buildings in the hills outside Damascus. Before he would say anything else, the venerable Patriarch fixed me with a stern stare and told me to tell all Western Christians of the desperate plight which now faced the Christians of the Middle East.
“And that was when Syria was still one of the few countries in the Middle East where Christian Churches were strong and respected communities, taking their full part in national life. Elsewhere, things were desperate; and now they are in Syria too: Christians are scapegoated for their faith by an extremist militant minority of Muslims, who betray their own religion by intolerance, and who make other Muslims ashamed of what is happening.
“I did my best to honour the Patriarch’s message, and since then, I have written a great deal about silence in Christianity—good silences and also the bad ones, which dishonour Christian faith. It was difficult to fit them all into my book, Silence: A Christian History; and one of the silences which I find most frustrating is precisely the lack of noise from Western Christians about the fate of ancient Christianities in the Middle East.
“At the heart of the problems in the Middle East is seven decades of unresolved conflict between Israel and Palestine, and I notice that when American politicians discuss those matters, they seem to assume that all Palestinians, and indeed all Arabs, are Muslims. Not so: there are Christians there too, like the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch.
“They are the first Christians; once they were the future of Christianity, rather than the Churches of the West, Catholics, Protestants or even Orthodox (because those whom we Westerners call Orthodox Christians officially regard most of the Eastern Churches as Unorthodox!). Why this blindness, why this silence?”[24]
MacCulloch hit nail right in the head when he said,
“The problem is a Protestant one, going right back to sixteenth-century Reformation. From Martin Luther onwards, many Protestants have eagerly been awaiting an imminent end to the world, the return of Christ in glory.
“ Reading the Bible, it’s easy to link this to the idea that a necessary precondition for Christ to return is that his ancient people the Jews convert to the Christian faith; and so many Protestants have sought the right conditions for that to happen.
“It was one of the reasons that the Puritan statesman Oliver Cromwell agreed to the readmission of the Jews to England in the 1650s, after more than three centuries of expulsion; so the English could convert them. But by the nineteenth century there was a further thought: the Jews must return to their Promised Land of Israel. In 1846 there was founded a worldwide Evangelical Alliance.
“One of its main concerns was to return Jews to Palestine and convert them there; German and British Evangelicals even backed the setting-up of a new Anglican bishopric in Jerusalem to provide for the conversion (the first bishop was indeed a converted Jewish rabbi). This was an unprecedentedly practical attempt to hasten on the Last Days, that recurrent Protestant preoccupation.
“The Evangelical Alliance found many other battles to fight as new threats to the Evangelical world-view repeatedly emerged, but its first close association with Jerusalem projects was a precocious sign that international Evangelical Protestantism was going to link itself to the fate of the land of Palestine, even before many Jews began to share that concern.”[25]
How does Daniel Greenfield of FronPage Magazine respond to MacCulloch’s article? It is a “crazy attack,” he said.
“Diarmaid MacCulloch knows his thesis is nonsense, which is why [he] dances from premise to premise leaving a huge gap in the middle. After writing briefly about the plight of Christians, he skips over to the usual “Evangelical Christians are just waiting for Armageddon” rant without really connecting it to his premise.”[26]
The head of the Catholic Church in Israel finally said enough is enough when Israel demolished “a church-owned property …”[27]


Abraham Foxman
Abraham Foxman

Keep in mind that the Bolsheviks only cared about the survival of Bolshevism and nothing else. Now listen to Abraham Foxman of the ADL when he seems to realize that America is not going to invade Syria any time soon: “It causes me to lose sleep.”[28]
In the same vein, AIPAC made it clear that there would be “no pause, delay or moratorium in our efforts” to ask for new sanctions on Iran.[29] French Jewish legislator went so far as to say that if the French government doesn’t “toughen your positions, Netanyahu will attack Iran.”[30]
According to Foxman, this is a “deep and dangerous change” because the security of Israel is at stake.
Isolationism, reasons Foxman, leads to “the greatest disaster ever to the Jewish people,” and “we are seeing growing indications of a desire for America to retreat from the world once again.”[31]
Zionist puppets such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham espouse similar views.[32] Jewish journalist Jenifer Rubin of the Washington Post also indirectly agreed with Foxman.[33] Jewish neoconservative Frederick Kagan and Bret Stephens propounded the same thing.[34]
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that a bloody war with Syria and Iran will send America into another economic and political disaster. It doesn’t occur to Foxman that more than 11 million Americans are out of jobs.[35] It doesn’t occur to Foxman that Syrian children and refugees are still carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders.[36]
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions already gave the American people a six-trillion dollar bill. It doesn’t occur to Foxman that at least one million veterans got injured in the two wars alone.[37] It doesn’t occur to Foxman that
“Nearly 270,000 brain injuries have been diagnosed by the Defense Department since 2001, most of them were likely sustained in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 veterans of those conflicts have PTSD, a number that reached 300,000 several years ago and is probably much higher now…
“Of the more than 50,000 service members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan who are considered polytrauma patients, 1,600 have moderate to severe brain injuries, 1,400 are amputees, and 900 were severely burned.”[38]
What is even heart-broken is that many of those who got injured in the army were discharged. In other words, they have no benefit, no employment, nothing.[39]
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that, on average, “22 returning soldiers commit suicide” every single day,[40] and that our precious veterans have been shrinking, despite the fact that the U.S. population has risen exponentially.[41] It doesn’t occur to Foxman that decent folk in Europe and in America are still reaping the economic consequences of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that there were 3,553 sexual assault complaints in the military in less than two years![42] It doesn’t occur to Foxman that the U.S. is still giving Israel $3 billion every year.
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that every single American is paying $574 every single year “to keep the NSA up and running.”[43] It doesn’t occur to Foxman that the U.S. is planning to expedite V-22 Osprey aircraft to Israel.[44]
It doesn’t occur to Foxman that our precious soldiers have been Jewified and have been called “The A-Team Killings” and “The Killer Elites”[45] who take pleasure in slaughtering innocent civilians[46] and systematically torturing Afghan detainees.[47]
All Foxman cares about is Israel. And if America has to go to the slaughter house and gets humiliated and butchered like pigs, so be it.
Even the New York Times declared in 2011 that torture has literally turned America into a savage nation:
“Detainees are hung by their hands and beaten with cables, and in some cases their genitals are twisted until the prisoners lose consciousness at sites run by the Afghan intelligence service and the Afghan National Police…”[48]
And as soon as America became a savage nation, Washington began to play a rule for itself and a different rule for countries in the Middle East. As Conor Friedersdorf of the Atlantic puts it, we are exceptional in playing double standards.
“Other nations forcing water into a prisoner’s lung is torture. When we do it? Enhanced interrogation. America doesn’t torture. We’re the good guys!
The Zionist Grim Reaper was here
The Zionist Grim Reaper was here

“Over 12 years, the United States has rounded up an unknown number of innocents and held them alongside terrorists at an island prison, without evidence, charges, or trial, keeping some for years even after deeming them no threat.
“The U.S. tortured an unknown number of prisoners in an official torture program, then destroyed evidence of it. Americans ran a prison at Abu Ghraib where many others were tortured and abused in the most disgusting ways imaginable. The Iraq War implicates us in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents.
“Successive presidents set precedents such that American citizens can now be put on a secret kill list on one man’s orders and killed without any due process. A 16-year-old American was killed in a drone strike with no explanation given to this day;  scarcely no one in power demanded one.
“With the blessings of the White House, the New York Police Department has ethnically profiled and spied on innocent Muslim Americans who were deemed suspicious for no reason besides their religion.
“America’s drone program has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocents and nightmarish living conditions for Yemenis and Pakistanis under regular flight paths. What’s more, the U.S. doesn’t apologize, explain itself, and compensate the families of the dead when it inadvertently kills innocent people with drones.
“Instead, we do our best to pretend that we had no role in the killing, leaving impoverished survivors to bury their own dead, to repair their own homes, and to wonder if seemingly arbitrary death from the sky will take them next.
“As well, we’ve built a global surveillance apparatus unprecedented in human history, one so unaccountable that Americans only found out about violations of the Fourth Amendment and data collection on tens of millions of Americans because a contractor gave up his comfortable life in Hawaii and risked his freedom to tell us about it.
“If not for Edward Snowden, even the blatant legal violations of the NSA would still remain completely unknown to us. The United States is also violating the privacy of hundreds of millions of innocent foreigners, including leaders of close allies; intentionally undermining the security of global IT systems to facilitate spying; and doing great harm to American companies whose security we’ve breached.”[49]
America continues to practice torture to this very day.[50] Last February, “10 missing Afghan villagers were dug up outside a U.S. Special Forces base.”[51] In the same month,
“A student named Nasratullah was found under a bridge with his throat slit, two days, his family claimed, after he had been picked up by the Green Berets.”


anncoulterBut what do Christian Zionists keep telling us? Listen to Dinesh D’Souza in his 2007 best-selling book The Enemy at Home,
“The important thing is that 50 million Afghans and Iraqis are free, and for the first time in their history, they have a chance to control their own destiny.”[52]
One does not know whether to laugh to cry. Perhaps D’Souza should have asked the New York Times a few questions when it titled one of its articles, “Can Iraq Be Saved?”[53] D’Souza has the moral rigor to repudiate his own statement if he only steps outside the neoconservative matrix for just five minutes.
It is the same thing with Ann Coulter, who keeps propounding the neoconservative lie in almost every single one of her books. She astonishingly declares on the very first page of her recent book,
“Remember when the media howled that President Bush LIED in his state of the Union address about Saddam Hussein seeking uranium from Niger? Then two investigative committees, here and Britain, established that he was telling the truth…”[54]
I just couldn’t finish reading Coulter’s new propaganda because many of the assertions with respect to the Middle East are just plain pathetic. Now contrast Coulter’s self-serving assertion to what Paul R. Pillar has written. Pillar spent twenty-eight years as CIA official:
“It was all about selling the [Iraq] war to the public. The most famous tidbit the [Bush] administration extracted concerned an alleged purchase by Iraq of uranium ore from Niger—famous because it became the subject of a public refutation by a former diplomat who investigated the matter, a subsequent effort by the office of the vice president to discredit this diplomat and his U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer wife, a cover-up of the discrediting, a criminal conviction of vice presidential aid I. Lewis Libby for committing perjury during the cover-up, and a presidential commutation of Libby’s prison sentence.
“This item had special attraction to the war makers because it was something that might resonate with the masses…the rhetorical attraction of the report about uranium ore led policymakers to push repeatedly to include it in public statements about Iraq, despite the intelligence community’s repeated advice that they not use it because of its doubtful credibility and authenticity.”[55]
Despite the ethnic cleansing of both Christians and Palestinians in the Middle East, we are being told that the Palestinians are now free. According to the Zionist conception of liberation, the Iraqis now have democracy; Saddam is no longer a threat, though the situation is worse than when Saddam was alive and in power.

Sex in the Zionist jungle
Sex in the Zionist jungle

Terrorist cells and organizations are declining, even though research studies have shown the opposite; torturing prisoners of war is a good thing for the West, even though virtually nothing good has been extracted from that.[56]
Killing individuals without a trial and throwing the bodies in the sea is great, even though this is the antithesis of what the West has stood for centuries; dropping drones in civilian-populated areas is good because we are fighting terrorism, even though the war on terror is a smokescreen.
Now we have Obama bragging that he is “really good at killing people” with drone strikes.[57] Zionist puppets such as Lindsey Graham admitted that drone strikes have killed 4,700 people so far, but he went on to say,
“Sometimes you hit innocent people, and I hate that, but we’re at war, and we’ve taken out some very senior members of al Qaeda.”[58]
Now we have Hollywood telling us in the film Zero Dark Thirty that there might be proof that torturing detainees led to useful information, despite the fact that the CIA and even Zionist puppets such as John McCain have repudiated the claim.[59] Neoconservative Mark Tapson of Front Page Magazine declared that water-boarding led to the capture of bin Laden![60]
For Tapson, the left is waging a war against the movie because the movie is based on factual information.


After ten years in Afghanistan and Iraq, did we really get freedom and democracy, as the Jewish neoconservatives have continued to propound? Let us hear again from retired career officer and military historian Andrew Bacevich:
“If anything, the war on terror, stretching across more than a decade, served to mask a pre-existing cultural crisis while setting the stage for large-scale economic calamity…
“Virtually from the outset, George W. Bush’s Global War on Terrorism was never America’s war in the sense that Lincoln’s war and FDR’s war had been….Over the two terms of [Bush’s] presidency the size of the national debt more than doubled, ballooning from $3.3 trillion to $7.5 trillion…
In 2011, the year the Iraq War ended, one out of every five active duty soldiers was on antidepressants, sedatives, or other prescription drugs. The incidence of spousal abuse spiked, as did the divorce rate among military couples. Deliberating combat stress reached epidemic proportions. So did brain injuries. Soldier suicides skyrocketed.”[61]
But according to Dick Cheney, “deficits don’t matter.”[62] They don’t matter because Cheney has not suffered from the economic collapse: the precious American people are paying the price:

“Few of the very rich send their sons or daughters to fight. Few of those leaving the military’s ranks find their way into the ranks of the plutocracy.”[63]


netanyahuPerpetual wars also have consequences in the Middle East. Citizens in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan for example complain that when the Taliban were in power, they usually punished thieves by cutting off a hand and that citizens were at least safe. Maulvi Daoud complains,
“If you had a box of cash on your head, you could go to the farthest part of Marjah and no one would take it from you, even at night. Today you bring your motorcycle in front of your shop and it will be gone. Now the situation is that you go on the road and they are standing in police and army uniform with weapons and they can take your money…[the Taliban] were never cruel to us and the one difference was security. It was better during the Taliban.”[64]
Another individual laments, “All these foreign soldiers are here and it is totally insecure everywhere in Helmand. For the time that they are in Afghanistan we will always have war. What is the situation like in Helmand today? We are completely destroyed today. The situation is getting worse and worse. There is no security because of the foreigners.”[65]
Ryan Evans, a research fellow at the U.S.-based Center for National Policy, agrees that Helmand is a huge challenge for the U.S., where many U.S. soldiers have been killed from 2010-2012.[66]
Peter Van Buren spent some years there during the so-called reconstruction. He was appalled that teachers could not get a decent wage in his own state of Michigan while the Bush administration was funneling billions of taxpayer’s dollars to Iraq with little accountability.[67]
The future again does not look so bright for the average American. Economist Tyler Cowen has declared that “the future will be awesome—for about 15% of us.”[68]
Since 2001, shortly after the war in Iraq, the United States has been in constant decline, most particularly when it comes to its debt. Philo-Semitic historian Niall Ferguson declares that

From 2001, in the space of just 10 years, the U.S. federal debt in public hands doubled as a share of G.D.P. from 32 percent to a projected 66 percent in 2011.”[69]

In a nutshell, Zionism and Bolshevism once again are two sides of the same coin. And by the end of 2012, some writers and analysts had come close to saying the same thing.
John Allen Gay of the National Interest finally declared that the neoconservatives had more in common with Robespierre and Karl Marx (based on their policies of aggressive and radical expansion by destroying traditional mores) than with Edmund Burke.[70]


nsa_israelHow did the West fall into this madness? Simple: the twentieth century has progressively become, in the words of Jewish scholar Yuri Slezkine, “The Jewish Century.”[71] What was logical is now illogical, and what was irrational is now rational.
Moreover, we have said over and over that Zionism is a sanitized version of Bolshevism,[72] and its offshoots have shown themselves in Israeli cells such as the NSA,[73] which seeks to control the entire world.[74]
The NSA even targeted the pope since 2005![75]  The pope has said some nice things about the Jews,[76] but he himself was not exempt from being spied upon by the Israeli-run NSA. United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon was also a victim of the NSA. The New York Times finally admits,
“Today’s N.S.A. is the Amazon of intelligence agencies… It sucks the contents from fiber-optic cables, sits on telephone switches and Internet hubs, digitally burglarizes laptops and plants bugs on smartphones around the globe.”[77]
The New York Times again has reported,
“The C.I.A. is paying AT&T more than $10 million a year to assist with overseas counterterrorism investigations by exploiting the company’s vast database of phone records, which includes Americans’ international calls, according to government officials.”[78]
What is generally not reported throughout the Zionist media is that the Israelis and the NSA are two sides of the same coin.[79]
Writer Bill Blum has declared that “the NSA has pissed off the entire world,”[80] but the entire world, most specifically Zionist America, will not stop funding the NSA.[81]
We have recently learned that “the NSA’s official talking points encouraged officials to use the threat of another 9/11 to justify the surveillance programs leaked by Edward Snowden.”[82]
So obviously the NSA viewed Angel Merkel and even the pope as either terrorists or terrorist apologists or potential terrorists. Another plausible hypothesis is that the NSA views much of the world as enemies of Israel, since the regime’s ideological goals are incompatible with the traditional ideals of the West.
This view seems to make sense when we learn that Israeli military Historian Martin van Clevel made this interesting comment about Israel:
“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”[83]
But according to Max Boot of Commentary, the NSA has done nothing illegal—nothing! Boot wrote,
“There is no evidence that NSA has done anything it is not authorized to do or that it has acted in any way for ulterior personal or political motives.”[84]
How stupid can we be? The NSA violates the Constitution, snoops on virtually the entire world, including allies, but the NSA has done nothing wrong! No doubt that the “U.S. popularity in Germany [is] on a steep decline in [the] wake of spy scandal.”[85]
John C. Kornblum, former U.S. ambassador to Germany, declared that he “simply cannot imagine” that the U.S. could snoop on Germany “and not end up with egg all over their face. It was unbelievably stupid, for no gain.”[86]
One official declared that “The only way the president is going to get a fresh start with the allies is to present them with a new team.”[87]

I would hasten to say that the only way America is going to get a fresh start with the Western world and even the Middle East is to start firing the Zionist gangsters and replacing them with serious politicians. This is what Andrew Jackson did with the banksters, and he ended up reducing the national debt to zero! We will meet Jackson again when we examine Capitalism in the future.

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