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 Manufactured America


… by  Gordon Duff, VT Editor   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Getting into your head
Getting into your head

When the world hears about “American public opinion,” they are told what the American people are told. 
You see, you it really doesn’t matter what people think or believe when you control the media and have the power to simply make it all up. When its day, you simply “dark”  say everyone believes its night.
You don’t really have to convince people, they don’t matter anyway. People in America and around the world are, in terms coined by Henry Kissinger, “useless eaters.” 
There is no public opinion, there is no “public.” Nobody comes out in the streets, there is no public voice.
A few hundred internet trolls drawing paychecks from phony Washington “think tanks” are, in fact, the real voice of the American people. The “players” in American media get their “talking points” from their handlers.
Anyone who doesn’t believe this should just pick up any newspaper, watch any newscast, check any “approved” website, or start opening those mysterious emails that come in from imaginary “groups” claiming to protect our gun rights or “family values.”
America is an information sewer, a sewer without a drain.
In reality, nobody has heard from the American people in a very long time. The only way we know they exist is they keep spending, eating and flushing toilets. Politically, the American people died a long time ago.

American’s either think what they are told to think and believe it or don’t, it doesn’t matter. The media simply makes up “public opinion” based on what they have been told to report. They always have.

If elections fail to reflect what the media reports, they can be fixed too and always have been. Here is a classic, the 93% Bush approval rating after the 9/11 “terror attack.” Despite record election fraud and “exit polling,” a very accurate tool for predicting outcomes showing Bush lost the 2000 vote in a landslide, a 5/4 vote in the Supreme Court named Bush president.
Every judge and every lawyer in America knows that the Supreme Court, through constitutional provisions of separation of powers, equal protection and state’s rights, can’t interfere in a presidential election. Laws only matter in a “nation of laws.”

International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court

America dropped out of the International Criminal Court at The Hague so its leaders wouldn’t face war crimes indictments.
Back in the good old USA, those same leaders run the criminal justice system and use it as a bludgeon to silence critics, protect criminal friends and, as America’s prison system is largely privatized today, get rich in the process.
So, when Bush and Cheney took office, after garnering what is now estimated at only 33% of the vote, their immediate transformation of Washington into a “feeding ground” for war profiteers, financial criminals and extremist elements alienated a majority of Americans.
9/11 is a stage play, not an act of terrorism. It was written and acted out, paid “crisis actors” and pre-scripted newscasts enhanced with real victims and very real horror.
The play, as written by the Project for a New American Century was to create a rationale for selling a restructuring of the world, largely an economic realignment run behind a cover operation of war, carefully staged for the evening news but with real dead. Make that real “useless eater” dead.

You saw those folks falling from the twin towers? More “useless eaters.” Before they were done, a couple million “useless eaters” would eat no more, all collateral damage in support of a carefully scripted operation, the creation of a “New American Century.”

However, there is nothing new about feudalism, nothing “American” about war for profit and certainly nothing that would last a century. America’s “Thousand Year Reich” is folding up as we speak.

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft

Let’s be honest, there was no “pulling together” behind Bush in the face of a “new Pearly Harbor” attack. Bush had already burned his bridges. Bush attorney General John Ashcroft had just lost his senate seat to former Missouri governor Mel Carnahan.
He won the election though dead at the time, having been killed in a plane crash now cited as murder. Ashcroft, an incumbent senator, had lost his seat to a dead man.
It was Ashcroft who had begun the post 9/11 witch-hunt against American Muslims and had advised the legality of a worldwide program of kidnapping and assassination
Two years after that, Senator Paul Wellstone of Wisconsin would die in an identical crash, also prior to an election. His death would insure Republican control of the Senate. That death has been cited as a murder as well.
Not that long afterward, GOP computer guru and accused voting machine hacker Mike Connell, after asking for protection from Bush operatives after being forced to testify about how the 2000 presidential election had been rigged, died in a similar crash, also cited as a murder.

The list goes on, more dead senators, one jailed governor, whistleblowers silenced, sent to prisons, locked inside mental hospitals or “gagged” by courts no longer answerable through habeas corpus. The names? Susan Lindauer, Sibel Edmonds, Mark Siljander, Lee Wanta, we could go on, literally, forever.

On the morning of 9/11, Americans hardly looked on Bush or New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as heroes. Books and TV dramas had depicted the use of aircraft against buildings and sporting events and Americans knew that hijacked airliners were to be intercepted and either forced to land or shot down.
When we were told a plane hit the Pentagon, all reality was put aside. This is the most heavily defended building in the world with air defenses tasked specifically for intercepting cruise type missiles.
Moreover, millions of Americans were quick to jump on the Bush administration for its failure to protect such obvious targets not to mention the massive intelligence failure that 9/11 represented. This, of course, was before the “conspiracy theories” began.

VT Editorial board member, General Hamid Gul - former head of Pakistan's ISI, their CIA
VT editorial board member, General Hamid Gul – former head of Pakistan’s ISI, their CIA

Within a month, General Hamid Gul, former director of Pakistan’s ISI cited 9/11 as a false flag attack while accused “mastermind,” Osama bin Laden denied any involvement and told Americans to look for the perpetrators “close to home.”
A 93% approval for a leader that any idiot knew was looking for any pretext to take America to war was and is inconceivable.
In that Bush was viewed then as he is now, a divisive figure, an arrogant “twit,” the failed son of a tragic father, a justification for legalized abortion if there ever was one, dismissive of his betters, the idea of a sudden rush to confer sainthood on a national embarrassment such as Bush 43 is more than unlikely.
When congress blindly voted for legislation eliminating constitutional guarantees and sat nearly silent while America began what we now know to have been a decade of colonial wars of aggression, it based its failure of discernment on the outpouring of public outrage and blind support for any war, any measure, a public outrage seen only in the media and witnessed no place else.

In Britain, the Chilcot Inquiry has been stalled as dozens of documents outlining what now appears to be the orchestration of the post 9/11 “public outrage” prior to the “act” itself, have come to light. The choice has been to suppress the documents and stall the inquiry or admit that all of it, 9/11 and the subsequent “decade of disaster,” was entirely conspiracy and hardly “theory.”

Yet, “all of it,” the illegal wars, the torture and rendition, America awash with cheap and plentiful heroin, every child can lead you to a “dealer,” and act after act of terrorism, each increasingly smelling of government complicity, the term “false flag” now a household word, is shoved aside.
Today the people of America and the world are being told that President Obama’s popularity is crashing and his presidency is a failure. What is really happening is that that the media is orchestrating a simulated shift in opinion at the behest of special interests.

Are we becoming a nation of way too many Zombies?
Are we becoming a nation of way too many Zombies?

“Special interest” is a term Americans use to describe organized crime. Racketeering, narcotics, prostitution and human trafficking, pornography and financial crime are America’s biggest “special interests.”
Newspapers even claim Mitt Romney could beat Obama if the election was today. This is an outrageous fabrication.
Let’s look at a couple of issues, starting with the Affordable Healthcare Act or “Obamacare,” as it is called. For decades, medical and insurance costs in the US have been skyrocketing while actual care has become almost impossible to get.
Insurance and healthcare racketeering, denying expensive and effective treatments or simple failure to move through a process, diagnosing illness then actually treating it, is pretty standard. “Diagnose and release” is standard practice as America’s standing in world life expectancy, 40 according to the United Nations, attests.
Real terrorism in America is the fear of bankruptcy and homelessness that any serious illness subjects families to. This is a classic; any American can get an organ transplant but the criteria to qualify is heavily weighted in favor of those whose income level allows them to have private care nurses.
Thus, any poor American stands an equal chance of qualifying for an organ transplant as long as they are millionaires.

Similarly, Obama’s second term or “lame duck” foreign policy, distancing America from Israel, joining with Russia over Syria and advocating a solution to our decade’s long hostility toward Iran is hardly upsetting Americans. Obama’s new policies finally deliver on the empty rhetoric of his first term and have, in actuality, empowered his political base.

In doing so, Obama has alienated key “special interests” which include more than the “usual suspects,” Wall Street, AIPAC and the shady underworld of international banking that can create a trillion dollars in derivative debt faster than you can microwave a frozen burrito.
Is Obama loved or hated for his policies? We certainly know that special interests hate him. What do the American people think?

Kevin Bracken
Kevin Bracken

That’s the rub. We will never know. Here’s a lesson learned back in September, 2010. An outspoken Australian political leader, Kevin Bracken, while on a talk radio show in Australia, told the audience he believed that 9/11 was an “inside job.”
ScreenHunter_791 Oct. 22 00.16The host on this Australian Broadcasting Corporation show called Bracken a “nutter” and was, not just derisive but clearly “over the top” in his hostility.
The next morning, the Sidney Morning Herald held a poll, asking respondents if they shared Bracken’s beliefs. Ten thousand responded, 76.7% supported Bracken. This is the one and only “9/11 poll” ever held.
In fact, this seemed to signal the death of polls all together. A culture of carefully groomed distrust and self-hatred has politically castrated the United States. The “occupy” movement was quickly crushed, the “Tea Party” was bought and totally reversed on itself.

There are no third parties in the wings, no protest movements, nothing but the voice of “special interest,” a voice that no longer has any competition.

Is Obama a good man, a real leader? If you ask any American, they will look down at their feet, then side to side and whisper; “The last president that tried to make a difference was Kennedy and look what they did to him.” Can a nation simply give up?

Gordon Duff, Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT. Especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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