Iran deal: Death blow to fraudsters


Iran Deal:  Death Blow to Fraudsters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

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Despite the phone calls and bags of cash moving around Washington and New York, bribes for politicians and media alike, the nuclear deal with Iran is insanely popular, not just with the American people but the press as well.

Netanyahu is not just shocked, he is bordering on emotional collapse. Of course, none of this is tied to Israeli security. The threat is three-fold:

1. The myth that Iran was ever “a nuclear threat” has been dismantled.
2. Tens of billions in economic and military aid to Israel is threatened.
3. Key financial markets dependent on manipulating the threat of global war will no longer be able to “print money” based on vilifying Iran.

Exposing the Lie
During the next six months, as outlined in the current agreement between the 5+ 1 powers and Iran, inspectors will have increased access to facilities in Iran.
This group of inspectors will have the opportunity, not just to prove that Iran isn’t currently making weapons or involved in a process that “could” lead to nuclear weapons development, but to prove that no such program ever existed.
With the Iranian people having been victim of sanctions predicated entirely on assumptions that, in themselves, are proven baseless simply by the nature of the agreement itself, why then is no one looking at the real connotations of this situation?

What is standing as “assured” and soon to be conclusively proven is that Israel and their “toadies” in the West have impacted the people of Iran and their economy for no reasons whatsoever other than as an excuse for something else.

Back in 2007, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States stated, conclusively, that they had full knowledge of the fact that Iran had no nuclear weapons program.
This document was presented in the form of a National Intelligence Estimate to then President George Bush and key members of Congress.
However, this document, proving that Iran had no nuclear weapons program was ignored. Though leaked to the press, it was ignored not just by the press but in public statements by Bush and later by President Obama.
It was also never referred to when Congress voted sanctions against Iran, though it was the only official documentation for any rationale for sanctions.
Thus, years of rhetoric, six years to be exact, not just the CIA reports but reports from the IAEA itself, all confirmed that Iran had no nuclear program other than for peaceful purposes.
Now the same players face another and more devastating revelation, that – in the process of meeting the tenets of the current agreement – the policies of the last decade and more, vilifying Iran as a nuclear threat, will be proven to have been, not just wrong but mischievously so.
The question should be asked, though we expect it will not be, if Iran had no nuclear program, if it can be proven now, and it was proven before, then why were billions spent, why were attacks threatened, why were sanctions instituted?
Who is going to jail for this? Who is going to pay reparations?
If this can be shown as real and systematic wrongdoing, malicious, purposeful and conspiratorial, what is the world going to do to make sure “never again?”
The Threat to “Victimization Mythology”
With Saddam crushed, Israel had to depend on Iran, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia as its “branded evildoers,” the “Islamic hordes” that they continually cited as threatening to burn Jews alive or push them into the sea.
Then we learn the Mubarak government in Egypt had been working for Israel for decades.
Then we learn the Saudi government and Israel had been “hand in hand” for decades also, though publicly trading threats and insults on a daily basis.
For years it was Iran and Syria, standing alone, hamstrung with very real internal dissension, to oppose Israeli bid for hegemony over the Middle East; a policy of hegemony that, in 2000, had the full and absolute support of an American government that had lost all sense of accountability.
The only other regional power is Turkey, a NATO member, and in fact, a long military ally of Israel, a fact displayed to the world through Turkey’s powerless and ambiguous response to Israel’s deadly piracy against the Mavi Marmara in 2010.
Turkish citizens on a Turkish flagged ship could be butchered on the open seas by Israeli forces and not just was nothing done, Turkey has, in fact, taken on a more active role in Israeli mischief against Syria and Lebanon.

Now, with Iran’s moderate government working within a broad cooperative agreement with the world’s major powers, Israel has no imaginary threat to turn to, no reason to ask for shiploads of cluster bombs to drop on Gaza while peddling the rest on the Georgian arms market.

Conflict Profiteering
Manipulating the world press, Western leaders, including President Obama and Secretary Kerry and the media into pushing the world to a fearful and frenzied state over an imaginary nuclear threat from Iran has been a source of considerable wealth for key players.
The biggest of all has been the oil futures market, not just crude but refined fuels as well; a market largely controlled by the Koch Brothers, the financial controllers of the Tea Party and key members of Israel’s lobby in the US.
The game is simple. With advance knowledge of market fluctuations based on heightened rhetoric over threats against Persian Gulf oil supplies, these financial criminals have made hundreds of billions and have, moreover, been able to increase both oil and fuel prices during a time when normal market conditions would have predicted a collapse.
Gasoline prices are nearly double, around the world, to what they should be, primarily because of manipulation of markets, which can be directly attributed to war threats against Iran.

Netanyahu has been working with gangsters in the US, threatening and actually, at times, planning attacks on Iran in order to push up prices for key commodities, oil and others, and make billions based on assuming market positions with total “foreknowledge.”

In fact, the “Iran nuclear threat” has been the biggest insider trading scam in history.
This is easy to prove by tracking market position in advance of, not just Netanyahu’s threats, but the Bush era. Moves that were even more blatant including attempts by the 5th Fleet to stage false flag attacks on American personnel and American naval vessels, as outlined by Washington Post’s Jeff Stein and former White House Security Advisor Gwyneth Todd.
The paper trail outlining this very real conspiracy requires no special access. It is all there in the newspapers and market reports, literally dozens of “amazing coincidences” which netted the same very lucky people endless billions in profit almost as though lightning had struck the same place over and over.
Now that we know it was all a scam, when do we get justice?


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