Death of Elvis Faked?


by Preston James

slide_44119_331195_largeAs incredible as this seems there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that the Death of Elvis Presley was faked.
As few know, there is allegedly a secret USG inter-agency MJTF type “Anti-Terror Cell” that has attained a prominent position since 9/11.
The creation of a virtual, faked death of Elvis marked one of the early days of this cell which specializes in the construction of virtual events and use of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to “set the hook” and process the American Group Mind in a new type of social engineering that is becoming highly sophisticated and utilizes all the latest science, bells and whistles.
This Cell specializes in what was done during Operation Mockingbird and is actually a continuation and huge expansion of it.

It was Operation Mockingbird which captured and utilized the American Mass Media and much of the mass media around the Free World, forming and transforming the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) into a major tool of high level Psyops against the American public and much of the Free World, used to quickly obtain many desired political, policy and legislative goals that would otherwise not be possible.

The sophisticated programs of this new secret “Anti-Terror Cell” includes use of special teams of highly specialized psychologists and spy-chiatrists who design Virtual-Terror False-flags like Sandy Hook and the like. Sometimes they design actual, real staged terror using mind-kontrolled, retarded or severely mentally ill patsies hand selected and operated by special FBI teams.

If a top Secret Shadow Government (SSG) leader feels that he will be charged for crimes or war crimes, he can access this unit to design a custom Psyops plan which involves using the CMMM to “process the American Group Mind (AGM) and the get the heat off of them. One solution might be to fake their death or fake serious health problems or maybe come up with a “tall tale” that their heart has failed and they have gotten a temporary mechanical heart followed by a transplant (white pancake makeup with a wheelchair and other supporting acts are filmed and displayed repetitively by the CMMM to attain desired results which are noted by pupillometry studies of select viewers through their TV boxes or other more sophisticated means involving Wi-Fi, cell phones or equivalent.

2The 9/11 terror attacks were a mixed bag, with 3,000 real innocent humans mass murdered along with some virtual aspects like the aircraft that supposedly flew into the Twin Towers and Pentagon but were still registered and flying afterwards with logs proving such from the FAA later recovered.
This particular “USG Anti-Terror Cell” now specializes in creating virtual major events in the CMMM which even though imaginary, create the same result as if they actually occurred.It really should be referred to as an actual Terror Cell itself because technically it specializes in spooking and terrorizing the American Group Mind (AGM) in order to generate massive social fear to motivate the public to change their thinking in ways desired by the SGG using this “USG Anti-Terror Cell”.
Actually this is best described as very high level Social Engineering and it would have made Eduard Bernays very, very proud of these perps use of technology he refined. The fake, staged death of Elvis was a major turning point for the development and emergence of this Cell as a prominent force in the background of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), a turning point where numerous experts were used to refine and hone skills needed to socially engineer the American group Mind to believe what the SSG intended them to. In this way the public and Congress could easily be manipulated into supporting numerous freedom robbing new laws, programs and perpetual wars that would otherwise never be acceptable or allowed.
What are some of the reasons these Virtual events are created and dispensed through the CMMM?
As VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff has pointed out in recent articles, the CMMM can be used to manipulate markets using such pre-knowledge to keep market prices up and make vast profits not otherwise possible by generating stories of virtual conflict/war or even creating real ones for major profits not otherwise so easily obtained by the major defense related industries that Ike warned us about in his last public speech as President. Virtual conflict which seem to indicate an impending war when one never comes can thus often provide profits and secondary political gains just as great as if the war occurred.
MV5BMTkzODE2ODgyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDIzNTAwMw@@._V1_SX100_CR0,0,100,100_Virtual Terror and staged events can be optimized and weaponized as major Psyops against the American Public by the CMMM on behalf of the Ruling Cabal, providing near instant motivation to get major unConstitutional legislation passed with violates Rule of Law and the Bill of Rights.  All these staged mass shooting which are either MK-Ultra subprograms with actual killing or virtual ones using Crisis Actors types with no real killing serve as a covert attack on the Second Amendment.  Sometimes there are actual real covert ops also used against the Second Amendment like BATF/CIA Operation Fast and Furious which came to light only because of the gross incompetence of those running the program like Eric Holder coupled with some stand-up true American Heroes inside the BATF who wouldn’t stand for it. Sad to say these heroes have not been properly recognized for standing up for the Rule of Law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Thousands of stand up Agents, LE and Whistle-blowers have paid a terrible price for refusing to go along with high crimes of the FBI, CIA and Miltel.
sabowRemember, there have been hundreds of standup FBI, CIA, BATF and police and Military murdered for refusing to cooperate with corruption (Heroes like Colonel Sabow (1) and many others who died in Vietnam of Mysterious Jeep accidents, or were suicided/arkencided with three shots to the head when they refused to cooperate with the CIA drug dealing like operation Whitestar or the South Florida Federal Drug Task Force under GHWB, the second biggest USG/CIA Cocaine importation operation besides Mena, Arkansas. And don’t forget the thousands of CIA agents, LE and Federal Whistle-blowers that ended up being persecuted by being illegally jailed in hellholes like Vacaville and other federal prisons with many tortured while being there. VT Author and well known Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb is one of these victims who survived to tell us about it.
The staged, virtual death of Elvis was perhaps a major USG experiment on the processing of the American Group Mind.
The Elvis Presley matter appears to be one of the first incidents where a staged, virtual death which was not real seemed to have created the same result as if Elvis really died, and this success encouraged the Ruling Cabal within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to continue and even expand these types of Virtual incidents and Psyops. Sad to say it appears that they are the central part of the Ruling Cabal’s Secret Agenda to process the American Group Mind which is the new center point of their plan to control American Society. Elvis was overweight having non-life threatening but troublesome chronic health issues and was near broke.
510M7GPJ0TL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_His staged death allowed him to break free, start over, and bring in millions each year of revenue from his dedicated fans, money that would not otherwise have been available. Plus there is one critical factor that really motivated him to want to have a virtual death.  That is the serious trouble he was into in regard to the “Enterprise”, the precursor the massive CIA illegal Narcotics Trafficking issue which became known as the GHWB Iran Contra Drug Trafficking into America affair. This is a very complicated matter and if you want to get a complete picture, refer to the classic and highly respected book by Terry Reed and John Cummings, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. (2)
When the CIA wants something, it’s going to get it one way or another no matter how criminal, that is their twisted history, and it is filled with massive financial scams, theft, political assassinations, murders, bribery and human compromise of politicians and judges and corporate leaders.
During the Iran Contra affair, the CIA went even more blatantly criminal than with Air America and the stuffing of US KIA Servicemen/women body cavity’s with opium if you can imagine that.  The CIA desperately needed aircraft to haul massive illegal narcotics back from Ilopango and other South American and Central American bases. The Boland Amendment prevented them getting the money from Congress to buy new aircraft, so they came up with a very crafty criminal scheme to approach individual owners with a very bizarre storyline which went like something this. The Enterprise, associated with the Dixie Mob, later morphed into the Iran Contra Drug Pipeline, aka the Mena Connection and Rust Alley. This taking over of the Dixie Mob by the CIA and GHWB was rationalized as the only means possible to stop the communist takeover of South America and then America, and was claimed to be justified under “national security”, like so many other state crimes today. here is the kind of statement that was typically made when aircraft owners were approached to “donate” their planes by first the Enterprise and the n the CIA during Iran Contra later on.

“We are fighting a major deadly serious war to stop Communism in Central and South America.  If we lose America, all of Central and South America could go Communist and America could then easily fall.  We need your help.  We would like you to allow us to take your aircraft.  You will turn in an insurance claim for it being missing and we have made certain arrangements with the insurance carriers that you will be immediately reimbursed for the value. In this way you can serve America with distinction and help your country in its time of major need to stop Communism in the western hemisphere.”

51cR8K+CYWL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Sometimes they just stole aircraft and let the owners turn in claims without approaching them first. And sometime when they were refused they stole the aircraft anyway. If you want more information about this perhaps John Cathey can provide it. The fact that GHWB transformed the Contra War into a major illegal narcotics trafficking pipeline into America has been fully substantiated by numerous DEA Agents. The most famous one is Celerino Castillo, a great American Hero who refused to just go along. The CIA has harassed this wonderful Hero, set him up on a phony gun charge (like Randy Weaver, same modus operandi) put him, an innocent mail in jail and basically tried to destroy his life. (3)
Did Elvis get a visit from the “Enterprise” and a request to “donate” one of his beloved aircraft, The Convair 880 (the “Lisa Marie”) or one of his two Lockheed Jetstars?
So as the storyline goes, Elvis loved Guns, Law Enforcement, authority and rubbing shoulders with Top Politicians and Presidents. He was appointed an honorary Federal Drug Agent by President Nixon and occasionally visited him, at least once in the White-house. Even to this day the most requested document from the National Archives is a copy of the first famous meeting between Nixon and Presley at the White House on Dec. 21, 1970 where Elvis asked President Nixon to make him a “Federal Agent at Large” in the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Drugs, which Nixon so granted. (4)
It is believed that Elvis played a role providing some high level information to this Bureau on illegal trafficking in Drugs which began as an involvement as a Federal informant, which perhaps later led to interference in his life and being “set up” and used by the CIA, their specialty. It is suspected that during this time as Elvis functioned as an informant, various things were done to him by the CIA to manipulate him and “soften him up”and perhaps to compromise him, perhaps taking a terrible toll on him personally. And it is always possible that Elvis was used as an MK-Ultra special projects experiment to compromise and take over celebrities, as practice for later work doing so to most politicians inside the Beltway. Or is it possible that Elvis just succumbed to dependency on prescription drugs to cope with conflicts in his complex life and thus became increasingly troubled and out of shape physically? Those close to Elvis have remarked that as his prescription drug use increased so did his behavioral and personality issues as well as his level of physical conditioning dropped. This was quite out of character for Elvis because he had been into physical fitness and had become a Karate Expert.

Most requested item from the National Archives

One narrative that has emerged was that the FBI had involved Elvis in “Operation Fountain Pen” which was an investigation of Frederick Peter Pro for various scandals involving defrauding Elvis’s father Vernon Presley out of perhaps over 1,000,000 USD  in 1976 on the “sale” or refurbishing of the first of Elvis’s Lockheed Jetstars, which is alleged to never have happened but was instead a shakedown. On July 26, 1977, the FBI stated that they now had enough evidence to go forth with the prosecution of Tony Pro and his group referred to as the “Fraternity”. Elvis allegedly died on August 16, 1977.
On October 18, 1977 some researchers have claimed that 1977 Four members of the Fraternity including Tony Pro were arrested. It has been alleged that these court documents are sealed and thus unavailable to verify the specifics and who this group worked for or if they were part of the Dixie Mob.And it is always possible that this alleged group the fraternity was doing contract work for “the Company” and went rogue part of the time for their own personal profit which perhaps was done with approaching Elvis’s father Vernon first and cheating him out of a huge amount of money. This is an interesting narrative, however there is another perspective on this be a more realistic descriptive of what really happened. It goes like this.
Did “the Enterprise” or one of its assets or operatives try to shake Elvis down for a “stolen plane” contribution which he refused and went to the FBI for help with instead?
MV5BMTgwMjA5MTMyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNTIxNzI2._V1_SY100_CR29,0,100,100_Could Elvis have been approached by CIA operatives or assets at some point after his father was shaken down, reminded of how important patriotism was to him personally (very true) and then asked to prove it by donating one of his three prized aircraft, the first purchased of two Lockheed Jetstars. The Convair 880 (which Elvis called the Lisa Marie) was eventually taken to Graceland where it was made part the estate.  As the story goes he refused and went straight to the FBI for help to remedy this and the matter related to his father Vernon being ripped-off by the same bunch.  Apparently the FBI told him that there was a criminal group they were investigating that had very high level intel connections and was very dangerous and that serious, credible threats had been made against his life which would best be handled by placing him in a specially designed “witness protection program” using his secret name “John Burrows” to live in Michigan part of the year and Buenos Aires the other part, his first point of travel since his faked, virtual death.
Was Elvis told that there was a contract put out on him?
It is believed by some that the FBI informed Elvis that a contract had been put out on him for reporting the shakedown efforts against him and his father Vernon. If true, this could have easily provided additional motivation for Elvis to walk away, allow his death to be faked by the special witness protection team.  This would provide a great end to his career with a positive revenue stream far into the future.  This also would place control over him in the hands of the feds who may have orchestrating the whole affair as a test, and perhaps for a cut of the future revenue streams as administrative expense. Obviously the Feds are never going to tell the truth on what really happened, just like with so many other of their dealings.
MV5BMjA4NjgzODU1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTM2NDIzNw@@._V1_SY100_CR15,0,100,100_The plan appealed to Elvis and FBI and a special federal Team of Experts set up and actuated an elaborate plan to fake the Death of Elvis. And they had the moxie and power to pull it off, because they had done it before successfully for some others. Supposedly Elvis’s manager/agent Colonel Tom Parker’s son was dying of cancer, and upon his death that body would be substituted for Elvis, brought in his home. It is very difficult to get at the actual proof, like supposed autopsy photos because they are claimed to be sealed, but perhaps never really existed. And in any serious USG Intel Psyops, various false evidence trails are always laid and the CMMM can be used to condition the public anyway the USG instructs. in any event there is substantial evidence that the death of Elvis was faked and virtual only.
[youtube xCZpRegE7qk&feature=player_detailpage#t=373]
Staging a virtual, fake death of Elvis was perhaps the first major event that this new Mockingbird related Psyops Unit which later morphed into the current MJTF type “Anti-Terror Unit”, which is responsible for numerous false and real, staged and virtual events.
This virtual death of Elvis appealed to this new unit that was just being set up for a number of reasons. It was a great test to see if they could pull it off and create a win/win situation for all parties:  Elvis and his estate become lucrative beyond their wildest dreams, the CIA gets a monkey off its back, the FBI gains new powers over the CMMM, and the Ruling Cabal gets to further process the American Group Mind with another big lie, which provides maximum entertainment and amusement for the several top Policy-Makers who love using another big lie as the basis of American culture (the more lies that the public accept, the less likely their crimes will ever be figured out and understood).
Here is a list of some of the strange, so far unexplained events related to the apparent staged, virtual death of Elvis:
1. A couple of witnesses reported that a strange black helicopter landed and quickly took off again on the Presley Estate the day Elvis died.
2. Elvis’s life insurance policy was never collected on.
3. Elvis’s casket was so heavy that it required more than 6 pall bearers (some say 9) to carry it and was reported to have weighed over 700 pounds (perhaps 900 pounds total) and had a built in battery powered cooling system to keep the wax figure from melting in the heat.
4. Witnesses who knew Elvis well said the body did not look like him at all and looked like a wax figure like from Madame Tussauds wax museum in London. The nose was not even close to Elvis’s, the hands were clean and smooth, Elvis’s hands were rough and strong from many years practicing Karate. Numerous close friends of Elvis were asked to not come to the funeral, perhaps to prevent too much attention to the wax figure?
5. It was alleged that Elvis had earlier made contacts investigating having a wax figure made up of himself.
6. Elvis had told numerous friends and family he wanted to be buried next to his Mom, but he was buried in another plot close by.
7. Elvis’s name was actually mis-spelled on his tombstone as Elvis Aaron Presley, when it was Elvis Aron Presley, and that was the name he signed all his contracts with.
8. There is evidence that Elvis actually recorded a new song after his staged, virtual death which was played on the airways.
9. There have been numerous sightings and some photos of Elvis alive after the supposed day of his death and one with he and Muhammad Ali.
10. There is at least one decent phone recording of Elvis contacting one of his fans after his staged, virtual death to talk.
11. It is alleged that after his staged, fake, virtual death, Elvis first went to Buenos Aires to vacation and then to live in the State of Michigan, allegedly where he still resides as his home base.
Elvis developed some personal problems as his career advanced.
It’s true that Elvis began to abuse prescription drugs due to the huge pressures from his concert schedules and perhaps due to emotional issues related to the death of his mother. A number of his close staff and security team (his loyal friends that went back many years with him) jokingly called the “Memphis Mafia”, had repeatedly shared concerns with Elvis about his health issues and prescription drug use.  Some of these associates tried to get Elvis help, but he was reluctant and quite self-willed. Some of his security team actually quit because Elvis refused their help. It is unknown how many of them know the truth about Elvis’s staged, virtual death. Those that knew him felt like Elvis’s drug abuse took control over him and suppressed many of his good qualities which he was formerly known for. Hopefully he has been able to get proper help and is experiencing peace and happiness. How sad it would be if many of Elvis Problems were due to being an unknowing victim of an MK-Ultra subprogram, which would not be surprising since he had known contacts with the FBI and was abused by CIA operatives over his aircraft holdings. It would not be too surprising if we found out some day that Elvis was manipulated using advanced Mind-kontrol technologies to follow the route he did.  When this much money is involved, certainly certain American Intel factions can get very motivated very quickly.
Despite USG claims these MK-Ultra programs and sub-programs are no longer active, in reality they are more active than ever and now specialize in advanced psychotronics and remote thought and mood entrainment, typically being financed by black funds and illegal narcotic trafficking proceeds.
For those interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery, the first place perhaps one should start digging is a compete investigation of the parties involved in setting up and managing Elvis Presley Enterprises after his alleged death. Like the old phrase goes, “follow the money”. There is such an enormous of incoming revenue involved, that alone warrants a very close look as to a strong incentive to have manipulated Elvis into what appears to have been a faked, virtual death situation. And certainly the connection to USG LE/alphabets and intel is something that itself warrants a second very close look. And if reports are accurate Col. Tom Parker his agent/Manager had a contract with Elvis to take 50% of concert proceeds, which Elvis honored but  is considered far too much by most entertainment attorneys and agents. It would be interesting to find out if Col. Parker’s cut also included all of Elvis record sales and movies, which wouldn’t be surprising. This kind of Draconian contract would have obviously created substantial financial pressures on Elvis that would perhaps not have been necessary.
One thing for sure, Elvis is still greatly loved by his fans. His music is still very popular and his voice unique and easily recognizable. His hits are truly timeless. Numerous entertainers have made successful careers as Elvis Impersonators. He was multi-talented, came from dirt-poor, was blessed with good looks, a rare voice with huge range and great natural musical ability like no-one else, gifts that propelled him to major success in the difficult music industry. Elvis had a heart of gold for his friends and others especially during his earlier years when he was extremely generous with them, buying many a new Cadillac.  He was known to help the little people, the down and out, and did many acts of random kindness, far too many to catalog here. Yes, he was a real person and had many real life problems, some of which accompanied or were due to his tremendous popularity and success. Others may have been induced by a USG related crime syndicate. But in any event Elvis was known to be an extremely generous man to others, especially those close to him, but sometimes strangers also.
Many of his fans that knew the story of his remarkable life viewed him as a true rags-to-riches dream story and viewed him a little person like themselves who made it big because he had raw talent. To many locals he was their hero and they admired him greatly.  Many use to go to the gates of Graceland and wait to see Elvis enter or leave. Today, thousands still go there and many take the Graceland Tour. His popularity just does not seem to wane at all as the years have passed. His folk Hero popularity may seem odd to social scientists, but to those that knew him or knew his roots, his story was magical and gave them hope that in America sometimes folks can come from nowhere and make it big. Yes, it is true that not only is Elvis’s voice and music amazing, he is a true American Folk Hero and cultural Icon, and he and his music are greatly loved by many people not only in America but all over the world in almost every country. His music appears to be timeless largely because his range of types of songs sung was so great. Certainly Elvis by anyone’s standards has lived a remarkable life.
Here is a music video of Elvis from his 1968 Television Comeback Special which shows his raw musical talent and stage presence which was impressive.
[youtube qzHfQk7ATU0#t=135]
And perhaps Elvis’s last and greatest ballad sung.
[youtube uFCtGIghfoI&feature=player_detailpage#t=121]
(4) The Nixon-Presley Meeting,
Some additional references to research for those that want to learn more about the staged, virtual death of Elvis, a truly remarkable American folk-hero and multi-talented artist who is probably old now but still alive:
More from Elvis’s 1968 Comeback Special:
[youtube fDjY2VcLq7o#t=133]
[youtube elEdWFsCf2U]
[youtube RF5fW3-9DeI#t=3]


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