Why Didn’t We Learn From Vietnam?

Leaving Vietnam

by Preston James


By the War’s end, Individual soldiers deserted in huge numbers, whole units refused to fight, there was rebellion in some Barracks, and numerous incidents of fragging, some preceded by warnings to officers and non-coms to back off, others not.

There were large mass demonstrations at home in America and the situation became so dire, that President Lyndon Johnson was told by his advisers and the Ruling Cabal that he must step aside and could not run for a second term.

Most of this was kept from the American public by a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which served in most cases as official USG propaganda dispensers.


The Vietnam War was botched from the very start and craftily set up before hand by top Policy-Makers that turned on their WW2 allies Chiang Kai-shek and Ho Chi Minh. Various machinations were enacted to divide Korea and Vietnam politically and set up both wars. Both wars were completely mishandled and illegal from the get go.  The very enemies fought were created, built up and armed by the private City of London Central Banksters and their Wall Street Franchise Banks including the Federal Reserve.

What Vietnam did to the American soldier sent to fight on the front lines there was evil beyond what most could ever imagine.

Vietnam was an especially twisted and sick situation with America’s finest sent into a hellhole strictly for perpetual war profits for the defense industry and politicians receiving fat kickbacks. It’s as simple and criminal as that, sorry to say.

These fine men and women American soldiers were served up as cannon-fodder, poorly armed, poorly supplied and poorly managed. For a nation’s top Policy-Makers (only several men) to send American soldiers into such an un-winnable mess such as Vietnam is not only unforgivable, it is as criminally sociopathic as one can imagine under any circumstances.

Those who resisted the draft, went AWOL or deserted were considered traitors by the powers that be and the establishment, when actually it was just the opposite. These scum that set up and sent the troops to this illegal war were self-absorbed criminal sociopaths (just like today) who ALWAYS had other folks doing the front-line fighting, never themselves.

When the Vietnam War ended many thought it would be the end of such illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared American foreign wars of aggression.

When the Vietnam war ended, many thought this would be the end of such foolish wars of aggression for big defense war profits. But slowly and surely the Ruling cabal used its top policy-Makers to entice America back into fighting other people’s wars just as before.  The latest round starting in Iraq under GHWB was strictly a proxy war for the City of London Banksters, Big Oil and Israel as all current Mideast wars  have been. And then the Ruling Cabal decided to bring the war home to America by creating a worldwide war of terrorism using their own paid mercenary terrorists (Al Quae da aka Al CIA duh).

Creating the phony, staged worldwide war against terrorism was a very crafty, but exceedingly evil machination, far beyond what most normal folks could ever imagine.

This was a very crafty move because it turned America and the whole world into an imaginary battlefield providing a false provocation to fight anyone anywhere, and fight anyone THEY (the USG and its minions) defined as a terrorist, a potential terrorist, a domestic terrorist, a potential terrorist and anyone of a list of 31 categories with the first few categories Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Returning Vets, Constitutionalists, Tax protestors, etc. The real terrorists were those setting up, arming, training and financing their own special terror cells used to initiate Gladio style false-flag attacks. If you need more info on what Operation Gladio was, some simple net searches will yield a lot of information on the “left behind army” that went to work for NATO, got caught and was completely exposed and admitted.

And of course when the USG did the 9/11 attacks with the help of a small cabal within the JCS, USAF, NORAD, and help from the Mossad and its stateside sayanim, dual Israeli-American Traitors and NeoCon Traitors, this served as an exceedingly powerful and successful major blood-shock and Psyop against the American Group mind and literally hypnotized them into an immediate desire for complete revenge against those they blamed for it who were innocent: Mideast Arabs.

Understanding the loss of Morale in Vietnam is critical in understanding how the USG engineered psychological solutions so that such would never happen again in future illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared wars of aggression, i.e. “other people’s wars”.

Understanding what happened with Vietnam, how America was tricked into it, why it went bad, and why so many of the active American military and returning vets, as well as many of the citizens (especially the college students) turned against it, and the USG’s engineered solutions created by their defense policy think-tanks is critical to figuring out how AMERICA WAS TRICKED into fighting more “other people’s proxy wars” in the Mideast (for the Central Banksters, Big Oil and Israel).

Henry Kissinger was the interface between the Ruling Cabal, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and President Nixon and basically ran Nixon’s foreign policy.

It was the Dulles boys and the top generals like Curtis Lemay, John W. O’Daniel, General MacArthur and CIA dirty tricks man Ed Lansdale aka the “ugly American” that manipulated the geopolitical situation for the top Policy-Makers they worked and set up the wars in Korea and then Vietnam as well as the cold war with China, conflicts designed to feed the defense industry and maximize war profits with absolutely no concern at all for the lives and welfare of American soldiers.

When the Vietnam war was already well underway and technically a near complete lost cause, Nixon took over and Henry Kissinger, his National Security Adviser, entered the scene to “manage the war” and the peace which was a near complete sellout of the missing POWs and MIAs.

Kissinger sold out the MIAs and POWs at the Paris Peace Accords for personal self-interest and the top Policy-Makers he represented of the Ruling Cabal.

The famous quote that Kissinger is most known for still resonates and describes the elitist amoral attitude of those Top world leaders, the Ruling Cabal (only a few) that he truly represents: “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

This attitude of complete disregard for Rule of Law and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights by the top Policy-Makers comprising the Ruling Cabal, and their use of their powerful appointed agents of influence like Kissinger certainly created such an attitude with US Presidents since JFK.

1380332789368.cachedNixon received bad advice from Kissinger and followed it.

Nixon was elected and seemed to be led around by the nose by his National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger who is now viewed by many as a hardened war criminal for his many dealings in Vietnam, Myanmar and other places which directly resulted in mass death. He is also blamed for his manipulative, botched negotiations and recommendation to leave so many American POW/MIAs behind with secret plans to have them assassinated in jungle prison camps by special Observation Groups (SOGs), actually Special Operations Groups and aircraft dispensed poisonous VX gas when that failed, which Admiral Thomas Moorer admitted on 60 Minutes and this operation was referred to as Operation Tailwind.  Soon after this admission a high level coverup and forced retraction was attempted.

The Ruling cabal war-mongers were involved in murdering JFK.

It’s important to note that because JFK was Assassinated by a high military Cabal including LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, GHWB, Dulles, Lansdale, Lemnitzer, etc. that Vietnam became possible as an illegal perpetual, un-winnable war for profits in the first place. Once JFK was out of the way, the US Military and the defense industry and banks surrounding became the Secret Shadow Government, and began ruling the visible, ceremonial government which actually became a hired prostitute of the SSG.













It takes creative Psyops by the top Policy-Makers to elicit a nation’s support for any new war.

No nation’s citizens are eager to send their children to war to be maimed and die in mass, and it take special high level psychological operations (Psyops) to process the society’s group mind to motivate them adequately to want revenge against another nation or group.


Recovered secret intercepts now show that FDR set up a stand-down at Pearl harbor after he used navy Intel and industrial machinations to provoke them to war.

That is why FDR used a long term secret USN Intel plan to build up and provoke Japan into attacking America at Pearly Harbor, removed the carriers first and then even with clear intel of the impending attack, made certain his forces stood down and let it happen, thereby being responsible for over two thousand deaths of American soldiers and inciting anger and a bloodlust for revenge in the average American.  This provided complete support for declaring and waging war with Japan and Germany both.

Bloodlust and revenge at a primal instinctive level is necessary to fully motivate a nation to back any war 100% and these instincts must be craftily triggered by any high government officials and top Policy-Makers that want to enter a war to make massive war profits for those entities who put them in office and own them.


Starting major wars takes very crafty geopolitical manipulations and massive psyops.

Of course the various means top Policy-Makers use to incite or provoke wars are very crafty means, often false flag attacks, or attacks by enemies they have created, finance, trained and activated, like with Al Quae da in the Mideast which should more accurately be called Al CIA duh. So we get the 9/11 false flag attacks blamed on Mideast Arab nations and leaders that had nothing to do with it, but which served as an instant way to create a bloodlust and revenge by the American public against these nations wrongly blamed and made it a “slam-dunc” to get the public’s backing for numerous illegal Mideast wars.

The Domino Theory took Americans down a bad road to Vietnam, a very bad road.

American leaders using the CMMM stoked American fears of communism taking over the whole world, as a string of falling dominoes starting with Vietnam, playing on the paranoia generated earlier over North Korea and Red China.  Of course most Americans didn’t realize that Mao was set up by British and Wall Street Central Banksters to create a future enemy just like Lenin, Stalin and Hitler who was actually a British spy trained and mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute according to the world’s top muckraker Greg Hallett. The French got beaten badly at Dien Bien Phu and top US Policy-Makers realized that Vietnam would be a great boondoggle for a long, extended perpetual war, providing tremendous opportunities to kill off and debase the American youth and the US Military, make America defenseless in the long term, and generate huge war profits for those who put them in their top USG positions. Of course few in the high military command structure knew any of this and thought that they could crush the commies with massive air power and ground forces, not truly understanding guerrilla warfare. And besides many in the high command learned of the Bolshevik Red Terror in their days at the war colleges, but never learned that it was the Banksters who created and financed Bolshevism in the first place.

It wasn’t too long before there was internal USG dissent about the Vietnam situation soon after advisers were sent in.

JFK quickly realized that entering into protracted war in Asia would be foolish and never easily won. It was his plans to pull out all American soldiers/advisers that probably turned the JCS against him and motivated them to participate in the coup de etat to assassinate him along with LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, Nixon, GHWB, Landsdale, Lemnitzer and the rest.

LBJ murdered JFK in Dallas with lots of help from the JCS, CIA, and International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and created a green light for war profiteers.

lbj.headWhen JFK was assassinated, this gave LBJ the green light to go ahead with the war full speed ahead, which he did and brought huge defense contacts to his friends and supporters who ran defense companies. However the deaths and terrible casualties in Vietnam soon started creating dissonance on the home front. Numerous reports of atrocities and Operation Phoenix blanket assassinations run by the CIA also came home and the public heard an earful. No one returning from Vietnam really had anything good to say, numerous reports of soldiers stuck out in fire-bases and jungle outposts with lack of food, guns that jammed, shortages of ammo, lack of adequate clean clothes, no backup and insufficient air support became the backroom talk.

The war was becoming grossly unpopular very fast, but the USG’s top Policy-Makers were very hard-headed and used the CMMM to their advantage as long as they could until there emerged a massive, unstopped mass resistance that could no longer be ignored.  This became first apparent in major turning points.

Kent State was a major turning point in American public opinion about the USG’s war efforts in Vietnam

Kent State seemed to be the real turning point when the National Guard was ordered to fire on student protestors and did so on May 4, 1970, killing four students, wounding 9 more and firing 67 rounds in 13 seconds. Some of those shot were innocent bystanders just walking by. But that wasn’t the only turning point.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Assassination was another USG sanctioned hit.

martin-luther-king-jr.-news-conference2-sizedThe FBI, CIA, Mafia assets and local corrupt Memphis Police in a joint effort with US Army snipers unused but ready on a nearby rooftop for backup, assassinated Reverend Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968, and this led to major urban rioting in 100 American cities.

And to add pressure to the already tense situation between police, the USG and the masses, the CIA assassinated Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968 while campaigning for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination. Today it is generally recognized the the SSG decided MLK had to go because he turned against the Vietnam war was speaking out and carried a great deal of influence in American society from many different levels.

The RFK Assassination was another CIA hit.

rfkDavid “el Indio” Morales was there as was a whole group of the usual CIA officers photographed in the crowd and there is smoking gun proof that it was a CIA hit using the usual modus operandi, a second gun and a ready to made patsy that didn’t even shoot RFK, Sirhan Sirhan, an MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled dupe.

As usual witnesses were either ignored, threatened or worse, and evidence was suppressed, quashed and in many cases destroyed.  Those running the investigation has clear CIA linkages and sinister associations. The Ruling Cabal running the SSG decided that all the Kennedys had to go or be dealt with. Bobby was perceived as far too dangerous to Bush and the other plotters that assassinated his brother.

Ted Kennedy was taken out of an future Presidential position by a CIA deep cover, covert human compromise operation.

ted_kennedy_01Of course as many now realize, Ted Kennedy was taken down with a deep black covert operation over Chappaquiddick and the strange murder of Mary Joe Kopechne which thoroughly discredited him enough to prevent him from ever becoming President, even though there is no evidence he did it and plenty of evidence that the company did (after all they rented a house on Chappaquiddick earlier to set up operations).

A first examination of the car when pulled out showed it had been side-wiped and the steering wheel had been tied to the mirror and then the car sent into the water.  Teddy Kennedy was placed in a situation where he used every bit of influence he could to keep from being charged with manslaughter, when the worst thing he did was have an affair with Mary Jo, he never murdered her like the CIA operatives did.

When President Nixon took over the war effort Henry Kissinger egged him on to take a very aggressive stance to attempt to bomb North Vietnam back into the stone age. This only moved to harden the North Vietnamese regulars and bring in more Chinese and Soviet aid.  And of course, the Brutality of Operation Phoenix, one of the greatest war crimes in recent history after the rape of Nanking, probably set the pretext for the US Army training of the numerous death squads in Central and South America and JSOC’s notorious current activities all over the world including inside the continental United States, according to Seymour Hersh as well as SOLIC.

Nixon’s aggressive war efforts failed because he lost support of the American’s hearts and minds.

Nixon’s aggressive actions failed and it is now known that the US military was near collapse in Vietnam near the end of the war. Hundreds of returned Vietnam Vets marched and protested in the streets of America along with thousands of students and concerned citizens.  Basically Americans lost their will to back any more war in Vietnam and wanted it ended.

The rest is history, Kissinger and Nixon knowingly abandoned many POW/MIAs and covered it up.  There were the secret plans to assassinate those left behind and then when that failed, to gas them with VX from low flying aircraft (Operation Tailwind), which was done and was unquestionably Treason. When American troops were pulled out, many loyal South Vietnamese soldiers were taken out too, but unfortunately many left behind to become murdered by the Communist regime.

Toward the end of the war, the US Military was near collapse and all support for the war had evaporated at every level of society and within the military itself.

The following excellent video provides a pretty complete description of how the Vietnam War effort collapsed toward the end. By the time American troops were pulled out and it was acknowledged that America had been defeated in Vietnam, the American public has generally turned against the war and all support for it has long collapsed. Many claimed “Never Again” in their protests and marches.

[youtube cOuBo0XMFsA#t=0]

Now 41 years later it seems like American ran the same course multiple times in Iraq and now Afghanistan where these invasions have clearly failed and American has in essence been defeated even though they completely destroyed the infrastructure and society of Iraq. And just like so many others that tried to invade and conquer Afghanistan, the American Military has failed there too.

It was really all about generating massive war profits for defense contractors and Central Banksters.

What they did succeed at was their main goal in the first place, to create massive war profits for certain financial beneficiaries in the background and to fight Israel’s wars and create mass death and chaos which is an essential goal of the Globalists trying to set up the luciferian NWO world dictatorship.

In his last public speech as President Ike warned about allowing the Military Industrial Complex from gaining too much influence. He knew what was coming and tried to warn the American people, but alas to no avail.

How could Americans ever let this cycle of pre-emptive, illegal, unConsitutional, unprovoked, undeclared war occur again?

Why didn’t what was learned with the loss of the Vietnam War stick? After the lessons of Vietnam and Americans strong beliefs that pre-emptive, unprovoked, undeclared, UnConstitutional war was wrong, how could they allow their nation to be drawn into these multiple illegal perpetual wars once again? The War Department had it’s name changed to Department of Defense, supposedly because the US Military was Constitutionally for defense only, not pre-emptive, illegal, unprovoked and undeclared wars. Vietnam debased the American Military to the point it almost destroyed its ability to protect America which is its only Constitutional purpose. Since Vietnam perpetual wars for profits have continued to debase the American Military (1)

Why didn’t what they learned over Vietnam sink in? Why hasn’t the American Military reacted now like they did in Vietnam?  What has changed, why does the public and the military tolerate the current war-making situation the USG has placed us all in? Why no massive protests, why has Congress abandoned the interests of “we the people”?

The answer is complicated but involves some very crafty planning and changes made by the Ruling Cabal and the Secret Shadow Government on how to set up wars and Psyop the American people to support them. It was the SSG’s mastery of the concept MINDWAR that provided the means to re-invent the same old war patterns disguised as something else that the American people would support.  Here is how it was done.

1. It was decided that the draft must be discontinued and the US Military converted over to a full volunteer force which could be secretly morphed into mercenary type fighting units given the right conditions. In this way the US Military could be run more like a mercenary force with the adage “well you volunteered to join of your own free will, didn’t you”. Various grandiose recruiting promises would be made and expensive Madison Avenue advertising idealizing the military and National Guard was used to con naive young folks who had limited opportunities elsewhere.  The National Guard was sold (and still is) as a place for “weekend warriors” who help the community with disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.  No mention of being sent to foreign wear theaters or successive stop loss being used against them. If every potential recruit was shown what they were really headed for and all the facts about these illegal Mideast wars, the terrible woundings, the depleted uranium poisoning, and rampant Post Traumatic Stress, almost no-one would ever enlist. Sophisticated Madison Avenue and Mindwar techniques are being used to con young folks into enlisting. So essentially the conversion of the US Military to a volunteer force gave command and control more rights over US servicemen/women in a sense because they could be treated like mercenaries but with mandated return such as stop-loss and required callback/reserve status indefinitely, which is actually a type of human slavery technically.

2. It was decided that the Major Mass Media must be completely controlled by the SSG in order to be able to manipulate, stimulate, engineer and elicit pubic opinion and suitable mass societal motivation for war so that the negative reactions at the end of Vietnam would never again occur.  To do this every major newscaster (talking-head) would have to brought into the system on control, one way or another. William Colby told others that the CIA had done this under Operation Mockingbird and it was their greatest achievement.

3. Plans were made to morph the National Guard into a federalized addition to the regular army so they could be sent abroad to fight along with the regular US Army when the public was properly conditioned that it was essential to American “national security”. This of course is completely illegal and unConstitutional and clearly violates state’s rights.

4. A great emphasis was placed on training what was officially called “Special Observation Groups” (SOGS) which actually stood for “Special Operations Groups” which were sent on many secret peacetime missions to fight drug cartels in Central and South America that were started by American, Nazi and Israeli Intel but that were becoming too powerful or stopped paying their required tribute. These groups were indoctrinated with elitism, esprit de corps and made to feel that they were part of a secret team which was essential to protecting American national security interests at all costs and that the general public at large could never be briefed on what they really had to do to protect America from the bad guys.  What most never knew until later in their careers or afterwards was that the bad guys were created, trained and paid for by America, England, Israel and Saudi Arabia so that there would be a ready made enemy to fight, and plenty of terrorists that could institute false flag attacks when necessary.

5. The use of Gladio Style False-Flag events such as the Murrah Building bombing, planned and done by the FBI, BATF and CIA using sophisticated military charges set near the front buildings columns, some say inside Xerox copy paper boxes. The SSG war planners in their ivory tower think tanks (groups ike the Defense Policy Board) came to believe that after Vietnam’s immense public relations failure, sophisticated MINDWAR methods would have to be used to re-motivate the public to accept and even relish war. It wass decided that well done Gladio-style False-Flag terror attacks would meets such a standard and would actually motivate the public to want extreme revenge taken against those “Terrorists” blamed by USG spokesmen and continually parroted in the CMMM. Many years later the truth came out from Robert McNamara that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never occurred as claimed and was actually a false-flag event used to wrongly justify the war. And Operation Northwoods was declassified by an apparent mistake and has turned out to be quite revealing as the prototypical Gladio style false-flag event planned (although JFK refused it to let his generals activate it, it was planned to make American filled with rage and desirous of revenge against Castro, enough so to back a complete invasion of Cuba and even a nuclear war with Russia which the generals planned to stage a first strike but claim the Russians launched first–they felt that the loss of approximately 20 million Americans tops was an acceptable loss to defeat the Soviets). Those who want to know more about Operation Gladio which has now been fully documented by those involved can do some basic web and www.youtube.com research. there is now a great deal of valid information there.

6. Elicitation of mass Revenge motivated by Bloodlust. Use of sophisticated Mindwar shaping of public opinion after false-Flag attacks to motivate the American public to seek revenge no matter what and give up all normal human reason in the process. After the 9/11 False-Flag attack, numerous middle aged men and women enlisted to extract revenge on “those Mideast terrorists” that they had been told by the USG and its CMMM that they did it.  They believed this big lie from the USG and the CMMM and have suffered terribly over it and in many cases over and over again. Pat Tillman found out about the Big Lie and was planning on coming forth and publicizing his new found dissonance with the USG’s war position when the high command had him murdered at point blank range to shut him up. The use of be-headings by paid and trained Mideast Terrorists was used to both frighten, blood-shock and motivate Americans in mass to want to send heavy firepower to the Mideast to extract maximum deadly revenge and bomb these Arab nations they were told were responsible back into the stone age. It is important to realize that the Central Banksters chief agent of war has been the zionists who hijacked America under power and unlimited funds provided by foreign espionage operations inside America like Aipac, Adl, and the like which bought almost every single Congressperson, Justice Department and top Pentagon official and fully infiltrated and hijacked America. DHS is a perfect example of this and is actually the zio’s flagship for finishing off America if not stopped. These zio NeoCon, dual Israeli-American citizens have hijacked the NSA and all raw intel collected  y goes directly to Israel where it is parceled out and sold to other nations all around the world including Communist China. Zios are the kings of terror and create it all over the world to justify wars for the Central Banksters.

7. The Ruling cabal and their various war planning groups (think-tanks) realized that major geopolitical manipulations and setups would have to be used to create the pretext for major wars, since pretexts like communist aggression in Vietnam was not present.  Of course all Communism, like Nazism was paid for and originated by the City of London Central Banksters and their Wall Street franchisees as an age old strategy of building up an enemy before you need him for a war. This was done with Noriega in panama after which he was labeled a bad guy and then the Bush regime invaded Panama. Of course this was done once again with Saddam Hussein who was a CIA asset and was armed up by America as a counterbalance against Iran. Of course, the actual manner in which the first Iraq was was started was very crafty. A certain company from Sante Fe negotiated a secret deal with Kuwait.  They had new cross drilling technology which Kuwaitis used to drill under and into Saddam’s main oil filed inside Iraq. Then the crafty part.  American Ambassador April Glaspie was reputed to have gone to meet with Saddam and told him, by the way did you know that Kuwait was cross drilling into your main oil field and showed evidence (perhaps special satellite photos). Saddam ask her what America’s reaction would be if he attacked Kuwait to stop it.  She replied we would consider it an inter-arab conflict and would stay out of it.  The rest is history and the SSG had no intention of staying out of it at all.

8. A major factor in the ability of the SSG to pursue these illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars is the national security lock-down that occurred after the Roswell UFO crash and recovery with actual alien ET bodies. This of course sent shock-waves through the USG and American Intel and provided “national security” as an excuse to start compartmenting everything related to defense policy and practice and use as an excuse to sidestep the normal rule of law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and to cover up hundreds of murders and thousands of crimes against “we the people”.

9. Another major factor was that the SSG realized that in order to create pretexts for large, perpetual wars for conquest and massive profits they had to engage in massive Psychotronic operations against the American people using beyond black technology involving pulsed beam microwaves, cell phone tower transmissions and various types of remote thought and mood entrainment including the subliminal sound systems for such. It has been known for at least 50years that mood can be entrained remotely in the brains of a large portion of individuals through proper use of sophisticated psychotronics.

10. The use of electronic “shoot em dead” games that are addicting to many youth and are technically mind-kontrol devices which engender attitudes and thought sequences which make it easier to be trained and later mind-kontrolled/accultured to become remote based drone pilots who kill anonymously from the air as if it was a game. Also the proliferation of TV shows and Hollywood movies that glamorize use of guns and violence as a socially accepted and preferred method of resolving conflicts is technically a form of mind-kontrol which prepares individuals for more combat related mind-kontrol later. These shows condition and elicit a primal bloodlust in many cases by stimulating the desire for revenge against evil that shed blood by shedding more blood, the very thing that war it.

11. The use of large scale mass Psyops to process the American Group Mind.  These include use of televised Bloodshock tragedies to makes the masses suggestible to programming by the CMMM. Fear is generated by making sure there is enough chaos, crime and breakdown caused by USG drug trafficking and other dysfunctional uses of government such as debasing and perverting the legal system and Dept. of Justice. When the public is very afraid, the USG can easily institute new freedom-robbing draconian laws and regulations that would not otherwise be tolerated.

12. The Ruling Cabal originates from and represents a worldwide occult network. The few Top Policy-Makers that set the policies of government which everyone follows and Congress makes laws to support, arise from and represent this occult network and work hard to establish an evil NWO Globalist government to be run as a dictator rules complete tyranny characterized by massive depopulation of humans. It is believed by some experts that have fully examined this networks that it utilized semi-annual occult rituals which utilize what is called Psi-power, or accessing the powers of the dark side, that is accessing what they call the “teeming power of lucifer”, whom they call the “great architect and view as the god of this world and their god. It is believed that during these rituals spells are cast on the masses to shape their behaviors in the desired outcomes.


When you combine the use of all eleven of these factors together you can see it rendered most Americans deer in the headlights.Engendering support for wars is pretty difficult, but USG top Policy-Makers have a full arsenals of tools and tricks with which they can do so.  The main requirement is to trigger a basic primal Bloodlust for revenge at all costs if citizens are going to become motivated enough to send their beloved children to be wounded and die for any such cause.

Initially the manufactured mass response of the 9/11 attacks worked exactly as designed and sufficiently motivated Americans to want to go to war to the degree they were willing to sacrifice their soldiers to do so.  Folks believed the USG narrative even though now it has been proved to be a complete lie in every way, except the number of dead victims in the twin towers. America in general wanted revenge against those “nasty, savage Muslims” who they were told hated our freedom and way of life.  It was months before this official USG narrative was seriously questioned and even toady at least 50% of Americans are still duped by it and believe this massive lie, what many now call the Big Lie.

On 9/11 a major USG psyops was used to cast a spell on most of America and only through the diligent work of numerous 9/11 researchers and the alternative media of the worldwide Internet has the truth been able to penetrate significant numbers.The biggest problem that the USG faces now is that they realize that the Internet will destroy all their lies one by one unless they start a new world war, engineer and stage a major disaster or catastrophe lie a phony meteor strike or EMP attack because too much truth is being discovered and is penetrating too many different sectors of American Society.

Obviously the various defense related think tanks and policy boards carefully analyzed what went wrong in Vietnam and formulated sophisticated plans to counteract all these negatives.And their credo was to make darned sure that no future American war could ever be lost in the hearts and minds of Americans the way the Vietnam War was. Numerous psychological and Mndwar experts were brought into to design social engineering designed to make sure that all future wars would remain backed by a highly motivated public and basic Bloodlust/revenge would have to mass elicited in the populace to do this.

Unfortunately the SSG is controlled by the Central Banksters, because all Wars are Bankers Wars (2). And the Military Defense Complex is dependent on perpetual war as a means of meeting their own out of control need for massive war related profits.  But even that isn’t enough to attain their goals which is to take down and reconstitute the whole world into a luciferian NWO dictatorship based on abject tyranny and mass-murder/culling of most humans. So the SSG uses factions within American Intel and various renegade special ops groups and cutouts to traffic massive amounts of illegal drugs into America in order to raise off- the-books black funds.

Stew Webb has more knowledge about these drug operations under Iran Contra and Mena Arkansas and the folks responsible than anyone else I know of and has been publishing excellent articles about this for some time now. It is Federal whistle-blowers like Stew Webb, Mark Novitsky, Thomas Drake, Sibel Edmonds, Susan Lindauer, Edward Snowden and so many more that are peeling back the various layers of USG deception and lies and have all paid a terrible price for it one way or another. Most whistle-blowers lose everything in the process and the harassment they endure can be serious and even daily in many diverse ways. These folks are great American Heroes that put it all on the line for us and for America. We all owe them a great debt of gratitude. Each one of these heroes needs to be fully restored when the SSG criminals are brought to justice, which is on the way now because all corruption eventually consumes itself and the Internet is eliciting the spontaneous emergence of populism all over the world, their greatest nightmare for those that serve evil and are part of this occult death cult which has seized control over mankind.


(1) https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2013/02/02/the-abuse-abandonement-and-planned-replacement-of-the-american-soldier/

(2) Michael Rivero, www.whatreallyhappened.com, All Wars Are Bankers Wars, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5hfEBupAeo4#t=3



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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.