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by Cara St.LouisTPV

It has been my privilege to appear three times on David Icke’s new channel, The People’s Voice, via the fellow who first publicly championed by book, The Sun Thief, Jo Conrad.  Jo has a show on The People’s Voice called Free Spirits.
The idea of this channel is to bring video and information from people all over the planet and broadcast it out in the same way.  Get the continents talking to each other.
I have been impressed by the breadth of their interests and by their courage.  Whatever your take on David Icke is, the one thing I can’t ever see anyone wanting to argue is this statement: Remember Who You Are! How could that be a bad thing?

Here’s the problem, then.  As I began doing interviews in Europe, it was immediately clear to me that it isn’t just us in our little old USA being sandbagged by our own mainstream media. Each continent is being kept in its own little ball of cotton.

Europeans, by and large, have no idea what the situation is here in the US and we certainly have little idea what the real situation is there.  The same holds true for each continent.  Think about it.  What can you really say about life in South America or Australia? What’s truly going on in Singapore? Even if you think you know…trust me, the vast majority of us don’t.

The best personal examples that come to my mind are what I call The Things I Did Not Know About Germany. One, they are not a sovereign nation and only one country has signed a peace treaty with them since WWII…I think it’s Andorra…but I could be wrong.   Two, the merest hint of a question about the Holocaust comes with a jail sentence attached. Three, it is illegal to home school your children.
They will be removed and placed into foster care. Shall I go on?  Then, of course, thanks to Mr. Snowden, whoever he really is (and I hope he’s for real), we found out that the country the USA spies on more than any other by a long shot is Germany.
I remember when I heard that I thought, wow, that is actually going to pull most Americans up short. Huh? Germany?  At any rate, my point is we have no idea what’s going on in our own country much less in anyone’s else’s.  Frankly, most of the Europeans I have spoken to have been stunned to realize the true nature of the economic situation in the USA.
They are starting to wake up.  I even had a German woman, a fairly intelligent middle class teacher, turn to me and ask me at a dinner party point blank, “Do you think we’ll get our gold back?”  My honest answer was, no, I doubt we have it any more.  She stared at me in shocked silence, realization spreading across her face.
So this idea that people around the world would be talking to each other freely must have been a real problem.  TPV Channel has been up and running for about two weeks.  Much of the activism we see in our own carved-out niches is well-represented.
I noticed they are airing the first of Michael Murphy’s movies, the one I saw right after consuming every lecture by Mark McCandlish I could find, called What In the World Are They Spraying. It was supposed to be tonight, I believe.  I spoke at length with another host about a series of interviews on December 1.  I had promised to send her a photo of my house burning. That was the end of my being able to communicate via the TPV emails.  As of a few days ago, their channel became disrupted.
Here is what they just posted on their Facebook page:

It’s official: “We’re under heavy attack right now. We have 2 very good engineers looking at it.” in the meantime watch our content via or or Thank you for your support.

A channel like this would be the antidote to the 20th century imposed global compartmentalism, you see. Compartmentalisation is how they get away with everything.  The guy in one room doing one seemingly benign thing, has no idea that the guy in the next room doing his own seemingly benign thing is making, say, the other half of a Doomsday Machine.
This is an example, just for illustration, but very, very real in its point. When anyone asks, how could they do that? Too many people would have to know.  I laugh.  Literally.

This PVC, a 24/7 global people’s voice outlet? The end of that. Joy. Merry Christmas, even. Of course, they are under attack.  They will figure it out. They will be dogged and they will not surrender.  Don’t you either.

Addendum: thanks to feverish work by engineers, the TPV is broadcasting again as of this morning. No doubt this will be a continual battle. Support the end of global compartmentalisation…of compartmentalisation of ANY KIND and let’s reclaim all of our sovereignty.



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