The "Nagant Scout" Devastation in a Small Package

Do Not Try This at Home

ScreenHunter_2498 Dec. 28 12.34

By Gordon Duff with Mike Chester

This is one of a series of projects done with the Mosin Nagant 91/30 or derivitave weapons, the Models 44 or the Chinese 53.  In the series, Archangel and ATI stocks are used.  Our first rifle was a full 28.5 inch sniper configuration, suitable for a “JFK movie” prop.  This one hits well at over 1000 meters, not bad for a 120 year old design and a pre-war bolt action rifle.
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Today’s build is a controversial 18 inch barrel, cutting off a full 10 inches, with a “home capable” professional crowning and threading which is entirely shown on video in the worst quality we could muster.
Specialized tooling used for the crowning came from Manson Reamers (  This company specializes in gunsmithing tools.  This is the Military Crowning Kit plus an additional cutter.
The first video is the interim ‘end result’ with the next three videos walking you through the process of taking down a barrel and ending up with a weapon that will pound nails at 400 meters afterwards.

[youtube C3SvY7pwZSg&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=3]

Now, how we made it:

[youtube DrbgkR8EHHE&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=2]


[youtube A8Qj_ruk7wk&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=1]

and finally…

[youtube ZMqlLA2j60U&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ]

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