Of Dracula and Zionism


“No individual in the custody or under the physical control of the United States Government, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.” 42 U.S.C., Chapter 21D

….by Jonas E. Alexis

afghanistan-us-nato-terrorist-invadersWhat is the common denominator between Dracula and Zionism? If you were to draw a connection between those two animals, where would you start?

Dracula, as you recall, always wants to drink the blood of other people so that he can continue to live.

Dracula’s thirst for blood is never quenched. He doesn’t care whether you are guilty or innocent. The only thing he cares about is your fresh blood and the blood of your descendant, neighbors, friends, and associates.

Moreover, you cannot strike a deal with Dracula and still remain safe. For Dracula to live, you have to die. As long as you live, he will try to bludgeon you to death. If Dracula happens to keep you alive, rest assured that it is for his own benefit, not yours.

The connection between Dracula and Zionism is quite striking. Zionism does not care whether you give your sons and daughters to die in the Middle East.

If the Zionists have to literally turn America into “the United States of Paranoia”[1] or “the greatest threat to world peace”[2] in order for their nefarious dream come true, they will. If they have to use the IRS in order to attack groups that they do not like, they will.[3]

If they have to turn America into a country where the government can kill its own citizens without a trial, they will.[4] If they have to use the NSA to slaughter civilians in the Middle East,[5] they will. If they have to use Syria as a pretext to share more blood,[6] you can bet on that.

If they have to control the media[7] so that you won’t know that Israeli settlers have set fire on a Palestinian mosque,[8] that Israel has systematically tortured Palestinian children,[9] that the late Ariel Sharon actually committed crimes against humanity and therefore was a murderer, that he opposed peace treaty from 1979 to 1991,[10] that Sharon actually “ordered the expulsion of 3,000 Bedouins” and that several of them died in the process,[11] they will.

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“The Bedouins were expelled over three nights during a spell of freezing weather without warning or enough time to gather their belongings. They were forced to walk miles from their land near Abu Agheila to a location near the Jabel Khalal mountain, wrote [Jewish writer David] Landau, who cited Clinton Bailey, Israel’s leading researcher on the Bedouins, as his source.

180px-The_Black_Book_of_Communism_(front_cover)“Mr Bailey, who was serving as an Israeli army reserve officer in Sinai at the time, heard about the expulsions from a Bedouin tribesman. When he visited the area the Bedouins had moved to, he found them living in makeshift tents.”[12]

If the Zionists have to blame other nations for the very crime that the Zionists themselves have committed for decades, they will.[13]

And if you think the Zionists care about you, talk to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland, who is a neoconservative[14] and whose husband is none other than the infamous Robert Kagan. She more than likely will tell you to “F—” yourself, as she told the EU last week.

The Zionist state does not give a flip about thousands upon thousands of American and Muslim men, women and children losing their lives—so long that those people further the cause of the Zionists’ own version of heaven on earth.

If you accept the Zionist premise but dare to even challenge just one particular point, you are an enemy of the movement.

If you say that the Zionists are involved in controlling virtually the entire world, including even being involved in industrial espionage,[15] then you ought to be jailed.[16]

If you are a Presbyterian and you oppose Israel’s war on the Palestinians, neocon hawks such as Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary would say that you have declared “war on the Jews.”[17]

If the Zionists have to use the so-called “war on terror” to justify their Holocaust in the Middle East,[18] they will.

e5359407fe6b4490ad41695118d74388In short, Zionism is at war against humanity. This certainly goes back to what the Apostle Paul had articulated thousands of years ago (1 Thessalonians 2:15).

To put it in a historical context, the Zionist state is currently doing what Otto Kahn had set forth back in 1937. Kahn, who was a close friend of Zionist banker Jacob Schiff[19] (Schiff was a strong supporter of Bolshevism and sent millions of dollars to Russia to defeat the tsarist government), declared:

“We are a League of Nations which contains the elements of all others. It is the fact which qualifies us to unite the nations around us. We are accused of being the agent which dissolves them.

“It is only at points which are impervious to that synthesis of national elements, of which ours is both the example and the means, that we act as dissolvent….Israel is the microcosm and the germ of the City of the Future.”[20]

Kahn was indeed a prophet. Fast forward decades later. Neocons such as Douglas Feith brag that they were the main perpetrators behind the invasion of Iraq,[21] but they had to use the goyim to do the dirty work.

“Rather than subject the phony intelligence to the scrutiny of genuine professional analysts Feith’s team instead picked out the best bits, referred to as ‘cherry picking,’ and sent them directly to Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney in the White House, a process referred to as ‘stovepiping.’”[22]

This became so interesting that the ADL recently gave its highest award to none other than George W. Bush in Palm Beach, Florida.[23] Don’t forget that it was Bush who implemented the Zionist idea that the government must infringe upon the privacy of virtually all Americans in 2002 and beyond.[24]

And don’t forget that Bush, along with his administration, cooked up 935 lies in order to invade Iraq.[25] What we are seeing here is that Bush, whether he liked it or not, indirectly worked for Zionist organizations like the ADL.

lieJohn Kerry, a representative of the Zionist state,[26] has recently tried to pursue peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Bad move. A group of rabbis immediately sent him an ultimatum saying that Kerry needed to stop.[27]

In a similar tone, Abe Foxman of the ADL declared that Kerry is out of touch with reality.[28] Within a few days, thousands of young Israelis protested against making peace with the Palestinians.[29]

What the rabbis and Foxman ended up saying indirectly was that peace is incompatible with Zionism. Bloodshed in the Middle East is what they think is reasonable. If the goyim are still alive, the rabbis cannot attain what they call the tikkun olam.

When the world says that Iraq and Afghanistan are total disasters,[30] the Zionists say it is democracy. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi writes,

“Iraq was really a mess, with tens of thousands of civilians dead, Fallujah in ruins, hundreds of thousands displaced, and most of the Iraqi people experiencing lower living standards and worse health than had been the norm under Saddam.

“The country was politically on the verge of falling apart and security was breaking down in many areas. The ‘surge’ of additional American troops, which ran from the spring of 2007 through the summer of 2008, was still surging and was given credit in the US media for stabilizing the situation.”[31]

Even corrupt President Hamid Karzai is beginning to see that there is “no good” with America’s presence in Afghanistan,[32] but the Zionist state says the opposite.

A US marine burning bodies
A US marine burning bodies

The New York Times itself tells us a few days ago that “Islamic militants extend battle into another Iraqi province.”[33] Other news outlets keep telling us that “Al-Qaida is alive and continues to metastasize” in places like Afghanistan.[34]

Meanwhile, UN officials reported that “civilian drone deaths triple in Afghanistan.”[35] Even the Jewish Daily Forward declared in 2009 that

“it is increasingly clear with every passing day that the underlying assumption of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the Bush administration — that the United States could somehow mold Iraq in favor of democracy and American interests — lacks any foundation in reality.”[36]
There has been no sign or evidence of improvement since that time. But David Horowitz of FrontPage Magazine, a Zionist propagandist, told us last year that Iraq is democracy.[37]

Last month, the “Iraqi government reported that 1,013 people, including 795 civilians, were killed during January. Another 198 militants were also killed, while 2,024 civilians and security members were wounded. Agence France Presse reported a lower figure of 992 deaths, even though they use official numbers.”[38]

During the same month, the Associated Press reported that nearly 1,900 people were killed in Syria.[39] The conflict in the same region has taken the lives of more than 130,000 people so far, and one third of the 23 million Syrians have already been forcibly displaced, “including 2 million who have flooded into neighboring countries.”[40]

On the first day of this month, “At least 88 people were killed and 55 more were wounded in violence” in Iraq.[41] On the second day, 47 people got killed, and 32 were wounded.[42] On the third day, 106 people got killed, and 94 were wounded.[43] Fourth day: 27 were killed, 70 were wounded.[44] On the fifth day, 106 people were killed and 141 were wounded.[45]

That is not the end of the story. The British newspaper the Independent has recently declared,

“A devastating 250-page dossier, detailing allegations of beatings, electrocution, mock executions and sexual assault, has been presented to the International Criminal Court, and could result in some of Britain’s leading defence figures facing prosecution for ‘systematic’ war crimes.

marine2“General Sir Peter Wall, the head of the British Army; former defence secretary Geoff Hoon; and former defence minister Adam Ingram are among those named in the report, entitled ‘The Responsibility of UK Officials for War Crimes Involving Systematic Detainee Abuse in Iraq from 2003-2008.’

“The damning dossier draws on cases of more than 400 Iraqis, representing ‘thousands of allegations of mistreatment amounting to war crimes of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.’”[46]

And then this:

“Iraqi authorities are holding thousands of women illegally, subjecting many to torture, abuse, threats to their family and rape, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Thursday.”

One detainee lamented,

“When I insisted that I am not guilty, he [Colonel Ghazi] tied me up to a column. Then they started using electricity on me. I was blindfolded but it felt like an electric baton…He put out cigarettes on my arms and hand. The whole time he was calling me, ‘Bitch, whore, slut. ‘There was blood all over me. He would relax, have a cigarette, and put it out on my buttock, and then start again.’”[47]

Human Rights Watch released a report entitled “No One Is Safe: Abuse of Women in Iraq’s Criminal Justice System, in which it is stated that “Some women have been held for months, and even years without charge before seeing a judge…”[48]

One particular woman had “endured nine days of beatings and electric shocks that had left her permanently disabled. Her split nose, scars on her back and burns on her breast were consistent.”[49]

Committing “mass rape” was also going on in Afghanistan.[50] And by February of last year, violence against women and girls in Afghanistan rose by 20 percent.[51]

c476845c2164fd107f0b0a29c70bf97bThe Zionist ruling elite in America will never come out and say no more to such crimes because that would weaken their political power. How else would they continue their perpetual wars in the Middle East? After all, hasn’t America become accustomed to sexual assaults in the military?[52] Just recently, the Associated Press reported,

“The number of U.S. soldiers forced out of the Army because of crimes or misconduct has soared in the past several years as the military emerges from a decade of war that put a greater focus on battle competence than on character.

“Data obtained by The Associated Press shows that the number of officers who left the Army due to misconduct more than tripled in the past three years. The number of enlisted soldiers forced out for drugs, alcohol, crimes and other misconduct shot up from about 5,600 in 2007, as the Iraq war peaked, to more than 11,000 last year.

“Over the past year, a series of high profile scandals — from sexual assault and damaging leadership to mistreatment of the enemy and unauthorized spending — has dogged the military, leading to broad ethics reviews and new personnel policies.

“Those scandals included the demotion of Army Gen. William “Kip” Ward for lavish, unauthorized spending; sexual misconduct charges against Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair; and episodes of gambling and drinking by other general officers.

“More recently, there have been cheating allegations against Air Force nuclear missile launch officers and a massive bribery case in California that has implicated six Navy officers. Examples of troop misconduct include Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters and soldiers posing with body parts of Afghan militants.”[53]

Even the American Psychological Association would not reprimand one of its members for his role in brutal tortures that took place in Guantanamo.[54]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Zionist state that seeks to destroy life at the expense of virtually much of the Western world and the Middle East. And if you think that the Zionist state does not want to do this—and sometimes in a covert way, most particularly through sex—think again.

img_1300A Snowden document has recently been released saying that British spies have used sex “to lure targets into ‘honey traps.”[55] The agency’s goal is

“to ‘destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt’ enemies by ‘discrediting’ them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications.”[56]

Surely we have something on our hands here: the Zionist state wants to destroy and degrade any perceived enemy. And if you resist and try to boycott Israel, you too are going to be branded an anti-Semite or neo-Nazi.[57] Or, if you live in France, you would be fined for inciting so-called racial hatred.[58]

More recently, the Economist got into trouble for publishing a cartoon implying that the Israel Lobby is the main reason as to why President Obama cannot reach out to Iran.[59] The ADL, of course, quickly brought the anti-Semitic card.

“The Economist cannot repair the damage of publishing an anti-Semitic image with only half-measures. They owe their readers a full-throated apology, which not only acknowledges the offensive nature of the cartoon but explains to readers why this image implying Jewish control was so outrageous and hurtful.”[60]

A commentator thoughtfully responded,

“I’m still trying to understand the massive hypocrisy evidenced by the crocodile tears over this cartoon. It is undeniable that the ‘Israel Lobby’ ie. AIPAC and its ilk, along with the Government of Israel are at the forefront of pushing the new ‘Iran sanctions’ bill now stalled in the Senate.

“Rather than the question of: ‘Would such sanctions further the policy goals of the United States?’ we are regaled with the question of whether such a bill furthers Israel’s wishes.

“In fact, this edition of this newspaper has a story on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz asking why she is supporting the President’s wishes on this matter over Israeli wishes.

“And when the question of dual loyalty raises its head, the community, as exampled by Foxman and the ADL screams such questions are ‘antisemitic’ in nature. Does anyone else see this as a problem breeding distrust?”[61]

The commentator certainly has a point. The New York Times recently admitted that since Ronald Reagan, AIPAC

“has run up an impressive record of legislative victories in its quest to rally American support for Israel, using a robust network of grass-roots supporters and a rich donor base to push a raft of bills through Congress. Typically, they pass by unanimous votes.”[62]

The Economist vs. Zionism
The Economist vs. Zionism

The Times moved on to say that AIPAC’s “top priority” is “to impose new sanctions on Iran,” but has gotten some resistance from the president.[63]

M. J. Rosenberg of the Tikkun Daily himself writes, “Don’t let AIPAC kill Obama’s Iran agreement.”[64] Diane Feinstein herself declared,

“We cannot let Israel determine when and where the United States goes to war.”[65]

Even the Jewish Daily Forward acknowledged that AIPAC has been a central force in proposing sanctions against Iran.[66] And Elie Wiesel himself wrote an article entitled, “Stop Iran from Going Nuclear.”[67] Eli Lake of the Daily Beast declares,

“Ordinarily, when Washington’s most powerful pro-Israel lobby asks senators to do something, lawmakers of both parties are happy to oblige. Not just some of them. All of them.”[68]

The Jerusalem Post itself tells us,

“AIPAC has aggressively pushed for legislation in Congress that holds diplomats in Geneva accountable— by AIPAC’s standards— in their efforts to negotiate a settlement to the longstanding nuclear crisis with Iran.”[69]

Finally, John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard wrote back in 2007:

“The bottom line is that AIPAC, which bills itself as ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,’ has an almost unchallenged hold on Congress. One of the three branches of of the American government is firmly committed to supporting Israel. Open debate about U.S. policy toward Israel does not occur there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world.

“As Senator Ernest Hollings noted as he was leaving office in 2004, ‘You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here.’ Another senator, speaking on condition of anonymity, told a Washington Post reporter in 1991,

“‘My colleagues think AIPAC is a very, very powerful organization that is ruthless, and very, very alert. Eighty percent of the senators here roll their eyes on some of those votes. They know that what they’re doing isn’t what they believe is right, but why fight on a situation where they’re liable to get beat up on?’”[70]

They continued to say that

“The lobby’s influence helped lead the United States into a disastrous war in Iraq and has hamstrung efforts to deal with Syria and Iran. It also encouraged the United States to back Israel’s ill-conceived assault on Lebanon, a campaign that strengthened Hezbollah, drove Syria and Iran closer together, and further tarnished America’s global image.

“The lobby bears considerable, though not complete, responsibility for each of these developments, and none of them was good for the United States.”[71]

So what’s the fuss about the Economist publishing a cartoon about the lobby’s power over America? If two plus two is four and your enemy happens to say that two plus two is four, does that mean that two plus two is not four because your enemy says that it is? And should you attack your enemy on that basis alone?

The-Israel-LobbyDracula would be pleased to see all the Zionist blood in the Middle East. Dracula would probably be stunned to see the path which the Zionist state is willing to take.

In the Zionist scheme of things, if allying with radical terrorists and jihadists such as the Syrian rebels will bring down perceived enemies, then it is not diabolical anymore. According to the Zionist worldview, it is rational.

Just take a casual look at Syria. You’ve got the Syrian rebels/jihadists recruiting children as young as twelve,[72] but our government has increased its support for those same jihadists anyway,[73] even though the rebels themselves made it clear that they had ties with al-Qaeda.[74]

The rebels also had no problem threatening civilian aircrafts flying in an out of Damascus,[75] but the West stayed silent. Now John Kerry is saying that Assad has to be blamed for the deadlock in peace talk.[76]

Kerry was not finished. He continued to say that “climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”[77] Give me a break!

In Kerry’s mind, climate change is much more important than stopping the rebels from recruiting children in their ranks.

Those children and youth and suicide bombers come from all over Europe, most specifically from France and Britain,[78] and their brutal and terrorist acts have reached an epic proportion.[79] Some of those members “have threatened to carry out terror attacks in the U.K.”[80] But that is not Kerry’s concerns.

Moreover, the rebels fight among themselves and have even executed many of their rival members.[81] Recently, the rebels have attacked three civilian hospitals and “abducted five foreign doctors: from Belgium, Denmark, Peru, Sweden and Switzerland. All are still missing.”[82]

Many of those jihadists have already created havoc in Syria, desecrating, looting and ransacking Christian churches,[83] beheading Christians and feeding them to dogs,[84] and completely exterminating an entire Christian village.[85]

The rebels shot Catholic priest Francois Murad eight times.[86] Amnesty Internal itself declared that the rebels resorted to torturing civilians.[87]

But now U.S. intelligence chiefs fear that the jihadists could attack America.[88] How stupid can we be? Those U.S. intelligence chiefs obviously do not remember that the U.S. recognized those Syrian jihadists as legitimate since 2012.[89] They forgot that the U.S. and the U.K. trained Syrian rebels/jihadists in Jordan.[90]

Surely those U.S. intelligence chiefs knew too well that the jihadists made it clear that they were al-Qaeda affiliates.[91] They certainly could not deny the fact that the U.S. provided millions upon millions of dollars to those jihadists,[92] despite the fact that they were burning the U.S. flag as a sign of rebellion.[93]

YesWeCan_StalinAfter sucking the blood of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and now in Syria, Zionism wants to move to a new territory: Iran.[94]  The New York Times itself reports,

“The Obama administration penalized nearly three dozen companies and individuals in eight countries on Thursday, accusing them of evading Iranian sanctions. “[95]

If Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, as neoconservative Elliott Abrams continually and irresponsibly declares,[96] why would Rohani give $400,000 to Tehran’s Jewish hospital?[97]

And here is something that the Zionist has to think about: Israel is getting close to developing “‘Star Wars’ laser missile shield” that “will cover entire region,”[98] but they Iran is the actual enemy of the Western world![99]

Rohani, of course, has been a challenge for the Zionist kooks. And a sizable group on in Europe is beginning to wake up from thir dogmatic slumber by challenging the Zionist narrative. Even the New York Times is beginning to feel the heat. Roger Cohen acknowledges,

“The messianic idea of Greater Israel, occupying all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, must wither. Jews, having suffered for most of their history as a minority, cannot, as a majority now in their state, keep their boots on the heads of the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank any longer.”[100]

We also have seen the rise of anti-Zionism in France, with Dieudone stirring up the pot. And since Zionism is a big pile of lies, Zionists and enemies of the truth fear the truth and consistency. You can actually smell a thief whenever he starts feeling uncomfortable if a cop happens to stand or sit next to him.

Terrorist groups abusing Syrian children
Terrorist groups abusing Syrian children

The Zionist mafia and sexual revolutionaries cannot handle the truth and will do everything in their power to stop it. E. Michael Jones’ talk in Poland illustrates this:

“On the evening of December 10, 2013, I was sitting in a church hall next to the cathedral in Warsaw ready to begin a talk on sexual liberation as a form of political control. The Poles were riled up about the European Union’s attempt to impose sex education on Polish children, something I explicated as a form of control.

“During the ride to the hall, the publisher’s phone kept ringing. It was clear that there was lots of turmoil surrounding my talk. There were threats of cancellations, protests, etc., etc. There was even talk of violence, something which prompted four cars of police to show up to protect me in Wroclaw.

“The club which got wielded to bludgeon the Church into submission and get my talks cancelled was, as you probably guessed, the charge of anti-Semitism.

“Whenever one threatens to expose he connection between Jewish power and the state, or in this instance the connection between Hollywood, sex education, and the corruption of morals, the term anti-Semite is raised as a way of silencing dissent.

What the use of this term means is that no goy can criticize a Jew or any Jewish project, no matter how nefarious, from gay marriage to the state of Israel.

murad“On the evening after my arrival an article appeared in a Polish paper accusing me of the usual delict, but the publisher of the article made the mistake of publishing the article on line, where it was followed up by the rebuttals of those who had actually attended my first talk.”[101]

The question is simply this: why would the Zionist empire want to go the extra mile to stop just one man? Why do they live in constant fear?

Is it because deep down the Zionist state believe that people will one day know the truth and rise against them? That seems to be the case.

A large section of the Presbyterian denomination has come out and declared that Zionism is the problem and it has destroyed Palestinian homes and lives, and that “Contemporary voices are breaking the taboos that have stigmatized and punished critical examination of Zionism and its consequences.”[102]

Those contemporary voices include people like Peter Beinart, Ilan Pappe, and Philip Weiss. Let Zionists feel the heat.

If AIPAC was defeated a few days ago, surely the Zionists, though powerful, can be defeated.

[youtube 24AMP_bttd8]

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  1. “Dracula” was one of the greatest heroes in European history, on par with Herrman, the Cheruskan, and our beloved Prophet Adolf (PBUH). He vigorously defended white Christians against the Judeo-Islamic conquest of Europe by the Turks. (Not unlike the United States today, the Ottoman administration was inundated with Jews up to the highest ranks.) Similar to the situation with Adolf Hitler, Dracula’s unfortunately unsuccessful but formidable effort resulted in a massive character assassination campaign that lasts till today. Jewish controlled Hollywood will keep churning out Dracula and Holocaust movies for as long as it exists.