NEO – Are the Ukraine talks a NATO ploy?



Smoke rises through a cemetery over the Donetsk airport during fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists earlier this year.
Smoke rises through a cemetery over the Donetsk airport during fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists earlier this year.

 Are the Ukraine talks a NATO ploy?

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,       … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

–  First published  …  September 27,  2014  –


Standing watch
Standing watch

We all welcomed on Monday the announcement that Kiev forces were going to withdraw artillery and armor to a buffer zone 18 miles away from shelling distance of the New Republic Defense Forces.

But the situation still remains murky with not only the two different voices we are hearing coming out of Kiev, but with both making peace and war moves at the same time — an old psyops game.

Poroshenko is playing a double game for sure, and a twisted one. He makes statements like, “I underline that it is impossible to win the war in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk using only military means.” And he then brings up the tired refrain of blaming Kiev’s military reversals on Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The proof of this seems to be that Ukraine has lost 65% of its military equipment; therefore the Russians must have invaded and done this.

These statements from Kiev officials that defy logic seem to represent a separate DNA thread in the western part of the country. The Russian-heritage part of Ukraine not surprisingly resisted being ruled over by a foreign-backed coup engineered by the US, EU and NATO proxy terror forces, with Poland as a training and operational base.

Julia "nuke the Russians" Tymoshenko
Julia “nuke the Russians” Tymoshenko

Remember that Julia Tymoshenko opined in her famous telephone call intercept that Kiev should use its nuclear weapons to wipe out East Ukraine, and then move on to Moscow. I suspect some Viking blood in her veins, and she has the look for sure.

No one in the New Republics has ever mentioned changing the form of government in Kiev if the rest of Ukraine wanted to live under a coup. Their position was simply that they would not accept the violent overthrow of the elected government, and were left with no option but to separate themselves, a very rational position.

After all, the US supported freedom fighter movements against Soviet expansion during the Cold War, but now finds itself suppressing them in Ukraine as part of the American exceptionalism expansion. We have actually exchanged places with the old Soviets. Instead of World Communism, we are being pitched World Westernism… “Join or die.”

The former Soviet Union did not break up as the result of a long destructive war with the West. The move caught the West completely by surprise, and one of the cornerstones of that event was that the former Soviet Republics would not become a New Cold War battleground to absorb them into an anti-Russia alliance.

The West, of course, has broken this understanding. The NATO march to the Russian border has had starts and stops, but the color revolutions have gone on in full public view for many years now. The world can clearly see America’s clear path of destruction wherever it has said it was pursuing freedom and democracy.

I would define that as meaning freedom to exploit anyone, anywhere, for any reason we deem necessary, with a Nobel Peace prize winner thrown in as a twist, a drink recipe I have named an “Obamarama”.

But we finally are seeing some major political pushback inside the EU on this anti-Russia campaign — pushed by the US and a few NATO members — against its growing trail of destruction. The German business community has been very outspoken in their opposition of the West’s stupid sanctions on Russia.

Mind you, Russia did not sanction the West for its takeover of Ukraine and cut off all energy flows to Europe, and then the West impose countersanctions. The West pulled both the aggression and sanctions trigger, forcing Russia to respond.

The French farmers burned a government building last week in a symbolic protest against their livelihoods being burned down by France having gone along with the EU sanctions. Incredibly, this dangerous path was chosen when all export earnings were critical to maintain what was left of a faltering economy — one already looted at the hands of the international gangsters and banksters. The Germans, so far, have not joined the French in any major political protests.

Roland Dumas

But enter stage left with the foreign minister Roland Dumas, who gave an interview with l’ He went on the political offensive in challenging the Sarkozy and Hollande policy of supporting the NATO offensive against Russia.

“The Warsaw Pact has been dissolved but NATO, no …it has even expanded and reinforced. Just listen to Mr. Rasmussen, the secretary-general, to realize that NATO has become an instrument for warfare.”

Dumas is the first old-guard major European politician, besides Willy Wimmer, to publicly verify the current Western duplicity of casting Russia as a threat to Europe when it is actually just the opposite, with the US in the NATO driver’s seat due to providing most of the money and military power.

In recalling his disarmament negotiations with the Soviets that NATO would not arm any of the former Soviet states, Dumas said,”

“This was the essence of peace. Everyone was in agreement… Well, the Americans do not heed. They transported weapons to the Baltic countries and Poland. Hence the controversy when Putin came to power”.

The former Soviet Union did not break up as the result of a long destructive war with the West. On 24 August 1991, Mikheil Gorbachev dissolved the Central Committee of the CPSU, resigned as the party's general secretary and ordered all part units in the government dissolved.
The former Soviet Union did not break up as the result of a long destructive war with the West. On 24 August 1991, Mikheil Gorbachev dissolved the Central Committee of the CPSU, resigned as the party’s general secretary and ordered all part units in the government dissolved.

Western elites do not care that some are aware of this breach of the peace that ended the Cold War. As long as Western media remains under the control of owners who censor the historical record, the elites know that not enough world citizens will be reminded of the key historical facts.

They are betting on their past success of having “owned media” driving an endless propaganda message to create a new reality that rules the day.

All that stands between them having total success in doing that is alternative media and its growing challenge to their dominating public information, and consequently public opinion.

So this all brings back to Poroshenko’s message up above, that the peace cannot be obtained through military action alone, which of course is an admission that it will be used when desired.

We already have the track record of Kiev having agreed in the initial Geneva four-way talks to enter into negotiations with the East Ukraine republics, but then went home and attacked them. I am still shocked about how little public outcry there was over making fools of us all in public.

We now find him bragging about having gotten around the NATO restrictions of direct weapons support by having them be supplied by individual countries that chose to do so, like Poland who has been the most aggressive supporter of the Maidan coup. VT learned that the snipers were trained at the huge base where the rendition torturing was carried on.

While in Poland recently, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Gen. Geletey was quoted by a Ukrainian journalist, Roman Bochkala, who wrote on his Facebook page, “So Russia did use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainian troops.”This was in reference the general saying that at least two, 3-kiloton 2S4 Tyulpan self-propelled mortar rounds were used in the Lugansk airport attack that drove Kiev forces out.

The general was quoted, “If it were not for the Tyulpans, we could have been holding the airport for months and nobody would have ousted us from it.”After his remarks became a scandal, he used the common defense of having been misquoted, but still giving life to his allegations.

“Everyone knows that Russia is de facto using Ukrainian territory as a testing range for its new weapons… What else than for testing did the Russians send 2S4s into our territory?”By the way, the Tyulpans are outdated and not in manufacture any more. (Note to the world: All generals should have their Facebook pages taken away from them.)

Some of this is political grandstanding for those who might be running in the next Parliament elections. But that said, we had the very unusual luck last week of Ukrainian artillery having a direct hit on a major ammunition plant in Donetsk with a huge explosion. If Kiev decides to go back onto the offensive this might have been their last strike before pulling their big bore artillery back — that is if a missile was not used.



In closing, VT has learned of another strange event with a giant Antonov cargo plane, model 124-100-150, tail number UR82972, being sighted in Tiblisi, Georgia. A further check confirmed that one of the five based at the big NATO base in Ramstein, Germany was missing.

The Republic of Georgia has long been used by the US as a major weapons trafficking hub as part of it support for proxy terrorist groups in its aggressive asymmetric warfare campaign. Some of the pre-staging logistics – supplies for the Azerbaijani advance bases – for an attack on Iran’s nuclear plant targets went through Georgia. That was where the recent drone attack on the Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant came from that was shot down.

Older but updated missile systems like the Lance, would be a candiate for moving around on these huge planes.
Older but updated missile systems like the Lance, would be a candiate for moving around on these huge planes.

This Antonov plane is the flying version of an aircraft carrier. In would never be used to ship the non-lethal aid that the US says it is supplying. But one of the key things the Antonov was built for was its ability to ship roll on, roll off,  missile batteries in a hurry… not just one, but a full battery.

For example, if someone wanted to ship some older mothballed nuclear-capable missiles in the back door to Ukraine, shipping them in by boat from Georgia to Odessa, the Antonov is the limousine of choice.

We remain very suspicious of the peace process being used just to prepare for a bigger offensive after a future breakdown of the peace talks.

Censored from Western media is the fact that the special status for the New Republics recently passed by Kiev has a six month expiration date — enough time to get through the winter into a new fighting season. Do I trust anything that Kiev says? No… and neither should you.


Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VT, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.




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