15 simple steps for effective time management in business


In today’s world where tempo is constantly changing and it is becoming faster and faster, when we are thinking how to keep up the pace, we should all manage the skill of time management. The development of this habit is a key factor for any part of our life, but especially business.
1. First things first. Do not rely on your memory and your brain. Write down all your goals and plans, and free your brain for work.
2. Create the list of your priorities. That will help you focus on the things that really matter, but it will also stop you from spending your precious time on trivial things.

3. At the end of each week, set aside time for planning of your next week. That isn’t a waste of time; the weekly planning will eventually pay off by increasing your overall productivity.

4. You are wrong if you think you will remember all interesting ideas. Always have a notebook at hand and write them down or write them down in your smartphone, download an app like Evernote and keep all your ideas in the cloud. You can also record an audio of your idea, like a note to self-thingy; it is fun and above all very useful.
5. If other person demands something opposite to your goals – say NO. You need to learn that, this ability will allow you more time to finally work on the thing you actually dream of.
6. Before acting – THINK, but not for too long. A little bit of reflection will save you from confusion and pure waste of time.
7. Reserve time in your daily schedule for self-improvement and for development of your skills and abilities. This is a pretty important step, you should try not to skip this one ever.
8. Always be here and now, be absolutely aware of the thing you are doing. You should have clear view of how you are spending your time. Each and every action should get you closer to your goal, whether it is a business or a personal goal at stake.
9. Add techniques and methods that work best for you. Add them to your personal planning system and use this system at all times.
10. Sincerely and responsibly estimate and judge yourself about bad habits. They are stealing your time, and that’s it. Create a list of bad habits, and start leaving them one by one. The best results could be achieved by changing a bad habit with a positive one. For example, learn new language instead of smoking or uncontrolled shopping.
11. Since we mentioned uncontrolled shopping, try prevent it. Avoid buying unnecessary things and getting into debt. Try getting rid of your debt, if you can’t do it by yourself, it is best to hire a professional debt consolidation company such as national debt relief or freedom debt relief. Even though you are going to pay for debt consolidation, in the end eventually it will pay off, and you will be a step closer to your goals.
12.  Don’t do anybody’s work instead of them in order to appeal as a better person. This way you are losing your time instead, become a better person today. For your work promotion and progress in life, only real virtues and abilities have real value, and not random things and other circumstances.
13. Accept the fact that not every problem can be solved perfectly. There is no reason to be a perfectionist, even though the parents have thought you differently. You shouldn’t rewrite a business email or letter 20 times in order to achieve a style of Leo Tolstoy.
14. Do not overburden yourself with tasks. If you are about to face a vital problem or an important task, work only on the primary task, secondary tasks will be done when the time is better.
15. Do not fool yourself with effectiveness – you can work effectively on something that isn’t your priority at the moment just because it isn’t hard for you to focus on that. But that isn’t the case of effective and maximally profitable use of your time.
Add into your daily life and practice these 16 basic and simple ways of time management and you will soon gain significant improvement into your life quality, whether it is a quality of your business or personal life. Try adding all sixteen steps into your daily routine, because that way you will get the most of your time, and in no time you will be able to find yourself in a situation when you will have additional free time and peace in mind, knowing that you are moving towards you goals or you have already achieved them, which will ultimately allow you to enjoy life more in general.


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