Transhumanism: The Annihilation of Humanity?



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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Put on your tinfoil hat and wax paranoid with me for a moment.

Imagine that you knew your neighbor was planning to kill you. Imagine he had the means, motive and opportunity to do so. What would you do?

You would take action to stop him, correct?

Now imagine you learned that this same neighbor was going to kill your whole family as well. I assume this would steepen your resolve to do something about it.

And then it gets worse: The neighbor is going to poison the water supply and kill your entire town, village or city. And worse than that: He’s going to mass-murder your whole nation. And worse yet: He’s going to kill every human being on the face of the earth…and maybe even all the animals, plants, and other life forms.

And he’s openly bragging about it. He says he will soon have weapons to pull it off. And you have reason to believe that he may very well be right.

What would you do?

If you didn’t resolve to stop him by any means necessary, and immediately put that resolve into action, you would be at least seven billion times stupider and crazier than someone who didn’t defend his own life against a murderous, psychopathic neighbor.

This is the position we all find ourselves in as we learn about the transhumanist agenda of the New World Order. These people are literally plotting to kill us all  – and quite possibly most or all of the earth’s other life forms as well.

Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. – J. Edgar Hoover

Transhumanism: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction by Daniel Estulin lays it all out: Our children will probably be the last human generation on earth…

…At least if we don’t rise up and overthrow these psychopaths, destroy their laboratories and machines, and declare, along with Bill McKibben, Enough! Staying Human in an Engineered Age.

Let’s start with Estulin’s book. Daniel Estulin,  a Russian expatriate currently living in Spain, is best known for his groundbreaking journalism exposing the Bilderberg Group – the ultra-secret elite conclave that meets every year to map out New World Order strategies for achieving complete global domination. His new book TransEvolution, published by the world’s greatest small press, Trine Day, exposes what the people who really rule the world have in store for us. Believe me, it is not pretty.

Estulin begins by citing a 91-page report called Strategic Trends 2007-2036 – a disturbing document which currently serves as “the backbone of the United Kingdom’s defense policy.” That report depicts a world going to hell through “humanitarian catastrophe caused by a mixture of  climate change, resource pressures, uneven distribution of wealth, the effect of disease and the failure of authorities to cope with population growth and urbanization.” Yet the super-rich – the Bilderbergers who originally prepared the report – will be fully protected thanks to “pervasive surveillance” and the deployment of military and “private military forces” (PMF) along with various forms of social-control and mind-control technology.

That technology, it seems, will quickly put an end to humanity. Estulin lays it out in his discussion of Russia 2045, another dystopian document that tells us:

“By 2035, an implantable information chip could be developed and wired directly to the user’s brain…synthetic sensory perception beamed directly to the user’s senses.” (165)

Such chipping, Estulin explains, would allow for individual minds to be “hived” i.e. integrated with the global computer matrix – “which is outright mind control, no strings attached.” Such a scenario would mean the end of humanity, since whatever the hive of computer-controlled brains was experiencing, it certainly wouldn’t be anything recognizably human.

At the price of their freedom and dignity – their humanity – the hived sheeple would undoubtedly be able to out-compete humans in the struggle for resources and existence. Anyone who didn’t kill themselves and their children by injecting a control-chip into the brain would be obsolete and soon dead.

Transhumanists, being self-hating suicidal/homicidal lunatics, apparently think this sounds really cool. Estulin explains that the transhumanists wish to become post-human: “A post-human is someone who has been modified with performance enhancing body and brain augmentations to the point that they could no longer call themselves human.”

Murder your humanity to enhance your performance. Ain’t that the story of modern Western civilization?

The Israelis, to take an extreme example, are very high-performance, very efficient. As Jeff Gates explains, they excel at the cold-blooded, arguably psychopathic calculations of game theory. They’re very good at orchestrating false flags. They’re masters of propaganda. They’re well advanced in the tech sector of the global economy, especially in surveillance, security, and “anti-terror” fields.

Yet they’re a cold, inhuman people –  ungenerous, rather robotic, not terribly kind. They have a huge PR problem due to the fact that foreigners, especially Americans, who have any personal experience with both Israelis and Palestinians, tend to love  Palestinians while disliking Israelis. (Zionist propagandist Robert Kaplan alludes to this problem in his diatribe against The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite.)

No wonder Israel is the cutting edge of the West – the sharp tip of the spear plunged into the heart of Islam.

Ironically, the Israelis became monsters by grafting their ancestors’ chosen-ness “master race complex” onto the West’s characteristically post-Christian hatred of “fallen” human nature and our “fallen” world. Many Christians have a tendency to hate nature, including human nature, and to yearn for its annihilation. Today’s rapture-ists, who long for Jesus to nuke the fallen and save the handful of true believers, exemplify this loathing of the natural.

The post-Christian West took their forefathers’ religious hatred of nature and turned it into a technological imperative. They are trying to pave the earth, cover it with ever-taller buildings, spray toxic nano-metals into the atmosphere and seize control over its weather, mass-produce everything including people, achieve total power over the human mind, and genetically engineer life right out of existence.

All this in the name of “science” and “progress.”

enoughOne of the few sane men left in the West, Bill McKibben, has had it up to here with science and progress. McKibben’s book Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age suggests it’s long past time to call a moratorium on scientific and technological “progress” in general, and genetic engineering in particular.

The most immediate technological threat, McKibben thinks, is germline genetic engineering, which involves changing genes in gametes, zygotes, or very early embryos. It will soon be possible, if it is not already being done, to “enhance the performance” of your future children by inserting genes for high IQ, athletic performance, musical talent, or whatever your control-addicted power-freak little heart desires.

Of course, this will cost money. The rich will get the “best” performance-enhanced kids. Soon we’ll be in a Hobbesian genetic war of all against all, and the devil take the hindmost.

As McKibben explains, genetic “enhancement” destroys humanity. A child who grows up with an implanted gene for musical or tennis talent, purchased by her parents at great expense, and then is forced to practice endlessly in hopes of becoming a top pianist or Wimbledon champion, is more of a product – a robot – than a human being.  After a few generations of these genetic performance enhancements, the control freaks who buy genes to make their kids better control freaks will have produced a race of monsters that will put an end to the last vestiges of human freedom.

And then there are the converging technologies of nano-engineering, artificial intelligence, and artificial life…which, alongside genetic engineering, represent a gun held against humanity’s head, with the safety off, in a hand that has no compunctions about squeezing the trigger. (Control-freaks’ definition of “intelligence” is, of course, cleverness in being a control freak.)

The mad scientists developing these weapons of mass extinction know full well that their work will lead to the inevitable collective murder of the human race. They and their transhumanist cheering section welcome this event, which they call “the singularity.”

It could come about through “gray goo.” McKibben, quoting Stephen S. Hall, points out that nano-engineered artificial life, which will inevitably be programmed to feed on sources of energy and multiply, will likely escape control and:

“…convert the entire surface biosphere (the ecology of all things on the surface of the Earth) into alternative or artificial materials of some type – especially, materials like themselves, e.g. more self-replicating nano-robots…Ecophagic nanorobots would regard living things as environmental carbon accumulators, and biomass as a valuable ore to be mined for carbon and energy. Of course, biosystems from which all carbon has been extracted can no longer be alive but would instead become lifeless chemical sludge.” (90-91)

But gray goo is just an extreme case.  The problem is much larger than that, and the end could come in any number of ways.  McKibben understands, as few moderns have, that we have long since passed the point of diminishing returns: Most of our new technologies are making life worse, not better.

Even everyday technologies that seem positive have steep downsides. The automobile, for example, has given us supreme freedom…to travel to a very wide variety of noisy, paved, polluted places. The airplane has given us even more freedom to go and visit people from other cultures…and drop bombs on them, enslave them with debt, poison them with GMO foods, and culturally-genocide them with our inhuman way of life. Telephones have made us all connected…including with just about anyone who may wish to intrude on us or interrupt us at any hour of the day or night. Email, which theoretically allows us to defer communicating with such people until such time as we have set aside for that, ends up eating more and more of our waking hours. Meanwhile brainwashed sheeple, their synapses polluted with EMF radiation from an early age, move toward instant messaging of various types, which (unlike email) demand immediate attention and end by reducing the user’s attention span to that of a gnat, transforming humans into mindless robots lurching through life staring at tiny little screens.

And now we have cell phones and “smart” phones, which allow the whole world to interrupt us even when we’re outside the house…and invite the NSA to track our every move and turn on the microphone to eavesdrop on us at will. (Carry around a “smart” phone and you can easily be targeted and blown up by a “smart” bomb on a “smart” drone…after which you will no longer be around to smartly wonder just how smart it was to buy that “smart” phone in the first place.)

How could any sane person on earth not be at all-out war with the apostles of out-of-control technology?

Or to rephrase the question: Where is the Unabomber when we need him?

McKibben is a much kinder and gentler human being than Ted Kaczynski. His approach is to kindly and gently ask:

“Must we forever grow in reach and power? Or can we, should we, ever say, ‘Enough’?”

I think I just said it.


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