Gold And Silver – Nothing Is Ever As It Seems And No Respite For PMs


Saturday  20 December 2014
An eminent collapse of the US fiat petrodollar?  China and Russia, with their enormous
build-up of physical gold over the last several years, waiting in the wings to lead a new
gold-backed currency?  The growing BRICS alliance to unseat the elite’s Western NWO
and its banking system?
A growing likelihood on the first question, and no and no to the latter two questions.  In
fact, the elites are probably doing more to destroy the fiat Federal Reserve “dollar” than
any other group or alliance. There has been talk about the US destroying the dollar for
at least the past four years.  Kyle Bass even made the pronouncement whereby a senior
Obama administration official told him, “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”  That is
exactly what is happening and coming from “inside information.”
What most people refuse to understand, if not even acknowledge, is the extent to which
the elites have an utter stranglehold on the world’s financial system, and by world we do
not mean just the Western world.  China and Russia are included.  There is no single
country that can exist without the machinations of the elite’s banking system.  They have
been running the world for a few hundred years and are masters at it.
Russia has enough gold to back its ruble in some way.  Understand that the current price
for gold does not represent a fair standard of value.  It is vastly undervalued, and one day,
the reality of what should be a fair value for gold and silver will occur.  They are both
money and measures of  value.  Most people have reversed their thinking and measure the
value of PMs by valueless fiat.  This is a huge mistake and reflects how well the elites have
successfully exercised mind control over the masses to maintain this false belief.
The agenda for a New World Order is at least 100 years old, when bankers and corporate
presidents were all aiming to control every aspect of industry via financial manipulation,
straight from the well-established Rothschild “game book,” as it were.  This unabated zeal
for world control is not something that has been in the works for just the past several
decades.  Knowledge of this does not come from an announcement in the New York Times
or Wall Street Journal; rather, one has to diligently read through a myriad of source
material and then see how the dots are connected.
In a nutshell, if the elites have their way, and to date they remain unopposed, the fiat
Federal Reserve Note, aka the debt “dollar,” will be replaced with some form of a new
international currency, or perhaps SDRs [Special Drawing Rights], an international
basket of currencies.  All money may exist as computer credits that can be readily
tracked.  If anyone dare oppose the bankers, poof, your credits just disappeared, and
you have nothing.  Bankers rely on debt largesse and fear.
There will be no sovereign nations.  All countries will be held accountable to the new
Wizard Of OZ bankers behind the curtain, much like the experiment called  the
European Union.  The EU may fall apart, but the lessons learned will not be lost, and in
fact they will be honed to format what is to come.  The handful of banking elite that
rule the Western economies will become “elite-er”
What of China and Russia?  Both have advocated respect for the IMF with expressed
desires to be participants in the system.  The system will change, to be sure: no more
Federal Reserve fiat “dollar” as the world’s reserve currency.  Not a few hold out the
errant belief that the BRICS nations, primarily China and Russia, will replace the elite’s
banking system.  Absolutely not!  The elites are redesigning the next phase of their
control over the financial world to include the BRICS, all eager to join the “club” for
the first time and be major participants on the financial world stage.
The question is, will Russia make it before the Obama administration, under direct
control of the elites, destroys the Russian economy?  Perhaps a better question to ask is,
CAN the elites take down Russia?    Just as the United States, as a physical country was
replete with so many natural resources, which have all had their existence sucked out of
them, Russia has the most natural resources of the entire world, and the bankers want
control over them.  There is one big obstacle:  Vladimir Putin.
If Putin had his way, he would kick the Russian Central Bank out of Russia.  It was
created, designed and controlled by the Rothschilds, so Putin has little control over it.
The Russian central banking elite have been getting wealthy from their arrangement,
and they are not about to give up their Golden Goose.
If you want to understand why Obama has chosen to overthrow the sovereign Ukrainian
government and replaced it with a puppet leader that has been conducting genocide
against Russian loyalists in Eastern Ukraine, the Donbas area, it is a not-so-indirect
[non]declaration of war.  This has been followed up by another form of war via all the
economic sanctions Obama has been strong-arming the EU to enforce against Russia
to their own detriment.  The US does not care, as long as it gets its way.
Western bankers will not allow Putin to remove the Russian central bank, as he is trying
to do.  The elites have a 3-pronged attack against Putin: 1. military threat, [Russia is more
than up to the task], 2. economic sanctions, [mostly backfiring and costing the EU more],
and 3. Russian banker oligarchs who will do anything to oppose Putin in order to preserve
their banker-criminal enterprise.  With US history as a guide, presidential opposition,
Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy, and Reagan prove that assassinations have their effect and
may not be out of the question.
It is interesting to see the West [really just Wall Street banks] attack the ruble causing it
to lose about 60% of its value relative to the fiat “dollar.”***  Will it succeed, or is Putin
allowing the attack to push down the value of the ruble, and at the bottom rush in to buy
as much as he can, using the sale of over-valued Treasury holdings owned by Russia?  In
the process, flooding the market with US bonds will put pressure on the fiat “dollar,” and
viola, a reverse financial coup by Putin.
***Russia has less than $700 million in debt, the US has over $18 trillion; Russian debt is
about 15% of GDP, the US runs at over 100% of GDP; Russia runs a budget surplus, the
US runs a burgeoning deficit; Russia has gold to back it currency, the US now only has the
military to back its fiat and increasingly widely shunned “dollar;” Russia has the largest
natural resources in the world, the US has depleted or ruined most of its natural resources.
With which of these two countries does the rest of the world want to conduct business?
China is not in a position to have its renminbi become a world reserve currency, and that
country has been announcing its support in becoming a stronger member in the IMF via
participating in SDRs with its national currency.  For China, it becomes a major world
player and participates in a remake of the financial COMPOSITION [not replacement]
of the existing world banking system.
For the elites, it is a match made in heaven.  The US, as a spent nation, gets dumped and
China becomes  a willing replacement in the pecking order.  To what degree Russia is a
participant remains to be seen.  While China and Russia have become stronger trading
partners, China is not above seeing Russia weakened to China’s advantage.  All is never as
it seems.
2014 is ending unexpectedly for PMs, considerably weaker than what most thought would
be sharply higher prices.  Based on what the charts are conveying, at least the initial part
of 2015 will not fare much better.  Supply and demand are not the driving factors.  World
financial dominance is.  A number of PM “experts” are not focusing on this aspect.
If it has not yet become clear, seeing how the banking elites are attacking Russia, militarily
and economically, willing to destroy that country, and seeing how the US is being used in
its own self-destruction, willing to impose its military might and debt sabotaging of other
nations, then those who cannot understand the process will never understand how gold
and silver have become useful pawns in the service of the elite bankers and now how
China is positioning itself to become the next United States as a world superpower.  The
role of Russia remains a question.  The role of gold and silver is also a burning question.
As to  substantially higher gold and silver prices in the “great reset” scheme, it makes no
sense for the still-in-control elites to allow PMs to be dramatically revalued too high.
Neither gold nor silver will ever be allowed to compete with their fiat monetary system.
We have no clue how gold and silver will ultimately be re-priced, nor do we think does
anyone else, despite all the numbers being bandied about.
What we know for sure is that the trend of any market is the most powerful and most
influential force, and this week’s analysis of the PMs market is a simple fact-based one.
It takes time and effort to change a trend.  To whatever degree these market are being
manipulated, even the manipulators eventually “show their hand” through price and
volume activity.  We see no change for prices remaining low, if not even making newer
recent lows in the months ahead.
It does not alter the view and necessity for the ongoing accumulation of the physical
metals, for having them will be essential when the big “reset” finally hits.  Time remains
on the side of the buyers, but low prices may give way to higher premiums in order to
keep the game alive.
Last week, we wanted to see gold rally strongly on increased volume, taking out 1250 with
ease.  That did not happen and until it does, gold remains on the defensive and subject to
staying at current levels.  The longer gold stays at these levels, the greater the probability
for another low.  Chart comments provide the factual explanation.
GC W 20 Dec 14
It remains to be seen if last week will become a higher swing low by holding or if price
will continue lower.  There is some evidence of support at last week’s low, but we do not
need to know in advance if support will hold or fail.  Instead, let the market confirm any
potential strength, and then look for a buying opportunity.  Keep in mind, while the overall
trend remains down, any rallies are suspect in their sustaining power.
GC D 20 Dec 14
Put into the same context as described for weekly gold, there is not much else to add for
silver, and keeping it simple makes the most sense.  There is nothing that addresses being
on the long side for paper silver based on this chart.
SI W 20 Dec 14
When accepting the power of a trending market and not viewing it from a biased
perspective anticipating “inevitably higher” prices, you can better see how developing
market activity provides a clearer landscape for decision-making.  It is not always so
easy to take such a clinical look at the markets, but seeing how steps 1 through 4
unfolded in a logical way is the best example of how to use market generated information.
Silver is at point 4, a weak reaction.  Unless or until there is evidence of a strong rally,
supported by volume and upper range closes, a weak reaction, like this, will lead to lower
prices in an effort to discover demand.  The markets have worked this way for over a 100
SI D 20 Dec 14


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